Many of us feel the need to question life. Sometimes we are fortunate to find the answers we seek, and sometimes we find ourselves just drifting endlessly, searching for the answers that seem to constantly elude us.

This poem originally was published in Poems on Life

I sometimes find I'm drifting
Through this life without effect;
I often wonder if I'm truly
Worth what I've been blessed.

I search through days that have been hard,
To try to understand,
The many trials that I have known,
The life that I have had.

You see me in my daily grind,
So confident and strong;
Yet when I am alone, I question
Just where I belong.

I often try too hard I find,
To analyze and guess,
To scrutinize, investigate
My life I will confess.

For somewhere deeper, there must be
Some meaning to this life,
Some way to make a difference,
Give a reason for this strife.

Is there some hidden meaning?
Some agenda to be found?
A greater purpose waiting
If I care to hang around?

It teases and it taunts me,
Always slightly out of sight;
A hazy vision out of reach,
Where darkness hides the light.

I struggle to bring clarity
To what awaits me there,
And yet this weak illusion
Always fades before my stare.

It seems the harder that I try,
To focus through the haze,
Just serves to add more questions,
Through my endless, tired gaze.

Perhaps I'm trying just too hard,
To understand it all,
For can we ever truly know
Just what we have in store?

Each incident, each moment passed,
Just adds upon the next,
But in the end, will I find truth ...
Or will I be perplexed?

Perhaps I make it harder
Than it has to be sometimes,
But will my searching bring to me
My meaning over time?

