We all have things that we won't let ourselves do. Some won't let themselves cry, love, hope, fear, hate, or have faith.

This poem is partly about me, as all poems in essence are a part of the poet. Another part of the poem is to encourage others to reach out to people who are in pain, before it's too late. Life's short, why not make it sweet? I can guarantee you that somebody needs you.

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems

She Won't Cry
You see the pain that lies in her eyes,
But, alas, her eyes are dry,
She won't cry.
No, she won't cry.

You see the anger that burns from her gaze,
The madness that sets her eyes ablaze,
She won't cry.
No, she won't cry.

You see the fear that closes her eyes,
The smile she wears is but a disguise,
She won't cry.
No, she won't cry.

You see the hope that is finally dead,
She cannot trust for her heart has been bled,
She won't cry.
No, she won't cry.

You see the love that lies within,
But she shall never love again,
She won't cry.
No, she won't cry.

You see death's hand that has glazed her eyes,
No one saw her die inside,
They won't cry.
No, they won't cry.
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  • ShaeLover
    I love this poem. it reminds me of what i used to feel until i found my man Shae
  • natasha
    a poem from the soul
  • Ta'Tianna
    This poem really touched me because i feel like im in that kind of situation now. because my friends in the hospital & all. its really descriptive =]
  • preeti
    marvellous piece of emotion! lot of us wil identify ourselvs wid dis one! kp goin buddy. gud luck n god bless
  • Paige
    your work is amazing i understand it so much beacause of my life i have had has made me change the person i was all together 10/10
  • dakota
    that poem was great i have allmost read all of the sad poems on this site but this one is tops
  • KC
    It inspired me, and I very well enjoyed it
  • Ella
    I think this is really good, when i read it, its like the person who wrote it knew how its feels so be so sad but yet stay strong and wont cry cause you know that noone is there for you, just like i feel
  • Hannah
    I love to cry. It makes me feel bttr. So you cry. let all the hate and sadness and overwhelmed feelings just slip out through ur tears. Scream, and curse, and throw ur belongings all over the floor, just dont hid ur true feelings behind a locked door. ;p
  • tiffany
    hey girl, i love that poem and that poem describes some poeple i know. and i know how that feels also and it sucks! and u do everything possible to try to get rid of that feeling but its not possible sometimes! i feel ya girl.
  • Barbara Jean
    this was a real nice poem and it broke my heart it brought tears to my eyes very nice job
    you no what i understand that complelty
  • J
    WOW! made me cry -- good job
  • Christina
    this poem is so sad to me. it makes me think of this girl. she's so isolated. so alone. you are a great poet. and it makes me think and tell myslef that i will never let that happen to anyone i see in that situation. it's a beautiful poem. because it's so beautifuly-worded. this has touched me deeply. keep it up.
  • raven
    i love this poem its good
  • Paresh
    Hey there! Just went thru ur poem. It feels like u were supposd to write this for me. Every feeling that i have is best described in ur words. cudnt have put them ne better. Thx for the lovely poem. it will remain with me always :)
  • Brianna
    I voted this because its just like me in every way and plus its a good poem
  • kara
    This poem right here explains how I feel every day in my life. I feel pain and despair and people see it in my eyes, but I just won't cry. I refuse to let my guard down like that. I hate when people feel pity for me, because it makes me feel I am weak. This poem lets me know that I'll be all right and that I'll make it through this tough tough fight. Now, I know, it's safe to cry.
  • simone
    this is a very good pome this poem is speaking the truth. keep writing more peomslike this this was very good
  • Shauna
    Jppoet, I like your poem it is good
  • Caitlin
    I love this poem. I feel like this too. I feel like i cant cry or love anyone because of my past. And i feel for you if you feel like this.
  • Zibby
    My best friend is right next to me, Going through the same thing.
  • Anon
    The person you wrote about in this poem, is so much like me. the only difference is I WILL cry. I do cry. I am crying. but they won't cry, they don't know
  • greismel
    i ThinK this poem is one of the best. ;
  • rux
    i liked this poem it reminded me of myself.
  • Alex
    Very good. Thank you.
  • Amy
    This poem really touched me. Because my father was never there for me when I was a little girl and now he still isn`t here for me.
