A true friendship that lasts throughout the years is rare indeed, and to be treasured as a priceless gift.

I am a senior citizen, and I love the Internet, as it is my path to the outside world and my social life. Deaf since I was a teen, I have found it does not matter here that I can not hear, and I have many cyber-friends.

This poem originally was published in Friendship Poems

My Friend
We all need someone
To talk to in our life,
A friend to whom we run
In times of stress or strife

A friend who's always there
Throughout the years,
A friend we know will care
And take away our fears.

A friend who's always near,
Waiting for our call,
To wipe away our tears,
And lift us when we fall.

A loving friend indeed,
On whom we can depend
To fulfill our every need -
Thank you, precious friend
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  • Robin
    that's a nice poem i liked it
  • xD-smiiles
    Iie LOVED IT!
  • Lilly
    This poem was fantastic, I used it for an essay, i had to anaylze it and i got an A thanks xxx
  • livania
    I realy like this poem and I love it.
  • June
    This Poem relates exactly how it is with my friend of 69 years (known each other since Kindergarten) and are as close as sisters even though we live a long distance from each other we share a lot of the same interests and the Internet has been an added joy to our FRIENDSHIP. Thank you for the chance to read your Poem. J. S.
  • Simone
    This poem was so short and sweet and very good to read. Good luck and keep it up, this is the kind of words every person need.
  • shell
    that was kool as
  • ronan
    ang bewautiful ang itech. ang yubab!
  • shatara
    wow i love it good job u r awesome
  • Hevinnah
    V all have the same taste! So 4 me i think tis poem is wonderful N it also related 2 my story of my best friend ROSHINI n THILIP KUMAR!
  • Sara
    i really like this poem
  • rizza
    your poem is really great. it touches my heart.
  • Sue
    This poem was so touching. My mother-in-law for the past three years had depression and dementia and was cared for by a friend who was also her neighbor. She relied on her to test her blood, give her her medicine, and in the last year or so, prepare her meals. She was so grateful to her. She passed away this April, and we are having a memorial and wanted to give the friend something special. This poem along with some pictures in a nice frame is what we will present her with. Thank you
  • jannella may
    it's a very nice poem. it actually touches my heart and soul becouse i do have a friend just like that. more power to the author.
  • Dream
    This peom is very touching , It entered my heart and I wish if I can find a friend who really deserves the Word ! GOOD Peom ! GOOD JOB
  • Chelsea
    Great poem.
  • Sanchita
    how a friend helps us
  • mesha
    i love this poem
  • Mary
    ty for your words i wish that i had the know who to do what you have done keep up the good work
  • Juanicee
    It was so true and wonderful
  • Barbara
    I was looking for a poem for my dear friend and of all the one's I read this was the only one I found to be true to my circumstances. thank you, exactly what I was looking for.
  • pruthvi
    this poem i like it because it tell's me what is friendship and who are our true friends.
  • ili
    the poem makes me think of the past when i fight with my friends. it makes me feel touched by reading this poem. (=
  • shaniqua
    this is really a great poem. i will be reading it to my best friend that i actually have a crush on.
  • Alicia
  • shirley
    friendship is so special to me this poems, so sweet has just reminded me of how simple precious friendship is.
  • Taylor
    This poem is really cute and i love it! It describes just what true friends really are! keep up the good work! :]
  • Sheralyn
    it touched me alot i cried
  • karan
    this poem is some what different from others an is pretty inovative,i like it.
  • geordyn
    wow i give it a 10
  • amanda
    this poem is so prety it remindes me so much of my friends!
  • nicole
    that poem really touched my heart. is it possible that you can send me more of these poems, i'd love to read them.
  • Chiara
    Very touching and inspiration reflects ur thoughts and feelings. Well Done!
  • Trina
    This poem brought me to tears as my friendship with my friend was exactly described in the poem. We have been through it all together and we know we are there for each other. Very well written!
  • shit
    well i thought it took my breath away. and i nearly died.
  • Surbhi
    very nice poem
  • fuschia
    i wish to be your friend too. your poem to me is very special and beautiful, just like you are ,i'm sure.
  • Melissa
    Hi, Just wanted to say that this a good poem and it hit the spot when I needed it most. Keep up the good work and bless you!
  • Debbie
    I liked this poem very much. It's everything I feel about my own best friend and if I could rhyme and write this is what I would say too. I enjoyed it also because it wasn't very long. Not shorter then some but to the point.
  • tiffany
