I once had a friend, that no matter how hard we tried we always ended up in disagreements. This poem was written to let him know that no matter our arguments, our friendship would always be there.

This poem originally was published in Friendship Poems - Poems about Lost Friends

Quiet Emotions
I always wanted more from you
than you were willing to give;
So now we've gone our separate ways
each with different lives to live.

The bond will always be there
the friendship always intact;
But the time for us has come and gone
and the pages of time, you can't turn back.

I will always be a friend to you
and wonder how you are;
The smiles and laughter I will remember
and our fights have become painless scars.

Sometimes on those busy days
when you've a thousand things to do;
Please let me glide slowly through your mind
and spend some time with you.

In that quiet moment
when you're surprised to find me there;
Just remember even with the distance between us
I am still someone who cares.
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  • Caitlin
    Very beautiful. Just what I am feeling.
  • Karina
    Hey Judy I had a great friend walk away from my life as well, and this poem says exactly wat I feel. So in away you've helped find the perfect words to express how I feel thank you and may god bless you.
  • ramya
    this poem is Very touchy, very emotional. i'll let my friend know what i feel about him, what i expected out of him and what he had done to me. the expectations, the friendship, the love, that i dint get from him. but yet he had left a scar on my heart. that remembers of him evey sec in my life He atleast hated me, i was a part in his life i like you very much. my friendship is true.
  • Janeis
    I was just randomly looking at your poem then I came a cross this peom of ead it through several times and then it hit me and totally sound like me and my old bestfriends we both went our seperate ways and made new best friends and now there is still a bond between us. but deep down she will always be my bestfriend no matter what happens to us and even if i have new bestfriend x x x Janeis
  • M.
    Tender, touching and transperent words. What can I say to describe words that I looked for to say to my friend and found in this poem. So Thanks and good luck
  • cynthia
    hey. i love your poem. i can relate to this especially now. i put this on my blog, but I do include your name. i write poems too and i don't want anybody telling others they were the ones who wrote my poem. i hope it's alright with you. keep writing good poems. goodluck.
  • Andrew
    I know what she mean I love a girl but i cant be so now she has a boyfreind and it is killing me but i will allway be her friend .
  • christina
    i really loved this poem i can relate to it keep up the good work!:~)
  • Morgane
    just beautiful words written by a beautiful person no doubt about that. Morgane
  • Tamisha
    I like this poem alot it makes me think of alot of things that happened in the pass this is the best poem i've ever read.
  • Raina
    I loved ur poem. I too am a poet. I also have lost a good friend. Well. Not so true. Like u said i needed more than u gave. '
  • Shelby
    This reminds me of my ex bestfriend he was like a brother to me, we did everything together. then one day he just thought that i did something wrong but he just doesnt understand that i didnt do anything to him but i guess that alright. but this is really good. I give u props on this its very good!
  • Mary
    I have had a friend for 34 years. I always try to be there for her. She lost her husband a few months ago,my husband and I helped her do everthing and then we started to hear the hurtful things she is saying behind our backs. I just wish she would own up to what she has said ,and admit that she was wrong. so I am going to e mail her this poem because I think it says how I feel down deep. Mary
  • Eddie
    i want to thank you for your poem,as it says exactly what i need to say to a friend i hurt and have now lost,i hope it has the same effect on her as it did me,xxx
  • amber
    I thought that was a kewl poem I can relate. Keep writing more; )
  • jacqui
    omg you poem was so beautiful it made me cry. so ture to me
  • Debbie
    very well written, concise - LOVED IT
  • Natasha
    Love It! Almost made me cry.
  • amina
    fantastic poem i ever read in ma life . it herat touching n i feel all the emotions whish i felt when ma frnd leave me. i luv it. really gud poem
    this is a great poam, it Expresses what most people like my self and many other people as teens, adults and children might be feeling. leaving friends is not a easy choice to make but sometimes it’s the only way out
  • Leslie
    A very nice poem. i can relate too much. thanks for this doem.
  • mike
    This touched me, it fits perfectly. Thank you.
  • Margaret
    Very moving just the way I feel and know can express
    hey i gess i noe wad u must have been going tru . it s tuff wen ur fren doesnt care n all. da poem just made me go crazy. it was splendid.