  • sabrina
    i love it it made me cry
  • fatimah
    i like this peom because it feels like me.
  • jackie
    My mum died a week ago and this poem tells the story of her life. Over the last few years she battled with my sister having cancer (and thankfully recovering) and my dad been left an invalid following a stroke. Over the last few weeks of her life I felt that she lost her fight - this poem says it all. many thanks I found it strangely comforting to read this poem.
  • lone ranger
    to see one so empty, hurts. yet it makes no sense to live in the world with a dead soul. thank you for letting out those feelings.
  • Jessica
    This poem really spoke to me. I guess it reminds me of. me. I don't really know why; I can't point out what about it applies to me, but it just speaks to me. I really love it, I do! Keep up the good work!
  • Siannean
    We see, and we will cry.
  • angel
    omg that wus so cute -Angel
  • lulu
    this poem is me i can relate so well with the feeling of being dead inside and nobody knowing thank you
  • dee
    I love this page period.
  • brittany
    i love your poem. its so good
  • Oksana
    I liked this poem very much. I read it over and over again. at times it seems that I am like this girl. and that was what really reached out to me from it. Please continue writing poetry for your words can reach any soul, even if it is too pained to admit it.
  • Emma
    i loved your poem. its everything i am but couldnt put down in writing.
  • Holly
    Wow! This is so how I feel right now! I have had past bad experiences, especially with relationships, and I was about to give up completely on dating when I found out that this guy I work with liked me and we started dating. Then suddenly he just drew away from me, he didn't tell me with words, but I read it through his body laungage and the way he avoided me. So when I confronted him (I basically had to corner him) he told me that he just likes the single life too much, that he is extremely independent, plus he doesn't have time for a single life since he feels that it is his job to take care of his mother and 21yr old brother. He told me that he doesn't want to ruin a good friendship by getting into a relationship with me, but that if I wanted to be friends with benefits with him that would be cool. The sad thing is, I know that all that load of crap he told me was a lie, because he doesn't remember that I was there when he told his buddies that he was looking for a girl who will commit to him, and a long term relationship. Anyways, So I ended up feeling used because of the way it all played out, and worthless because he didn't value me enough to tell me that he didn't think it was going to work out rather just string me along. So, this poem that you wrote I love and is how I totally feel because all of my friends don't know that what happened even phased me, except for one. She said she could see my different moods through my eyes.
  • Steph
    i fink dats a reli sad poem
  • notimportant
    i really liked this poem i think its becuz thats how i am.
  • sharelle
  • Sarah
    Iloved this poem. thisis the best thing that i have heard. Well anyway i loved it
  • Mickey
    I can totally relate to this poem. It really made so much sense. No one saw me die inside either.
  • misty
    In the past 7 years Ive lost my best friend, my first love & my favorit uncle, I know all to well this pain. I want to tell someone how I fill but I wont, I dont cry misty P. S. Please keep writing It helped me somehow
  • Reham
    I love it
  • Elterese
    When I was reading all I could think was that this was my life. Hurt but I will not cry.
  • susan
    you hit it! thats how i feel most of the time, since my son was murdered 14 months ago. the anger, the pain,but yet i hold tears back so much. i hurt so deeply for he was my only son. mams boy of course. now i feel like i cant go on like i should for my other two. my daughter sent this to me. is she telling me she understands & can see what im going thru. she is 22 & in alot of pain herself. thank you!
  • Taylor
  • jessica
    awsome poem
  • jessica
    wow your poem was awesome it was beautiful!
  • scarlett
    i think the poem is very reflected on the world itself
  • natalie
    this is a great poem very touching
  • Shekeria
    For someone to have come up with these thoughts, must have gon through something, or be very vigilant. Either way it is a great poem.
  • Lacey
    I love to hear poems that really express reality today.
  • Hannah
    I liked the vague description. It is excellent for this style and gives the poem strength. It sounded almost like something I had written. Funny, isn't it, how a poet's mind works?
  • Patrice
    This is a good poem! I enjoyed reading it and it makes me jealous. You said all the words that i wanted to say but just couldn't put them in the right words. Thank you!
