There are so many things I would like to say to him, but when I try to tell him, nothing seems to come out of my mouth. So this is how I express my feelings.

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems

I Still Miss You
This yearning in my heart
This confusion in my mind
The words left unspoken
Haunts me all the time

Everyday I watch pass by
With an emptiness in my life
And a hole in my heart
Where only you belong

There are nights I wake up crying
And wishing you were here
To hold me in your arms
And kiss away my tears

There is something that keeps me holding on -
What I'll never know
But one day things will go my way
And I'll have you in my arms
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  • Ashley
    Wow. That is really good. But sad though. And as much as I wish I didn't know how you feel. I do. And it sucks.
  • michelle
    i love this poem its exactly how i feel you wrote all the right words
  • marcie
    Angela your poem touched me and even made me cry while i was reading your poem i was thinking about my boyfriend wer broke up like 2 weeks ago and i cant seem to let him go and yor poem just boosted my spirts thanks and keep up the great work
  • tabby
  • Leslie
    I love this poem it mach with the situation that I'm going trought right now.
  • amberly
    this lk really really really tru. i lk fell in love wit it. i miss my babi sammy so much.
  • debbie
    very good . i cryed thank you
  • ntebaleng
    this poem is so touchy and it made me realise that even someone say you don't stand a chance don't give up on your dreams. And dear thank you.
  • JOSE
  • Gigi
    Thsnks for this nice and warm poem.
  • Robin
    very nice
  • lauren
    I like this poems because I had a best friend very close to me pass away almost 2 years in a car wreck, and everyday I still cry for him to come back
  • RUTH
    it is the situation im facing at the moment
  • jennifer
    i really like your poem. thank you for sharing that made me feel a little bit better then my broken heart still but you do write some really good poetry.
  • Rebecca
    That was very nice i would like to hear more of your. It touched my heart.
  • michael
    This is a very good poem i love it1! maybe i can get her back one of these days,But hopefully very soon! i love her so freakin much it just hurts to know a year and three months just can get thrown away so quickly!
  • kimberlie
    i like the poem its self i can fell wat you felt when i read it because of the way the words are written
  • evan
    Great job :) I liked it . so simple but moving my feeling . Thanx for sharing your feeling
  • Deanna
    i love it keep it u
  • bob
    It really inspired me!
  • Cassie
    this poem is really good its sorta kinda what im going through i think im in love wiht this guy and i just dont know how to tell him and he has a girlfriend and all but i know me and him belong together but i just cant figure out how to tell him so ya. Davin i think i love you is so much harder saying that to his face then it is to type here so ya!
  • Carol
    Its like you are thinking what i am and it weired
  • grace
    this hit me. it made me cry. its really hard missing someone. i know the feeling.
  • Amie
    Oh emm gee i love it ! i brings me back when i was going out wit my ex and its juss me i dont know but i luv it !
  • angel
    its is so good i just want to cry right know i have a boy i love and he say he dont love me but say it to and i want him to read this poem its sond like some thing ill say and the boy that im talking about is jeremy
  • rachael
    hi this is rachael. i know you dont know me and i dont know you but i really like i mean love your poem. i just broke up with my boyfriend because he cheated and i really miss him deaply and this poem diecribed the way i feel perfectly.
  • Nikki
    I really enjoyed this poem, it made me cry because I had someone so close to me and within a second he was gone and out of my life. We didn't think that would ever happen, but I learned to enjoy love, or whatever it was while you have it. God, I miss him.
  • Tifa
    hello there and hello to all. this poem made me cry a tear or two. it was sad and heart broken that made me just fell sorry. this poem touched my heart and made me sad from the missing. i loved it and heart touching poem. this is the best and she needs to make more poems. have a nice day to all and angela craig. bye to all.
  • Carrie
    This poem is really good and its like someone wrote this about my feelings
  • cristina
    I love this poem 4-real! I love "I still miss you" because I used 2 be all upset ova a dumb guy i used 2 date w/ but now I'm ova him because I have moved on and I'm w/ da boi i really love & care about!
