If only there could be some way that my Dad could be here - or that the day he died had never happened. But that is impossible, and it leaves me dealing with pain, Missing him so very much!

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems - Poems about Death

Greatly Missed
A Fathers touch, A Daddy's kiss,
A grieving Daughter, You're greatly missed.

An empty house, An empty chair,
A fathers love, No longer there.

A broken heart, Tear filled eye,
Another soul to fill the sky.

Many memories in my mind,
Some I laugh, Some I cry.

The times we shared, The laughs we had,
Things I miss when I think of you Dad.

Realizing that's all I have to hold on too,
Only memories, Of what once was you.

Missing your laugh, I will never again hear.
That is the reality that fills me with so much fear.

No more smile on your face,
No more warmth of your embrace.

The last hug, The last kiss,
The last "goodbye" leaves me with one last wish...

To have you Dad, here today,
Never to leave your Daughter this way.

A Father's touch, A Daddy's kiss,
A grieving Daughter, YOU'RE GREATLY MISSED!
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  • marelyn
    i love this poem it really touched me. made me cry. i can relate to it.
  • sia
    i like this poem jst because is like that it says to me ,,, i lost a dad and really greatly missed him.
  • Julie
    My sister found this poem while searching for hours on the internet for a poem. She wanted a poem read at our father's funeral. She had printed out two options, GREATLY MISSED and another. As soon as I read GREATLY MISSED I knew that was the one she should choose. You see he has four daughters, and it was perfect because each of us felt that it was meant for only us. The way Amy Richards' words flowed on was amazing. I absolutely love this poem. Job well done, Amy Richards.
  • Lauren
    Wow i felt this poem in many ways. My dad is still alive but I. m a daddys girl all the way. I could never imagine losing him but if he were to pass i would write the same thing.
  • Kristen
    Beautiful! I lost both of my Parents 10 months apart in 2005. First my Mom in Jan from cancer and then my Dad in Nov, from a broken heart. Your poem really touched me. Thank you!
  • clare
    i lost my dad on christmas day 2006 and feel this poem totally sums up the way i feel about losing him. he suffered a stroke 2 days before hand and i honestly thought he would pull through from this as you never,ever imagine one of your parents will be gone one day. loved this poem and well done in summing up exactly what it feels like to lose someone so precious.
  • patricia
    What a wonderful poem. I`m sitting here with tears streaming down my face. You see,I lost my husband almost four years ago. We have three wonderful daughters. But,I lost one them almost a year ago. The girls were crazy about their Father. He was their role model.
  • Gouri
    I am so touched by this poem. I lost my dad a month ago and i miss him so so much. I really wish from the bottom of my heart that he would come back for us. We all love him so much that i am not ready to accept that he is not with us anymore. I want him and i miss him. Why doesnt God listen to our prayers and just send him back to me. We was my guide, my BEST friend. Life is not at all same without him.
  • Tessa
    I lost my daddy almost 3 months ago. Before he died our relationship wasnt so good and now he's gone i realize that I made a big mistake. Now Im never going to get to say what I needed too. This poem really touched me.
  • lynn
    this poem is exactly how i feel about my daddys death about 6 months ago
  • Amanda
    I would rate this poem a 10 out of 10. I write poetry myself and I couldn't even come close to making something this good. I lost my dad 3 years ago and this poem completly expresses what I was going through in my mind. Thank you Amy!
  • Liza
    This poem really touched me. I lost my dad a couple of days ago and I really miss.
  • Richelle
    I lost my father 1month and 1 day ago. Your poem described my feelings.
  • karen
    My dad died at 3am this morning,i feel so lost without him. Your poem is exactly how i feel,and how i can let everyone know at his funeral how much i miss him. Thankyou x x
  • punky
    i love that poem it makes me cry every time i read it and makes me happy that my dad is still alive even tho we dont get along i still dont no what id do if he died
  • marilyn v
    i too lost my dad. it will be 2years this september. your poem reminded me of my sister and myself.
  • katie
    i loved your poem. i loss my dad last night and i know how much you are hurting. i was a daddys girljust like i think you were. well thats for writing this poem i really love it it help me feel a little bit better. ox katie ox
  • gail
    you made me cry! i remembered my dad! he passed away! leaving his one and only daughter! its so painful! im miss him so much! its been a year but still i cant move on i cant still accept the fact that his not here anymore!
  • Doniqua
    That poem is a very good one and sweet one i havent lost my dad but my dad is my everything i dont know what i would do if i lost him and i respect you for sharing your story of losing your father with me and others
  • Bryan
    My Father-in-Law passed away 1 year ago. I have been trying to do my best by my wife. Sharing my experience of when I lost my Dad 17 years ago. I can say that I have been doing a pretty good job in helping her to deal with her loss. But your poem really put things into perspective for her. she felt like "finally there is someone out there who really understands what she is going through. This has been an really good bonding thing for us, as I sometimes do not understand what she is truly feeling. For she was definately closer to her dad than I was to mine. I hope that it is alright that Make a copy of your poem for my wife to read. It really did her a lot of good. I don't know how I can thank you.
