I wrote this on a night I was feeling sorry for myself. My best friend in this world is a married man who I love dearly. I respect his situation but will always wonder what it would be like to have just one day in his wife's shoes. She doesn't realize how lucky she is. Before you are quick to judge, I am not looking to break up a marriage. I only want to express the feelings I have locked inside.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Love and Friendship Poems

Three Wishes
If I had three wishes,
I would wish to trade lives,
With a person so lucky,
A woman,
Your wife.

Just to have one day of waking up beside you,
Looking into those beautiful eyes,
Tasting your morning lips.
To make slow love to you
'Til we collapse into each other's arms.
I want to watch you shower and
Help with the hard to reach areas (wink).
I will make your breakfast and
Send you to work with a kiss and a smile.
I would love nothing more than to be that person
You come home to after work,
To greet with a hug.
We can talk over dinner . . .
Enjoy dessert much much later (smile).
I want nothing more than to appreciate
The beautiful, kind, caring, gentle, honest,
loyal and loving man you are.

I would love the chance
To show you what you deserve and
Enjoy what she has.
If I had three wishes . . .
I would give away two, because
The only thing I want in this world,
Is one chance with you!
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  • Donna
  • jan
    this is the perfect poem. everything i wanted to sat to my best friend. great jobi really enjoyed reading it.
  • Roni
    I know exactly how you were feeling when you wrote this.
  • Michael
    Hi Christelle, You have very nice and sweet poem that express people feeling who experience the same thing. Keep your good work an for sure will waiting for your poem in the future. The only thing different between me with others that I fall in love with a guy who attached with his girlfriend for 3 years already. I just realize my feeling toward him 7 months ago and till today I become his best friend. Although its hurt and pain, I can't leave him. I'm the only best friend he had to share everything. If by stand beide him can amke him happy then I'll do it although I need to neglect my own hapiness. All the best for all of you who fall in love with other people who attached already. God Bless You Always
  • sarai
    This poem touched my heart it says so much and has so much feeling i hope the person who wrote this gets her chance b/c it's sad that in life we often settle for less and end up married to those who don't deserve us. the poem was great one of the best poems i have read in a long time thank you i very much enjoyed it. hope who ever the great man is got a chance to read it as well.
  • Nichole
    Great poem . I was involved with a married man I had known for 12 years, thanks to my persistance he is now a separated man . 1 month to go and he is MINE all MINE!
  • Louise
    this poem touched me cos i am in love with amarried man,n this is just how i feel
  • Kat
    Oh how this poem hits how i feel right on the head. I am in love with a married man as well and would do just as this poem says.
  • Diana
  • Valerie
    The words seem to come from a very real and true space.
  • Maria
    This is so hard to deal with when you fall for your best friend. I am just becoming best friends with a friend I stopped talking for personnel reasons. But now it has been we are reconnecting and he is married and I am so sad. Happy but sad. Praying for his happiness but wishing like Christelle to be the wife.
  • kiting
    This is a very heartfelt poem. It made me fall tears from my eyes. It's being in love with someone whom you know that you can't demand anything from him and can't show him how much you love him and how special he is. I think I'm in this kind of situation right now and it's really hard. After I read the comments,it's a relief because now I know that I'm not the only one suffering from this kind of dilemma and it's normal. Its really hard.
  • Lou
    This didn't touch me it knocked me OVER. This person has great gifts - keep writing!
  • heather
    This is a very good poem and you shuld definitly make a book of these poems of yours.
  • cleopatra
    your poem is so true. I thought I was the only one felt like that,well my best friend is also married and i will always love him and hope to find someone just as better as he is. He is great in all ways! KEEP UP THOSE POEMS
  • Ruby
    I love this poem, because I am in love with a married man.
  • Rose
    Excellent. The perfect words to describe a feeling!
  • Lisa
    Awsome poem. I can relate to this. I fell in love with a married man. I had him for a year and he always went home to his wife. unfortunately this married man is the love of my life but. he still has his wife.
  • April
    this poem is really good. i think that is how me and my boyfriend started going out. he was with this girl and i would do anyhthing to be with him. and i done just about all of them things to him when we first got together. i love this poem and you are a really good writer.
  • Vicky
    I'm having an affair with a married man and like the author have no desire to split him up from his wife (who is lovely). The poem struck a chord with me. It's exactly how I feel, wanting to wake up with him and for him to come home to me, not her. Its good to know, and a comfort, that I am not the only one who feels this way! Thanks, V x
  • Carolyn
    This hit home as my best friend and I are both married and yet even after 20+ yrs its hard. We not only love each other but have loved each other in every sense and his new wife loves money more than him. I will be giving him a look at this it says what we have said to each other it's beautiful.
  • Sheri
    Whoa! I'm still shivering! I got goose bumps reading this. I am in the same situation as you. I spend many a moment making the same wish and wondering how much longer I can maintain the balancing act. just being a best friend and hoping, wishing and praying for so much more.
  • Tanveer
    I really loved this poem. I have no words to praise you. The first time I read the poem I thought I would send it to my friend whom I really love at an appropriate time and was upset when I lost it but today I found it and am happy to send it to him. Hope he reads and gets my feelings correct.
  • Heather
    this poem is one i personally could relate to and enjoyed reading very much
  • D
    This poem hit me where it counts, I am in the same situation and this poem says everything. I wish I could give it to my friend but some things are better left alone. His wife treats him so bad and she doesn't know what she has.
