I wrote this poem for a friend that means a lot to me. I will always forgive her for anything she ever does, even if it hurts me so much. I just wanted her to know that I will be her friend no matter what, and that I will always, always forgive her. So Sarah, if you read this I hope you like it.

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Forgiving Friends
You are my best friend
You always will be
Yet sometimes I get mad at you
And you get mad at me
Sometimes I don't understand
Sometimes I don't know what to do
But remember always
That I will forgive you
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  • Tyra
    i like this poem because it's very touchy and sometimes i don't know wut to do when me and my fren fight i don't know how to forgive her.
  • susie
    i loved this poem. it's really great. thnx alot for letting ppl read them. and nice job. keep up the great work
  • acxoxina
    I'm always had a fight with my best friend. but even though sometime you are hurting my feeling,i always forgive you. This poem make me realize that it is no use for mad to your friend. because friend should always forgving each other. i'm sorry my fren.
  • Sam
    I Really Love This Poem. I Write Poems Myself. This Is Really Heart Touching. Reminds EM Of Me And My Best Friend. Could Nevr Live Without Her Butr She Annoys Me. All Soo True. Much Loved
  • alejandra
    i think that this is fun!
  • Gamal
    Luv this poam! Keep up the Great work!
  • Emily
    diz poem is the best, it really shows alot about my bestie & me. i really love diz poem all the best. emily
  • Brandi
    i loved this poem and it means alot.
  • Tiffany
    That is so sweet and very touching! I loved it! Keep writing poems! It brings me great pleasure!Yea, it does happen to everybody but we will always forgive each other even if it's a boyfriend girlfriend dephase.
  • Stephanie
    This is a really good poem. I wish I had a friend like that rihgt now. I wish some of my frineds would read this because I've done some things that were wrong and I wish this could help them forgive me.
  • Courtney
    This was great!
  • Bertha
  • Lisa
    here me and my friend
  • someone
    hey, i really liked this poem cos even though its short, it reminds me of my best frend and how we fight and make up right awayay cos no matter wot we luv each other. luv ya scoot xox
  • karla
    aww i dedicate dis poem to my best friend angela she mad cool dis decribes us both
  • Brandi
    I love this poem! I recomend this to everybody! It is only so short but explains so much! I hope everybody gets a chance to read it! Thanks for having it!
  • baowy
    hey. i realii like this poem. its cool. and i hope that it makes my friend understands how much he means to me and do forgive me too. thanks for writing such a great poem. im glad i found it. keep up the good work! :)thanks
  • Chelsea
    Cute poem it ties together really nice and states the facts
  • JO
    my friend and i r really close. and we had our first fight. i printed out this poem and will give it to her. hopefully we will be friends
  • Annie
    I really loved this. I'm going to share it with my friends.
  • Kayleigh
    awww i think that poem is well sweet, your a really good poet! :)
  • Brittany
  • Jessica
    Extremely meaningful and true. Superb poem.
  • Katrina
    this poem really relates to me and my best friend. we have little fights but can't stay mad at each other for very long.
  • victoria
    This is true poem it reminds me of my friend and me fighting,but we always work things out in the end.
  • wendy
    i sooo give u a ten no you deserve better! 11,111,111,111,111,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo! u rock. my friend lisa said some thing like that, when we had troubles with her boy friend! wow i liked that*UR POEM* not the fight! lol bye
  • Diana
    Beautiful poem short n sweet
  • Nichole
    I felt like this poem touched me. My best friend and I fight over petty stuff. Now I want her to read this so she knows that I dont hate her like I say I do. I would not know what to do if ANYTHING bad happened to her. Luv Ya Brandi
    i love this poum its so nice and Romantic
  • Rachael
    i always love my friends and forgive them i will never hate anyone. it is a really good poem it life me up.
  • krystal
    well this really touched my hart and i thought that this poem was really true and do you know were i can get more poems like im sorry momy poems well thank you love la baby doll
  • Katie
    I would give this poem a 10 out of 10 because I love it so much!
  • beatrice
    i loved it
  • Abby
    i love it. your poem makes complete sense. i like it becuz i feel the exact same way about my best freind. nice job!