  • Jessica
    i lost my dad last summer to a heart attack. since im only 15 its really rough, my father died infront of me this poem reminds me to remember thr memories
  • Dawn
    Your poem was wonderful. I lost my father in 2001. Even though it has been a few years, it still seems like yesterday. I was his little girl. I know you have a great talent.
  • Devan
    Amy, this poem is great, my father died when I was 6 and your poem really touched me, thanks for posting such a great poem, and im terribly sorry for your loss!
  • jessica
    hey i loved ur poem it was great! it touched me in so many ways i lossed my father about 3 yeas ago so i really love your poems keep on writing u go girl!
  • smith
    this was a great poem and i really enjoyed it. i just lost my aunt about 6 months ago. keep on writing.
  • Eswari
    This poem is a reflection on how i feel after losing my dad juz 2 mths ago. It was sooo sudden & unexpected tat am still not able to face the truth yet i guess. "An empty house, An empty chair,A fathers love, No longer there. " Each day i go back home and see the empty chair tat was occupied by dad jus breaks my heart. I miss him soo much & knowing tat i'll neva be able to hear his voice or see him again, its sooo painful :(
  • Jazmyn
    Hi My name is Jazmyn and I completely understand what happened. Two and a half years ago my daddy died too. He was hit by a van. When I went to his funeral I couldn't even cry. When I saw his face it hurt alot. Every single night when I'm alone I cry so bad that at times I can't even breathe. I keep thinking what if I had been there to save him, would he still be here with me today? I really love your poem. It's Beautiful.
  • Jewelz
    Your poem touched me in a very moving way. I lost my mom suddenly just 2 short months ago. I miss her more then anything in this world and would do anything to have her back. Thank you for sharing your feelings and your talent with everyone! Jewelz!
    This poem is a very touching one. It mad me cry. My daughter lost her father when she was 16 yrs. old. He had heart problems and had a massive heart attack. She was a daddy's girl.
  • jacqueline
    Your poem rang home for us. We lost our dear father in a tragic accident. Your poem was as if we had wrote it. Very much loved it!
  • Jenn
    This is so true. I lost my father in June 05 and I feel the same exact way. It made me cry reading it.
  • jennifer
    i lost my farther when i was 15 and these poem is very touchin and true
  • deb
    this poem is very prity
  • Jocelyn
    I lost my dad a year and a half a ago and i look at this poem every morning and dedicate it my dad and it is the only thing that gets me throuth the day. thank you for writting such a goodd poem.
  • Nichole
    Great Poem!
  • paula
    this poem is really sweet. me and my dad are really close so i dont know what is like to lose my dad,and would probly go CRAZY love your friend PAULA
  • amanda
    i love this poem it makes me think of what life would be like without my dad the frist time i read this i cried my mom lost her dad this year and i cant amagine how bad it must of been for her even though she showed emotion but very little u could tell she hurt bad in side. my dad is sooo important to me that if i lost him i lose my heart.
  • raven
    i really loved your poem and it really touched me cause i lost my dad to and i know how it fills but it ment alot to me
  • lorretta
    I think this poem is very true in the feelings and the emotions that are written, it sounds like it has been written from the heart which is what i loved about it! it was brilliant.
  • Megan
    This poem reflects exactly on my feelings. I am 16 years old and I lost my father August 31st, 2005. It was expected, which made everything easier, but now the finality of it is setting in. I know I'm not the only one that feels this way, and I too feel jealous, especially when I hear my friends talk about how they hate their fathers. I want to tell them how it would be when their father is gone. It's the small things you miss.
  • Nadia
    Dearr Amy Richards Reading you're poem, I Burst out in tears. I'm sorry for you lose and wish you al the strength. Much Love Nadia
  • Victoria
    Hey Amy, Your poem really touched me so much. When I read it I cried and cried and I'm still crying. My daddy died when I was 12 and your poem is so much like me.
  • amber
    this poem touched me becauce it was put into the program for my dads funeral
  • kim
    i was just looking for something that i could give my motherin law who just lost her 89 yrs dad today,,, i need not go any farther that this. thank you- made me think about my own dad. rate this a 10!
  • sarah
    that is sooo sad! . i heard that at my best mates dad's furnearal! it made the whole church cry! =( xx. SaRaH. xx
  • Cari
    I'm Sorry To Hear About Your Loss Everyine!I Loved That Poem, It Really Touched Me. I Know What You All Feel! I Will Keep You In My Thoughts And Prayers!