  • jennifer
    I really liked this poem cause it also exspressed how I feel about someone too!
  • cassie
    this poem i can tell hasa lot of meaning to it
  • Andrea
    I really love the pome it reminded me of my friend that died. r. i. p Lexi Rae Gabruch. it made me cry.
  • Beatrice
    It was good. you can write. just keep going and soon youll be great!
  • Haley
    I know that feeling well.
  • shannon
    I think that this is the best one and it tells me everything that happend in my life and losing one of my baby brothers, that means a lot to me.
  • Kolleen
    This poem describes perfectly of my broken heart on the mend. I still love him and still waiting for him to come and find me. He knows I wait for him. This poem gave me the chills and made me well up with tears. Its a beautiful poem.
  • Angie
    I think that this poem should be posted as a #1.
  • brittany
    i really loved this poem my boyfriend is in ohio and i really want to be with him and i miss him more than words can say
  • Meena
    Angie, this poem were superb. It realy talk. tat's wat i'm experiencing now. all this while i didn't get a right words or really don't know how to express and put words together. but u hv sd it in a very simple way which explains fully the true feelings. keep on going dear. tc
  • alicia
    the poem really touched me because i am feeling that way at the moment
  • Samantha
    I thought this poem was very good because i've been through it and i knowi'll never be able tohold the one i love again because i let him go and he lives so far away.
  • Little
    This poem is a very good so you better keep on writting poems. Go on!
  • chelsee
    i like this poem. i can relate. i seem to not be able to tell a person how i really feel.
  • breanna
    I like this poem really much it almost made me cry breanna
  • gemma
    this pome was so heart warming it tuched me. it tuched coz i have bin feeling like this. this pome is a A+ its grate.
  • Stacey
    I so love this one. That's the same way I feel about this one guy that one day will see me. Every sence he left me. I hope you keep writtin poems like this thanks alot
  • abby
    hi. i really like this poem cause it describes my situation exactly. i havent seen my boyfrined in a whole week. I MISS HIM! :(
  • Megan
    This Poem Is Awesome. I Easy Can Relate To It. & I Love These Kinds Of Poems. Hard To Find. : ) Good Job Doll
  • Lisa
    My husband is in iraq. This poem was an inspiration and expresses some of the things I feel but, had a hard time putting into words. And yes, I cried.
  • karina
    dis is 1 of the best poems dat i had read so from one-ten i'll give you a 9. 5. kool poem really
  • Cheri
    This poem was very touvhing and it really hit home for me. You are talented and I hope that you get through whatever it is you are going through. Good Luck and thank you for your insightful words.
  • k
    i ReAllY eNjOyEd ThIs PoEm, It TrUeLy ToUcHeD mE iN mAnY wAyS, i KnOw HoW iT fEeLs To LoSe A lOvEd 1 AnD tHiS pOeM hElPeD mE oVeRcOmE mY fEaRs AnD lEt Me KnOw ThAt Im NoT aLoNe In ThIs wORld.
  • Janiece
    You did an excellent job on writing that poem. i like to write poems to, but i have never thought about writing something so deep. but if you were going through something at that time, i feel you, because my boyfriend just moved back to Mississippi, and i really miss him. I hope you entered that poem somewhere because that was really a good poem.
  • vanessa
  • Christie
    This poem was very touching. this person has great insight. It reminded me of my relationship with a guy named Brad. I think this poem has great aspect of many womens (and maybe's mens) feelings towards other guys.
  • Elle
    i think thi poem is beautiful, i cann realte to this poem every easily. because i have been taken away from my one, true love and it hurts like hell! hang in there girl luv elle. xxx
  • tawny
    I give ita 10!
  • Paige
    Very cute!