  • meg
    o god how true this is. it's amazing how closely this resembles me. i mean, i've been trying but it's hard, ya know? but i just wanted to say. wow.
  • cecilia
    this is a cool poem that relates alot to my life.
  • Lil T
    dis poem really discribes me!
  • Amber
    I like it. there's a simplicity to it but it represents so many things that sometimes are hard say.
  • juninks
    very nicely made and very sad. 10/10
  • Fairy_In_Shadows
    Ohh. I love it!It's so deep and powerfull poem!
  • allyson
    i like this poem because it made me feel good and it shows how i feel right now as i write this comment, thanks to the writer! love all. sanchez
  • Colleen
    This poem seemed like someone wrote it about me, I really related.
  • Tameema
    that was truly beautiful. i understood everything you wrote about. some people see crying as a weakness and fear it, avoid it. very touching
  • Cheryl
    I love this poem good job keep it up!
  • Jacqui
    Beautiful and haunting
  • Logan
    I really liked that poem. It was so deep! Some people wouldn't understand it. But it only means what you make it sound like it means.
  • mariana
    i liked this poem alot, it reminded me, of when my best friend died.
  • Leigha
    I loved this poem. maybe because thats the way that i feel. i dont want to show my weakness to any of them. i want to pretend that i'm strong
  • kassie
    this was a really good poem one of the best so far. keep on writin so i can read more of ur poem
  • T
    Touching poet which expresses the feelings many feel, yet go unnoticed by others
  • cindy
    This poem was so simple but it said so much in its simplicity. The last verse was what got to me the most. I sometimes wonder if anyone REALLY sees me and if anyone would notice if i were to fade or even care for that matter. Thank you for this poem.
  • sara
    i luv this poem it oh most made me cry. cuz im in a situation. that i might cry
  • joanna
    hey girlfriend! this poem is all about keeping emotions at bay , that's what it makes mr feel anyway, i think yo're so strong for what youre going thru and just keep your head up, and do what you gotta do.
  • kelly
    this poem reminds me of myself. no one can see wat is wrong with me and why i wont cry no one understnds. looks like you do though good job!
  • Namatari
    WOW! This says so much about the largest problem humanity needs to face more deeply. . . the suppression of our sadness-of our Hearts. So well said. Wonderful sharing.
  • sarbear
    I read this poem and couldn't help but bust into tears! This poem is a description of me and my life! I Have so much pain, fear, and deppresion locked inside of me, I couldn't let it out, until i read this poem!thanx so much to the writer! You may have just saved a life!
  • rachael
    this poem is soooooooo good i understand it completely. i know how it feels and it sonds like when i was goin through depression but dont worry there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Cheryl
    Wow, This poem blew me away i was really impressed. it reminds me of me. i have so much pride that i cant cry sometimes good job!
  • Sarah
  • erica
    this poem is one of the greatest! it reminds me of me ! my heart has been bled thats why i will not love again!
  • manda
    people say they know how others feel, when truely they never will understand. but the hurt and pain can be felt. this poem describes how i am. hiding within myself. it was great, thx :)
  • Mike
    I simply loved it.
  • kimberly
    i love this poem it really touched my heart
  • Heather
    I like it, its very nice
  • Richard
    I love this poem,it really makes you think about the people around you,who could be disguising their own sadness as a smile. I know that because,I'm one of them.
  • Alora
    WOw! I love that poem. i can relate to it so much.
  • Kate
    OMG this poem was amazing but When Im hurt. I just cant hold it in but you r truley talented!
  • chrysti
    omg i loved yer poem it has definetly touched my heart. i vote five!out of five i guess tonight was a waste of eyeliner if you know what i mean.
  • Pauli
    hey. thanks lol. this poem is great. it got me deep. i feel like that's me. but. when i read it. i cried. haha so maybe not. your words are beautiful. and theres no other way to say it. keep on writting
  • Yajaira
    when i read this poem. i got chills going up and down my spine. every word is written beautifully. my eyes were tearing when i read this. your a very good writer. please write more i would love to read them!
  • brittney
    ~!~loved it~!~
  • kate
    one of the best poems i have ever read!that is my life you wrote about word for word.