  • joanna
    Thank-you so much 4 writing this poem! It was exactly what I was looking for and answered many of my friendship questions. The main one was why me and my best friend always fight but then we get together again and dont even explain to each other what we were so mad about. Now I know that all i have to do is Forgive her and not worry about what had happened! Thank you for your poem! ITs a 10/10 poem and i luv it!
  • liz
    i liked it
  • Kelly
    Yes i liked this poem its true friendship is basicly about forgiving people and being nice
  • Angelica
    I really love this poem is so nice
  • stephanie
    i tho it was v. good at i can pass it on to my best friend now thank you it sweet
  • danielle
    that is really sweet
  • Sara
    oh my god. this poem was th best ive ever heard,it touched my heart and it made me cry. me and my friend are having some problems. but i dont know if i can forgive her, b-cuz she broke my heart, but i will try to forgive her. I loved ur poem and thank u very much 4 writnig it. !
  • jamey
    i loved it i have heaps of those time i love it its great
  • Alina
    I really enjoyed this poem because it went straight to the point.
  • Sydney
    I loved this poem, because it is soooooooooooooo true to me. Me and my friends fight all the time but we are friends again in the next 5 min. or so Ha,Ha love ya, sydney
  • Rachel
    I hope that everyone has a friend like that. i do and it means so much to me
  • kassi
    i really liked ur poem because u kinda remind me of my best friend and i but i just want to say it waz really touchin and great u get a A plus from me. !. !. !.
  • Terrence
    Forgive but don't forget. Work hard on your craft and everything will be all right.
  • Em
    I LOVE IT !
  • alissa
    Hey was up
  • haley
    this poem happens to be very short but it is a very good poem who ever wrote it should be proud of them selfs
  • lesly
    This poem was so sweet and it relates to my life 'cauze I have a best friend and we sometimes get mad at each other but we will always know that we will forgive each other so I actually think that this is a really god poem
  • melanie
    this is my all time favorite poem and i showed it to my bestest friend and she loved it too
  • Jo
    It was a simple poem, but it touched on how I feel right now, about a friend who said some things, and asked me to forgive her.
  • jodi
    that is a really good poem it is same wiv me n my best mate
  • Krissy
    This poem is a really good one! I have a lot of friends i need to forgive and that kidna helped!
  • Catsy
    Why i think this poem is very touching because seems like my friendship with my dearest friend. So dera writer thank you for making me realize how much friends mean to someone! Thanks, Catsy
  • makia
    i love this poem cause it just like me and my best friens
  • JoYcE
    this poem is simple yet talks lot about the feelings of the author i like this poem
  • Sarah
    I really like this. my friend Nick always does stuff to me,and i always forgive him. THIS IS A GREAT POEM!
  • Kara
    I love this poem my friends and I don't always get along, but we are still friends to the end.
  • jane
    this was a good poem!####*****
  • Taneisha
    I really like this poem. If I ever have a fight with one of my friends, I will always try to look for this poem to cheer me up and my friend(s).
  • Stacia
    I like this poem because I think it is true; just because you are mad at a friend doesn't mean that you should stay mad at them. If you are fighting with a friend, forget about yourself and forgive the person. All in all, I thought it was a good poem.
  • abi
    it is very touchin peom
  • cynethia
  • you
    you really have tallent aye thanx heapz ur a kewl and soooooooooo is this poem
  • Sierra
    i really like this poem cuz its true that i can forgive a friend and they can forgive me back. the person who wrote this, i really like it and you are a good poet, keep the good work up! and maybe someday you will be an author of a book about poems. KEEP THE GOOD WORK UP!
  • irina
    i think this poem is great i really enjoyd it!
  • michelle
    Forgiving Friends is a really great poem. My best friend and i always sometimes fight over the dumbess things but i hate staying mad at her and so i decided to give her this poem because the reason we're mad at eachother is her fault i take blame to but this poem is really good I forgive her already!
  • ruby
    it really touched my heart right now because my friend is mad at me
  • April
    ! I love this poem/// it touched me beyond comare!//// I was like cryi12ng when1 i re5ad it /3/// Beau5tifully 74done9! BEAUTIFUL!