  • jc
    i really totally love it. wish i could write poems like u. it really touched my heart
  • CoLLeEn
    I really love this poem. I cried and cried when I read it for the first time! I know just how Angelina feels because I sometimes feel the same and it is SO hard to make the pain stop. This is the BEST poem I have EVER read and if anyone dissagrees you are CRAZY! Angelina, this poem is special. Thank you for sharing it with the world! You are truely a gifted person and I think you and your poetry are AWESOME!
  • serelia
    yes it does it touches my heart
  • Jessica
    i love this poem i was looking for poem to fit the way i felt and i did thank you so much for that poem.
  • Isabelle
    I'm sorry, I had to cry here. I have a best friend who moved away, and I've tried so hard to keep the special flame of friendship burning, but he's made no effort to hold on to me. Even though we were different sexes, we were incredibly close. he never calls, he didn't even invite me round on his birthday, which was an important tradition of ours. I just want Robbie to know that I STILL LOVE HIM.
  • Christina
    i really love this poem my bf of 3 yrs killed himself jan. 20,2005 and i really miss him. (
  • Sam
    This is an awesome poem! I love loving hurt poetry it really shows really what some people go through but dont worry u'll find him. don't give up! But i love this poem!
  • Reva
    That is a very cute poem. This poem is to my man and my Aunt that died. Well I just wanted to said this poem is very cute!
  • bryanna
    love it! only b/c i just went threw a break up and we had been together for going on 5 years. so thats why ot touched me
  • heather
    i think this poem is so real for me cus my and my gurlfriend just broke up cus some stuff happen that wasnt even one of our fualts i miss her so much we almopst got married in goergia but my mom cuaght me cus i was going to go there by her cus i love herand i odnt care if shes a gurl i lvoe her soo much
  • Lisa
    This poem is really good. My fiance just passed away and this poem really puts how I feel in perspective. I'm waiting for the day that we'll be in eachothers arms again.
  • Stacy
    WOW! I wish I could write poems like this one. I was so touched and this poem made me cry. That doesnt happen very much to me. My boyfriend moved to alaska and thats 3020 miles away. I am still in tears.
  • sarah
    i really liked this poem it is just so touching and lucky i found this poem it helped me in life well my relationship
  • haley
    i no EXACTLY how she feels. this poem is sayin just how i feel. my boyfrend had to move away n he came bak 4 a week n just 2 say goodbye was so hard. this poem has touched me deeply cos now i no im not the only 1 feelin this way
  • MJ
    I can relate to your poem, and all this time that was the words I was trying to find to somewhat grasp and express my feelings.
  • Scott
    This poem is so sad, it makes me think of my gf that left for spain.
  • mimi
    My boyfriend has just been sentenced to 5years in prison and this poem describes how i feel it really touched me.
  • Shalom
    i like your poem,i was about to cry when i read this poem. it reminded me a lot of my dad.
  • Chris
    I was really touched by this, it's something that I think everyone can relate to at one point or another.
  • Stacey
    This poem is kool it reminds me of when my bf broke up with me
  • Krista
    I loved this poem because its exactly how i feel about someone who is very dear to me and a fair distance away right now
  • Krista
    is the author of this poem the sister of Larry Craig? well my boyfriend is in the air force. i am trying to hold on and its so hard without him by my side. i miss him so much and know how you feel. great poem.
  • Jessika
    this was a touchin poem
  • Danny
    vary nice
  • Sharon
    This poem was amazing. Pls pass on my best wishes to the author of this poem. I am not a person who is gifted with the talent to write poems on what i feel. but this poem has brought out the exact sentiment that i am feeling for my friend, who is away. thanks guys. I am feeling so nice.
  • Julie
    Thank you so much for writing this poem. It is so pritty and I think it will let me sister know how much I love and miss her.
  • Lori
    I liked the poem bacause i have a boyfrend in jail and there is no way better to express what you feel than this poem.
