When two people communicate, love can happen anywhere, anytime, and often unexpectedly. The Internet only opens a new setting for an old drama. However, whenever, or wherever people get together, love will find a way. It found me and could not be denied.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Cyber Romance Poems

Love On The Internet
Though I wasn't looking for anyone new,
One day I got e- mail and in it was you.
Charming, sensitive and so debonair,
I strongly resisted it go anywhere.

But letters and stories captured my heart,
Filled me with passion almost from the start.
Love on the Internet, how could it be?
These things just don't happen to people like me.

But doves and butterflies flew into our lives,
Carrying messages we could not deny.
Each person has meaning and love to express,
And we could deny our hearts nothing less.

It's a beautiful love that has grown between us,
Something beyond any words we discuss.
Much deeper than LOL, cyber kisses and such,
Far down to our souls, beyond human touch.

My love's not confined by what it can see,
I feel you, I taste you, I experience your dream.
Close my eyes, and I envision what in my heart I can hear,
"Love knows no boundaries, no distance, no fear."

It's the soul that captures God's love in a way
That eternally melts hearts together to stay.
Fused and sealed forever as one,
Love has its way and new life is begun.
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  • Meanyy
    This poem is to amazing. n0t 0nly is this poem c0ming fr0m the heart but it realtes t0 s0 many ppl. I'm glad that u can write like this. I have gone thr0 ds0 much with the l0ve that I feel f0r my spaecil l0ve kn0wning it can never. n t0 bethany. g0d l0ves y0u n g0d bless u n y0ur life. anywh0. p0em was incredible!
  • charry mae
    such a great piece!many can relate it now since there are lots of internet lovers like i do. keep it up and make us more inspired by your works. two thumbs up!
  • Michele
    This is the way I met my fiance. It's like looking at my life. AWESOME! Thank you for sharing your work!
  • frando
    This is virtually how I found my boyfriend. It's nearly our six months, and since neither of us have had a proper realtionship it's a big thing for us, so I'm making a book about us so far, and I want to put this in it's so perfect. Thanks =]
  • ReasoN
    A good poem for guys in cyber.
  • Bianca
    i like this poem and i can put myself in that spot
  • josh
    you did such a good job good work
  • ally
    all i have to say is. WOW. You have a great way with words, never lose that gift. I am so jealous.
  • Kevin
    i love this poem. i met my girlfriend on the internet. she lives far but right now im gonna bring her here from phillipens. we love each other so much that we knew we were destin to be together and we plan on the marriage on 2011.
  • joanne
    i love this it sums my relationship up.
  • Mary
    How did Dove express the innermost feelings that I have? Many have tried to capture my heart. One day a man created a site to find love and he prayed before he began. One day a friend told me about the same sight and I created it not expecting love. Many men wrote to me and because I am alone, at least writing to people took some of the sting away. One man captured my heart that so famously evaded all others. We are going to meet next week and I'm so grateful to Dove for this. ~~ Peace ~~
  • jeffie
    it really touched me. i've been talking to this guy on the net and this poem is exactly how i feel about him.
  • trisha
    i thought this poem is awsome!
  • michael
    this poem really has meaning. me and my new fiance met over the internet and she will be moving here from great britain!internet relationships do work.
  • charlene
    i just love this fomantic love poem it is perfect for anyone who wont to use this poem for there man. PERFECT
  • norma
    My 42 yr old son found his sole mate on the internet, and will be getting married Jan 20, 2007. May God continue to bless you so that your work may continue to be a blessing to others. Thanks, Norma
  • Rachel
    I to found love on the internet and i have never been happier as i read this poem i thought to my self how much it was just like my own experience. A great poem well done
  • shama
    i totally luv this im in the same situation but too yung to meet
  • jordie
    omg this is a poem of the love i feel, only i contacted him, through bolt. OMG i am sending im this poem to see what he thinks, this poem is the best yet!