Or will it leave me broken,
And confused as I feel now,
While questions bring no solitude,
To this, my wrinkled brow.
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  • mel
    It was as if the author was ilustrating my exact thoughts.
  • Alex
    I liked the poem It really expresses how I feel
  • richard
    it is vere good
  • manu
    while i read the poem . i was a litl sad. and introspective. abt my life. this poem seeme dto convey very beautifully what i ahd always wanted to say . and could never do. this was like antidepressant. removing a heavy weight from my pyche. i felt relieved and in the comapny of ppl like me
  • Mayra
    I guess we all come to a point in life and ask ourselves "why are we here". I can say that I think about my future,a lot, but have been told not to. I guess we should accept the way we feel, because everyone else feels the same. Excellent poem, I hope the next is just as good as this one :)
  • Danette
    its AWSOME
  • Babs
    a great poem to read,i think so many people feel like this from time to time, it made me think of my sister, just how she is feeling at the moment.
  • Nick
    hey dis poem makes me think love the poem be nice if i could write stuff like that any advice?
  • Derek
    I really love this poem. It is a reflection of a prolific thinker whose 'thought factory' will certainly has an impact on the reader.
  • Amelia
    Your poem is very touching. It describes so much of my own life. And I would like to share with people I know.
  • carolina
    this poem is how i feel at times. i think its great poem
  • jessica
    Wow i can totally relate to this poem. good job its a great piece
  • annisaa
    COOL! very great poem. !
  • Cherry Rose
    This poem really touch me. It's because my life relate at this poem. I really find a poem that relates me and at last i found it. This is it!. In all of the poem i read, this is the best poem can relate to my life. Keep up your good work, Kim McCallum! I really really love it!.
  • Somenath
    It happened to me when i passed out of the college. As I stepped into the wilderness of professional world, i felt lonely. no friend, no guide, no direction. i suffered a lot. this poem has really portrayed my feelings of those days.
  • Ruby
    i have had this filling of empty in me for a while now well since i graduated high school! what do i do know where do i belong what am i spost todo ya know! this poem makes so much since i love it
  • sandy
    What a gift you have. Thank-you for sharing it with us. Your words made me stop and think. could have so easily been written for me.
  • BUD
  • chelsea
    Wow i thought it was a great poem and i will keep it with me forever. I want to thank you for sharing it with us,i enjoyed it alot!
  • faces
  • Michele
    I am in my early 50's and I have questioned life like Kit. I have wondered if my life just consisted of raising kids, working and just being a house wife.
  • mack
    i found that this poem is all to true.
  • Chrystal
    when i got done reading this poem, i understood that it is har to see life if you travel through its trails.
  • kimmi
    that was a good poem and you explained really well good job!
  • Aakriti
    I've voted for this poem because i really identify with what it brings out about life and its complexities, having reflected on precisely the same thoughts conveyed in the poem.
  • Tricia
    I really like this poem. This is how I felt before I let God come into my life. Ever since I have let him in. My life seems to be a whole lot better and I seem to understand things more. I don't really feel alone anymore
  • Misty
    loved this poem. sooo deep. endless questions. whats the purpse of life?? loved it. too often, i question myself too.
  • Monica
    This is the true meaning of life. I know this is the way I feel everyday. It is truly inspiring
  • Greg
    I think that this poem is really good it would speaks to everyone that reads it. it really spoke to me.
  • Andrea
    Interesting and true poem.
  • Karen
    You touched on the meaning of life. We start our journey through life searching for all those things we need to know, we then question them and off we go again searching for new meaning. I was searching for poems to express the loss of my 16 year old son that was killed in a work accident, and came acroos yours, Well done I love this poem and will add it to my sons album. Thank you and best wishes Karen Hudson.
  • Marci
    Wow, I relate to this poem as it seems was written just for me. I would enjoy reading more of your writings.
  • Debbie
    One word. WOW ! this is exactly me. Probably many people in the world also. I loved it.
  • Starlene
    for some odd reason the words in this poem just explain me its just like this is a poem about me its so cool well not really so ya. Ive went thru real lot of pain in the last little while and it feels like im drifting away from everyone i know.
  • Shelly
    If I had the ability to write about how I feel or think, this would be the poem I would write. It says exactly how I feel and addresses the confusion I feel the more I seek the understanding. We have to go on faith and follow our gut feeling when we don't see clearly the path. Thank you for this poem. I love the name and as you can see by my email name that I to am drifting thru this very brief life.