  • Nicky
    Hey this is Nicky I just wonna say that this poem remind me of my friend that move to Florida. We are very best friend that we call each other sisters. Well i just wonna say that this poem remind me and my fiend Crystal. Well i have to go for now.
  • shannel
    I was really touched by this poem because it tells me how luky i am to have my 1 best friend by my side to 4 give me every time i do something wrong
  • Ashlee
    I loved it it says me . Me and my best friend may fight but i will always forgive her.
  • Megan
    I LOVED this poem. My friend and I just got in a fight. Then she gave me this poem. We forgave each other. I liked this poem a lot because if it wern't for it my friend and me would still be in a huge fight and who knows what would happen next.
  • Amber
    It really touch me because of my friend at school.
  • savanna
    that poem was exactly the words i need to say to my friend. thank you for your poem
  • demet
    i like the poem lots because its a really good poem to give to my best friend thankyou hunniebe
  • Nadia
    I think that you have some talent. And when I say talent and I know when I meen it. I'm a poet myself and your poem is pretty good and meeningful. Keep on good work.
  • amanda
    this is super sweet and cute!
  • Dennis
    This poem touched me and told me why I am always back together with my best friend. I vote this a 10 out of 10 I LuV iT
  • Brittany
    I loved your poem it was very good. This poem made me think that you should forgive your bestfriend because everybody makes mistakes.
  • Christina
    I liked this, it reminded me of one of my x-friends I should say, but I wish we could be friends again. Thanks for writing this poem. it made me cry:(
  • Courtney
    I think this poem describes me and my friend very well we fight then we forgive, because to me best friends forgive alll the time no matter how much they say they hate each other.
  • jessica
    i loved ur poem. it was exactly the type of thing i was looking for becasue me and my best friend are having sum problems. i think u poem is part of the reason we are working things out so thank u so much cuz i dont know what i would do without her!
  • Hilary
    I luved it, it touched my heart. n my friends LOVED it
  • mohammad
    when I first heared this poem Iwas greatly influenced by it. it heped me and my girlfriend to forgive one another after I send it to her.
  • KIM
  • pilly
    this is a really great poem. this reminds me of one of my friends we fight over things that dont make sense but i forgive her and she forgives me so keep up the good work
  • Michelle
    I liked it because right now me and my best friend are fussing and I sent it to her to show I will always forgive her and everything. It is a really good poem.
  • brittany
    This poem really touched me because me n' my best friend always joke around but sometimes he pushes it a little to far n' I get mad. but i always will forgive him. just like the poem says.
  • harjinder
    heavy poem u getz me!
  • Pamela
    This one is great. I can relate and it says friendship in every word.
  • sophie
    this is so cute i just sent it to my best friend!
  • Vickie
    I loved this poem because it tells the truth. That is the person is a true friend then you can always find room in your heart to forgive them.
  • vaidehi
    this poem has touched me because i have experienced what is written here.
  • Cecelia
    I think this poem is very good. me and my best friend dont exaclty get along the best sometimes. but she will always be my best friend. i can truly relate to this peom.
  • Delilah
    I diffently agree with the message the poem is sending it reminds me of my Old Best Friend and me when we were still together as friends!
  • Terrie
    Thats ture we always go back to are friends and forgive them at all times but it matters on what we do but this was a great poem keep the good work.
  • Aaliyah
    I think this poem waz great. Me and ma friend had a fight but then when we read this poem we wre touch! I neva seen that much of talent on the person who wrote . Keep on writing ! p. s. don't let no one put u down do ur thang!
  • Tina
    Hi, I liked your poem. This poem was off the hook!
  • sridharan
    Very good regards sridharan. P
  • taylor
    it's the best!
  • michelle
    i loved that poem so much because me and my bestfriends are so close. if they ever did something wrong to me i would give them a 2Nd chance because they would deserve it.
  • Rose
    i thought this was a beautiful poem n it means tons to me. thanks
  • Lexy
    This is an awsome poem that is applicable to everyone
  • Fawn
    Forgiving Friends its a really kewl poem i luv u and ur poem
  • Nia
    That was a cute littlee poem because just recently i went through somthin where my friend hurt me really bad but even though i was hurt i just couldn't c me without her being my friend and being a part of my life.