  • alysia
    it reminded me of me thats why i love this poem so much. ive been through so many hardtimes and when i read this poem ive realized ive died inside but yet no one can see. they cant see that the smile i produce is a fake but i still keep my head up well i try but over all this was the best poem ive seen
  • Courtney
    Wow, This was one of the most inspirational, and moving poems I have ever read. I feel as if i could relate to it on so many different levels. You did vary well on this. Congradulations!
  • rhonda
    your poem sounds like it came out of my mind, this is how i feel
  • Ashley
    I really loved this poem, with everthing I am going through, it makes the most scence out of anything. You are a very tallented poet. If I could rate this it would be a 12 out of 10
  • Angel
    I loved your poem it was so good it reminds me of me because i dont let people see me cry. I cant remember the last time Ive cried. Because the only place I cry at is inside of me.
  • anya
    I have felt this way before.
  • jade
    this poem reminds me of wen ma grand ma and sent it to ppl in ma family
  • Julieann
    very simple yet very touching. beautiful
  • Emma
    i loved this poem. it's like the story of my life but in your words. u r a great poet and i hope you keep writing cause the world could really use your help.
  • daisy
    omg, i can totally relate to this poem. u did really good keep it up :)
  • Claire
    This was such a touching poem and I can totally relate to it. It's one of the most- undescribable poems I've read and that's a good thing. I love it, I love it. It's beautifully written because I just feel the same way and I can bet you a lot of other people do too. They wont cry when something has happened- always trying to keep it in of fear or anything and hide it with a smile. This poem is great. Awesome job.
  • Tori
    Oh em gee. I love this poem. I heard about it from a grl in my class, and HAD to search it up. I've pretty much felt like this for about two months.
  • Bubble gum
    This poem really touched me because my best fiend is moving away and i am not very good at cying in front of people.
  • Beth
    I read this and cried. This poem is me. the words I could never find. but it is me. Thank you for writing this for those of us out there who feel exactly like the words here.
  • mindy
    excellent poem, when things are tough it is nice to read a wonderful poem that helps express the pain
  • necrobuddha
    i think this is great work. it really cuts to the essence of our society. no one shows their feelings, and it hurts them and the people around them by doing so.
  • lois
    its fab a real good pice of work
  • Kristen
    The poem was awesome. I just wish that it had been longer because it really touched me. It was definitely deep. The poem reminded me of myself and how i feel sometimes. Keep up the beautiful writing and I'll be sure to keep looking for more of your work.
  • Jennifer
    This was a very touching poem. I know how this feels. My teenage years haven't been the best and I am still going through the worst. Poems like this touch not only the heart but the soul. Jenni
  • Bree
    I love this poem, I can relate to it because of the things have been through thats makes me not want to trust no one with my feelings.
  • Remesha
    As I read this poem, I thought of the pain that this person must be enduring and felt encouraged and moved by the powerful words of this poem. It is insprirational and it gives a chance to put myself in the shoes of others. This is a splendid choice of words.
  • Lauren
    I love this poem it is really good!
  • Shawnee
    This was very touching, and so true to me
  • Candice
    I really love this poem i hope you keep it and send it to me?!?!?!?!?!
  • Liz
    Hey, this was a great poem. I write poems myself, and this one really remings me of myself in so many ways. Theres some one that trys to make me cry. He hurts me physically, mentally, and emotionally, but hes related. So no mushy stuff. But he trys to make me cry. And hes the only one that can make me cry. But thats when he hits me. Otherwise I don't cry. And your poem kinda explains it. Great job. I hope you create more poems like this one.
  • Daeleen
    I hope this us a touching poem to eveyone.
  • stephanie
    i like this poems its relly good
  • April
    I really like the poem, because it reminds me of me. I am like the girl that ill not cry, but then again, neither will they.
  • jesse
    this poem is so sad, it describes the way that depressed people feel perfectly.
  • Katie
    This poem is a reflection of how I feel, I find it difficult to cry despite the pain.
  • chridtina
    OMG that was amazing
  • Jennifer
    your poem is awesome I can see myself in it, thats just the way I am I wont cry no matter how much I'm hurting
  • Ebony
    This poem was a very interesting one. It really hit home for me. Keep up the excellent work.