  • Sadie
    I can really relate to this poem. Sometimes how the poem describes life I even feel lost! This is an amazing poem. Great Job!
  • Molly
    hey i think this is a really great poem
  • Amit
    I loved the poem, I have been having these feelings for years and Now these feelings have just got words!. This peom says it all!. And what a way to say it!. I just cant describe how I feel!. Great Work!
  • joy
    . powerful & evoking
  • Tracy
    I loved your poem! I think your thoughts are very open and so very true. Alot of people can relate, im sure that Im not the only one. Keep it up, I would love to se more of your work!
  • sYen
    this poem. is so real. the way u wrote it,really potrays our life today. really inspirational. *thumbs up for you*
  • Donna
    a very very good poem true to life true to the way i feel about my life i dont know where im going or what meaning i have in this life.
  • Denise
    This poem is truely depict of Life as seen on my ever bending journey towards growth. It speaks clearly of one's thoughts as we attempt to hold on to our sanity and our faith as we journey through this life. This author has a gift, I hope to see more of her work here. thank-you for sharing with us.
  • elsa
    very good
  • Jazmin
    Great poems as i am so confused about my life and where i'm heading thanks for sharing your wonderful poem with me.
  • fay
    exactly how i feel
  • Fatima
    Awesome poem! it touched my heart. felt like my own feelings
  • Rowena
    It is simply beautiful. and it touches my heart. Nice piece.
  • ruby
    wow i really felt like this poem was ment for me b/c i'm just graduating and i need to understand where i'm going from here. thanx/ruby/
  • Alzeena
    i love this poem! I have used this poem for a lot of my seventh grade projects. one of the reasons why i love this poem and choose it above all the others is because this poem describes my personality. and frankly, looking at all the other comments, i would think that alot of the other fans feel the same way about this poem. i am in eighth grade now and i am back to this poem for another project. **Thank you Kit McCallum, for having wrote such a wonderful poem to inspire us, young readers
  • CandiGrl
    Very inspiring! I love it. I give you an 8 from 1-10.
  • Anna
    i really loved your poem about Life and its purpose, and, for my poetry read-aloud at school, i'm gonna use this one. it's really beautiful, and gives life thru the eyes of not a really up-and-at-'em person, or a glass-is-half-EMPTY person, but just a life-is-ok, -go-enjoy it sorta person. Hope ya don't mind anna
  • patricia
    This poem I am sure resonates with any of us that are trying to find out the "why" in this world.
  • rinchen
    Reading this poem reminded me of me, the me that I thought was lost. But now I know that this heart still beats, with memories that I cherish the most.
  • rochelle
    i really liked this poem i think its the best i have read so far. ! i believe that maybe you wont know what you meaning of life is, is until you have lived it ! Keep up the writting its a beautiful skill you have . x. x
  • polly
    i myself have questioned my life. so nice to see it in writing
  • laura
    This poem has touched deep within my soul. Drifting, trying to find me.
  • Linda
    Of all the poems I have read on this site so far this morning, this one has touched me. It may be where I am in my life now, or it may be that the writer has the empathy to express the dept of feelings. Good job!
  • Ayu
    *heartfelt. reminds me of me in the state of now*
  • Courtney
    I love it, it really touched me
  • Justy
    no words to say for this one! wonder full. though few of the lines really decribes something about me, which i often tell myself. really it made me SIT DOWN & read it poperly. u got good talent to use simple words into something really meaningful in simple meaning. title really suites. keep it up
  • Monica
  • Kathy
    Ohhh My Gosh! i loved your poem! everysingle word you said, it felt like you were reading my mind and putting how i feel into words it just seemed so graceful. you are truly a great poet!
  • Camille
    This was a great poem that reminded me about the true meaning in life- your relationship with God and who you really are. Wonderful poem!
  • Natalie
    That poem is so true. Mainly everything it said had me thinking deep about things that had occured and thanks to that something else happened. Poems like that are really hard to find that's why i'm printing a copy and sharing it with loved ones. Thanks
  • calie
    this poem is the best poem that i have ever heard.
  • ARNA
    i love the poem. it tells a lot of what i'm feeling now. you know it makes a difference when i'm able to write what i felt, it gives relief how much more when i read it. Somehow it helps me understand my self better. to the author. thanks for taking pain in expressing what you felt i don't have to express mine coz you did it for me already. More Power and May the Lord God Almighty continously use you for His glory!
  • mira