  • Wendy
    I love this poem. I recently lost a friend and want to say to him how I feel but I couldn't quite get the words just right. this says it all for me! Thank You
  • kayla
    i been there done that
  • Amber
    It reminds me of my friendship with this guy. and I thought it was special, but he doesn't seem to notice how I feel. I like this poem. maybe I'll email it to him.
  • Vincent
    I like the opening line about wanting more the one is willing to give nice poam
  • Meg
    this is a great poem i have the same situation with one of my friends. i love the way you were able to rhyme so well
  • samantha
    i think this peom was one of the best peoms i have ever heard.
  • Aricelis
    I really liked this poem. I could really relate to it, being that I am in that position right now, and I feel the same way.
  • heather
    LOVE IT!
  • Torey
    I loved the poem because it describes how I am feeling right now. It is good keep up the great work.
  • Faye
    WOW! This poem mens more than a million words I LOVE IT!
  • alana
    i live in a harsh city where people fight all the time in terrible ways. And this poem just made me think of my school and the city i live in. Its a great poem
  • Ruth
    Excellent. I felt the pain of the loss. I know that pain too well. The expression of the words spoke to my heart.
  • cassey
    this poem is great i think everyone has had at least one friendshhip that can be reminced by the words of this poem
  • Cherry
    I read this poem today and, it felt as though the words of it were my very own. One thing we must remember is that pain is inevitable but, suffering is optional. This poem reminds us. Excellent Job.
  • Melysa
    This poem is excellent, it's one that i can definitely relate to. *five thumbs up*
  • niklas
    this is a great poem it remindes me of a good friend i had to leave
  • Laura
    This poem touched me when I was still in love with an ex boyfriend. I was moving away and could leve with leting him know how I feel. The words in this poem explained them perfectly
  • Andrea
    I really liked this poem. It says so much of what I am going through with my brother! We were like best friends and now he doesn't talk to me anymore. I am going to send this to him! Thank you!
  • rafiqah
    Oh my gOd!i lOve this pOem very much because this pOem tells exactly hOw I feel. keep up the gOOd wOrk Judy!
  • stephanie
    i love your poem i justlost someone that i cared about ,he killed his self and this poem kinda relates to me and him , i hope that you keep you head up you have alot going for you, you are talented god bless.
  • vanessa
    wow amazing
  • Dr. Ann
    Hi Judy, Your poem is really touched me and matched with my situation. I tried to find a poem that about my feeling . coz me and a friend got ruin up our friendship for unreasoning explaination. THere is so much things that we can't get a chance to explain. We both don't mean to be friend I guess. but I wish to let her know how much her friendship mean to me. And She is totally all WRONG about me. but I won't claim or hate her. Coz a friend need to learn how to forgive. Frienship is hard to find and hard to keep. so I guess I just "Thank" for your words putting all my feeling into pieces. a wonderful poem. Thx for the hard work. your words mean to me, so others?? Thx Dr. Ann
  • damien
  • Gail
    Your poem seemed to express everything i was trying to say. Thank you x
  • Shona
    I wish I could write something like this poem. I've related to it in so many ways. thank you :)
  • zoe
    This poem touched me deeply it made me realise that has happened to me and my friend, we have drifted further apart over the last few months, and i would like her to know that still if she ever needs me i will be there for her.
  • zayen
    when i read this, it touched me. what i went through is exactly like what is written, i hope she knows that i'm still here.
  • Lauren
    I loved this poem so much it made me realize that I my self treat my bestfriend like that, but because I love and care about her so much I will because I don't ever want to lose her becsuse of something like that. AWESOME poem. hands down
  • Cheryl
    I think that this is a very beautiful poem, not just because I can relate to it but because Once i finish reading it, I relaized that pain is a part of life that we all must feel. And I encourage You to keep your head up and to NEVER give up! -Cheryl-
  • Kira
    That was just amazing. It really was awesome. Great work you did there. -Kira
  • zach
    yea this one hits hard had a friend wanted her! as more tried to make her give more than she wanted to now she is only a memory that is forever stuck in my head i will always care and be there for her even if now she hates me cause she means that much ???????