  • Erika
    This poem was one of da best I seen on dis site so far. It's true tho cuz I met my guy online, I had others but none like him so the way you exppresed dat was great.
  • Bethany
    Wow, this poem means so much to me as im sure it does you. I have fell in love with the most amazing guy, i ahve been through a lot, and at the age of 18 now i have been through so much that most women will never go through, violent partner and a miscarriage he caused, i never thought my life would be complete, and i also find i am suffering from cancer, i thought my life would be over before i had the chance to experience love, this poem relates to how i met the love of my life, through a chat room and then proceeded onto msn. it relates so much i am in tears just thinking about it, your poem is amazing!
  • Diana
    I loved this poem, It really identifies what I feel. My love bijan who I met in 2004 in a chatroom,ever since I saw him he took away my heart and forever him to have. Bijan no matter were you go or were you are I will alyways have you in my life.
  • jazzmyn
    i luvd dat poem it captured my heart and soul. who eva wrote this has a big golden heart! =)
  • JUN
    the poem completely captured the feelings of chatters in love.
  • Linda
    I Love this poem, because it is so true, I never thought I would find love on the interent. But I did and fell in love so very hard, I found someone that's everything I wanted and looked for all my life. We are engaged and everyday is so very happy, it's unbelievable but it's true, just never thought it could happen to me. Great poem!
  • leslie
    I love it so true!
  • Adriana
    Your poem is oustanding. I met a man online, and you said everything that describes us. We have now been married 5 1/2 yrs and two baby boys later. Thank very much.
  • Rachel
    Awesome. A+ I use to write often and have not had the reason or inspiration there anymore but I am slowly regaining my thoughts and putting together some writings and am viewing others and yours was great!
  • dj
    beautiful, touching and says exactly how i feel.
  • Adriann
    I rellie liked this poem. Cyber Love is not just that. I believe some people meet thier soul mate online. Anyways it's a really good poem.
  • Dalanza
    This poem is so sweet! It meant a lot since I have been there with someone I hold dearly.
  • Jenny
    I loved your poem. Its similar to what I am going through. Keep up the good work.
  • sheri
    Beautiful poem, I met my fiance on the net and he stole my heart away. We are now living together and he continues to keep the "online romance" alive by sending texts and emails during the day while I am working. I am going to share this beautiful work with him. I think he will find it as endearing as I have. Thanks.
  • Jess
    this poem is absolutly beautiful as i could relate to every word that was written on the screen and given me the inspiration to write my own about my love that i also meet on the internet thank you for teh oportunity to read these lovely words
  • Roney
    Wow! It's great.
  • April
    it was nice poem it really did touched my heart
  • Angel
    this is all about me. im in love right now with this gurl ova the internet. this is perfect, cuz er'one says those relationships don't work, but we proven them wrong
  • sayo
    omg this was so omg ok i so fell in love the same way sept it was on aim and omg i was omg so touched when i read this i feel like cryin i thought i was the only 1 that felt this way i'm crying omg thanxz so much!
  • Anne
    I like the poems, it remind me something,,hmm.
  • Rock
    Well done, it makes the other poems about "cyberlove" seem pedantic and juvenile in comparison. I'm still trying to get over the "embarassment" of meeting the person I am deeply in love with online. This poem helps greatly in that cause.
  • Fella
    This poem holds on reality
  • tricia
    this poem had a lot of true meaning as i fell in love on the net and i never though i could feel love again ever.
  • Stephanie
    I love this poem. It describes my feelings exactly. You are a very talented poet.
  • Jessica
    I loved your poem, it was so touching!
  • adrienne
    when a story gives you strong emotions,much like your poem did to me,then you know its good. hope u got what u wanted,Adrienne
  • Schtanna
    So very well written and deeply expressed!
  • felicia
    I loved your poem I met my fiance over the internet so I know exacually what you were talking about and the feelings that were in that poem you got skills you need to keep those poems comeing. I appriciate a poet that knows how to write about love.