    mcCallum. i just want to say thats a great poems not because of the words or anything else not but because i think its kinda your life and if its not , i can sure you thats for sure my life but the diffrent between me and you that i find the answer for the question why. and thats simply is: destiny. everything happen for us is for a reason and you might not know the reason now or never you just should have faith in god and that he knows whats best for us . and stop wondering and just try to move on ,then your life will be much easier believe me i've been there.
  • ana
    i find this poem to be very touching. i go through a lot in life and i was very calm when reading this poem
  • margaret
    yes that was just the way i feel in life ,how it has over the years ,explaining a liitle by little over my 40 years
  • nur hernina
    nice poem. the poem describes my inner feeling about my life. it is nicely written&nicely versed. good job!
  • machau
    Superb; a reflection of the feeling through life. I do pause many times and ponder like you.
  • Jennifer
    Great Poem I liked it
  • Pritha
    This is like so true. havent read something so apt since a long time. loved it. bye
  • b g
    while i love poetry i dont consider myself on expert, but this has on apeal to me, because if i could put down my thoughts on paper these words would best convey my feelings about life and how both see and feel. well done. bugs b
  • Jenna
    I have this english project where i have to pick a poem and a song that work well together and write a reflection. I knew what song i wanted( New Slang by The Shins) but picking a poem was tough. This is my 5th day looking(i have been looking in poetry books with Robert Frost and Alden Nowlan) but yours is the only one that i feel has truley sent my message across. You can't know what life means, but people still think so much and hard about it. So when I read your poem with music,I also begin to drift.
  • Melanie
    It was like I was writing the poem. it was nice to know that someone feels the same as I do. Good job!
  • Daisy
    I really like this poem. I can't think of anything else to say. It's great! Well done.
  • Mharestel
    This poem is so wonderful. It happens to some of us too. difficuties in life, struggling to break free, and lot more confusions in life.
    I read this poem and could not believe how much it sounded like the way i feel and think.
  • Heidi
    It was beautiful! it brought tears to my eyes. Its a great wrok of art, that surely deserves great recognition! I loved it it was a beautiful and such a touching peoem!
  • katey
    I loved this poem It was just what I was looking forward to read. It was as if I was reading my life in written words and it decribed exactly just how I feel sometimes. i would definitely give this poem two thumbs up
  • robin
    I thought this poem was DEEP. as I was reading I felt as if it were something I wrote,I could relate to all thoes feeling's, this person realy is a poet never stop writing your poem's it realy is a gift and a wonderful way to clear your head and touch someone's heart. Robin
  • dawn
    this poem really touch my heart, this poem is what i'm feeling now. it was uplifting to know i'm not alone. thank you!
  • s
    it expresses all my questions about life
  • evangeline
    an amzing work done by the author. keep it up. many people can relate on ur poem
  • Kim
    Great poem, you are able to feel you are confused but not totally desolate. Keep up the great work. I am looking forward to reading more of your work.
  • Mary
    This is the most awesomest Poem I have read and I have read about a billion poems off this site! Its so tru! I think about life all the tym I hate why do we have to wait! Awesome Poem I Loved it A tON Mary
  • Ashley green
    i often wonder about life, whats the purpose of it, does it really have a meaning, what is LIFE?? But the reason i decided to leave a comment is because this poem let me know im not the only one out there who sometimes sits around and wonders about life.
  • Nisa
    your poem was really good--it really opened my eyes and made me think about who i am--your writing is really good so keep it up
  • jessica
    i loved you poem i believe i am going through the same thing.
  • Dee
    This poem is absolutely terrific. I can relate to this poem. Thank you for sharing your masterpiece!
    A very touching poem that I found to express what I feel in my life at this time.
  • Stephanie
    i loved your poem, it really touched me in so many ways. i had a hard life and i am only 18 and the ways you put this poem together it was amazing. thanks you!
  • Rosemarie
    Thank you thank you, your poem is just what I wanted to say in my blog about the way I feel. May I share your words in my blog with who ever chooses to read them? Your poem truly touched my heart. Love Rosemarie
  • Suzette
    Great Poem!
  • michaela
    This poem is my life it like it telling it i feel this way i am only 19 but sometimes i wonder if i belong i am strong when i am around my friends and family but when i am alone i question my life and everything about it. Thank you very much for writhing this poem.
  • grace
    your words truely speak the feelings of oneself. Thank You
  • christie
    I thought this was a great poem!
  • Divya
    'Drifting' is just so awesome and so beautifully written,really good piece of work! :)