  • Angela
  • samantha
    i think that it is a very good poem and i also think that it should this person needs to write more about there feelings
  • Megan
    I was so touched!
  • Sarah
    I found this poem really sweet. I love my best friends to death, and i feel this poem tells theme exactly how I feel
  • casey
    i thoght this poem was really kute and it really touched me because i have a friend and we have our problems we learn to forgive
  • Janice
    i vote this a 4 out of five
  • lindsey
    i love this poem! it is a really good poem! i think thats how thing should be. everyone forgives there frinds no matter what! i was good!
  • Josey
    i love this poem it is sooooo good!
  • Jessica
    great poem! i see lots of talent
  • libanessa
    i like that poem is nice and is similar to what happends to me
  • C
  • Samantha
    I really like this poem becouse i've just mad my best friend Ashley mad and she wrote me a letter telling me she didn't wanna be my friend anymore just cuz i cant take a joke from her boyfriend and i end up getting mad at her but thanx i like this poem
    This peom is like me and my friend. We are both like that. My friends name is Joe and he is just like a litte brother to me. He calls me his big sister. We always get in a fight and I love him like a brother but he thinks I dont love him when we get in a fight.
  • Taylor
    Very good poem!
  • Emily
    I just got my best friend of 4 years terribly mad at me about a half hour ago, I came here to find a poem that I could send him cause I can't lose him, yours was the best cause NO MATTER WHAT I'll always forgive him and I hope that he will do the same for me and forgive me for making the biggest mistake of my life, I just can't lose him. thank you so much.
  • Anna
    This is an AWESOME poem,i am giving it to my best friend, Lacy. because we recently got in a fight because she did something that wasnt right, but i want her to know that i will always forgive her! But keep up the good work! you have a GREAT tallent!
  • mel
    it's a great poem i took the poem down and sent it to my best friend as we were fighting and she loved it and now we cant get enougth of each other. thankyou so much keep it up!
  • Suzie
    This is a great poem. It actually describ's me and my best friend. We always get on each other nerves, and we make really mad, but then again we still forgive each other
  • Vivian
    I think this poem is VERY intersting. Plus I find it means alot. Because I had just hurted a friend that I didn't realized. I hope after she read this, she'll forgive me.
  • ashley
    I love this peom it is the best peom i've ever read.
  • Catherine
    Wow I thought that was a beautiful poem I accually cried because thats the exact friendship I have with my Bestfriend Andrea I just thought that, that was the best poem I loved it!
  • sarah
    my best friend is candace this is SO something she'd write to me bc we fight sometimes and our fights are bad. This poem makes me feel good, i know its stupid, but thank you
  • Missy
    Hey, I really loved your poem. I think I am going to give this to one of my bestfriend because we get mad at each other and get in fights. I will always forgive her no matter what because she is like a sister to me.
  • Emily
  • chrissa
    I'm in the situation myself where I can't find a way to forgive a friend. Thoughts circulate my mind,"Why did she do this to me?" After I read your poem, however, I feel I have the strength to forgive me friend.
  • sarah
    this is a great poem! im printing it as i type. dont worry im keepoing the name on it!
  • steve
    In one word mind-bogglingly sweet
  • lora
    i think this poem could really help someone that is going though a bad friendship and i think it really would put a friendship back together
  • Molly
    That was such a great poem I think i will give this poem to my best friend,Gabby because sometimes when we get mad at eachother I will like her to always know that. Wonderful poem! keep making more poems there so good!
  • judy
    i realy like this this poam becouse it remends me of me and my best friend tara!:p
  • Paty
    I believe this poem is very inspiring, it is short yet it expresses almost everything that a friendship should be about. To Love and forgive.
  • matt
    sweet as. Makes me think of my friends
  • Asti
    a cute poem. short but sweet. and whoever you wrote this to is very lucky!
  • Prin
    simple but meaningful. and i like it. it touches my heart. thanks to the author and please continue creating lovely poems
  • zahra
    my friend and i got into this huge fight. shes my only really good friend i trust. we get into fights but forgive each other but the fight were in is bad were not friends we hate each other. i mean hate, when i read ur poem i knew i can talk to her and tell her thank u so much u r so nice because tommorw i will tell her and she will hopefully forgive me after not being my friend for 2 months. u go hunniebe
  • katie
    that was so sweet it touched me i have a friend that i luv more than anything and we always fight but we always make up and are favorite sayings is that u always fight with the people that u luv the most very very sweet!