  • lisa
    I so love this poem. it says everything i feel for a friend. and its sad too say that how I really feel.
  • Rosanna
    I can not believe I just read that. It's like I wrote it myself. I am amazed. You opened up my heart and wrote down what you saw. You saw a girl in love with her best friend. GA maybe someday!
  • Daniele
    Christell S. , Your poem is a beautiful one. Don't worry about being judged. Your deepest secrets are ones that many hold dear to their hearts. I am one going through the same situation, and there is absolutly nothing wrong with the feeling you posses.
  • KIM
  • Classy
    I love your poem. I too have been in this situration before. The only thing is I was the one married. We are still best friends but sometimes I look at him and want more.
  • Brenda
    This poem really explains what I'm feeling in a current relationship, very good poem.
  • lyssa
  • Ranisha
    This poem reallly touch my heart and i really love it. Continue in doing a great job with your poems.
  • tracey
    this is me right now we are both in the same situation we dont love pur husband/wife and we are destined to be together
  • patsy
    I love your poem I can say that my wish in a way came true. I did have him for two years not totally but he did come to see me every day. But when his wife found out he choose her over me. I learned a hard lesson in all this that in the long run it is not worth it. It hurts too much too let go.
  • Angie
    This poems says it all for me. It's awesome, just wish that wish would come true is all.
  • Jenny
    I like the way you express yourself, Every line that I read I can feel it.
  • Elaine
    WOW I can't beleive that something could bring me to tears as this did! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  • some1
    i lovethis poem i am sharin it w/ the 1 i love!
  • kate
    i would just like 2 say that this poem has touched me as i am in a situation with a married man who i have 2 children with! the words in the poem is exactly what i feel all the time!
    i loved it because right now i am in love with a married women and would do anything to be with her
  • Triana
    Wow, beautiful! I can i. d. with you on this and you put it all in very good words into a poem! Thank you!
  • Sarah
    This says all I am feeling perfectly!
  • Jennifer
    This is a great poem. I am in the exact situation. I know what it is like to fall in love with a married man. It's not the easiest of things. The first time we saw eachother agian our feelings came back. The only difference now is that he has a wife, and kid.
  • Y-N
    I love this poem because I can relate to it because I feel the same way about someone that I may never have.
  • katie
    this is a really good poem
  • Michelle
    Wow - very powerful words - I love it!
  • laura
    i know how you feel been in that same situation . i just wish we could wiggle our noses and be in their wives's places instead cause like you i think he would be better off and more happier with me .
  • brenda
    This poem was GREAT! I loved it, it almost make me cry. It's beutyful
  • Chris
    I loved the poem! so deep and moving! I know so well the feelings of loving your best friend, i was lucky enough to marry mine! The love you share when you marry your best friend are unlike any other as you know them as well if not better then they know themselves and the same goes true for them with you. Keep up the good work! and hopefully one day she will realize what she is missing out on and if not. maybe you will get your chance (wink). I know my best friends wife didn't realize what she was missing out on and i didn't think twice about showing him when she fell through and asked for a divorce.
  • Yolandé
    Christelle, It seems as though you wrote this poem especially for me!
  • Margaret
    nice poem
  • Junoon
    I got really touched by this poem. It clearly showed that these were not just words but the girl is in deep love. I hope that she keeps on loving him coz luv just doesnt means to be with ur mate. Best wishes from me
  • Denise
    Don't worry I won't judge. I have the same problem now. I wonder what it would be like to be in my friends shoes. I think I am in love with her husband and maybe he with me.
  • Rocky
    I love this poem, Christelle, this is an amazing poem. I can relate to this so much right now. I feel the same way about my best friend. she means the world to me. You have encouraged me to follow my heart and my feelings for her before it's too late. Thank you so much for writing this poem.
    wow, that is amazing.
    oh how u touched what my heart wants to tell him. i know what she has is the things dreams r made of. and she treats it like it is nothing. if only she knew she has the dream man every woman wants. please don't stop writing what some of us would love to say. may u get what u dream of. ty,ty,ty
  • Sarah
    it is a really good poem i know how it feels to like someone that is your best friend that has a wife it sucks really bad.
  • E
    i liked this poem because i have felt these exact feelings before and it cut me up thinking thoughts like this
  • Lynn
    This poem is excellent. I am married but have been in love with a guy I've known for 16 years, and that is a long time wishing. I care for my husband deeply but I cannot ever give up my feelings for this other person, no matter how hard I've tried.
  • daniela
    very nice poem. it also has a meaning for me .
  • lrine
    Hi Dear, yr poem was so touching for it happened to me too and to be sencere, l still do hurt alot and np moment has ever past without a glimpse of memory and if am to see him again, l swear before u that l will faint for he took my heart but what helps alot it staying away or even traveling. You can even loose what u have, l mean if u found someone else to behold yr heart. still it hurts but we have to take care otherwise , that is a soul wound. l remain lrine, Germany.
  • Monique
    I to can relate to this poem. Its very deep but oh so true.
  • leda
    this poem is very like me. i too had an affair with a married man, and i often wished that i could be with him. we had a long relationship and i used to wonder what it woyld be like to be in his wifes' shoes. i fell in love with him and i know that he cared about me also, but only time will tell.
  • Marie
    wonderful poem heartfelt!
  • vanessa
    ifell in love with a married guy. i would also give away 2 wishes. all i want is to be with him. but its just a wish.
  • D
    I couldn't have said it better myself!