  • Brittany
    I love this poem so much and I think it's very well written. It covers everything that alot of people feel so perfectly and so smooth.
  • shivi
    This is really a wonderful poem. This poem shows the feelings of a person who is unable to ask what she always wants to.
  • Za
    i would give u 10. this poem is so touching. i cried when i read it. it makes me feel the same way i do about a lost brother, who decide to go for drugs instead of family 'and our fights have become painless scars'. this is exaclty how i feel wow! good job
  • nandita
    some people cant put feelings into word but you've done those perfectly . a realy cute poem
  • christin
    This poems was really good. I loved it. Your a good writer.
    This poem really touched me. I lost my best friend,high school sweetheart,lover of 11 years due to change of heart. This explains exactly how I feel about him.
  • Corina
    i loved this poem. its so true and it means something to me because this is how i feel about some people in my life. thanks!
  • rama
    amazing and touching poem. excellent
  • shanel
    i think that, that poem is cute and that and i can relate to it. go head boo do your thang i give 95%
  • ijaz
    i like this poem ver much cuz this poem touches my heart.
  • Drago H.
    The words used in the poem were definately used well and I was deeply touched by the way the writer spoke. Wow.
  • Rae
    The poem is so touching. I just had a major crisis with my friend, Sharon. It is just a small matter but our friendship just kept quiet. I do not know is there an ending or still maintain. This poem is suitable for me. Good poem !
  • maryam
    This poem is just awesome
  • joshua
    ur so good cuz i really felt emotional from this. thank u.
  • Farah
    This poem is great! I really can relate to you. and this beautiful poem!
  • yvette
    this poem was real good it's one of the best ones that i have read in this web site. the words are so true and whoever wrote this should be real proud. i wish i had written this poem
  • mary
  • sara
    oh my gosh. this peom so reminds me of my best friend. she still is my best friend,but she always busy with dancing and doesnt understand that i need to spend some time with her. i hate how i wait for her everysay to come home so that we can hangout together. but she ends up coming home late so its way to late. i kinda wanna tell her i dont wanna be best friends anymore. its just to hard fer me to deal with. i cant do it anymore. i've told her once before but it just hasnt gotten to her yet. i love your poem Judy and keep on writing please!
  • Lena
    This poem made me think about my relationship with my best friend. As of right now I feel like I dont know her anymore, but this poem also gave me understanding on how other people have the same feelings. Dont get me wrong I still love her and forever will. It makes me not feel alone anymore. AND IT FEELS GOOOD!
  • Kiara
    One of the best poems i've read, hands down.
  • sonny
    THis poesm is very well written. I loved it!I write poetry too,i hope that one day i can write as good as this poet. It shows that she puts her heart to her work,very well done!
  • Katrina
    i love this poem it means alot to me to know there is someone out there who feels the same way i do
  • Ashley
    I love this poem. I think my friend Roger and I are drifting apart. When I send him emails, his sister, also my friend, tells me that he calls me names. I hate it because I really care about him and I just wish he would too. This poem tells exactly how I feel.
  • grace
    so good.
  • K
    This poem is so touching and it's significant of the way I feel now. My friend and I had a strong friendship and when it ended, I felt as though I lost a brother that was very close to me. I hope he can forgive me and be friends again. Someday
  • Teresa
    The poem touched my heart and stung my soul. It was a very telling emotion. Thank you for sharing that insight.
  • andrea
    This was the best poem it totaly understood what i was thinking its cool
  • Lindsay
    I vote for this poem because it really touched me, my family is going through a situation like this and this poem explains it all.
  • Josie
    Such a beautiful poem
  • joel
    there is a way that words count when everything else seems lost or devoid of meaning. these past days my life has been devoid of laughter after i lost a very beautiful friendship, i know it will take time for the pain to end, maybe it wont. this poem will help me tell them, that i did treasure everything and always will.
  • Marisa
    Sometimes a poem speaks your feelings for you, this one does that for me.
  • mayra
    I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it
  • ally
    i thought this poem was amazing. i am feelin the same way right about now. and i now realize that im not the only one which is kinda comforting.