  • rachel
    this is a great poem i just lost my dad and it hurts so much this poem is like me and him
  • Dianne
    A great poem I lost my Dad, your poem is exactly the way I feel. God Bless you and Thank you for sharing. Dianne
  • Tiffani
    I really liked this poem b/c i feel the same way b/c my dad died about 4 monthhs ago and i REALLY miss him. i'm 15 and i just didn't think he should b taken from me this early in life b/c he was only 39. he died in an airplane crash so its not like we we re even expecting anythihng to happen but its all in God's hands and its all a part of his MASTER plan. i just wanted 2 say i really liked the poem.
  • Kelsey
    I just wanted to say thank you, my father died a few days ago and I have been trying so hard to get my feelings out in a poem to read at his service, I finally began looking for one on line and when I came across yours it truly touched me and was basically everything I wanted to say! Thank you so much!
  • mira
    Ilost my father my mother and my little sister in a car accident a year ago. i live with my aunt and her husband. i knew weeks ago athat my aunt's husband is goin to die from a motor neuron disease. The poem is so touching thankyou for sharing it.
  • connie
    your poem brought a tear to my eye, I just lost my dad and not dealing with it well. It touched my heart, thaqnk you
  • april
    this poem touched me. i lost both of my parents at the same time two years ago on july9th. i miss them both so very much.
  • Pauline
    I lost my Father yesterday and you say in your poem everything I am feeling in the most beautiful way. Michael Davis . You are Greatly Missed
  • krinkett
    This poem really touched me. It's how I feel about my own father who passed away recently. It made me cry because it expressed what I don't know how to express.
  • marilyn
    how beautiful, i was just missing my brother and reading through some of these poems. after 2 years im still living in this little town called "Denial". ( i kind of like it here). poems like yours, help days like these. just wanted to say THANK YOU!
  • robert
    hi my name is robert templeman i just read your poem and i almost cryed im sorry for your loss but your poem touched me im soo sorry about your dad i wouldn't no what to do if i lost my dad
  • carla
    i liked the poem very much just for the simple fact that I had lost my dad about 3 years ago on valentines day and i was only 15 years old, and it is very hard to lose someone that you are very close to and someone that you really love with all of your heart. with much love you are deeply missed i love you dad love always carla
  • Nicolle
    OMG i no how u feel my dad died when i was in the 4th grade and my mom even told me tht she would never tell me but she told me tht my dad said i was his favorite and i have anthoer brother and sister and he meant soo much to me i thought i couldnt live without him but its been almost 3 years and it seems longer than that it seems forever soo if u ever need to talk to someone about ur situastion u can just Im me and i no we dont no eachother but im a pretty good person when it comes to stuff like this and ur poem touched my heart! tht was amazing u have a good talent on ur hands u should deff. get tht poem puplished and i made one up and thats what im trying to do thanks for tht poem it made my day
  • denise
    I wanted to let you know that I LOVED this poem. Every word is so absolutely true. I lossed my father two weeks ago. I love him and I miss him very much. It's amazing what pain in can bring and the emptimess in a house it causes. Thanks for the poem. It was very touching!
  • devon
    omg your poem is amazing! i read it and instantly started crying. Every time i read it i think about my dad and how he left me. I love your poem and i hope you write many more. I look forward to reading them !
  • Jennife
    This poem really touched me. I lost my father 6 yrs ago and I miss him so deeply. He has a now a grandson which would of been his first and it hurts me so much. I wasnt there with my father when he died and I regret it so much because I could of been.
  • simone
    it was really touching and it almost made me cry. i really could feel her pain through the poem. awww bless
  • Lori
    I lost my dad two weeks ago, and this poem really hit home for me.
  • Kathy
    Your poem was beautiful. It doesn't matter how old you are when you lose your Dad, it still hurts so much. I lost my Dad last year from lung cancer. He had called us on Valentine's Day with the news, my Dad and stepmother lived in Florida and I live in Pa. We were on our way down to see Dad but he died before we got there. I never got to tell him good bye and I loved him. and I'm 46 years old and it hurts so much.
  • p
    loved it! very moving! Thanks for sharing!
  • Debbie
    this poem has thoughed me no i have not loseedmy dad yat but i have realized how hard it must be
  • Cayla
    I loved the poem. I am 17 years old and i just lost my dad 2 months ago to Lung cancer and i miss all of those things about him and it just hurts to think about. knowing that he will never be here with us agian.
  • Alicia
    Im so sorry. My father and both of my grandfathers are still living, but my father tried to kill me when I was 13, and my grandfathers arent doing too well. This poem made me cry. I hope you can find peace in your poetry.
  • Ashley
    I think your poem really captures what its like when you no longer have your father around. I lost my dad at 14, I just turned 20, and I still have days where I cry for him to hold me once again. I get so jealous when I see girls with their fathers, because I know I will never have that again. Wish you the best.
  • leanne
    My dad died on September 16th, 2003. It is killing me. He was my best friend. I was only 15. I was Daddy's Little Girl
  • Laurie
    This poem really touched me. Thank you Amy and again I'm sorry for your loss. Life will never be the same.