    Hi, My name is Tiffany as you can see this poem is really wonderful touched my heart and all that you wrote was fantastic i loved it and you know want yor one great person that knows how to write poems its so special
  • Keerthana
    Hi. I am keerthana. This is one of most fantastic poems i have read. It really tells what friendshipis. I like it very much.
  • Christina
    this poem is awsome!. lol. it reminds me of me and my friends and all the things that have been goin on with my life.
  • tasia
    this poem was very touching
  • darlene
    it brought a tear to my eye so true so true
  • stephanie
    wow this was a really good poem it makes me think about all the friends in my life!
  • robin
    i like it
  • laura
    It's a wonderful poem.
  • Lane
    I have read this poem before, and it always makes me realize how grateful I am for my friend of many years. The words are timeless and will always be in fashion for eternity. Lane
  • akanksha
    u've written very nice poems i'll give u 10000/100
  • candice
    this is such a sad but true poem :)
  • Megan
    Its short and sweet and gets to the point. I love it!
  • susan
    this peom touched me at heart because i have a friend just like that
  • holly
    i kno wat u mean
  • Searock
  • Soumya
    This peom has touched the inner core of my heart. As this poem is very nearly connected with my life. I would love to more and more poems of this kind
  • Cedric
    Wow, what an awesome poem! It's very very sweet. Hope that everyone will treasure friendship in lives. Well done! ^o^
  • samantha
    Hi! I'm Samantha I love the poems here because it reminds us the tru meaning of friendship. And it reminds me that my friends will be there always for me 2 guide,support and 2 help me. And it tells that a friend is a treasure where you can depend and trust.
  • Alice
    loved the peom! states exactly what i wanted to say. god bless you alice
  • Patricia
    I just love your poems. They are so inspriational.
  • Paula
    I am writing a lesson on friendship for my adult Sunday School class and this will be the opening. Thanks for the inspiration that it gave to me.
  • brianna
    i really like this poem because it reminds me of a friend she is my very best friend jonbenye .
  • abeer
    you know what? this poem touched me inside 'coz we rarly see those feelings today and it's good that therer still someone who care for such feelings GOOD JOB!
  • surapaneni
  • Darnell
    I think this is a beautiful poem. I wish I could write like this. God Bless you.
  • gabbie
    i thought it was a touching poem and made me think of my friends!Thanks 4 writing such a great poem! gabbie
  • alicia
    this poem reminds me of all the times mey best friend was there
  • lea
    good poem had to print it
  • Mary
    Hello Hi Iam Mary Masuzumi From Canada i Love This Poem Its kool And Who Ever Wrote This Keep Up The Hard Work And Nice Words! ((Teehee))
    I like this poem because it defines what a true friend is. If you have a close friend this poem is the perfect poem to let them know that you care. A poem well written.
  • caroline
    just beautiful
  • kat
    really good poem
  • crystal
    omg i love your poem
  • daneil
    i really loved this poem. i read it and it seems more like by friend and i alot. keep up the good work and i hope to read more soon.
  • Debbie
    I really like this poem it reminded me of my best friend he not here anymore but this is how i felt about him thank you keep writing and i will keep reading
  • Suzi
    This is a reli sweet poem, you are really talented who did this- it really touched my heart and i gave it to one of my bestest friends in the world xx
  • misty
    This was an awsome poem, it's really true like what i mean is that's the way it really feels. It's really good, keep writting, and i'll keep reading:)
  • chase
    awesome poem. This is a true thing that sould be evident in everyone's friends. A true friend is there for you when you truly need them. Keep up the awesome work
  • Jessica
    I like this one better than the other poems on here
  • alexis
    i like it
  • Laura
    i liked this poem because it explains my friedship with my best friend anna
  • Kathie
    Friends are very special and this was a great poem, thanks, Kathie
  • ariza_06
    like this poem. n_n!
  • latonya
    that was real niceand sweet
  • ashley
    I think that was the nicest poem if i had to vote between 1 and 10 i would give it a 10
  • Fredilyn
    I like it.
  • sharon
    this poem really touched me wow!
  • barb
    simple but very impacting
  • flora
    it describes my friendship with my bestfriend. its so close to what my heart would say to my bestfriend.
  • Allison
    This poem really touched me. !
  • zhala
    hi iam zhala i like ur peom very much i hope like this peom everytime take care best of luck
  • emmalee
    I think this peoms is very good because it reminds me of my two friends I have and it's really a friends peoms.
  • bitopi
    i luved the poem coz it depicts a true friend,the reality of gud frendshipn and it touched my heart greatly.
  • Julie
    My vote is for this poem as it says what friendship is all about.
  • patricia