  • cher
    it is beautiful, exactly how i'm feeling about a failing marriage. i wish could could put it into words so easily. thank you
  • kylee
    its a really kool poem
  • Megan
    I love thid poems i started to cry cause i have a boyfriend that is so far away and i keeop hanging on
  • lycia
    Hey my boyfriend moved away n this poem is great it explains alot i love it it reall express my feelns
  • savanna
    that made me cry that how me and my dad are
  • shanika
    I really feel the pain. I feel the same way every morning. Every since my boyfriend and I broke up. I loved him soooo much.
  • Trish
    This poem is beautiful. My husband is in the Army and deployed to Kuwait for 6 months. This poem sums up how I feel and what I have been going through. Thank you!
  • britt
    omg ur poem was soooo good. it brought me to tears. i kow exactly how u feel. keep writing u r very talented
  • jena
    i just wanted 2 tell u that your poem was tight and keep what you're doing.
  • Alyshia
    I love this poem this is exactly how i feel about someone that is far away from me. on a scale from 1-10 id give this a 10!
  • jessie
    i really enjoy this poem because i am going threw tough times right now my unborn babys dad hasnt came around in a month and he doesnt see how its supposed to be and i love him with all my heart and will never let go i just want my family to be together
  • sandra
    I think your pome is really good and true
  • vanessa
    I loved this poem, i've been going threw some hard times and it was gave me courage to move on and i had just broken up with my boyfriend and just now i got a call from him and we're back together!
  • Travis
    This is the one of the best poems i had read in a long time thank you so much for letting us all get to enjoy it
  • blacky
    i know how u must b feeling right now im going through the exact same thing
  • Christina
    My first love just recently broke up with me, It hurts so much and I miss him like crazy and I don't think that will ever change. I hope and pray everyday that we will be together again. What you wrote, expressed just how I feel
  • Cindy
    ilove this poem i hope that that won't ever happen to me
  • Michaela
    Your poem has rally helped me in ways that I thought no one could. I showed it to my best friend and told her it's how I feel about my ex. She e-mailed it to him and told him what I had said. Now were back together and even more, were engaged. So thank you Angela, thank you.
  • nikki
    ithought the poem was heart thoughting and had a self impression in my heart a great poem to share with a family member or freind.
  • chantelle
    this is the greatest poem that i have ever read. i really explains how i feel about the love of my life and how i hated leaving him.
  • Chelsea
    I really think this poem is the best I've red in a long while you've got talent.
  • Kristy
    i understand wot ur goin thru i recently broke off a 15month relationship with the man that i love and cant find the words to tell him how i feel thank you
  • jessel
    well the moments that i read this poem my hearts keep on saying that evryline of this poem is true for me well the man that i love just move out and the moment i see him moving its seems that the day is now forever for me.
  • fofa
    this poems so relate to what's happening to me. It really touch me.
  • Jessica
    You really touched me with this poem b/c I lost a very dear fellow peir and good friend and this poem just mad me fell like he is still here with me and is going to walk with the calss of 2003 and graduate with them that way there are no tears and sorrows.
  • Ema
    A fantastic poem, and I luv it, it fits me now because at this time i miss him a lot and he's not here with me now when i needed him the most, i've tried so many ways to talk to him, but he simply refused to be there. He's someone new to me, a stranger in the first place. he's my first and my last guy whom i met last year and i simply can't forget him. especially his eyes. just to let him know that i still love him and i am still here, hoping that he will call me one day. i miss you Ray.
  • Jamie
    Excellent work. this explains exactly how I feel about someone that I can't be with right now. and I know how hard it is.
  • Tai
    I myself am a poet, or I guess in better terms in the works of trying to become one, and what I just read inspires me so much to write the way you did.
  • Misty
    I'm in the same situation now and I totally know how it feels. I love this poem that you wrote, it's one of my favourites!
  • mauricea
    this is a sweet poem. i like it alot.
  • lacey
    this poem was really touching to my heart, it was really sad. because i lost my uncle two years ago. me and him were really close he was more to me then just my uncle he was my best friend i was always with him, and your poem made me think about him. your poem was great keep up the good work.