  • Michiko
    I really loved this poem. it was so sad and touched the heart of my soul.
  • Jessica
    This poem really touched me. I lost my dad July 16,2004 in a tragic ATV accident and he died on the way to the hospital. It was not his fault what happened it was just one of those freaky things. My dad and I were really close and I was his only girl. I really enjoyed reading it. thank you so much!
  • Rebecca
    I really loved this poem. I just lost my father 3 weeks ago ( 10-26-04). I am having such a hard time with it. I miss himso much! Thanks for sharing this poem.
  • rinda
    i have no words!
  • Thereza
    I lost my dear Dad this morning. i cannot express how sad i am. i needed some help with words and then read your poem and it summed everything up. Thank you!
  • april
    yous know when somthang touches you an yous cry so sudden an it's hard to breathe, i just felt that by reading your poem
  • crystal
    its very good very touching
  • Ravon
    I loved the poem. It made me cry. I lost my dad about a year and a half ago. He meant everything to me and I miss him so so so much. I'm also very sry for your loss.
  • jaime lee
    Thank you for your poem i recently lost my father,and you have really helped me with your poem. thank you.
  • Kathy
    Amy I lost my mom January 19th 2004. She was my best friend and I held her hand as she died your poem was beautiful and really touched base with my heart the grief is never ending.
  • Jacqui
    I have been sitting at my computer looking for a poem to read at my dad's funeral. Whilst reading this I sobbed my heart out! It is beautiful and says everything that i want to say. So simplistic, yet so meaningful. Thank you. All my love and prayers go to all of you who have lost your daddy. I know the pain you are going through. Be strong and be brave.
  • Stanley
    i fell your pain. great job!
  • Nicole
    This was an excellent poem. I lost my dad 5 years ago and it was by far the hardest thing i have ever had to experience. No one understands how much they love and need someone until they are gone. My dad was also the best friend i have ever had. And on top of it all he died right before my 8th grade graduation. But i believe if we have faith in God and ask for strength that we can get through even the hardest of times. nicole
  • najeebah
    First off let me tell you i'm sorry for your loss, I hope your doing better. Now about your poem, its a very special poem. Well I just want to tell you that you have a great talent for poetry and you should keep on doing what your doing and you will succseed in life.
  • Tabitha
    I love this poem because it says just what I feel. I lost my Daddy a year ago and I'm still trying to deal with the loss.
  • katherine
    as a writer i can tell you great work yo have talent as a daughter who lost her father i can say the tears will always and lost fther who are great will alwasy be greatly missed thank you for sharing this with us all . rip jwm dec. 7 2002
  • tasha
    this poem has really touched me it brought tears to my eyes x
  • Maureen
    Yesterday when I read your beautiful poem, I cry I read it again today and I cryed some more. Like you I have lost a wonderful father. the pain is still there, But now I can read your poem and it does help. thank you for shareing your thoughts with us. you are an angel.
  • Maureen
    Dear Amy Thank you for your lovely poem I am crying as I write this. I lost my dear father 3 years ago, I this is the first time since our loss On reading your poem is it as though you wrote them for me a big thank you Love Maureen
  • barbara
    This poems really touched me, i lost my dad to lung cancer 6 months ago and its been really tough, i can really relate to. i really love the poem so thank you
  • Rosy
    I am really sad after I read this poem. I selected this poem to write in my anotholofy in my year seven class. I also chose this poem to perform to my class. It was really sucessful, thank you the author. however when I go home, I discover I lost my floppy disk. I was finding before the dinner time. suddenly my shout at me that i have to serve the dinner right now, I am lazy girl. I never feel like that before. if he die, I will sad. but.
  • Mark
    OMG. this poem actaully brought tears to my eyes. extremely deep poem. WOW, this has touchd my heart so.
  • andrea
    this was a sad poem and it touched everybody's hearts
  • Chelsea
    It made me cry because it made me remember all the good and bad times me and my dad had.
  • Tammy
    My father passed away almost a year ago your poem touched my heart
  • Tayla
    I really liked this poem. It touched me in many ways. I know what you you are going through. I lost my father at age 7 due to suicide.
  • Shawn
    this poem makes me think of my father so much he past away july will make 5 years.
  • karen
    great poem i love it. i relate 100% bc i miss my dad SOOOOOOOO much. he died 2 years ago.
  • scott
    this was a very heart warming and chicken skin poem. i lost my dad last year in june and am a senior now. there's not a minute or split second that he is constantly on my mind. i didn't get to tell him i loved him though i wished i could. i really enjoyed your poem and just know that your not the only one.
  • shawna
    This poem really touched my heart and I could tell that it had come right from yours. Beautiful!
  • Amy
    That poem really meant a lot to me considering a year ago on thanksgiving I lost my dad. He meant a lot to me and I really miss him if I only had one wish I would wish him back. Thanks for sharing that beautiful poem with me and the rest of the world.