  • D
    WHOA! I didn't think there was someone out in the same situation that me and my best friend are in. I'm a married man, but still have feelings for my bestfriend and she's in love with me. Things didn't work out between us, because she said, "No". Now she's wishing she can rewind back time. I still love her and we talk a lot, but it's hard.
  • luvhardwood
    i LOVE this poem. i can relate with her is so many ways on this.
  • sue
    this poem is exactly how i feel about my best friend it said things i have thought a lot about.
  • Maranda
    This is the best poem i have read and trust me i have read alot! How do u do it so well?
  • Sherry
    It expresses what is deep in my heart, for I am in the same shoes. Helps to know someone else is in the same boat sometimes!
  • Melissa
    I thought that this poem was very good, I guess its because I have the same exact feelings for a man and he is married.
  • Monica
    I understand for i am in the same boat.
  • Lyndsay
    I can relate to this poem very much so. I thought it was beautifully written and very gentle around sensitive areas. I shall be be remembering this poem for a very long time. I am so pleased that there is not just one person in this world who is in the same situation as me!
  • Ann
    This is a beautiful poem, that I know came from the heart. Sometimes, we wish things could be different, but they just aren't! God Bless, Ann
  • peggy
    Very nice Poem, it made me cry because it remind me on myself! Keep your head up! Much luv from Germany
  • denise
    i thought the poem was very touching and i really did like it.
  • lisa
    it made me cry I would love to send it to a married man i know but it would finish our friendship. it must remain a secret.
  • Jacquie
    Bravo, well said. My sentiments exactly.
  • mandy
    i dont judge you whatsoever. i think its great u are expressing your feelings i love your poem i am in a similar situation so it really touched me! kinda wished someone out there would have an answer to our dilemma not like you can actually turn off feelings with a switch. well u done a great job. keep writing!
  • F
    Wornderful! ! ! !
  • Georgia
    I can relate to the poem it was awesome.
  • jennifer
    it so beautiful,cute,and wonderful!
  • James
    Excellent. really nice and honest poem. Well done :D
  • Aneesa
    I'm soon to be a race car driver. However last Nov i met a guy who's a racer. He & i flirted & before returning to the USA,he visited me to say goodbye. This guy is married, but i know he really cares for me The more we talk, email each other, is the more we get closer. He doesn't always say much about his family or personal life but he realises that i'm falling in love with him . or is he?? So far he's been a great friend to me & in full support of my dream to be a racer But damn i wish i could be his wife. . . . I hope God grants me the serenity to accept this.
  • Kelly
    I really enjoyed and can relate to the poem,'Three Wishes'. While reading it, I could imagine myself in my his wife's place. This poem really touched my heart and soul. When the time is right, I just my get the courage to send it to my married friend.
  • Estefani
    this poem was beautiful girl. Men, what can I say im in the same situation only that im the one who is married. It sucks but sometimes we have to give up what we love for what is best for us.
  • Baby
    u have written down something that really touches my soul. probably because im experencing the same thing. keep writing the deph of your soul . there's people out there who really appreaciate reading your work :)
  • Leigh
    This peom was so Honest & beautifully phrased. It touched my heart and made me understand some of my thoughts and feelings, things are alot clearer now. thank you.
  • krista
    this poem really touched me i know how you feel i have fallen for a guy that is going to be married and like you said we are not trying to break the marriage we just want to express are feelings i hope you write more poems because i really enjoyed this one
  • Georgia
    I know all to the the meaning of this poem.
  • lisa
    this poem said everything i want to say and more, this poet has thoughts real deep thoughts. hope to read some more soon
  • Dan
    I know what you are or did go through. I am going through it right now. Scared to say what I feel about that special person.
  • kathy
    Christelle, I am in the exact situation that you are or were in. She recently told him that he is no longer to speak to me. This hurts very much.
  • Kambrie
    I sort of have the same feeling. im not yet an adult, but i was with a guy. a boy really for 2 years, and just 2 weeks ago, he left me for another girl. I wish that i could just be in her place, again. you are a talented writer, i prey you find some one else who will more willingly reciprocate your feelings.
  • Heather
    at this point i agree with your poem, it was amazing. im dating a married guy, and yet its not the same, your poem puts things into perspective
  • Tonya
    This is the best thing Ive read on here. I am in the exact situation. I am sitting here crying because I miss him so much and tomorrow is New Years Eve and I wanna be with him so much be he is gonna be with his wife .
  • A
    This is a wonderful poem. It organizes thoughts and feelings I have better than I ever could.
  • Gabbiejo
    Ive been in those shoes and walked a many of miles too. And I couldnt have said it better, than you just did in your poem.
  • Doreann
    This poem was excellent. I am in a situation like this with a married man. We are in love but his children are small and he will not leave his marriage because of the children. I told him I will wait for him till he is able to leave.
  • christy
    well ive been with a married man for a year and 9 mounths and its hard and it really hurts to but he shows me things no one has in all my 28 years he took my child hood dreams and made them long life fantsy and it only takes one wish
  • Kim
    I know just how the writer feels. It is even more complex when you are also close friends with the wife!
  • alissa
    Your poem was absolutely beautiful. I was in the same situation for almost a year until just a few days ago I told myself that I could not go on with these feelings anymore. thank you so much for sharing your talent and such heart-felt feelings.