  • Travis
    I thought this was an excellent poem, i give it a ten out of ten
  • Molly
    I loved this poem. I sent it to my boyfriend and he loved it as much as I did. We didn't meet on the internet so in that way we can't relate but everyday I love to get e-mail from him and in this way i related and grew to adore this poem!
  • Veronica
    WEll. I really felt this poem becuase theres this guy i met on the net we started talking then on the phone and then all of the sudden we told each other we love each other and right now were together . still i love him so much . Veronica and MAthew*
  • Sara
    this poem really explains the way i met somemne i care for a lot so i voted for this poem
  • Pamela
    Your poem touched me. it mad me start to think of things. Things that I normally wouldn't think of. Your poem opened my eyes. It opened my heart. It opened my soul. But most important it opened my mind. Befor I read your poem, i would shout every body out. every body that tryed loveing me i would shut the door on them. but now i see. your poem has unblinded me. And for that I thank you.
  • Bridgette
    this poem is just like my online romance, even though it did come to an end i still think of him everyday.
  • Rachel
    OMG i loved your poem, It reminds me of my best friend, she has a sitution like this. your poem really inspered me. thanx
  • sourav
    this poem was very good that i can't tell you. keep it up.
  • Genna
    This poem is beautiful and it brought tears to my ears. great writing!
  • 'maica
    that was soooooooooo prety i hope you showed that to your enternet friend and i hope she feels the same that was awsome good luck love 'maica
  • vickie
    these peom says it all. wonderful
  • Afshan
    i have this person whom i dearlylove and this explain how i feel maybe if i send it to him he will tellme he feels the same he told me he loveme so i wanna see if i send this poem how willhe be see u gotmerhyming lolz but i guess i haf to say thank u so much ur the best poet so far
  • Mark
  • marion
    I loved it! I could not have said it any better.
  • Edgar
    OMG! I love you're poem, its so good, and it relates a lot to my life. Props on the Poem and keep up the good writting
  • laine
    that is sooooo cool. keep it up.
  • Angela
    You realy captured the feelings of loving someone from the internet. I met my love 4 years ago in a chat room. We bought a house together 2 years ago.
  • Shannon
    This poem is so true- I am in the US and met a wonderful man from India online. now we are getting married in September and he is coming to be with me. It really can happen, and this poem describes it! Thank you!
  • mark
    i read this poem and cryed,sent it to the women i met and fell in love with on the internet and she cryed too,very good poem
  • Kim
    Beautiful. I met my husband on the Internet. Your poem expresses how I felt that day in 2001. We were married April 29, 2002 Thankyou for Creating a BEAUTIFUL Poem
  • taralynn
    i fell in love with this poem. Bravo to this writer Bravo. im presently going through this kind of love . this poem spoke for me thats why i emailed it to him too. thanks a million
  • Haley
    This poem has its on meaning and it somtimes can be true. you can find love off the internet
  • jeri
  • Adrienne
    I really liked this poem and was moved by it. It is so true. I love this guy I met. We are "online dating". This summer I might meet him because his family lives in the county next to mine(in NY). I love him a lot and it's nice to know that there's people out there that feel the same way about people they've only met over the net.
  • rosenie
    Personally i do love this poem, its very touching.
  • layla
    this poem hit home really hard the artist is a very talented person thank you for sharing it with me.
  • Claudio
    This Poem Is Very Very good
  • Inglid
    I like it. it's the best!
  • Jeana
    The best poem I have read. It goes into an emotional feeling that most of us have when we meet our "loves" on the Internet. Wonderfully written!
  • A.B
    this was the best poem i heard about love in the internet thank you dove for sharing this poem with us
  • ukeme
    i love yor poems they are the best
  • Candace
    I love this poem. It speaks out to me and helps me understand my standing with a guy on the internet that i absoultely adore and wish to one day meet even though he lives a half hour from me I'll sure meet him like he lives 1000 miles away.