    A wonderful, loving message. Thanks for blessing me. Sincerely, Tricia
  • Nikki
    Such simple words, but sos true.
  • Deena
    Excellent expression of friendship!
  • Russell
    I love the poems here ,i have warmed the hearts of many friends who blushed like red rosed with the love i have carried to their hearts with the help of these poems ,thank you so much .
  • Mary
    That poem touched me because its like me and my best friend and how our life together is thank you for writing such a nice poem
  • shahid
    this is simply excellent poem. i like it very much
  • Jac
    Hey! Congratulations i really liked this poem, it reminded me of a great friend so i sent it to her ( i hope you dont mind!) im sure she is going to really enjoy it too. keep writing!
  • Marian
    I really enjoyed this poem it touched my Heart and really says what a true friend is. Thank you.
  • chanei
    your poem truly tuched me. it realy reminds me of my best friend and i . keep up the good poetry. by.
  • Vanessa
    This is so cool I gave it to my friend and she loved it!
  • t.kim
    this poem is great! i luv it cuz it's the truth bout friends n the power of friendship they're always there 4 u n u for them n this poem proves that it is true that friendship is powerful n 4 ever even when ur not talkin to each other! :)
  • kathryn
    i love this poem it matches me n my mate perfectly.
  • Marilyn
    This is a great poem
  • Alexis
    I really liked this poem because I have a best friend and I can relate to this.
  • Trudy
    Just like to say this is a beautiful poem
  • Crystall
    this was so touching i had to write it down for my BFF because it truly was wonderful. Thanx!
  • sharon
    this poem is moving and should be sent to any true friend thanks
  • stoner
    o mt god that made my freind cry
  • Jessie
    This poem reminds me of my best friend Alicia b-cuz she's been there 4 me through good times and the bad. I give your poem a 10!
  • jackie
    It was a great poem me and my friend both loved it
  • nicole
    this poem touches the heart and shows what a true friend is.
  • kim
    hi this poem was the best ever! i love it!
  • Lyn
    I sent this to a dear friend, every word written seem to be written for her, very inspirational. Thank You.
  • soumya
    i feel that this is a touching and humorous poem. I wish you all the best for your future. and this poem really touched my heart. very well done!
  • Melissa
    Very Good. Deep Thoughts!
  • natalie
    i just want to say i think that this poem is really nice it really made me think how much my friends mean to me thanks alot xx
  • Laura
    I liked it alot because my best friend does those things for me a so much more and i hope that everyone has a friend like that because every one deserves one.
  • yani
    Hey, datz a really good one you got thr! Totally excellent!
  • eddie
    there realy kool
  • crissy
    what a beautiful poem. it made me cry. it reminds me of my best friend. FANTASTIC
  • Pooja
    a fabulous poem well thought of. it generates the steam of friendship to a true friends heart
  • lauren
    i send this poem to my best m8 and it really touched me thank you so much. i love you
  • BABA
    Sammy,your poem is ze best my brother,with people like you writing this kind of poems the world will indeed be a better place for all of us and our loved ones. thankz
  • meme
    awesomely true poem
  • Nita
    This poem has such a true ring to it. It should be printed and placed on everyone's refrigerator to remind us that true friends are rare indeed. And we need to appreciate them.
  • ganesh
    it is a very beautiful poem it touch my soul i am inspired by this poem
  • LISA
  • Siti
    i was really impressed with this poem and it really touch me. now den i know the real meaning of friendship. tis poem is so meaningful to me.
  • kevin
    great poem!
  • yo
    I feel its a very good and touching poem. Well done
  • brandi
    i liked this poem so much that i had to print it outanf show my friends
  • rotsen
    this is truly a work of art.
  • vince
    holy cow! what a great poem you have. thanx. #:-)
  • Nancy
    I hope it's always here when I need to let a friend know how I feel, as it says it so well. Thank you
  • hayley
    this poem is realy touching! well done!
  • Chance
    This is my favorite poem on the site. Very inspirational with wonderful words of truth.
  • melissa
    well this peom has true meaning thats from the heart and sammy lane sharp if this was made up byyou then you have amazing talant and if you r going to carry on in the poem buissness u will go very far in life
  • Angie
    I think this poem is fabulous, I was so touched by it and I thank you for writing it, I hope others enjoy it as much as I did.
  • Cece
    This poem is beautiful! It really touches the heart!
  • michelle
    I absolutely love all of your poetry Aunt Sammy. I have been truly blessed just by having you in my life. I love you very much!
  • Jenn
    This is a grate pome and it really showes who a true friend is.
  • lethin
    it was superb. a friend indeed is a friend in need.
  • Claire
  • tyson