  • sandy
    this pomes is the best pome beacuse somethig like this happied to me too in my ife i was in love with my bestfriend wich i'm still in love with him but the sad thing was he is married
  • Pene
    Awesome, awesome poem. Oh my goodness am I feeling the same way. This has got to be the hardest thing a girl must deal with. To find a love she cannot stop thinking about, all the while not being able to be where you desire to be. You sure did put my feelings in perspective. The worst part for me are those arms around me in an innocent hug. My vote is for you and your three wishes, and since you will throw away the other two I hope to catch one and make my wish also come true.
  • michele
    This poem was excellent. I really was touched by it, being i was in a situation like this at one time! excellent job, keep up the good work, you have a talent!
  • eng
    if you have an intituition that he has special feelings for you, then believe your heart because it's true. sometimes we don't want to believe our heart for fear of hoping for the impossible, but remember our heart doesn't lie
  • PH
    Excellent poem, Christelle. I am a married man, in love (unilaterally) with my bestest friend - a married woman. No mid-life crisis, No infatuation. Just Pure Love. Often wondered if I was alone in thinking that way, but reading the poem and reader's comments have given my locked feelings a huge vent. Keep writing!
  • Elisabet
    wow! your poem is awesome. Its a very beautiful poem. God gave you a wonderful talent
  • jennifer
    your poem is very much like a relationship i was in and you really made me think about what i really had missed in my life so i give you all thumbs up and i hope you have a beautiful career in this poetry business i wish you all sucess
  • Richard
    Christelle, I loved your poem. It was so touching---I can't help but hope everything works out for ya'll.
  • Vision
    This poem truely touched me. It made me cry for I too wish the same.
  • DeeDee
    WHOA! i love it .
  • Jorge
    I love this poem. I completly relate for I am in the same predictament. I too only have 1 wish & that of course is to be with this person whom I love with all my heart.
  • norm
    I would recommend you as a cure for all dreamers. There is a sspecial someone out there but always after the fact. If you dream of that forbidden one and already have incorperate this advice in your daily believeful why ask for a wish when actions speak louder than words. I really enjoyed your poem. thanks
  • Ashlie
    this poem related with every way i am feeling right now. and it gelt wrong but now i know i am not alone
  • Dee
    I really enjoyed your poem. I am currntly in this situation and I don't know what to do. I think that I am falling in love with this guy but I am really trying my hardest not to let my feelings take over. I am trying to do what I know is right.
  • pauline
    i love it if that was me i would be wising about the same thing you are a really good riter i write my self
  • sheila
    I know how you feel . I to have a very dear friend. And his wife is so very lucky. and she really doesn't even know it. That's the sad part. I to would NEVER break their marriage up. Your words in this poem is so true to my heart.
  • melissa
  • Cara
    I loved the poem. Love is the hardest thing to describe especially when the one you love is married and also your best friend
  • Sarah
    this poem is fabulous! keep u the good work!
  • D
    I am really feeling this poet, I am in a similar suitation and it hurts so bad this poem left me in tears
  • Russ
    Great poem. Touchs my heart because I'm in the same situation.
  • Me
    Have you ever thought of sending at least the last four lines to Hallmark? "If I had three wishes. I would give away two, because the only thing I want in this world, Is one chance with you. " A very beautiful poem.
  • sme
    Beautifully written. I felt everything you wrote, because I was in a similar situation and I wondered the same thing. And I felt just like you, I don't want to break a marraige, but will and have always wondered too, what if. Thanks for sharing your feelings.
  • toni
    this poem is a wonderful work ! i am the married woman but i am in love with my best friends boyfriend , we have been seeing each other for around 7 months ! what a glorious 7 months it has been ! i have found happiness out of friendship !WOW ! keep up the good work !
  • sarah
    i thought that this poem was really good it says alot about what most people think . and i could relate to it .
  • Tamek
    I am really feeling this poem I feel the same way about a friend of mine
  • J
    WOW, this poem is awesome & you had me in tears. You really captured what I feel cause I'm in that same situation. Its hard, & lonely, & very nerve racking. Please continue to write like this & keep up the great work. THANKS!
  • Patty
    I really like this poem, because its the way I feel, I just found out that the men that I fell in love with is really married, don't want to destroy his marriage but I am still in love with him.
  • Pam
    Exceptional poem
  • Donna
    I know just how you feel. I am in the same boat those words could have been said from me to my co-worker but I dont have your talent.
  • Sonya
    A 5-star (*****) poem.
  • Lei
    Great poem. I have the same feeling about my best friend. You said it all. Your poem is awsome.
  • dayna
    Wow great poem. I know just how u feel. Loving some one u cant have is tough. Well keep up the great work
  • Judi
    I love this poem. What more can i say:-)
  • LOST
    there are alot out there like all us on this site that relate are lives to this poem aren't doing this for the fun of it. Some times in life these things just happen and no one has control over it. I use to think why would someone put them self in the middle of that. What I didn't realize it that you don't choose it. When you are friends with someone sometimes things change.
  • gary
    In the same place. I know how it feels
  • Pam
    While reading this poem I thought to myself, how true this is and how this expresses my wish too.
  • dinda
    I don't know how to express my feeling when I read this beautiful poetry. When I read this poetry,I feel very confuse about my feeling inside me . I miss him so much, but I couldn't not reach him, because instead he loves me , he had a beautiful family. So he still thinking right or wrong about our relationship. Oh God,I can't imagine if I should lose him forever.