  • Erin
    That poem is great! I lost my father when i was 5 years old. I am now 14. and its really starting to hit me on what ive lost. I feel for u losing your father also. Thanks for the poem!
  • Chelsea
    I loved this poem because it really expressed all of my feelings. When i was in 2nd grade my father passed away and i never really got to say goodbye. Each and everyday i think about him, some good meemories and some tear jerking memeories. This poem is excellent and expressed many feelings that i have had to deal with for many years. thankyou for posting this up, i love it.
  • Kathy
    I lost my father Feb 25, 2003. Its coming up to the 1st year anniversary, and am having a hard time with it. I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful poem. It really touched me.
  • Sandy
    I just read your poem, it really hits home with me as my Dad just passed away Oct. 31,2003. it is only 3 months, but seems like it was yesterday, i Miss my Dad soooooo very much, we were really close and out of my 43 years with him, we were only seperated 6 months when we lived in different states at that time. I wish my Dad was still here in away but only if he wasn't suffering.
  • Joyce
    Amy, I just lossed my Dad. I am reading at his funeral. I loved your words. It is exactly what I feel in my heart. It made me cry so much, but still I thank you for your poem
  • brittany
    The poem really touched my heart. I lost my god-father last month from a massive heart-attack. He was 77 years old, he left his whole fammily to greive. He died exactly 4months before my birthday on the 7th day of december and my birthday is April 7. I really will miss him. Now everytime I go across the street to her house his chair will be empty. I will forever miss my god-father.
  • Joanne
  • Rita
    My Father pastaway on oct 22 2003. it hasn't been that long but when i read that poem i was in tears so bad. That reminds me of my father and me.
  • bansi
    this poem is a fabulous one n the poet's efforts really needs to be apprecieated. ur love,affection and feelings towards ppl is really nice n u deserve lots of praise n one on from my side.
  • Brittany
    This poem made me cry , the tears r still rolling down my cheeks. im 16 and i lost my father 1 year ago Dec. 15. Thank you so much for sharing this poem.
  • betty
  • cez
    thankyou, thankyou for this poem
  • Kellie
    This is one of the saddest poems but one of the bestim sorry to hear about Your dad but go on and live your life cus some day you will see him again god bless you
  • LaLa
    This poem was really awesome and it made me cry. Good job and I'm sorry to hear about your passing.
  • kayla
  • Alicia
    That was a very good poem. I thought it was very awsome. It touched me a lot and made me sad when i read it. I send all my prayers out to you and your family.
  • chantel
    This poem says everthing i would like to say about how i felt losing my dad but was unable to put in to words myself my dad died 15th september 2003 Thankyou
  • karley
    i think this is a really nice poem to here i have lost my dad and just hereing that makes my eyes fill up
  • Mary
    This is a very touching poem. It hits home very close. I says everything that i feel
  • chelsey
    i really love your poem im in tears now i lost my dad because of his girlfriend he pick his girlfriend over me so ill never see him agian
  • patty
    i lost my father on 3-03 and this poem is so much of what i feel for him. this is a great poem!
  • dawn
    this poem is one of the best i read. its definetly a tear jerker.
  • Laurie
    i would just like to say how much your poem has touched my heart. I lost my father to a tragic accident on november 1, 2002 . so he is Greatly missed for sure. Thank you so much
  • Bailey
    i really liked ur poem it was great! my dad died almost 5 years ago and im only 15. i always thought it was supossed to get better but it really doesnt! well again ur poem was great!
  • sanju
    this is a very emotional and touching poem. after reading this i feel very sad. yet, i'm glad i cannot connect with the poem as much and i thank god that my loved ones are still with me.
  • Nicole
    As a fifteen yr old, I never imagined loosing my daddy/best friend at the age of fourteen. As a true daddys little girl and daddys little princess this poem has helped me through some of my darkerst days. They say it gets easier but really it only gets harder. I thank you for writing this poem b/c it reached out to me and hopefully to lots of other teenagers who lost their dads.
  • Yolanda
    I really love your poem it brought tears to my eyes as I was reading it . I can relate to your poem so much my dad died four months ago and i miss him so much.
  • Sherril
    I just lost my father on January 21, 2003 an we were real close. Iread this poem and tears ran down my eyes it's beautiful and I love it. This reminds me of something I would say.
  • Emily
    sounds a bit like me
  • nicole
    I lost my dad about 4 months ago, I can definetely understand how you are still feeling. Sometimes I am angry, sometimes sad. What keeps me going everyday is that he is at peace and is my angel up above.
  • Lisa
    I think that this poem will help both of my girls they are 14 and 11, there daddy passed away feb. 3,2003 he was only 34 years old he died from a blood clot that hit his lungs. I know that they are having a hard time dealing with it because I am. thanks
  • Shannon
    Thank you so much for this beautiful poem! I just lost my dad 2 days ago to a massive heart attack he was only 57 and had so much left to do. He leaves 3 grandkids and one due anyday and all of us to pick up the pieces. This is such an incredibly difficult journey ahead of my family and your poem is everything I am feeling right now. Thank you again.