  • angie
    I love this poem. I am sending it to my love across the sea. I describes exactly how we fell in love. thanks
  • kelly
    This poem is beatifully wriiten one of the best that i have ever seen when it comes to love on the internet. Thanks so much for sharing your talent with me.
  • chris
    this poem moved me. i met my soulmate in feb of this year online and we just reunited again. she is the best thing that has ever happened to me. we have met quite a few times. we have tattoos togther. and i love her like no other. when the time is right we will be together. until then i feel her love
  • Derek
    In the vast sea of people you encounter in cyber space I never thought I'd find love. This is such a beautiful poem which I can truly relate to since I myself also found the love of my life through the net.
  • sassy
    hey just want to say my long term cyber boyfriend for one year absolutely love the poem. i sent it to him and me and him are so close because of it. he said that im so beautiful for sending it thanks heaps.
  • Teresa
    I loved the poem. I for one have not found love on the internet, I have been married to my husband for almost 23 years and I am very very happy with him, however I have several friends who have found this love. This poem touches the very heart and speaks what I know they are all saying. Thank you for such a beautiful poem. It was very well written.
  • Lucy
    i like it
  • ashlee
    i love your poem ! i understand everything that ur saying ! im goin to send this to my internet love right now . hes not only my love hes my best friend .
  • Claudia
    I like this poem it really says what a feel for my cyber love. Thank you
  • Kelly
    I love this poem. and have sent to a very special guy in my life,that I love dearly and who I met online. your peoms are very beautiful. thank you!
  • Tajah
    This was the most moving poem i have ever read. I just met a man on the internet and i showed him this poem. it described just how we feel. hopefully we can explore these feelings. Thanks Dove!
  • Barry
    Your poem has put so well how much love I feel for my internet friend. I have mailed it to her and know that she will see the beauty in the words and through the poem I can again say to her "I love you" Thank you.
  • Catherine
    it's very realist at the same time heartwarming. Found it excellent
  • Remy
    well dear, this poem is for me and the most wonderful man I met on the Internet and met for real as well. its amazing how this poem was written -- thanks for this reminds me of how true OUR love is for one another
  • Belle
    Love knows no boundaries, no distance, no fear. " This is so true. I have been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years. We both find these words to be true. Who would of thought "computer love". Keep up the great writing! Sometimes you have to take a chance with love!
  • Andy
    WOW! This is for me and my GF - I met her in the chat room and we've been dating for 4 months now.
  • There
    That was a really great poem. I met my husband online 6 months ago!
  • Cute_one
    I have to say that this poem, has made me cry, and made me live my romance from the start, how could it happened to me?. I tell you Dove, it happened to us.
  • Nesse
    I visit this site sometimes, and I always find myself coming back to this poem and reading it. I, myself, have an internet love, and he is the most amazing person I have ever known. As I read your poem, I can relate so perfectly to everything in it, and it's so wonderful. I have never been a great poet, but to have a girt like you do is something to be cherished. I hope you never stop writing.
  • beth
    This has to be the most beautiful poem I really like it. You made me see my situation differently
  • Errol
    Dove, you've captured something magical and translated it into words in a way which very few can. Yours can only be a gift from God and I am truly thankful to you for sharing it. I've just sent it to my cyber-love who is very real and I know she'll feel the same way about it as I do. I salute you!
  • Lorraine
    I would like just to say I loved this poem, it is so true, I met someone on the Internet in a chat room and 2 years later I decided to come to the USA and met him. Well 14 months later we are still happy. We are married now. The emotions and feelings you talk of are so true, I hope alot more people in the furture will see that internet Love is not a laughable subject. I never thought I would find Love again, but as time went on I found that the 20 year relationship I had was no more than Friendship, and this time I have found Love, true Love. And me from England , never thought I would find love in another Country. reach out cuz your find love and if you follow your heart, maybe your meet . It is possible. I did.