  • alexandra
    i think that u are talented and i wisk i had skills like you
  • ashley
    It's hard for me to describe why i like your poem. it's just good. really good. i hope that means something
  • Sanjeev
    A very touching poem
  • Sheli
    this poem is amazing. i have totally been in this girls position before, actually for most of my life. u did a wonderful job conveying the emotions of this girl. u have an amazing talent. keep writing!
  • Tonnika
    Hey, your poem is SO Meaningful! That was a ver good poem!
  • Sarah
    o. m. g. i can relate to this poem alot!u are an awesome poet!i love it!
  • StAcY
    for the real time i can say that i really feel that this poems is writin to me coz that explain all the feeling inside of me good luck byez
  • Cindy
    I think this is a beauitful poem, every time I'm feeling down I read this to keep me going.
  • Amy
    As i read this i was mesmerized cause i can completely relate. Never trusting anyone with your feelings and constantly hiding behind a smiles when you are sad. i love it keep up the good work
  • sam
    i thought ur poem was great it really has a meaning
  • Erica
    THat poem remindes me of me so much. I never cry and sometimes I don't even let my feelings show.
  • Megan
    That poem was awesome and describes me in everyway Great Job. Keep it up.
  • Amanda
    this was a very beautiful poem i have seen poems and read so many of them but this was by far the best one ive seen in a great while and wanted to tell you that it was so beautiful and seemed so real and true keep up your good work and im looking forward to reading more of your work in the future!
  • Kelly
    im glad you wrote this poem for me. its so true and youve captured how i usually feel in a poem. you're the greatest
  • Sheenagh
    This poem describes how I feel now. A man I fell in love with lied and tricked me and I refuse to cry. It hurts so much I wont allow myself to cry over him.
  • supergirl
    I really really love this poem. It describes what lifes like for me at the moment and for some of my close friends. really great work. hope you write more like this cos ur a good writer =D thanx
  • Shelby
    This votew is a really touching poem! i'm a poem writer myself and have poems published in books! and i think this is a great poem! it really discribes me all the way down to my heart! thanks for a poem writer to finally write what i feel for once!
  • AMY
  • amanda
    I really liked this poem. It is sad but i can relate. Keep expressing yourself you did a good job of it.
  • Jian
    that peome describes me so well. i never knew how to put in words how i felt. it is as if i can now describe the feelings that i have. i hope other people will reach out to me and others like me but it is like they dont see us. i love the poem. keep writeing.
  • Kristina
    I really loved this poem because I think it describes me. I have been hurt many times but if I cry, I won't stop. No one knows how I feel inside because if I tell them,I'm afraid I'll cry. It's like the she is me,and them is my friends.
  • toni
    I refuse to cry . I hate for anyone to know how I am feeling and letting them have that control over me to know I am hurting . great job keep it up
  • kayla
    I love this poem very much. I can totally relate to everything that this poem says. The poem is just like how I am and how I feel. Keep up the wonderful writing!
  • joanna
    yhis guy hurt me but i wont let him see that. i really like this poem cause it reminds me of me
  • Darcy
    this is a darn good poem! i love it i can read it over and over again. it makes me think.
  • Lindz
    this poems really brings true meaning to people that hide in the dark and can't ecsape.
  • cc
    I really liked the poem. I could relate to it in alot of wayz.
  • Kim
    This is a wonderful poem. When I read it, I felt that it describes how I feel at the moment. No one cares and no one knows what happens inside me - no one wants to know. Even my 'best' friend doesn't care. Your poem is wonderful.
  • arus
    no i won't cry thank u 4 tat poem
  • sarah
    i love your poem it's very good! it reminds me of myself and i'm glad that you've wrote about it and you are indeed a very talented writer
  • H
    WOW. that was a great poem. it was SO me. In other words i felt like i was the 'she' in the poem!
  • Nora
    I loved that poem. It's exactly how I'm feeling. I just found this website and I was looking for someting to express my emotions right now. your poem is it.
    I like this poem it makes me think of myself and how it just hits home. I understand where the person who wrote this is at and just how they feel.
  • cindy
    Jppoet. i never thought anyone could put my feelings in words as you did. it makes me cry whenever i read it. thank you so much.