  • Amber
    I am lucky enough to still have my dad, but reading this made me realize that i wouldnt know what to do if he died right now, and how much i love him!
  • sara
    I LOVE your work. i hope you don't mind, but i changed father to grandfather, since my grandfather is going to pass away, i might say that poem at his funeral. thank you.
  • LUCY
    I have just lost my father two weeks ago and I thought this poem was wonderful. It made me cry the first time I read it. These are the same thoughts that went through my head. Well done.
  • rosalinda
    i want to vote for this poem it is the best poem i've read. i love it.
  • lana
    i love this poem my dad died aug. 2002 so this poem related to me alot this poem is #1
  • marianne
    wow your poem was give to me by a friend when my dad had died, it said every thing that i was felling and it made me fell alot better within myself i read your poem at my dads mass i held myself well and only cry when i read that last to line severy one was asking where i got the poem i tld that a friend had given it to me and that it was written by you. i came across this site as i was looking to find a poem for my gradmother who died a week before my dad so for this pass 6 weeks my life has been a mess. so 1 more time i thank you amy for helping me understand myself. thank you
  • Nicole
    Hey my father just died Jan 18th 03 and I am only 16 I mean until I read your poem I really never cried because I thought he was for sure just going to come bakc that he was on one of his lil trips he always took. This for sure made me cry and I wanna thank you for a grea tpoem because fathers are never anything to take for granted. Great poem keep the good work up!
  • Blair
    i really loved the poem, i lost my dad when i was 8 about 5 1/2 years ago and i really miss him. me and my mom never got along and that is exactlly how i felt about him. i really loved him, and i miss him. i am still grieving over him, but i know how you feel.
  • amber
    This is a great poem. It's very meaningful. I lost my daddy last year when I was only 15 I miss him greatly and every day I wish he was here. but I know that one day I will get to see him. Sorry for your loss. I know how hard it is!
  • uzi
    I'm not much of a poetry person. The only reason I came here was because of a school assignment, but this. this poem really touched me. I am lucky to still have both my parents, but I feel your pain. I think about how it would feel if I lost my parents and from what I believe, I don't think I would be able to handle it well, much less write a whole poem. I leave you with a standing ovation.
  • uzi
    WHOA! That was really REALLY touching.
  • Tiff
    I think this poems is wonderfull. My father dieingright now he has been given one week to live. He is fading very fast,he has cancer and it has went everywhere and now in his brain. This is the hardest thing i have evr done and this poem is exactly how i feel
  • Haile
    thank you very much for that poem it just sums up how i feel about my dad (died 18 months ago) aged 44 we were so close and now i am lost without him and i hope you dont mind but i have put it by his graveside because i am so touched by it. amazing poem ! well done
  • manda
    i lost my father 2 months ago, and this poem hit home for me. it is great to know that other people feel the same as i do. thank you amy for writing and posting this poem!
  • april
  • Amy
    Your poem touched me, I have been feeling the same way. My father passed away when I was 16 in an accident. July 26 was the anniversary of his death and his birthday was last week. I have been really sad lately and your poem is wonderful.
  • ryan
    i really admire youre talent in writing a poem, its all came from ur deepest thoughts, & i feel every single words. it brought tears in my eyes while reading this poem. my father left us when i was 11yrs old now im 23 hey tommorrow is my bday i miss my dad, were not so close for that short time of bounding, all i remember was his advice to us. he didn't die, but he goes to other family, until now i don't know the reasons why he do that to us besides he can be proud to us. when i saw father & son sharing together. i hope i could be like that with my dad. Dad i want to say this to you "GREATLY MISSED YOU"
  • Daisy
    My father passed away on August 6, 1999 and I thought nobody understood how I felt. Now I know I'm not alone. That's a really good feeling. I still cry almost everynight cause I know I won't be able to see him at my wedding, when I graduate from college, when I have my kids and now that I'm leaving to the military. All I wanted and want is to make him proud. So here I come, Papi.
  • nicky
    Your poem has been one of the best that I read so far. I just lost my father 2 months ago to lung cancer. This poem really touched my heart. GREAT JOB.
  • brook
    This poem really touched my heart. I lost my father 4 days ago. He was 44 yrs old and it was very unexpected. I don't know yet how to cope with this loss, but knowing that there are others that so beautifully express exactly what I'm feeling really helps.
  • Rebecca
    I lost my mom on Jan 10 2001 and then five days later I lost my dad on Jan 15. Your wonderful poem just said everything I have been feeling ever since he left me.I miss them both terribly, but my daddy was the most precious person to me. He was my best friend.
  • brigitte
    this poem really touched my heart i have felt like this because this has happend to me, so i could relate to this.
  • tina
    Thank u for writing this peom I am sorry for what happend to you from reading this peom I realized how much u love your father.