  • lol
    Your Poem hit a current note. However, My married friend is also a past boyfriend lost for 16 years and reunited through the internet. He is happy in his marriage however, wishes us to stay in very close contact currently two meetings and numerous e-mails. His happiness in being back intouch has resulted in him confiding in his mother and as he was a loved family friend (my mothers favorite) he has even contacted other members of my family. in his words I am a person who completes him, I know he has given me back something I have been without for much too long. I have no idea what may transpire in the future. The person who came between us 16 years ago left me for another but always knew My Friend held a large part of me, I am happy to be his friend and I know we love each other always have always will. Your poem put into words the thoughts I feel often, maybe sometime I would be able to show My Friend your poem Your poem just puts a dream into words I felt selfish before but after reading so many comments from other readers I have taken solace that I am not alone in dreaming.
  • toni
    beautiful! im in the oppisite situation im the married one and hes dating my best friend . we have known each other for yrs but never made a connection till the last 3 months! i talk to him all day and he even comes over ! i love my husband but . i also love this guy too! can u love two men at once . i do !
  • Jim
    This was sweet. Especially the last five lines. Christelle is like me in a lot of ways. Its funny how I share similar feelings with the poet. I had been in love with a woman that I could never have. And some of the things that she writes in "Three Wishes" are exactly the type of feelings that crossed thru my mind back then.
  • Laura
    She took the words right out of my mouth! I was perfect. I feel the exact same way!
  • Misty
    This poem touched a special place in my heart, you see I have had a best friend for 10yrs and we both secretly loved eachother but the truth did not come out until I was going away to get married. I did get married and have been for 4yrs but my best friend and I still carry that same torch for eachother from all those years ago. It just seems we were not meant to be. I wish sometimes I could share the life I have now with him for just one day, but I know I would only want a life time more. He is my soulmate, there is just too much in the way.
  • Sexy
    You have left me with my mouth open after reading this poem. I am sort of in this situation and I really can't express what is it that I feel. This poem however got to the point and read my exact feelings because it is exactly what I wish for.
  • Ruth
    Loved it cos it makes me think of my own situation in a way. U put into words what I feel.
  • K
    Was so nice and was just like I feel. Thank you, "K"
  • sue
    i love this poem. this is excatly how i feel about a co-worker that i have really fell head over heels for. i don't want to break up his family so i keep him in a very special place in my heart. i think i will give him this poem and let him know how i feel. thank you and keep writing poems they are good
  • cara
    very nice poem.keep up the good work !
  • Deena
    This poem was written for my situation. I gave this to my friend and now he is just mine!
  • stacia
    This is a very nice poem, I think. There is nothing wrong with telling someone how you feel.
  • Miranda
    I really like your poem because me and me would of been husband left me and I really miss him and he had narried someone else.
  • Leticia
    I have been involved with my married best friend for 7 years. I keep holding on because at this point I would loose him as a friend as well. I have decided to live with my guilt and keep my happiness, be it what may. Your poem is beautiful and defitely summed it up in a few words! Thanks
  • Amber
    WOW! I was totally amazed at how true the words were in this poem. Never have i been able to express the same feelings in such words.
  • Alex
    Nice poem.People fall in these kinds of situations without even realizing how complicated it could get. In the end, love really does conquer all, and if things are meant to be then people will just end up together.
  • Divine
    What can I say? Everything I had bottled up inside for months just all came out in this poem. Thank you so much for writing such a well-mannered and beautiful piece of poetry.
  • Geanine
    I just would like to say that this is a great poem. It kind of reminds me of myself. I am in love with a married man also. He is a friend of mine and once was my mate. But a mistake on my part is what destroy us, and if I could make three wishes. They would be, to be his wife, friend and lover.
  • Sharon
    I was just looking for a poem that fit how I felt, then I red yours and it took the words right out of my mouth.We can't help who we fall in love with, I sure didn't plan it this way, who would? I am falling in love with a married man and he too is feeling it for me, but although quite unhappy with his wife, his 7 month old child is what is stopping him, he's confused, but I will wait..I will be here for him! Everyone deserves to be blissfully happy:)
  • Deb
    Well i just wanna tell you this poem just fits me perfect. I am also married and in love with a guy i met on the internet. But he is so far away from me. We do talk on the phone but just would love to really meet him and feel the love we do have for each other.. Hopefully one dday my dream will come true..
  • Denise
    I know how it feels. All i can say is that "It hurts". All that you can see is :`( <--a tear in my eye.
  • Amanda
    Astonishingly beautiful.
  • Rachael
    I KNOW HOW YOUR FEELING..i used to feel this way about a perfect man who was married (unhappily) and i would have given my soul to be his woman, i used to wish for that everyday for a very long time. except now i dont have to wish anymore because now he is mine and i will never forget those times where i wished for him so desperately.. dont give up. wishes can come true, trust me.
  • mararae_15
    your poem it pretty and it touched me I loved read it and I would read it again and again
  • Patch
    This poem touched me so deeply it brought me to tears. I have never read a peom that mirrored my life so well. I would give anything to be with him. He is my soulmate. It is comforting to now I am not the only one feeling this way. Thanks!
  • Eillegna
    My wish is just like yours. And I find your poem the perfect way to tell him about it.
  • ote
    I was speechless! I have this problem of expressing my feelings and the poem simply stuck me right into the veins of my soul.
  • Rosette
    I really enjoyed this poem. And at this time in my life this poem relates to a situation I'm going through.
  • chris
    Excellent poem! Fits the situation I am currently in. Both of us married, but slowly falling in love.