  • Hilda
    Your poem is beautiful and it really hit the spot! Thank you
  • Ashley
    Wow, this poem is touching and it feels like you reached inside me and pulled all my feelings out and put them into this poem. It relates just much to an experience I just went through. Sometimes when friendships end although you dont necessarily want them back you just want to let the other person know you still care, that is what this poem does. Amazing job!
  • dimple
    im touched by the innocense and the truth. sometimes it feels as if it has happened with us also,lost in this whole world,gone are those days of loud talks & left with some unspoken thoughts. when our friend has just gone away from our life. at that time when we had never expected. i really like this poem
  • erin
    It really touched me because this poem is so true to me and my junior high best friend!
  • Maegan
    This poem really touched me because 3 years ago i lost my best friend of 12 years. she left me to go be "popular". i was never popular but i always thought she'd be by my side. i was wrong. i cry a lot just thinking about her. she is my neighbor, i see her everyday but we dont speak. she judges me like we've never met, now i realize the enemies we have become. we have put walls up between eachother and hopefully ill talk to her soon and the walls will come down.
  • Angel
    This touched me as it is so very true in life. Some friendships fade away and we sit there wondering why and do hope that we will not be a forgotten blip in the memories of someone we once held so close and dear to our hearts.
  • Marie Eugenie
    i can relate to the poem. i was touched. i think i'll cry. it's a very good poem.
  • Beth
    I just wanted to say that I really really like this poem. Reading it brought me to tears, since I can connect so well with it. It is the closest thing to fitting the situation with one of my friends at the moment that I have found yet. It really describes how I feel. Thanks to Judy for a great poem!
  • micky
    i liked it
  • Khristiana
    Wow, I feel for you. I just lost my bestfriend, Andrew. I cry every night wondering how he could have ever left me. He promised that he wouldn't because I meant so much to him, And that I was the last person he would hurt. But now he has a girlfriend, and everything changed, he just can't see that I'm the only girl that could love him so.
  • amber
    this was a great poem, and it made me get very sad because my best friend jordan and me have grown apart because she replaced me for another girl. i loved this poem.
  • Heather
    Judy,i love yr poetry. thankyou. Last yr i had a wonderful unforgettable relationship with a married man. i too am a maried woman. we had the most wonderful happy summer of 2003. we are both 50. !. sadly our spouses found out. we are now trying to make the 30 yr marriages work. yet we met one day in town and we both know that what we shared was so wonderful and there is still that love between us. so you see yr poem 'Quiet Emotions'. was just for me. as is 'The Question of Belonging'. plus others,and i thank you. !. Keep up the good work Judy. !
  • Sarah
    This poem understands me.
  • Peter
    A truly wonderful poem from the heart. Your words mirrors my own feelings of a love lost. There is comfort in knowing that there are others out there that know what it feels like when a love bond is lost. Your words also give strength for myself and those who are struggling through the emotions. thank you.
  • Rosemary
    This poem made me cry cause i miss my friend so much it hurts really bad thinking of him, even so ur poem was great.
  • amanda
    This poem is really good! It really explained the way I feel about one of my friends!
  • khusbu
    hey i loved the poem and it brought back some memories when me and my best friend parted over petty things. I'm glad we're friends again.
  • Brandie
    After spending all day, I say this poem and knew it was the one I was looking for. I sent it to my old best friend and she called me, for the first time in a while and said that is what she wanted to tell me. Beautiful, really beautiful!
  • Heather
    great poem. meaningful
  • Shannon
    All I can say is 'WOW'. This poem has touched me in ways that it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing it with us all.
  • Sophi
    This poem made me realize how valuable friendships truly are. I have experienced a similar situation in my life. Although my friend and I will never be as close as we used to be, he will always hold a special place in my heart. I will continue to treasure th good times we had and hope he will do the same.
  • Qila
    i love it so much,do you know that this poems was like made for my friandship. I was seperated from my best'est friend in UK coz i got to go back to Malaysia,my country.
  • ashley
    right as i write i am about to loose someone as a freind and it hurts his name is dale and we have been freinds for a while and not this well this peom expresses how i feel exactly and thanx i need to read something like !