    this poem is the best i have herd in a long time
  • Darlene
    This is an incredibley wonderful poem that will be shared by me to a very special friend!
  • sofezzy
    This poem was a very intresting poem . not only did i like it but it brang back memories of friendship .
  • jessica
    man girl ya really know how to write i really liked it and what ya said is really true much love and peac out
  • Irene
    Your poem touched my heart
  • Jesslynn
    This is a very good poem i like it alot! :)
  • Lindsey
    This was a great poem. It says almost everything about a friend.
  • Lauryn #7
    hey gurl your poem was so good the one about the friend cause i have a best friend named jessica and i gave it to her.
  • Becky
    Really liked your poem. It describes the friendship I have with my best friend perfectly!
  • Marleen
    Hi I just finish reading your poem and i honestly think its great. I can really relate myself to it
  • Farha
    I CAN just say, AWESOME --- gave the tong to the HEART
  • Krist
    It was really good
  • Nancy
    I love ur poems and I hope one of these days I can right something good. Good Luck if u want to be a poem person
  • shalu
    this really anice poem. it reflect the feeling of friend to his precious friend. i'm lucky to have such good friend. i send this to my friend.
  • kitha
    Great poem nothing but the truth sammy
  • jen
    very nice poem
  • Trish
    wow. i dont noe what to say. but nice poem.
  • Harry
    i just couldn't forget this poem! i had it in my head for a week! this truely discribes friends
  • john
    That is right. Everybody needs a friend.
  • Lisa
    I hope you don't mind but my friend used your poem in my birthday card 2day & it really touched me. Thank you and well done.
  • Wendy
    Hey! This poem is great. It really gives the meaning of a friendship
  • Butterfly
    What a truly wonderful poem to send to my very "BESTEST FRIEND" ever. I consider her my "SOUL FRIEND". Thank you.
  • Terri
    Very nice, thoughtful and heartwarming poem! Just what I was looking for to share with a long-time true friend!
  • nivu
    it`s to coo to save in heart.
  • Kayla
    I really loved your poem I was trying to find something to fit my friends & this really did the job! I enjoysed it so much thank you for everytyhing!
  • Nirvanna
    This poem was wonderful!
  • Nicki
    I am lucky enough to have five friends that I could send this poem to. Thank you for conveying my feelings for these friends in such a lovely poem. They will all enjoy it when they next check their emails.
  • Amanda
    I really enjoyed your poem it described me and my best friend perfectly. I was trying to find a poem that fit our friendship and yours did the job it is a very beautiful poem- Thank you
  • Joyce
    Beautiful Poem.
  • Lexia
    that poem was perty!
  • Secret
    This poem sums up the true meaning of friendship. I am sending it to my secret sis.
  • Dana
    My friend is 4000 miles away, chances are we will never see each other, but he is always there for me, your poem reminds me of our friendship
  • Caitlin
    I really liked your poem it is really great!
  • Nancy
    The perfect poem to show how grateful I am for my best friends devoted friendship. It conveys my feeling toward her
  • Shantelle
    This poem was one of the beat I've ever read. It said every thing my best friend is. Keep up all the great work Sammy!
  • Connie
    I really enjoyed your poem.I thought of my lifetime friend (cousin)when I read it and just had to send it to her.
  • Michelle
    Great Poem! That is what friendship is about! Keep up the great work Sammy! Hope to read more of your poems!
  • Joanne
    Great poem, it sums up friendship very well.
  • jessica
    great poem ! it touched me ! love it alot !
  • Melissa
    I really like this poem it has so much true meanings of friendship. It brings out all the feeling that come with frindship. It is a very wonderful poem.
  • Candice
    This poem is very nice, keep up the good work Sammy!
  • katrien
    this poem just says what I feel about friendship and about friends. it says all i think about my best friend and she really deserves this poem, this poem is perfect for her. so, thank you Sammy, for writing this poem
  • Jose
    This poem is the best I ever read. Good Job! Sammy
  • Christa
    i just love this poem, it is the perfect thing to say to a friend when you need to thank them for just being there!
  • kari
    it's beautiful.
  • Wanda
    I hope I am that friend!!!
  • melissa
    Your poem described everything I was thinking and just didn't know how to say it to my friend.
  • shakura
    i really like the poem because it has a true feeling for a true friend
  • Michelle
    This poem says what I feel and makes me realize how priceless real friendships are, just as the author says.
  • CindiSu
    This poem made me think of the friendship I have with the Lord. He is that friend to me that will always be there. It is a very beautiful poem - Thank you.
  • Sue
    I thought of my own friend when I read this.
  • Don
    great (right to the point)

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