  • Dodger
    You put into words something that both of us felt but did not know how to say to one another, Thank you. Beautiful piece of work
  • Lisa
    If I had just one wish it would be that I never read this poem. It's enough to make me sick. All these women who were so DEEPLY TOUCHED by this dripping sack of nonsense should get a life and stop pineing after married men.
  • Thomas
    I am one of only a few men on here to vote, but let me just say I was in a similliar situation but in a reversed way. I was and am in love with a married woman that knows that I love her. She loves me as well but after a year of our friendship she decided to call it quits. Now I sit with only the memories of her and how it would have been if we would have gotten together. Your words expressed your feelings very well... GREAT JOB!! Thanks for sharing
  • T
    This hits tooooooo close to home. Everything i want to say and more. Wonderful work!!!!
  • Heather
    I love this poem.while its not quite the same, the guy i love has a gf and i know hes not about to stop seeing her anytime soon :(
  • Marlee
    This poem says all that I am feeling. thank you so much! Makes me feel I'm not alone in the world with these feelings. I think I'll send it to him.
  • billie
    i have tears rolling down my face now, i love your poem...
  • Kari
    Beautiful poem...just the words I was looking to say.
  • Sta
    What a beautiful poem. I am married to a man I truly love but am also in love with his best friend who just got married. I don't want to break things up for either of us! So this poem put all the thoughts into words.
  • SmileyEyez
    You know, I never thought so many people go through this. Anyone who criticizes this poem obviously just does not understand. I just recently found out that someone I've known for about 4 years and I have such a strong bond, it certainly feels like we are soul mates. Unfortunately, he is married (unhappily married at that). He is so underappreciated, what I wouldn't give for three wishes.
  • sally
    Nice poem, i'm in the same situation, i wish i'm his wife, i love your poem..congratulation.
  • Michele
    I loved your poem! I can relate to how you felt because I was in a similar situation. I fell in love with a married man and so did he, our relationship lasted 4 years. Until one day, I realized that his wife will always win over me. So I left him. But there is not one single day that I do not think about him. We've been apart for 2 years now. I will probably send your beautiful poem to him. Thanks.
  • sally
    This poem really touched me. i'm inlove with a married man, thanks for the lovely poem, it really expresses my feelings...
  • Kay
    Incredible! you expressed what is in my heart
  • Summer
    Wow, I could not have said it better myself. Within the past few months, I have come to the realization that I am in the exact same place.
  • Liz
    I love your poem you express exactaly how i fell except i am the married one
  • LADY
  • Patricia
    I sat here searching for hours, reading poem afer poem, to find the perfect one to send to my love. Right now, he is trying to make the choice between his wife and I. I hope this will brighten his day, as it did mine. This is a very hard situation for everybody concerned, but your poem which is beautiful, sums it all up. Thank you for writing this poem.
  • marie
    you read my mind.. wonderful poetry..Thanx
  • Samantha
    Here I am in an online love affair with a married man, and we talk all the time about our future. I have said to him many times I would love to be in his wifes place for just one day. I just sent this to him, and he will read it with the same feelings I had when I read it.feelings of longing and wanting that.
  • scorpio
    This poem is my life right now. I am a gay female that in love with a married beautiful woman. My heart hurts because I can't have her. If I can't have her as my lover then I will have her as my friend
  • rattlesnake
  • Chanelle
    I can really relate to your poem. I am in the exact same situation, only he works with me which makes it even harder. I haven't ever read something as beautiful and honest as your poem
  • Liz
    A truly great wish! Did someone say, It does not hurt to dream?
  • RJG
    A beautiful poem that reflects my dreams.it's wonderful! Thank you!
  • Snuffy
    This poem hit home, mainly because I am in tht situation right now. I will never in a million years break up a marrage, but I jsut wish.Oh well.
  • Brittany
    I loved it so much!
  • Diana
    You took my life and put it in this poem.
  • Melissa
    I have read this poem several times.over the past few weeks..I finally got the nerve to send it to the person that it speaks to for me.in my heart.I hope that it will not mean our relationship will end. But I had to take that chance to let him know that he does mean this much to me, even though we will probably never be together in this lifetime. Thank you for sharing your feelings so that others could enjoy.
  • Jill
    Christelle.This poem tore at my heart..I know i will never experience what you have written but i thank God everyday that i get to share his heart,thoughts and love. You are a very talented poet.you speak from the heart. Thank you.
  • lesley
    I can truly relate to this poem I have tried a 100 times to write it myself thankyou christelle I can now show him what I am feeling and thinking
  • stalwart
    Dear Christine; It must be a very hearty one for u to let go. Take heart, God may just send u another better one for u!
  • Marie
    Excellent poem!I am in the very same situation. I really don't know what to do, but I too wish I had 3 Wishes!
  • Marie
    By what you said about how you feel no-one has the right to judge we cannot help who we fall in love with. I like your poem as it comes straight from the heart.
  • Keith
    I felt every word of this poem. It's amazing how others are in the same siuation I'm in. Great poem!!
  • J
    i loved this poem..it hits home in so many ways because i to am in love with a married man..
  • jheng
    really love ur poem.im looking for a poem dat exactly could express my feelings..im in that situation right now.im falling inlove wid a married man.and to think of it, he's so far away from me.if i could only three wishes, and spend a day wid him.and show how much i love him.
  • gigi
    Great Poem
  • Shonda
    What a great poem. I know exactly how you feel, I too am going through the same situation. It's not easy.
  • Deana
    This is a great poem if all you wanted to be was someone wife and not take away someones husband.