  • Sarah
    this poem made me cry coz im fighting with my best friend and i miss her so much coz she has replaced me with another girl so it is very special to me
  • Tammy
    This poem touched me in a special way. The first time I read it, I cried. Your an excellent poet. Keep those words from your heart flowing.
  • bibitong
  • Megan
    Your poem is from the heart and speaks the truth. Your not alone i have had a friend just like what your poem describes. I too write poetry and i felt your was really good! Keep it up!
  • nikki
    This is a great poem. it really hit home. it is beautifully put together.
  • Jessica
    This poem is wonderful, it describes a lost friendship of mine so well. I really love it.
  • Kathy
  • shanda
    i loved your poem it was great i think im going to send it to my friend kim who is starting not to hang out with me or be my bestfriend anymore shes changing and i am too and things justs are not what they were a few months ago when we always got to hang out
  • Gina
    The poem was great! It made me miss my best friend! Thank you!
  • DeeDee
  • Annie
    amazing poem
  • Alison
    Quiet Emotions by Judy Burnette This really hit a chord with me. Well done on capturing something so accurately
  • Katie
    really good and had alot of emotions add i was really sad when i read it
  • crystell
    this is a very wonderful poem that i had ever read. really. I kinda endured this kind of. feeling before. It really hurts.
    i absolutley love your poem. it has inspired me so much and im going through this with a very close friend right now. you are a very talented poet. keep it up!
  • Daniel
    This poem hit so close to home. I thought that maybe I had gotten up one night and wrote it myself and never knew about it. I just thank you for writting this and putting my feelings perfectly into words. Keep up the wonderful writing.
  • Lina
    WoW. does this poem rox or wat?!?!it realli describes the situation my frenZ and i are in rite now. i sent this poem to my frens. hoping tt dey recieve the msg tt i'm trying to send dem. thanks a lot. this poem is realli great and it has made me feel so much betta.
  • Just Me
    This is a great poem. I came here today to check out the poems. it make me so sad because all the poems that i read reminds me of the special friend that i've lost a month ago just because of me over-reacted
  • qudsia
    this poem is lovely and beautiful.
  • Sarah
  • angel
    i loved this poem. i sent it to my sister in michigan. im in nc. i then wrote it down for my self to put in my scrape book. thank you.
  • IsI
    This was such a touching poem ! Its amazing how our friends can make us feel so sad. Sometimes our friends can determine our happiness in life.
  • jyoti
    Very nice poem. The real quiet emotions for a friend.
  • Charl
    Your poem was lovely it really reflected your feelings Well Done
  • Cindy
    I really enjoyed your poem. It touched me and made me think of a friend of mine that I had to leave behind when I moved away. I believe you could really become a great poet. "Those with wings fly to your dreams"
  • Angel
    I think this poem is really really good. Best one on this site!
  • sam
    i liked this poem this is really good
  • Obed
    Dear Judy, I've read this beautiful poem many times over and over and I must say that it has touched me deeply everytime. Your wrighting it's pure beauty. Thank you"
  • jen
    i think that this poem has a great sentimental value for me so i suppose i am biased. It reminds me of what i am going through in my life at the moment and makes me happy about it anyway. I think that this poem is the sweetest. Its depressing, in a nice, cute sort of way. God this poem!
  • Carly
    Thank you so much for this poem. I recently recieved a poem from my ex-best friend and I found out that we really need out friendship back. I am giving this poem to her tomorrow to show my agreement in return. Thank you so much.
  • Emma
    i like this poem because i relate to it. i had lost some friends from moving here in the u. s. so this is says something about what i feel.
  • Lance
    Thank you so much for sharing your poem, I found it so very touching, and it made me think of my best friend of 30 years,who recently passedaway, I wish I could fit the entire poem on his grave marker, to my best friend Bill
  • rani
    When I read this i remembered my old friend. I had never wrote a letter but after reading this i'm sending her one. This a really great poem, I'll definetly tell my friends about this poem
  • Megan
    this poem means alot to me i just lost my best frend he was someone i could talk to about anything but i lied and so did he so how we can ever trust eachother again i do not know but i hope one day we can find our way back to eachother becaus it is hard to imagine my life with out him i love him i hope he NEVER forgets me
  • Eliza
    This poem is very nice. it makes me cry. There is a reason why. I had a friend called Annanefeli. She used to be my bestfriend and now I have lost her. We are just normal friend. I cried a lot that believing she is gone forever. she is not my best friend anymore. I don't have anybody to tell how I feel about loosing all my best friends. Eveytime I read a poem about loosing their best friend I cried. Anyway I love this poem and I hope the author is in good condition.