  • debbie
    i didnt read anything as beautiful as this poem , my dad passed away , it will be one year on feb , 2002. iam going to put this poem in the news paper for my dads one year passing away , i love it , thank you from novascotia, canada
  • Jessica
    This makes me sad. Me and my dad never have had a close releionship. I wish i did after i read this.
  • Kara
    Your poem really touched my heart. I lost my dad January of 2001. This is my first year without him and it is really hard.. Your poem is really great.
  • Nichole
    I really like this poems soo much. It reminded me of my dad who passed away two years ago. And he is Greatly Missed! I Love You Dad!
  • mary
    right after i read this poem.i went straight to my dad and told him how much i loved him
  • Shobana
    This poem has touched my heart so deeply. It is everything that I feel after I lost my beloved dad a few months ago. From my sisters and myself thanks for giving us something that we will treasure.
  • Chris
    I sent this poem in an email to my friend whose alcoholic father just passed away. It is perfect and beautiful. Thank you.
  • Marcellia
    I lost my father Sepember 11, 2001. This poem says everything I feel in my heart.
  • Monica
    The poem "Greatly Missed" is a beautiful poem. I lost my father in July.and even though it's been almost 4 months scince he was shot and killed.it feels like it just happened yesterday. I've never lost anyone before this and when he died i felt like my whole world had come to an end. I'm not really good at expressing myself..but after reading this poem it explains exactly what I feel right now.And it just made me feel better.that I'm not the only one feeling this way.
  • Sabrina
    This was one of, if not the best poem I have ever read.
  • joanne
    I thought this was very touching. im lucky my dad is still alive but i dread the day this happens. i dont cry very easily but this did make me cry. well done
  • Sean
    Thank you for writing such a heartfelt poem. I showed it to my wife and it made the death of her father a bit easier.
  • Kelly
    Amy..Thanks for taking the time out to share this wonderful poem ,my bestfriend just lost her dad on her 40th birthday 8/31/2001 and i sent this poem to her to let her know she's not alone..IT IS GREAT!
  • Carissa
    This poem is great I lost my father recently and I am still in my young teen years. It is hard but I know he is watching out for me.
  • Greg
    i lost my father over 15 years ago...the pain of that loss still haunts me today. Reading this poem not only made me cry but also made me remember all that was wonderful and special about my father. thank you for that
  • Jenny
    This poem is beautiful. I felt every word.
  • Anne
    Amy you captured my sentiments entirley , it is two years and four months since my dad passed away. I read your poem on fathers day in the UK, it struck chords with my heart and made me cry.
  • Emma
    I too have lost my dad, just over a year ago. Your poem gave me great comfort. Thanks.
  • Angela
    I really loved this poem it was so true ,I just lost my daddy 2 weeks ago and still miss him dearly and so do my 3 children
  • Amy
    I am the author of this poem. I just logged on to this site after a very long time.The comments that people heve written mean so much to me. I want everyone to know how much it means that my poam has touched so many and helped others through a lose. Thank you all for your comments and please try to email me
  • Daisy
    I just recently lost my father, and this poem says it all, He was always there for me when i needed him. The girl that wrote this poem is a really deep thinker.
  • MARY
  • sanah
    hey your poem was so inspiring GOOD JOB AND SORRY
  • stacey
  • Judy
    This is a poem that really puts the finishing touches on! It expresses the Love and Laughter of a Father and a Daughter. I lost my Father May 24 1991, It was very devastating to me. I also lost my Mother March 18, 1998, and my brother January 13, 2000. I only now have a Sister left. My Husband and our Daughter who is 9 years old, are very wonderful and shines brightly! Thank you Amy for sharing your poem, its espirational.
  • molly
    I lost my dad when I was little and I always wished I had the chance to say good bye and I hang on to those last memories everyday. I only wish,dream that we were together again.This poem made me shed a few tears, a moving poem.
  • nissha
  • molly
    I really like this poem cause I guess I know what it is like to miss someone so much.To grieve for a dad and no-one understands.Tjis poem with another one helped me explain to my friends how I feel. Thanks!
  • Karen
    I can see how this poem could touch everybody. I know a friend that passed away about 1 week ago. He left behind a little girl who loved her daddy very much. He also left behind 3 others. I think this poem is just so great!
  • Kathy
    Your poem touches my heart and brings tears to my eyes. It's a very touchy poem. Well done!
  • Kayla
    I know exactly what Amy is talking about in this poem. On 11/20/00 my aunt's brother in-law died of an aneurysm to the brain. He left 3 little daughters behind. So I think this poem is great. His oldest daughter read this poem at the funeral.
  • cindy
    I lost my father suddenly three years ago and the pain in my heart is the same as it was then. This poem touched my heart very much.
  • Leila
    This was a very sad poem, it realy touched my heart and made me cry a lot. I too lost my dad and fell the same way too. Well written!!!!!!
  • LeighAnn
    This poem touched my heart in every way possible. An absolute wonderful poem.