  • Raine
    I sent this poem to my married lover so he would know how much he means to me. He ended up leaving me a few days later to "work things out" at home. It hurts right now, but the time I spent with him were some of the happiest days of my life.
  • Traci
    This is a beautiful poem and I can truly relate.. the problem is it's from the other way. I'm married and have fallen in love with someone else. Great poetry! I really felt that!
  • Misty
    You hit me right on the bullseye with your poem...I know exactly how it feels.
  • DaB
    This poem is exactly how I feel about my special friend who is married..I have one wish, to be with him..*sigh*
  • Valinda
    This poem is beautiful!!!!
  • annalee
    i've had those thought's once,had the same wish,a very sweet poem!
  • naomi
    I agree with you, I am a 22 and was in love with my friend who is married and have a kid. Deep down in my heart he will always have a special place. And I never want to break up his marriage. Its very hard, but that's life. She is a lucky lady. I always say, what's for you, you will have it :o) lotsa.. luv, hugs and kisses
  • Stacy
    I really this poem. It is beautiful.
  • Ling07
    I can relate well to this. I, too, feel a lot for this particular friend of mine and the sad thing is, he's married with a son. No one understands why I have to be there for him all the time when he has got a wife to take care of him. But now, I know someone else feels the same way I do. Thanks for writing this poem. Great one.
  • Kathy
    Oh my u do know what yer it is like. It is just like something that has happened in my life. But the other way around. I am the woman n married...this guy is the single one n inlove with me. Can't say too much...but I wish he would read yer poem. A very touchin poem!! thanx
  • Debby
    Beautifully said and very true but sad to be in love with a man who belongs to someone else, never being able to share the things you spoke of. I to am in the same situation and can only wish to be in her shoes. 3 wishes? I'd trade my soul if I could.
  • lupita
    i enjoyed reading this poem b/c i can really relate to this situation.
  • laura
    that was a pretty poem
  • michelle
    i really liked your poem, im in somewhat of the same situation. im going to send this poem to him,and let him know that even though all we will ever have is a friendship, he will always have a special place in my heart
  • Sandra
    Such a beautifully written poem. Thanks for sharing it, Christelle.
  • Jenny
    I Really Loved This Poem . I Thought You Did a Wonderful Job. Keep Up The Great Work.
  • Kat
    I am living this as well..maybe we can talk sometime....this touched me so much, these are my feelings exactly
  • Angie
    I had been there and u are not the only one... the feelings were on fire but fades... miss him from my heart... U are brave to express ur feelings and keep it up!!! :-)
  • Kavie
    What was said in this poem is my life. I have given my virginity and all the love to one man for four years only to find out that he was married. His wife lived abroad and i had no clue. I wanted to be her so much because i know even thought he was with me i know he is not the cheating type. Faith just played a dirty trick on us both.
  • Terry
    I AM in this situation and how I WISH he was mine!!!! He is taken and so am I and our FAMILIES come first.... Oh how I wish he was mine. I love him so much!!!! GREAT POEM please write more like it....
  • marian
    Beauiful poem. Exactly expressing my thoughts and feelings.
  • Natasha
    Such pain and sadness, even I feel in now. To love someone that was never yours! Beautiful...emotional...perfect to the heart and soul
  • Rolanda
    Great poem, I know how you feel.
  • joyce
    very good poem.there are lots of people who im sure share these words. thank you very much. joyce
  • Ursula
    I think it's a beautiful poem. I can relate 100% to every word in it. I am in the same situation now but I will not tell my friend 'cause I don't want to make things uncomfortable between us nor do I want to break what he & his wife have. This poem brought a tear to my eyes. I love it. It's nice to know that I am not in this state of mind by myself. Thank you.
  • Cath
    very apt - very true.
  • Shirley
    I love this poem! You are very talented. I'd love to hear some more of your poetry!
  • angie
    This is very special to me cause i am in this kinda relationship with a married man and i never get to wake up to him or feel what his wife feels when hes home just being himself allday...And that i what i long for just to feel what it would feel to be in here shoes for one day. This just is the true feeling of loving someone you can't have for yourself ..the man who belongs to someone else HER...
  • Elaine
    there is an honesty in this poem.It doesn't try to say something,it just does. you feel the longing,the love,and awareness of a love that may never be(but is)
  • Jo
    This poem was beautifully written and so true.
  • Carol
    This poem really hit home. It was like the poem was written just for me. I'm glad I'm not alone in feeling this way. Thank you !
  • pam
    this poem speaks right to my heart I feel the same way for someone real special to me Thanks for sharing your poem with us!
  • Aisha
    The author of this poem is very talented and could touch any reader's heart. I love this poem so much.
  • Jill
    Everything that was said in this poem happened to me of all people. This guy came to work on some of our computers at my work and we turned out to be best friends ever since. Little did I know that he was married and before he gave me this poem, I had said how I wished that I could trade places with his wife and be her just for a day.
  • susan
    Very moving. Really touches my heart.
  • Sue
    Very Well said!!
  • Laura
    Wow!! It sounds exactly like an old conversation my "friend" and I had. I couldn't have put it any better. Very true experience brought back to life.
  • Mary
    I love this poem. I sent it to a special friend, and he liked ot very much! Thank you for the Three Wishes!
  • Theresa
    I love it! I have these very feelings about a wonderful married friend of mine.it's like you were reading my mind
  • SUE
    I could not have said this any better-How true it is when you are in this situation.