  • Amber
    this poem is incredible. i haven't been able to find the words to express my feelings for my best friend and our situation right now. we've been best friends since the 7th grade, and now he's becoming distant, and wants different things from friendships than I do. this has been killing me inside, and now with college coming up, this is so perfect. right on the money. i'm crying right now. keep writing, this is beautiful.
  • Nicle
    This poem is so awesome. lately Ive been have alot of trouble with friends n such n this poem did it. it made me realize that no matter whether I let go of the friendship or not. I will never stop karin. THANKS!
  • Annie
    This poem means so much to me. its exactly what i'm going threw. Its a touching poem and i like it alot
  • Cheri
    I love this poem! It was almost as if I had wrote it about one of my closest friends :)
  • Tina
    I've just lost my best friend of 7 years a few days ago and I've been searching for a way to tell him how I feel about losing him. This beautiful poem says it all. Thank you so much.
  • jules
    Hey good poem! It reminded me of my old best friend, we were very colse until lies and secrets ripped us apart. keep writing these they're good
  • Mel
    I can put put myself in this situation. It's hard to tell your own dear friend you Love him,this makes it hard and painful at the same time to you. But at the time you might think what if the only thing I can get from him "Friendship" breaks if I tell him I love him.
  • Andie
    I love the poem! Keep up!
  • Jim
    This is one of my favorite poems. I recently had to say good bye to someone I loved very much for reasons I won't go into. This poem brought closure in a very gentle way. I admire your point of view very much.
  • Nicole
    I loved this poem..but it made my cry. I read it over and over listening to Graduation by Vitamin C. My best friend and I are about to go to high school and she is moving. She never can visit though because her mom hates me.
  • ben
    this poem is very good and sad alltogether. This poet is smart
  • Aravind
    This is one poem I really like .It is so true and so close to my heart that it says everything I want to say and in a much better way.It made me cry thinking of all the friends I have who donot keep in touch. I am planning to send this to all those friends.
  • Katie
    This is exactally how i feel about my friends and i, they were both mad at me and i sent it to them, hopefully.. they accept my apology
  • Katie
    I totally understand what this poem means. Even though I talked to this friend all the time she just died not to long ago and now I feel like there is a place in my heart that no one could fill.The last time I talked to her was two months before she died and I didn't even get to say good bye and I love her.
  • Becca
    This is a great poem.I got in a huge fight with my old best friend a few months ago, and we have barely spoken since.every now and then in the halls we smile but never speak to each other..lately I've realized I do miss being around her.I miss alot of things about her..this is a great poem and it really touched me.
  • kristin
    i sent that to someone that it really fit with me and him so i want to thank you i was trying to find a way to tell him and finally did!
  • fatima
    this poem is very touching. it reminds me my friend who become my best of friends; however, things gone wrong and we need to be on our way. keep up writing a good poems.
  • Raymond
    I liked this very much, it hit the right spot for my ex. we have a child together and be together for 5 year and alot of stuff happened with us and know its over but still want to be a freind to her. I'm glad that I say this and I did send this to her to tell her how I felt. thank you for this poem.
  • Crystal
    This poem is the most perfect poem. I have just drifted from a friend and it describes the hurt to a T. I think you have a gift for poetry and hope to see more poems from you. This is the best poem about friendship I have ever read.
  • Lisa
    This poem totally touches on how I am feeling about someone in my life right now. Times have been tough, and I think I will give her this poem...it puts my feelings into words, and makes sense of my feelings. Thank you.
  • Liz
    very touching, yet simple, i love it
  • Alecia
    WOW..This captures exactly what I am going through with my best friend. He will be leaving soon, and well he is basically distancing himself.anyway..I sent it to him basically as a final Good-Bye and to let him know I will always be someone who cares
  • Joseph
    I have read poems in the past, but this one grabs the heart and speaks the truth.