  • stacy
    thank you for inlighting my thoughts. Your words express what most of us feel.
  • Rindy
    i like this poem it shows the true meaning of life and the doubts of it. It truly expresses the ways i feel sometimes because people see me as strong but deep inside im not.
  • sarah
    I loved it i think that it was very meanin full and WOW I just loved it! I love teadin theres poems! Thanx, sarah :)
  • ben
    thank you for explaining my life basicall in this poem, it meant alot, it made me have thoughts , im actually kinda lost.
  • Bob
    You have found your purpose in life. It is to seek and question through poetry, and to enlighten others through your writing
  • Lacey
    Your poem was really great it made me think alot about my life an things I have done an what has all happened to me! thanks alot your poem opened my eyes!
  • angel
    I can't explain how I feel, but this poem said it all. I Loved It!
  • Melissa
    I'm voting for this poem because it is so true. I feel that way day in and day out. My parents try to help me, but they just don't understand. Maybe what I needed, was something to make me look at it from a different angle. Thank you Kit McCallum for helping me look towards a different path in life.
  • Brooke
    I feel this way all the time. It's great to know other people do too.
  • Brittany
    I think it is a story you can read over and over again and telll your children for the rest of your life and still love it.
  • sally
    I love the dilemma that this writing describes as we all travel on to our own destiny. I enjoyed your work.
  • Lexi
    I really like this poem. I know you are very pleased with what you have wrote and I personally think that your poem is worth being put into a book. You write very well. You have inspired me. Believe me you are a great writer and I hope you never quit writing!
  • Lacey
    I really liked it. It was AWESOME
  • Deepa
    "Drifting" is a beautiful bit of work. aptly desribing the true nature and flow of human thoughts. I guess until one finds the true purpose of life and living. and that too only by looking within. we will continue drifting!
  • I.
    well written.
  • Amanda
    The way I feel. completely
  • Tina
    brilliant - 10/10
  • Mika
    you are a fantastic author! I keep reading your poems and am so impressed. They touch me in so many ways. I feel like youre here to speak to people and in their lives and youre doing an awesome jobs. thanks
  • Joanne
    This poem really touched. That story in the poem really discribe my life.
  • voila
    greats so well said all that ive always wanted to say n wonder abt??
  • ALLY
    i'm really feeling this poem. i feel the same way right now. it shows me i'm not alone.
  • Cheryl
    Kit Very well written in classic scheme. This is my favorite. You made me see your life thru your eyes and your poem was a nice read. I will be looking for more of your talent as I see you have other poems posted too.
  • claza
    This poem clearly expresses my feelings on many days what the meaning of life is and it makes me feel more sane knowing someone else feels in question about our existance
  • Alex
    that may have been one of the best poems if have ever read. I think it appeals to everyone not only adults but sometimes children may wonder what thier purpose is.
  • Renee
    Thank you for sharing this poem with us. I found it absolutely breath taking, and very true to my own feelings.
  • MarsBar
    WOW! AMAZING! I just can't describe it. WOW!
  • christine
    Great poem. Inspirational. Keep writing Kit.
  • Kay
    This poem is so very apt for me at this difficult time as I struggle to make sense of what's going on around me. It gave me much comfort. Thank you. Kay
  • Kalyn
    This beautifully written poem describes exactly what I feel. Thank you for helping me realize I'm not the only person who questions their purpose here.
  • JennyRose
    I really like this poem. I also have gone through some very real strife in my life just recently and wondered where it will all lead to. I thank people like kit who can put these times in life into words for the rest of us to read and relate with in our own lives. I would love to see more on these when life is bad or good.
  • paula
    really liked the poem dude, the problem is that you just ask the questions, there are no answeres, are not poems supposed to explore the question untill the answeres are found? i did like the poem though, it put the questions in nicer tearms
  • diana
    i loved it,thats how i feel
  • Jen
    I absolutely loved this poem. I know for a fact there are several people in the world who can relate to this. Kit, you have a great talent, and you'll go far, I'm sure. Your life is important beyond your knowledge, and it's up to you to find out where you belong. A thousand people smiling at you. God bless.
  • Sandy
    Your poem shows me pain with in it. i think of depression when i read it. i have gone thro both. it was a great poem and had lots of feeling put into it. thanks for shareing it with all of us
  • shawn
    INCREDIBLE! the feelings and expression you wrote is what i feel everyday. what a small world. well done.
  • Barb