  • kila
    This poem is off the hook! I'm going thru the same thing w/ this guy i who is a "special" friend but he has a girl. Thanks 4 writing this poem! No doubt!!
  • linda
    ...what a great poem! i too wish i had 3 wishes as unfortunately my best friend is also married...
  • JOY
  • sarah
    i just loved this poem so much, you could really tell it came straight from the heart.
  • Pamla
    This poem realy opened my eyes. It home in more ways then one.
  • Diana
    lovely poem.... im also in the same situation as u r... even though the person i love is already married but my love just wont fade away...!!!
  • Leann
    This is a great poem that really pin points some deep emotions and feelings. Great job!!
  • kitty
    sent this to the man i am in a relationship with. neither one of us is free, although we are both in loveless situations with our respective mates. i hope one day we can make this wish a reality.
  • Crystal
    AWESOME! Very close to home.
  • Jessica
    Great poem. I feel like that right now in my life
  • QuickSilver
    So beautiful ... and moving .... especially the punch line ... if i had three wishes ... i would give away two ....
  • Stephanie
    Great poem I has touched my soul....
  • Elena
    I enjoy the poem deeply maybe because I am in the same position
  • Martha
    Wow what A poem. Keep up the good work.
  • jamie
    I was reading the love poems on the net and I have to say, yours is the BEST one that I have read so far. I really liked your poem because I recently had the same experience. It hurts so much to know that someone else gets to experience all those wornderful moments with him.
  • Kristy
    This really hits home.You done a wonderful job and hopefully after I pass it on.will help me out!
  • Chris
    very appropriate
  • Tenderheart
    As sad as it is, you've expressed my feelings and desires exquisitely. Thanks.
  • AnotherWoman
    Beautifully put!
  • Butterflykisses
    This has put my thoughts into words.
  • Trisha
    I have tears running down my cheeks as I read this,,I am in the same situation,it is very complicated,,but,he is moving with his family and I am left with a huge broken heart,,If I only had three wishes,,,I loved your poem so much,,I sent it to him,,but,I dont think we will ever get to be together,,my heart hurts so much..
  • katherine
    this has been one of the most sweet poems that i ever read in my life congratulation
  • Yajaira
    I'm in love with a married man and this poem brought the biggest smile to my face!
  • Pati
    It is a beautiful poem... I feel the same for one of my friends...
  • cheri
    great poem..really hit home
  • Macie
    This poem is exactualy how my sittuation is right now and it just hit me really hard. Truly and amazing poem. Great job!!!!
  • Lori
    I am currently seeing a married man who is also my best friend and this author's poem couldn't have summed up my feelings any better. This is by far the best poem I have read on your website.
  • Paula
    This poem expresses my feelings so well that I could have been the author.
  • Carmen
    This truely expresses exactly how I feel. I wish I had three wishes!
  • jess
    I really enjoyed this poem and founds it's sentiment very touching and so did MY BEST FRIEND
  • rockymntgirl
  • Lorie
    I really like your poem. How at the end you just wanted the one wish to be his. Reading your poem made me think of someone special. Thanks
  • Vanessa
    I love that poem cause I'm in that situation now.
  • wilma
    this poem really touched me. I am in a very similar situation and it meant a lot to me. The words were from the heart and i sent it to the man i truly love.
  • Vanessa
    Loved the poem. Sent it to a friend and he loved it also.......
  • Rom
    very moving, I know how it feels..
    this poem reminds me of the relationship btween my b/friend & i. I THINK ABOUT ALL THE THING'S U DESCRIBED & EVEN THOUGH WE'RE NOT MARRIED,I TREAT HIM THE WAY U TALK ABOUT! THANK U 4 SHARING UR POEM!
  • tee
    it was a beautiful poem
  • Lost
    I really enjoyed this poem and I sent it to my best friend. It said everything that I have ever wanted to say to him. I have been looking for a poem to describe all my feelings and this poem did that and more.
  • Irania
    For a moment i thought this poems was going to make me cry, as the poems say I wish I had my wish camed true.
  • lisa
    I love this poem It made thing of someone special. I'm in this type of releationship right now.
  • Kevin
    What an outstanding poem! My true feelings about another (a married women o course). I'm thirty eight years old and have this type of feeling. Actually, we're both married. She is a wonderful person. Five Stars on this one!
  • Chrissy
    This a really beautiful poem...just took the words right out of my mouth.
  • Linda
    Oh, Christelle - you just get to the heart of it. But would one day honestly be enough or would you spend it hating the time going by so fast?
  • Melissa
    That poem spoke excatley how I feel about a man that I have to see everyday! He is my boss, and his girlfriend works with us. I completely adore this man, and I would give anything to be in her shoes just for 24 hours, just to know what it would be like. This was the best poem I have ever read. The poet read my feelings straight from the heart! GREAT! Maybe one day I will have enough gutts to send it to him!
  • Josie
    I just thought I'd let the author know that this is a very beautiful poem.I've never read such beauty in it. I read it so man times because the words are so honest and true. This poem deserves alot of attention to the public.
  • annabelle
    until it happened to me, i could not understand women who fell in love with married men. this poem adequately captures my wishes, my longings.
  • Pam
    I have finally found the words that describe how I feel!! I am living it!! THANK YOU!!!
  • Stacy
    We thought the poem was beatiful and really went to the point It describes alot and means alot
  • tom
    great poem so dear to my heart.. Still have the tears running down my cheeks
  • Kathrine
    This poem touched my heart as it is exactly the predicament I find myself in and the outcome I am longing for.

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