  • Kissy
    This is an awesome poem Dove! It decribes exactly how I feel for my online love. I`m so thankful for this site! I was begigning to believe that online relationships wern`t common and were never meant to be, but after reading poems on here I realise that that is NOT true at all. I realise that the love in my heart for this person is real. Thank you!
  • janie
    I just want to congratulate the writter of this poem"dove" it is breath taking because it is comon to a relationship im having with a handsome and intelligent gentalmen, he has changed my life , after being o depressed i found his letter in my box and after i wrote back to him the connection began to make it clear to me that this is the man i longly would love to be with, thank you for your talent. God bless
  • wise
    Thank you Dove. Perfect card for my love and I.
  • Chad
    This poem completely touched my heart and described the exact emotions and feelings that I have for someone I have never met but I am so in love with. Thanks so much
  • Cara
    That just melted my heart reading it. That is very true.
  • Linda
    Absolutely wonderful, Dove! It's as if you reached into my heart and found the words I long to say to the lovely man I met on the net. We are to meet for the first time soon, but are already very much in love. Thank you!
  • crissy
    i really loved this peoms it is like me talking about the way i feel about patrick, he seems so far away but i love him more then anyone i have in the past
  • Patty
    Was very beautiful and touching, described the new love in my life completely. Thank you!
  • kristi
    This was such an inspiring poem to know that I am not the only one in internet love is the most wonderful thing! I hope that you are a pro. writter you would inspire so many people! Thank you soo soo much
  • michael
    just want to say thank you for putting my feelings into words ..you are a good poet..keep it up
  • Pegstar
    Oh my God! i love this poem! it is so true bout this boy Craig and me!Thanx 4 it and i will b passing it on to him!
  • michelle
    WOW very touching..it gave me this feeling inside that I can't explain..The words to this poem are sooo up front and meaningful..You are blessed and keep up the beautiful writing..Hope to read more of your poems..
  • diana
    What a powerful and breathtaking poem. This poem says it all for me and my special love.
  • George
    I loved it, i am not much of a poet although im good with words, but i have a cyber love, and couldnt find words to explain my feelings. and this poem comes close, and makes me more secure about an internet love when so many was so fast to shun me. Thank you.
  • Belinda
    Thank you so much for this beautiful poem. The words are so eloquently written.
  • Toni
    Your poem was wonderful, I met my boyfriend on the internet and even though we are thousands of miles apart our love grows stronger ans stronger as each day passes. I sent him this poems and it was like it was meant for us.
  • angie
    man that was a good poem i just love to read poems and this is what is going on in my life right now thank you!
  • carol
    Really really impressive!
  • Iris
    This touch me because it is what has happen to me. A most wounderful experience! One that I shall treasure always. You must have been touched by someone to know how it feels and write this poem. Thank you for letting us read it!
  • elaine
    it hit home
  • Ivette
    This poem goes straight to my heart! It is so beautiful. Is exactly what I feel. I dedicated this poem to my Love.
  • Leida
    Is so amazing that I found a poem that fit exactly how I feel for a guy who I got in-loved in the internet. I dedicate hi spoem to him and he loved it!
  • Mary
    Absolutely beautiful!
  • Roxy
  • robin
    your poem was wonderful i met my boyfreind off the net and now we are very much in love and plan to get married best of luck to you
  • Mick
    Your poem gave me the words to express my feelings.To let my Julie know how much I love her. It could have been written for us. I thank you
  • Milla
    This is so genuine.
  • Alicia
    I loved the poem it describes how I feel about someone I met via the internet through email.
  • Bill
    This is exactly how the love of my life and I met. We are now planning to be together forever, planning our lives together.
  • Marie
    this poem is soooo right and i love it. its so nice. =o)
  • brad
    hey great poem. Poems that rhyme and actually make real good sense are hard to come by. keep up the good work
  • PieterE
    If my heart had a mouth it would say those words. Simply lovelly
  • Goldengategrl
    I don't think anyone could have said it better! Your a very good poem writer, thanks for sharing what all your readers would like be able to express ourselves! Your poem really exprsses the right feelings. Thanks again!