    I'm totally blown away by how we all feel so alienated to each other and yet we all seem to share the same feelings of alienation! How can this be? This a powerful poem that speaks to almost the whole of the human race.
  • Lisa
    I absolutely loved this poem. After my younger brother passed away, I find myself thinking these same thoughts on a daily basis. Definitely keep writing. You have talent!
  • Mia
    Hi! I am a young reader! your poem has touched me greatly even though i think it is addressed more to older people it is a poem that speaks about what is happening or has happened in my life ! your a very good writer keep writing!
  • Jenn
    I love this poem. keep wrightin. when i have a bad week and its only tuesday i read your poem and it makes me get wanna wake up the next morning and see what that day will bring. thank you
  • Rissa
    Beautiful poem - It reminded me of how I felt sometime ago.
  • shaimuna
    this poem fitted exactly what I would have said if i could write so well. its beautiful
  • Sandy
    Just to let you know that I was feeling just the same for quite sometime and good to know that I am not alone.
  • Angie
    I loved your poem. It expresses all too well what each of us has felt over time. Thank you for sharing.
  • Missy
    Your poem was very touching!
  • Zulu
    This is truly. The nicest poem that I have read. It ahs touched many people. You should truly keep writing, as u have talent. A talent that cant match any1.
  • Jo
    "Drifting" by Kit McCallum is amazing! I can identify completely.
  • D
    What a beautiful and well written poem! I hope to read many more from Kit McCallum
  • fefe
    this was an absolutly great poem. This person really does have allot of talent!
  • Jeff
    Great poem, really enlightening
  • Jade
    I truely enjoyed your poem, I feel the same way but yet the questions still form; will the confusion ever end? But you said it better than I could have. Keep writing you have a talent. Maybe that is your thing.
  • Sierra
    Kit- I know where you're comin from. I've felt the same way but i feel now that i have more direction and more purpose since i've found Jesus! He now is my meaning of life! Hope you find what you're lookin for.
  • Arin
    Wow, I think this author must know me because this completely fits me and how I feel.
  • Monsy
    At this time I really needed something to lift my spirits with work and school and my child and I feel so unorganized and this poem was the best thing that I could have read to lift my spirits and make me feel like maybe I am pushing myself too much and I need to look at the brighter things in life which is my waking up each and everyday and just living for my family who deeply depends on me to succeed. Thank you so much for your inspirational poem please keep up the good work, there are people who read these poems for guidness or just a warm feeling to let them know it is okay to feel what your feeling at that point in your life. Once again Thank you.
    This really hits home it's as if you understand what so many people are going through.
  • James
  • Cait
    I loved it thers not enought words to express how well put togehter it was.
  • Ajay
    amazing poem. 1 of the best ive read in my times. great poem. n probably the best way to picture life.
  • Roberta
    All I have to say is I love it. It is so true, it is scary.
  • Jordan
    I thought that was deep and inspiring. Keep writing
  • Apeleo
    It's really good! A big hug fo you.
  • Johnny
    what you said in this poem is exactly how i feel right now.
  • Sera
    i found your poem touching in shape and sentiment. it reminded me of a quote by anthony de mello as a new comer, i am not sure if it is appropriate to post it here, so please forgive me if i erred. here it is People mistakenly assume that their thinking is done by their head; it is actually done by the heart which first dictates the conclusion, then commands the head to provide the reasoning that will defend it.
  • Nikki
    Beautiful poem. It flows very well and just about made me cry thank you
    That was beautiful! That definitely hit the heart,pls continue with the writing.
  • crista
    perfect. It explains abt how I feel abt my a way that i couldn't explain myself.
  • Lipz
    WOW! This poem really touched me in ways I can't explain. It was something I can relate to, and that's why I feel I enjoyed it so much. TRULY AMAZING!
  • febs
    perfect! . you really has the gift of being a poet .
  • Cathy
    Tomorrow is my 23rd wedding anniversary and i was looking for poetry to add to a card and started browsing as i lOVE poetry but am no good at even making rymes...LoL` But I tell you, that has to be one of the most honest,beautiful ways of putting feeling on paper.... (for lack of a better word).....It fits my life perfectly! In my 38 years i have survived alot...and i`ve often wondered if my life is going to be "all bad" but surely there has to be "some good" Thanks for putting it into words..... Hugs to You!
  • mark
    explains a lot i loved it its right down to the point i guess alot of people feel the same no mater who or were there from . excellent.
  • Marilyn
    This is how we feel at some point in our life! This is a GREAT poem for all to read.
  • mess
    really good
  • K