  • nite
    a poem that seems very true.
  • Pam
    oh my gosh this poem has to be the best ive ever written. not only is it well written, but it totally expresses how i feel right now. before i couldnt put into words what i felt. this poem helped me alot. thank you and keep doin such a good work!
  • Juan
    I really like this poem b/c me and my G/F just broke up. its been one day and i feel its been forever
  • sondr
    I really like this poem it reminds me when the time me and my boyfriend had broke up after 1 year
  • anny
    it's amazing how some people feel exactly the same way. and they find a way to express it. well. Angela,u and i feel exactly the same!i know the pain. ! thank u for finding the right words to express our feelings! it's really lovely!
  • britt
    ya that poem remindes me of jeff, i loved him and he had to leave me.
  • Scoob
  • meg
    I REALLY THOUGHT THIS POEM WAS GOOD. it was written from the heart and reminds me of how it feels, when you need someone so bad, and they don't need you back
  • carol
    that was one good poem
  • Kylie
    simply put, you have just explianed the way I feel about my ex. thank you for putting it in words. That is truly I gift I don't have.
  • Diva
    this poem touched my heart it fits my situation wiht my boyfriend i have recently broken up with he dumped me because of me i didnt want him to get mad so i lie if i could id go back intime and chnage it every nigth for the last month n a half i have cryed wishing i could be with him again
  • ashbe
    i liked it, my boyfrined is in the hospital and it reminds me of him when ever i read it!
  • Zuly
    i really love it is like that is what is going on with me right know i loved the poem
  • becci
    i know how you feel i hope you get this person back
  • Sandy
    I think that this poem is very GOOD and it really touch me what it mean because everything that it say is true.
  • KaS
    i luv this poem! i too write poems and his poem reminded me of me and some of my ex bfs!
  • Az
    This is a truly beautiful poem. i am in this situation at the moment and i understand what you mean. as a saying goes - 'What comes with patience, is beautified. I hope you recieve your true love, good luck! :-)
  • Chhavy
    Your poem was off the hook (good that is). I was feeling rather low anyways with emotions of sadness without the love one I truly deeply still love. She don't quite know that I still care and still love her. And it's hard to get over her. Day and night I have signs of depression without. I hope that soon we may get back together. Again nice poem.
  • Shawna
    Your poem really touched my heart. One of the best poems that I have read in a long time.
  • noelle
    this is just how I feel about this I guy I used to talk to. And just seen him yesterday and my heart dropped into my stomach. I followed him until I had the courage to go up and say hi to and we talked for about 20 min. and it made me realize how much I still miss him.
  • cassandra
    love hurts, that is true.and the feeling is known world wide!
  • Temisha
    I can really relate to this poem, it is really deep. Nice work.
  • suilen
    man i tought this poem was great when i read it i loved it sends a deep message to the heart and soul and to that special someone and to angela girl keep makin more poems cause your poems are tight fosho!
  • Jon
    wonderful poem, i can relate
  • Tiffany
    This is so true, I just wanted to tell you this is a great poem.
  • Jami
    I thought your poem was sad but very well written great job it made me cry.
  • desiree
    i love your poem it iz' off da' hook this poem makes me cry everytime i read it
  • erica
    i liked this poem. it's sweet, understanding , and to the point. its a good poem.
  • Brittany
    I love this poem!
  • Coby
    I love your poem although it makes me cry, I once h ad a boyfriend and we went out for months then suddenly cane over and he got his friend Josh to dump me. I went up to him myself and asked him, it was true and from that that day on I feel miserable, I love your poem and I know how you feel because I feel the same.
  • amber
    I love your poem, you see I still miss and love my ex Justin and I wish that he would wake up and realize that I need him yuor poem took me back to thinkin about him
  • christan
    I like your poem. I no what your pane is i broke up with my boyfriend but I still like him alot. hey he cheated on me.