  • Holly
    This is a Beautiful poem And is so true Love has no boundries it only grows in our hearts our souls our minds with tender love and care
  • mystic_mallory
    This poem is so true. I have found a love like that, and I am so very thankful for it. This was beautiful. Thank you for writing it and inspiring me so much.
  • Karilyn
    I thought this poem was so true and had to send it to everyone I knew!
  • Dontwant
    I enjoyed this poem very much & plan to send it to my fiance who I met through a regular (NOT singles matching) pen-pal site on the internet. Lucky me, it was soon after I wrote him that he changed providers. In the beginning, we both told each other about how we never would have guessed that we would meet someone to love online. Now, we are happily in love (and more so each day) & planning a wedding.
  • abigail
    ..what can you say.. i am a regular on mirc and i have fallen for a guy in canada.. my present boyfriends Best friend! what can i say.. it hurts
  • Sharon
    This poem is really nice and has a lot of meaning for me.
  • Jane
    Perfect. Exceptional and captured the essence of real love via cyber space from God's grace.
  • Luca
    It's the story that i'm having. Excellent poem, Dave.
  • carole
    Dove, the poem was beautiful, it made me cry, Its exactly how I feel about my Vincent, I Love him so much..
  • john
    a beautiful poem that expresses my feelings very well. I have sent it to my cyber soulmate. we have met once in person for a glorious 17 day holiday together and the feeings expressed in your poem are even stronger in person.
  • Nicole
    I just wanted to say that this poem is exactly the way I feel for someone I met online.. I believe that you can find your true love over the internet.. this poem really touched my heart! It was really great
  • Darlene
    This is a great poem and it means so much. I met my fiancee on the internet and he is my world.
  • shannon
  • Brandon
    Wow, that poem really explains me well, thanks!!!
    the poem just says alot and alot that is so very true,i love it
  • Shandell
    I liked this poem so much that I send it to my boyfriend in Michigan. We met on the internet and we both fell in love with each other.
  • Richenda
    It's a beautiful poem. Keep writting them! :-)
  • Ushma
    This poem was very touching..and it describes my feelings toward this guy who out of no where emailed me and asking me to marry him..after reading my profile...this is dream come true.. and i know he is not lying to me at all...I am so glad u wrote this poems..i personally suck at poems...this is the great one...thanks again
  • Dhory
    This is so true... my life exactly as told by you!
  • kim
    i loved this poem. please keep doing what you're doing in the name of jesus
  • Victoria
    I love this poem, it reminds me so much of me and a guy Im dating on the internet right now. Hes the best thing in my life!
  • Rosie
    Beautiful poem Dove, its exactly how I feel about my far off american man. You touched my heart, thankyou.
  • AOL
    it's so so so sooooo true. i loved it. and my hunny loved it, too.
  • Jamie
    I totally understand this poem thank u for putting in words what i could not
  • Debbie
    awsome !!!!
  • B's
    This poem really strikes my heart.
  • thomas
    a very nice poem,thank you.
  • Lori
    Great poem... It is perfect!
  • Linda
    So very true, the poem has a very true and beautiful message.
  • Keri
    wonderfully beautiful!
  • Marcia
    Thank you for expressing what my heart feels for a special someone that I have met on line.
  • steve
    very,very good job on that poem!
  • Gaby
    It describes totally how and what I am feeling at the moment for someone very special.
  • adam
    I just wanted to say i loved this poem. i believe all true love begins in the heart and not what we see. for as we age, the wonderful feeling of being in love, is what matters the most.
  • Kitty
    Hey, dat poem..is full of precious words..i loved it!...dove..u keep writing those poems!!..i wanna hear more..e-mail me!!..okai..peace..and i'm glad ur realitionship is going well...be cuse i have on like dat..and its going great!!..k..thanks for da inspiration!