    This was one of the best poem about life that I have read. It almost seemed like you wrote this poem about my life. And by writing this poem you let me know that I'm not the only one "Drifting." Thank You!
  • josian
    if i didn't know better i would say you were in my mind.....the poem is encouraging i loved it....keep up the good work!
  • Michael
    for one thing in this life that i have seen is the often waste time of me...for if i am to live and enjoy, its only a matter for this little boy....the poem has beauty and depth that i see so clear a friend of mine will truley love this ...thanks again
  • cathy
    Beautiful poem and genuinely heartfelt.fits my life as an adoptee in search.
  • Annie
    This is such a beautiful poem. I love it and it is SO me & about my life.
  • carolann
    i have seen my own thoughts and wonders in this beautiful poem, these written words of intelligant, passionate emotion spoken with grace and elagance, bravo!
  • Christy
    This poem is awesome. Everytime I feel i can't go on in life, i just read this poem and it puts my mind in the right place.
  • Michael
    I really think it was a great poem. and after reading all the comments on it got me thinking. There are so many people out there with no meaning in life. They say they are out there questioning themselves but cannot find an answer
  • Janice
    I do relate to this poem because I search too much for nothing. thanks for the poem.
  • Mark
    Enjoyable..have felt the same. easily identifyable sentiment
  • michele
  • Kurai
    Oh describe the quest of finding the meaning of life very precisely through this nice poem. Keep up the good job!
  • lily
    The poem is really the reallity ill like it .
    I loved this poem.
  • Mrjimmie
    Good contenuity. Nice work,Kit. Wish I'd written it.
  • connie
    this poem brought me to realize that i am not the only one feeling confused about the events that occur in my life.
  • hans
    this poem is exactly how i see life everyday and it really helps to know that i'm not alone. i just hope that i can find that meaning you were talking about.
  • Harish
    The poem is true or was true for me till i realised that no matter what else we strive to be in our lives, one thing we all need to do is to try and bring a smile to our loved ones.....
  • Alisha
    I think that this is a very good poem. I used it for my interpret poem for English and I really like how it relates to my life at times.
  • Parastu
    It is just about me
  • Gary
    A poem that will touch the heart of everyone who has ever questioned the greater purpose of life.
  • rox
    This poem is as if you were walking in my own shoes. It hit reality to the core. It is a great poem.
  • Chris
    Great Poem!
  • DEE
    Loved this poem. Just had a strong connection with it.
  • compassion
    Superb! Wonderful read which applies to most all our questioning. Good writing.
  • Zeenat
    I've read many poems and even written a few but I couldn't have done a better poem even if I tried. Fabulous words with meaning :-)
  • james
    i really like this poem
  • Mary
    Wonderful poem. Protrays my feelings.
  • Michelle
    I have a friend who is asking all of these same questions right now and I sent this to him to let him know he's not the only one!
  • caroline
    I cannot agree with the author more. The poem describes with incredible clarity how I sometimes feel about life
  • Carla A+!! I greatly enjoyed your poem! It's very well thought out and flows nicely. Plus, I also liked the fact that I could relate very much to its meaning since it's a "place" I visit and ponder with my own life.
  • dshikha
    reflects the inner turmoil that people find hard to express in words
  • KH
    I can really relate to your poem i am 20 years old happly married with a soon to be four year old. I just can't seem to find myself or my purpose in life and it is rough.
  • Anita
    This poem really touches the soul and shows the pain of life and the questions that go unanswered.
  • Terry
    Do you know me? You seem to have written this about me.My life has the same qualities as this poem. You are a good writer. maybe I can read more later as you write! Thanks,Terry Brock
  • Larry
    I really liked it, sounded like the questions that I continue to ask myself, glad others have the same feelings. Your were able to put your thoughts to words, thanks for doing that and just not thinking about them. We may spend too much of life thinking about it and not living it. I enjoyed, thanks.
  • Nolan
    very very true
  • kel
    deep, real, to the point..........prefer musings over the rhyming; well done........incredibly!
  • Nadia
    This poem expresses just how I feel about this wonderfully brings up the dilemma we all had about life.
  • Jane
    I loved this poem, it fits my life so perfectly. Thank you.
  • Karen
    Wonderfully bittersweet expression of one's most vulnerable self. I loved it. I identify with this many times in life, as I go through different changes, shifts in life, undertaking of risks, etc. thank you
  • Sherri
  • Ed
    Incredible, loved it..
  • Belinda
    A truly enlightening poem.
  • Brenda
    All i can really say is how hard it home.
  • mimi

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