  • sarah
    what a beautiful poem, it made me cry, my boyfriend works away a lot and it was a perfect demonstration of my feelings for him, thank you
  • brandi
    I think that poem was very good. I like to write poerty too and after i read this poem it made me realize how much i really miss my love. Now i feel good about my poems because I know I'm not the only one who writes like this. I really like your poem!
  • Calvin
    The feelings expressed in your poem, are a reflection of why I wake up in the middle of the night.. It is comforting to know that there are people out there who can relate to my experiences..
  • Beck
    I like your poem,it's lovely. it makes me sad in ways,because one of my friends whom i miss dearly hasn't got in touch with me over a period of time and i am extreamly worried as this is very unusual for him. i hope you can tell the person you wrote it about how you feel, in words if you haven't already! well take care and i hope life treats you right and you get what you want.
  • Kath
    I really don't know what to say...I am totally in love with this guy, and I love him so much. But now I'm leaving and its gonna be hard for both of us. This poem encouraged me and thanx to it, I have lots of hope in our relationship.Nice oneā€¦
  • Mel
    This poem is beautiful it makes you understand
  • Natalie
    This poem really relates to me the word's are just so right even though he hurt's me i miss him so and sometimes i just wish he never did but i am strong and i will be ok this is just one of those pomes that show's how i feel thank you
  • Darlene
    I thought this was an excellant poem. It said so much in so few words. I almost started to cry. It tells of my life. But I have a happy ending because the one I wa waiting for has returned.
  • alisha
    I love that poem and it makes me remember the first i felt in love wiht my sweetheart.
  • Shell
    I just wanted to say that your poem is beautiful. I've just lost the love of my life and i know how it feel to want somebody back! YOU GO GIRL!
  • Kori
    I absolutely know where this author is coming from, it helps to know that I am not the only person feeling this way.
  • hubby
    It is a great poem. It really happens in my life. I still miss him although he hates me!
  • Nova
    Great poem!It really touched my heart. It reminds me of someone right now and I really miss him. Keep up the good work.
  • Naisargi
    Perfect! This is the thing I also feel. This poem is what exactly is happening with me.
  • Mary
    Your poem was very moving I am wanting to get back with my babies father and I feel what this poem reads its a good one!
  • Lisa
    This is such a nice poem and it's really sad that some people have to go through this. I know exactly how these people feel. I miss someone that was very special to me too. Sometimes people don't understand the impact that they have on your heart.
  • aalisha
    this poem is so nice.i feel as if what it says is true
  • Kelly
    I think this poem was very sweet. I just broke up with my boyfriend not too long ago and its exactly how i feel right now. Its a good way to express urself, is by getting inspiration from poems like this:)
  • Missi
    I know what it feels like when someone really closer to u go away
  • Shakyl
    Great poem, decribe my whole life. but the ending of the poem is happy unlike in my case I know there will be now such a movement where I will be with her. But don't worry I will find another one.
  • Molly
    That is a great poem; It really touches ones heart!
  • Jessica
    This poem made me know what I felt about a person. See. My ex, and I broke up about 3 weeks ago, because I needed time to think, because he was busy with other things, and we never talked. Now I moved on to someone new, and he is the sweetest guy in the world, but I still love my ex, and he still loves me. I don't know why I can't let go of him, it is just the way I get every time I go near him. I turn from lonely to happy. This poem made me realize how much you love someone when they are gone.
  • Celia
    Hey I just visited your poem site and I have to say this was great, I absolutely LOVE the sad poem because it reminds me of my first love and he like moved away and I never saw him again and I am trying to get ahold of him but he doesnt seem to want to, so this poem is exactly what I think about and what I feel! Thanks
  • Tyrico
    This poem is very good and gives you a great visual on what you feel!
  • Amanda
    This is so beautiful. I am going to send a copy to my girlfriend...i miss her. You are an EXCELLENT poet.