  • meghan
    this one really touched me i lost my father a littel over a year ago and this really explained the way i felt
  • Marissa
    That Poem was one of the most beautiful things that i have evr read. A friend close to me lost her dad and i have a feeling that she would really like this poem.it was so ful of emotion and pain. It is just sad that thats what it took to create it.
  • Sandie
    I feel your sorrow babe!
  • Janice
    This is definitely the best poem I've read so far. It gave me goosebumps when I read it.
  • Brenda
    I really enjoyed this poem it really hit home sience I just lost my dad less than a year ago. I was also very close to my dad as well and am having a hard time dealing with him being gone! Thank you! Brenda
  • stephanie
    It will be 4 years this August that my father passed away from cancer, and this poem truly touched my heart and expresses my true feelings of how much I miss him.
  • Lisa
    I have often thought of the pain that I would feel if my dad was to die, and it had come so close due to his kidneys. As I read this poem I cried so hard. All I could think is this is it, all the pain I have now just being close to loosing my dad.My love and tears for you and your loss !
  • Rebecca
    This poem touched my heart so much! I was reminded of how lucky I am to have such great parents who have dedicated so much time and have always been there for me.
  • Julie
    This poem is word for word how I feel about loosing my father 5 months ago. I'm 22 and he was 51 years old
  • Sarah
    I really liked your poem, "Greatly Missed". Although I have not lost my father, we are very close and I could only imagine the feeling of losing him. It touched me greatly.
  • abby
    this poem brought tears to my eyes,it is really great.
  • kathy
    This poem is so beautiful! It describes me and my dad (he just passed away in January 2000)to a "T"!
  • Renee
    i really like this poem. i cryed when i read it.. i'm a daddy's girl and i don't know what i would if i ever lost him..
  • Francis
    To me this poem has a meaning for my father died May of 1999. This poem brought tears to my eyes and touched me. These words are soft and true.
  • Kathy
    I loved this poem! I lost my mom May 1999 and my dad came and lived with me and my family for 8 months and 2 days before he passed away and this poem describes us (my dad & I) to a "T"! Amy you done a great job!
  • Kiera
    I just understand what she is going through. My Dad has ALS and it is hard dealing with the fact that one day he will no longer be there. Her poem touched my heart.
  • cindy
    I couldn't express it any differently. I miss my father greatly!
  • Dawn
    This poem is soo touching. I lost my dad a year ago and your words ring so true. Thank you for such a beautiful poem and sharing it.
  • Jayna
    This poem is awesome. I lost my uncle about 2 1/2 years ago and he is greatly missed by all of us. He was taken from us so suddenly--he was murdered. Out of all of us though his daughter misses him the most now. And while reading this poem it brought tears to my eyes just thinking of how much this is hurting her. Thank you for such a great poem.
  • George
    This poem touched me because it sounds like my ex girlfriend. She lost her father in a auto accident and when we would travel to Pennsylvania to visit the grave she had words almost like this poem, Very Good Poem,
  • kathy
    I just lost my dad in 01-2000. And this poem really touched me.
  • monica
    out of all the poems on this page this one made me cry, and i don't cry easily, the girl who wrote this is very talented and has my praises!
  • Heather
    I lost my father in Sept,of 98 and he was my best friend.There are so many things he didn't get take part in in my life such as walking me down the aisle at my wedding,the birth of his grandchildren.That is what hurts the most.I know he will be there in spirit,but it isn't the same..This poem touched me.
  • kim
    I have lost my father recently, and he was always there for me. This poem really says it all, and I think she is a really deep writer.
  • Terri
    I lost my Dad 17 Years ago and the pain is still there It will never go away. If only I could have one more day or hour with him to tell him how much I love him and to give him one last kiss. I wish he was here to see his grandchildren. Now I have to lay my favorite Uncle to rest in 2 days. death is so empty and lonely. But we will meet our loved ones again someday.
  • Gloria
    I loved this poem. i just lost my father 8 months ago to heart failure. He was only 57(to young). This poem really touched my heart like no other. Thank you for sharing it.
  • Lynn
    I feel the same way about my father.
  • Ashley
    This poem by far has explained the hurt i go through everyday more than any other poem has. I know losing a dad is so unbelievably hard and i hurt everyday but being strong gets us through it, and we utlimately become stronger.it's painful still wanting to hear, see, and touch them, but we learn to deal with it. Thank you Amy for this remarkable poem.
  • Linda
    I really love this poem it brings back so many memories thanks
  • jennifer
    i thought it was great.
  • Christina
    This poem touched me so much, I lost my Dad 6 Months ago and am having a real hard time dealing with it my Dad is my Hero and is missed so much it is undescribable. Thank You
  • Brenda
    Amy I know what your going through, i lost my dad a year and a half ago, and i cry as much for him today as the day i found out he was dying. I miss my daddy so much, and life is just not the same without him.

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