  • Nikki
    This poem was very beautiful, it made me cry. I know what it is like to lose a best friend. I knew my best friend since I was 5, i'm 16 now and it's been 3 years since i've spoken to her, and we go to the same school, but it a pain that i still suffer, but i suffer in silence, and even though i have a great new best friend, that quiet pain is still there and this poem really brought it out.
  • rachel
    your poem made me realize that perhaps i had hurted the girl who's friendship w/me is broken. i think it's time for me to make the 1st move and admit my mistake. i really miss her.
  • Andrea
    This poem is exactly like the type of friendship my best friend and I have. I'm sending it to him and hopefully he will like it as much as I do.
  • lot
    i love your poem. it completely describes my friendship with my best friend that has fading already just because of our misunderstanding. i've realized that it really hurts to loose a freind who's been so dear to you. and as of now what only remains is but of memories to cherish.
  • Kim
    I truly can relate to this poem. It really touched me. There was this good friend I had and when he went off to college I was left feeling lonely. I haven't talked to him for a while and this poem really reminded me of him. Thank you-I really needed that!
  • TINA
    i love this poem the best one on the site... thanks
  • Ashley
    I thought that this poem was good. It reminds me of my old friend and I relationship.
  • Dieter
    It touched my soul and spelled the words I coudn´t find I sent it to my love and whenever I reed it , I start to cry
  • vanna
    it is a great poem. It hits home!!! It reminds me of those people that i love but just fight with. i am going away to college and this is a great poem for them.
  • Jim
    excellent, your words and style hit the mark. True talent. Thank you for sharing this wonderful work
  • Lauren
    I loved this poem..it expressed exactly what I was feeling.It made me cry..but it made me happy at the same time..because it also made me realise some things.
  • amina
    I read through these poems and Judy yours was so good. It's simple yet meaningful.
  • Eremon
    there are pomems that we all can relate to and make us smile . . . .this is on of those
  • Debbie
    I really related to this one! (In more ways than one!) It is a beautiful poem.keep writting!
  • Ashley
    When I read this poem I couldn't believe how true it was about me and this guy. Him and I used to be friends but now I guess we are not. Anyways, without me going into anyhting, the poem says it all.
  • shandra
    I was very glad to finally find a poem to express exactly how I was feeling. My best friend and I constantly end up fighting so we stopped the drama and stopped our friendship all together but I realized that we still have a friendship. A silent one.
  • Debbie
    Very inspirational and true to the touch
  • elissa
    This was a poem that touched me. This was also a poem that saved a dead friendship. I had this friend that made me a new person when I was with her. One day it all stopped. The poem described every emotion I ever felt about her. When I sent it to her she cried ...for me ...just once. It made a difference in the way she looked at me. Thank you.
  • Shelly
    This is a wonderful poem that not only reminds me of special friends that I no longer see but also of my ex-husband and the feelings I have for him. Even though we didn't make it as a couple he is still a very good friend.
  • Keila
    I thought this poem was very intreding.I liked this poem so much that I wrote it to a friend/person that I was not sure if we were still friends because of the problems we are haveing.I just hope she writes back and we can be best friends again.Don't worry Judy I didn't say i wrote it.
  • Debbie
    hey.. this poem really touched me, and i'm not sure if i should send this to someone i know. She said our problem was over, however there is still a gap and i really hope we could be friends again.
  • Ashley
    I love this poem! It describes my relationship with one of my friends perfectly. If I could write poems, I would definitely write something like this!
  • M.
    Your poem touched my heart. It reminded me of a faded friendship that was special to me. The feelings expressed were very beautiful and sincere.
  • Kacey
    This poem explains my friendship I once had with my friend. We have recently parted and I miss him very much. This poem is great!
  • Juliana
    That was an awesome poem. I can definately relate to it and that is why I like it so much. It was well written and the feelings are expressed wonderfully.
  • Deb
    beautiful Judy, loved this, held me from start to finish it hurts to lose a friend, I lost one 2 years ago, still hurts.

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