  • Suzzie
    I thought this was a really good poem because me and my best friend whitney are really mad at eachother and it makes me think about her.
  • Ashy
    This poem was really sweet. I like this poem a lot!
  • yelen
    i think that friendship poams are graet becuase people like to read them, and give them to their friends.
  • Soco
    very nice poem it reminds me of a friend that i have. We all ways get mad at each other yet we all ways find a way to get back and continue our friendship.
  • Lola
    I think that the poem that u wrote was very nice
  • Jess
    Dis is beatiful!
  • Whit
    this is a really good poem and i really enjoyed it
  • Tara
    its very cute and sweet i had tears in my eyes when i read it cause that same situation happened to me and my friend said that to me
  • dedge
    short but sweet. caught my attention and sounds like me wonderful and well written. truly talented in the eys of me.
  • Delana
    Awesome poem.I loved it
  • Leya
    Me and my best r fighting and this poem really made me think!
  • Abraham
  • Valerie
    You have a wonderful written poem!I like it alot! GOOD WORK!
  • hyper_chick_nz
    this poem really relates to my friend toni and i cause we have soo many lidle catty fights like the one we are having now. i think i might send it to her
  • Angel
    This poem is exactly how my life is wiht my friend april thanx
  • becky
    This poam hit me right wehre i needed to be hit. Toforgive my best friend thank you
  • RHawaiiP
    i really liked this poem.
  • Neelam
    That iz really sweet of you. ma frend broke up wiv me on national kissing day cos she rather wants to kiss boyz than be with me and coz am a muslim she alwayz tries to get me jealous but cos i still love her i wud still forgive her
  • Alex
    I luv ur poem its so cool and means so much 2 me
  • ashley
    i like this poam it is cute and it makes alot of sence because you should always forgive your friends
  • Angela
    I really like this poem, it is like me who forgives my friends for some things that they did. I always forgive my friends, I don't give up on my friends that easily
  • Erika
    This is a great poem. This is exactly how we are. She gets mad at me and I get mad at her but I always end up forgiving her.
  • Candy
    It was cool. I can really relate to that poem. It has inspired me so. I wish that there could be another poem as beautiful. Oh I LOVE YOU!
  • Jennifer
    i really liked your poem because recently my friend and got in a and she hurt me really bad but i know shes hurting because of it too so i sent your poem to her so that she knows i will always forgive her!
  • Rhonine
    I admire your poem. Me and my bestfriend often gets into a fight but I always forgive and forget. Still we are bestfriends. Way to go!
  • Desirae
    Your poem is really great! Me and my friend Farren are in a fight and i would love to have her read this poem!
  • Ashley
    i love your poams i am going throw the samething i guest that teaches you to forgive your friends i think forgiving your friend is very special you should hag own togther because your going to need eachother someday always remeber friendship is special dont give friendship up
  • Sarah
    This poem reminds me of my best friend and how I used to forgive her no matter how much she hut me. It is very nice!
  • Ashley
    i love this poem
  • Amber
    My and my best friend have been disagreeing on a few things lately and I was looking for the perfect poem to give her and this is it!
  • Stephanie
    My friend and I, just had a fight over a guy. I told her i forgave her but until i read this poem i haven't. You are a wonderful writer please keep writing your poems. Sincerely, Stephanie
  • brenna
    i thought your poem was really good i go through this a lot forgiving friends but its because they are so great. email me, brenna
  • Melanie
    This poem is like me!
  • sherly
    you poem SUX!!! learn how to write a fuckin poem u asslicker!!! how despret can u get?ull forgive her even if she kills ur fuckin mom?!
  • jessica
    i enjoyed this poem because it reminded me of the conversation i had with my best friend today and by reading the words i thouht of my life it is a great poem that alot of teens can probably relate to!
  • Esther
    Great poem.I have a best friend who always forgives me whenever I hurt her and it means alot
  • corie
    that is a great poem because it says about what my life is like.

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