  • Holly
    I've read this poem a dozen times since seeing it at first and I love it more each time, it's beautiful and captures the essense of cyber romance. Thanks a ton!
  • Anita
    beautiful poem.expresses exactly my feelings for my cyber lover.
  • Betty
    I read this poem and couldn't believe how closely it described how I feel about the man I have met on the internet. Everything in it rang so true to what was actually happening to me.
  • James
    An absolutely beautiful poem. One which through my own experiences I find very true
  • Willow
    I met my love on the internet in a cheetachat room, asking if anyone had poetry for my new poetry pages on my website...He "raised his hand" and our love grew from that moment on. I LOVE this poem, as it speaks to us!
  • kathie
    u are so good that was the best i ever heard. i want to no do u sell book because u should. u are truly blessed. u have a great mind keep up the good work
    I thought it couldnt happened but i falled in love on internet Thats GREAT
  • KRIS
  • Robert
    This is the best poem that I've read, which properly describes love on the internet
  • Tiffany
  • rosebud1229
    I think this is so true sometimes we seem to get attached to others on the internet we share a bond that is hard to explain, but so easy to feel.
  • john
    it says every thing that has to be said.
  • glenda
    Wow, is all I can say.
    This poem is so apropo...I found true love on the internet, who would have known?
  • Warren
    Very Well written. I enjoyed it.
  • Nikki
    This poem just seems to tell it like it is...
  • Candy
    This is exactly how I feel about someone whom I've met via Internet. I Love you David!
  • Elly
    I have the same feelings for a certain person even tho we haven't met. I know that when we do the sparks will fly. Thank you for sharing your feelings with the rest of us who aren't quite so eloquent
  • sandee
    I thought this was so special.it's like someone read my mind and knew my feelings. :o)
  • llfine
    very touching very real
  • Tricia
    This poem was awesome and said all the right words to express how I feel
  • ERIN
  • Jim
    Never have I read a poem with such true meaning and understanding of life and our future way of viewing it.
  • lotsaferrets
    What a beautiful poem! It describes perfectly what I feel for my cyberlove (soon to be husband)!
  • Tori
    I love it! It is so true to my feelings. Close to my heart. I married my Cyber Love. We got married in June 2000. We are 23 & 24 yrs. old and starting our life and trying to make a future and family together. Good luck DOVE!
  • Tori
    Wow I could not have wrote it into words. But you did exactly how I feel. Wow again, beautiful poem. Thank You.
  • jason
    this poem is very ddep , i feel this way with emily , a person i met on the internet and i love her more than i hav ever loved before...she is a gift in my life that i will never take for granted and i am greatful for each and every tim i hear her voice , soon , very soon i will get the oppurtunity to show her my love for her is beyond anything on the internet ...i love you emily
  • suzzym
    I met a guy on the net about 10 months ago and now we r desperately in love...it seems hard to go on from such a distance...it hurst alot when he is not w me...Miss him so much but cannot help it...will we survive...i dont know!!!Thats why i liked yr poem very much..It speaks for both of us....
  • Jacqueline
    I love this poem. It brought me a love that overwhelms me. He is everything a woman could ask for and more. You have said it all. Thank you.
  • Yvonne
    This is great....I have found my soulmate on the internet...we have a love so deep & true its unimaginable.There are certain constraints that keep us apart for now...including a distance of 12,000 miles...but I have no doubt that one day we will be together...and in eachothers arms we will stay....Forever.
  • EVA
    very beautiful1
  • Theresa
    This poem that you wrote is beyond words that I can describe. It is every thing and more that I have felt for my internet love. Thank you for sharing your God-given talents with us. God Bless You
  • Brandie
    Hi I met my boyfriend off the internet and he is the best thing that has ever happened to me, andI fell in love with him. This Poem is just perfect for us.
  • Dorothy
  • Danielle
    you are a talented writer you are verry gifted
  • Hans
    its tells the story of me and my girlfriend, beautyful !

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