  • Paul
    Very good
  • WES
    I loved it. That is how I've felt many lonely nights. I loved it Angela. Keep up the talent
  • Brandy
    Your poem was awesome and it reflects on parts of my life! I enjoyed it and many others. Thanks!
  • shay
    i love that poem i was in the same situation not to long ago
  • Angelina
    this poem has just the right bit of everything, it really touches you.
  • verwanda
    yes i feel that wate all the time if you could write me a porm about me and my frind pep some thing all most like this porm that i just read for me verwandagooden
  • caroline
    it describes every poignant detail of how it feels to miss someone
  • Natasha
    I liked this poem! It is a sad poem and i can relate to it because i just lost someone i love!
  • sarah
    this is such a true thing. i'm glad that you wrote this!!
  • Noel
    Loved it!
  • Leandra
    I love your poem. It's the same way I feel!!!
  • srinivas
    sadness,is the wrold most loveing one,only sadness give joy.
  • cindy
    i like ur poem is so nice.
  • Betty
    this poem reminds me of my friend i miss so dearly. i know that this poem is about a lost love. steve is not a lost love. he was a good friend. he killed himself 5 years ago. i miss him so. i cry sometimes for hours at a time. i miss him so. i dont know what to do.
  • Nancy
    i like it
  • Becky
    Great Poem
  • linda
    Nice poem, nice structure, nice feeling writtten
  • Rosa
    Being a romantic at heart, I absolutely loved this poem.
  • siti
    This poem is really great even is just a simple.Really belongs for those who is in the same situation
  • Darlene
    I feel the same way after my loss.
  • jose
    really well put, I know what it is like to loose and hope for our lost beloveth to return, but as we all know love was not ment to be toyed with. I think you should move on with a new love so it may inspire you to write newer poetry, true poetry if you know what I mean, for the soul!
  • Monica
    your poem really hit the spot. i love my boy-friend very much. But a while a go we had to say good-bye. i miss him alot. and your poem really made me cry, and think about my life a lot. keep up the good work
  • Nicole
    Great poem and great way of expressing your feelings. Writing isn't meant for everyone but you have the gift.thanhk the lord for that o.k. well god bless and take care. Keep writing, i enjoy it!
  • jay
    great poem keep up the good work
  • Timothy
    I personnally found that piece of writting very exceptionall, I sent it to my fiancee because of her working out of town right now and I felt it was the perfect to use. Thank you very much Angela Craig for submitting such a great piece of work..:)
  • omer
    This poem is a good poem . And I liked it because it applys on me. Its so simple to under stand but have a depth in it.
  • stephanie
    i really liked this poem, because i can see my self in it. i once had a boyfriend and i really luved him , but then whe brocked up and i still dont know why. it's been a year and i still luv him. well i just want to say to the girl who wrote this, be strong and get ya man back. and you have a great talent. keep up tha good work. it helps to write your feelings down, i know
  • Jessica
    I feel the same way about a guy and this poem has given me the courage to keep believing that some day he might be mine.
  • Debbie
    this poem really touched my heart as i long to be with my love
  • Kate
    Simple but says it all, made my cry as it describes how I feel about someone right now.
  • Candice
    I though this poem was awesome!
  • donna
    i know how u feel, it's horrible!
  • Saffron
    Thank you for letting me read your poem.
  • Katrina
    That poem was great! You should just go up and talk to him. I have felt that way about a guy before and I finally went up and told him how I felt and we have been together fro the last three years. Face your fears while you ahve the chance. Go get him!
  • Monica
  • Ronnie
    This poem was great. This is like the same thing I'm going threw. All I can say is Wow this girl knows what she's talking about.
  • Roxanne
    Your poem is awesome. It really touch my heart! Please send me any new poems you have there ok. You're a great writer! God Bless! Take Care!
  • Francine
    Something that we all can relate to and need to say to our loved ones. Thank you.
  • ashley
  • breeia
    i understand how you feel i go through it heaps i think your poem is MInt and that your very talented to wright such i lovely poem

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