  • pups
    I enjoyed reading this poem because its as if this poet wrote it for me. Keep it real Jppoet.
  • hali
    this is a very sad poem and i think it means alot to me because i cant evr cry even though deep down inside i want to but yet i cant let it out i just end up keeping it in and instead i act gofy
  • Kayla
    This poem was Beautiful, a very capturing piece of work!
  • Joshua
    I liked the poem because it reminded me of one of my friends. There both really misunderstood.
  • Tinks
    How well it describes so many of us. Written simply, yet manages to get across the defiance in us, yet the helplessness we feel, whilst appearing to all as strong as ever. Thank you.
  • misty
    i really liked the poem.
  • Annie
  • Lynn
    In so few words, this poem has captured that feeling of all hope being lost, of knowing that you are slowly dying inside and yet no one knows, therefore you must die alone.
  • debra
    i think this is a very sweet poem and i hope they have more like it on here
  • Janelle
    I am a poet too and this poem has so much depth and emotion in it. I love this poem not only for that reason but right now your poem clearly defines me perfectly. Excellent Poem.
  • Diva
    This MOVED every inch of molecule in my body, and tore right through my heart to a place that had died a long time ago.
  • Ashley
    "She Won't Cry" is a wonderful poem. I don't usually like sad poems, but this one just really caught my eye. It also seems like a song. I really do think that this is an awesome poem, and I would love to share it with my friends.
  • faye
    This poem was really nice. I really enjoyed it.
  • Piper
    I loved this poem! it is as if it was written for me because i do not remember the last time i cried. maybe thats not a good thing but it really touched me anyway.keep it up
  • Pocahontas
  • aleen
    this poem was really good and i like it a lot and it mean alot to girl because we have all been hurt and we try not to cry no matter how bad it hurts
  • Roberta
    this poem really touched me because its the way i feel and act two yrs ago i was hurt really bad and since then i wont let myself be hurt again
  • Briana
    I think that alot of people can relate to what the poet is saying. Rarely is our pain and emotions left out for people to see. Instead it eats us up inside. The author has done a beautiful job of putting it into words. Keep up the good work!
  • Amanda
    I love to write poems myself and read them as well.when i read this one it made me think of this one person who i know better than anyone else knows her and it decribes things she feels and way she acts and it just touched me so close i decided to vote for this poem!
  • Alexis
    i really liked this poem because i ack like that sometimes. sometimes i have so much pain that wont cry or show or let a soul even know my pain
  • ALaina
    I really liked it, It really describes how I feel.
  • Elaine
    Sad..but nice one.. Loved it :)
  • Vera
    It takes great courage for a woman to tell the world that she will not cry. This poem also sees beyond the synthetic smile, we woman must wear at times. As my son decays and dies, I won't cry.
  • Gidget
    This poem makes me feel like the author knows me. It touched my heart, but I didn't cry.
  • Nicole
    I loved this poem, it was so true too. That in a way is like me, and so many other people i know. I loved it.
  • Yvonne
    I would like to say this peom is so awesome and it relates to me so much thank you for this
  • sandra
    A wonderful poem. I was lifted by your obvious understanding of how it feels to be in such pain.
  • Coalie
    The eerie mystory that comes from the words hit just the right spot. The strength of this person and the stuborness to avoid what is expected gets the point acrossed.
  • monica
    Thanks for seeing me and saying the words that were hard to put together...
  • Cheyenne
    this poem touched me so sadly and deeply...beautiful work my friend.
  • Jack
    "She Won't Cry"... This poem truly hit home with my emotions. It did a number on me. The very essence of the poem is so completely honest and valid. See, I too have difficulty trusting because my "heart has been bled." But I do believe in hope and new beginnings, so I'm holding out for that special someone to sweep me off my feet. Thank you, Jppoet.
  • stephanie
    this was i poem that touched me so i think it was a good one
  • Winter
    i loved this poem, i totally know whay the author is getting at. its so sad to see people like that, and even sadder to see others so oblivious to it. keep writing...you have talent
  • Mindi
    I loved it! I made me think of my own personal feelings and how now that my heart has been broken i tell myself i can't cry. I won't cry anymore. And if i do cry it is all alone, and the feeling kills me inside. Thanks

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