This is a poem I wrote after my best friend, (now my boyfriend) told me he loved me for the first time. We both understood that "love" is a strong word and we rarely used it because at that time we weren't together yet so we didn't want to say anything we were unsure of.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Teenage Love Poems

Don't Tell Me You Love Me
Don't tell me you love me if you are not sincere
For a lie that strong can ruin my life and bring on a new fear.
Fear to be loved, fear to love ever again
It can cause my fragile heart to break, tear and bend.
Think of all in life that will be missed
because of one small broken promise
So, when I put all of my trust deep within you
Please don't tell me you love me, unless you truly do.

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  • badgurl22
    i really like that small poem it was a good think u speak out ur mind. well peace out!
  • ashley
    I really felt this poem, the word love gets thrown around so much these days. Its a word that should be cherished and just be thrown around
  • morgan
    Hello, iam morgan iam 13 years old. I write lots my self I just really love it, but I really like this poem i hope to get older an rite as good as u and other people can well its good. byebye
  • gardenia
    this is the best love peom. i love this one
  • amanda
    this is always what i am dieing to tell this boy that if u tell me u love me then it better be the truth because after i say i love u that means i am sacifises myself for love so this is in my words what i want to tell him. it was a awesome poem in words.
  • Valentina
    this poem is amazing. i love it, i am even sendin it 2 my boyfriend right now
  • izzy
    i liked this peome cuz it is so true you dont want him to say I LOVE YOU unless he means it. cuz then u dont really know if you want him to be in your life well i loved it dats wut it is
  • Mary
    Oh wow. this is really good. It definitly touches me. somehting quite like that has just happend to me. so I think it's VERY good!
  • sherry
    This poem remembered me of my frist boyfriend. i love it its asome.
    this is a great poem it touched me and keep making poems dat inspire us!
  • Ashleigh
    I think that this poem is so true because my Ex boyfriend told me he loved me now he hates me . The sad thing is i still lovev him.
  • kristi
    that poem is totally awesome. i know exactly how it feels to be told youre loved by someone and they totally didnt mean it. it hurts and scars for a life time it seems and it takes forever to heal from the pain. love can be used to heal or destroy and a lot of times we cant tell whats going to happen until the final results occur
  • Laura
    WOW i really LOVE this poem i personally would have changed a few words to fit my situation but LOVE is truly so strong of an emotion that it has many different meanings. GREAT POEN
  • Azucena
    i really liked it
  • Afrika
    it was good and i can really relate to it.
  • shannon
    i really like ur poem that is a very nice poem
  • Chantale
    This poem is amazing! It relates so much to what a lot of teenage girls go through it really emphasizes the difference between love and lust! This poem sends out a positive message that I'm loving right now! Kudos to you for writing this! :)
  • tashoni
    i really like this poem becuz its kinda tha same way that i feel. i write poems 2 but ive neva read one so beautiful 2 me!
  • alyce
    he:) i relly enjoyed this poem, it truely means something and i think every one shold take note of whay it says. well done
  • Yolonda
    this poem is true a guy did ruin my life. i thought i was in love but i guess i was wrong. but now that i am 16 i found someone that i have been with for 5 months changed me, this is the longest relationship i ever had.
  • Tara
    This poem is exacly how i feel. I was just in a reationship and the guy hurt me really bad by saing i love you and did not mean it.
  • tasha
    yeah that was good cause my ex boyfriend told me he loved me and he did me wrong but i dont no what it is about him i really do love him cuse we been though so much together and i pry every day that god will let us come back togther so if u dont mind can u pray for me and my exboy friend his name is james so holla at me on my my space but i like your poem keep up the good work and keep your head up dont let nobody put you down.
  • Justine
    this poem is amazing. my feelings were definitely written down in words.
  • Rose
    Hey wow ur poem is so true. why should anyone say I love you if they dont feel it like a real thing? only if they want to brake some hearts. its awesome ur poem keep it on writing!
  • Ashley
    This is a great poems and I liked it alot!
  • Steph
    omg this is a gud poem. i never told my ex boyfriend that i loved him. because i knew it would just end in tears. im happy to say that i was sooooo right.
  • jazie
    i like that, its very touching
  • Kari
    This poem is great. I love it aswell. How can you write such good poems? I love them all!
  • Jessica
    love this poem it's so true keep writin it's tight
  • crystal
  • Dayanna
    This poem is deep.
  • Sha'Kesa
    I love this poem because the way this person wrote it, its telling the truth of what happen to me. Like this boy claim he loves me because I heard him talking about this girl behind my back somehow his phone line got twisted with mines and it hurt so bad that he lied to me trying to make it up. But we don't talk anymore and Im glad because I really moved on with my life without him in it. So whoever wrote this poem it really does touch me very much and thank you.
  • AMY
  • robert
    im a 14yr old male n i luv dis poem
  • TreAnn
    I like this poems cause it has alot of meaning to it. I love u is a strong wrode 2 use and if u don't love that person like u said u do it may hurt that person. i say i love u 2 my boyfriend and i mean it from the bottom of my heart but thats not saying he feels the same about me. i will share this w/him and c what he say. keep up the GOOD work.
  • Mellysa
    i really love this poem because its so true. Saying "I Love You" to someone n knowing its not true causes sometimes more than just pain! i really love this poem!
  • D.C.
    your poem touched me so much because it kinda how i feel about my best friend that thinks he loves me and you have talent and i just wanted u 2 kow that i love and appreachate your poem i hope ill c more and i vote u a nine on ur poem
  • diamond
    This poem really had me thinking about my boyfriend and if he really loved me or not. It turns out he did and we have been together for about 3 years. wow.
  • Angel
    I love this poem it really fits into what im trying to let someone special know. thanks
  • Nikki
    omg. i really love ur poem u have wroten. its so true for most women, why they cant get close to another after it has happened once, twice, and sometimes many more.
  • tikeissya
    Dear writer, Honestley this poem is part of how love is created. I enjoyed this poem because it was similare to a relationship that I amin but now that the relationship has grown stronger I finally can say I LOVE YOU!
  • Crystal
    I really liked. It made me think. I can relate to it sooo much. great poem!
  • Emilia
    I liked this poem because I relate to it. Usually all of my ex-boyfriends would say "I love you" the same week that I would start dating them. Then I started dating my now-boyfriend and he told me "I love you" a little over two months that we were together and is the longest relationship that I've been with someone. I was so scared when he i love you and I told him not to say it unless he meant it and he said that he did, so I started crying and i told him that i loved him and he asked me why I was crying so I told him why. He told me he would ever hurt me and I started crying even more.
  • Richelle
    hey this me tellin you that you are a good poem riiter do not stop
  • brittni
    this is a really good and true poem i thought that i would never love again till i met jonathan
  • AnaLycia
    This poem really touched me. My exboyfriend hurt me really badly. He act like he really liked me, He would tell me he loved me very much. Now I can't even think of being with some one else.
  • Nhi
    I think that your poem is reallt good and it has a good meaning to it. Ur a great writer.
  • A'Shadiyah
    THIS POEM IS SOOOO TRUE! I love it!and here is why: i was in relationships where guys told me they loved me and lied!now. well. im afraid to love again!
  • andria
    i understand completely. only for me it's too late that lie has already ruiened my life.
  • Kimberly
    that poem was good write me one to give to my boyfriend Please and thank U
  • judy
    i love this poem its sooooooooo true and painful
  • shy girl
    i loved your poem very much is nice and describes everything i needed to say to some one! yeah you do know what im talking about thanks
  • devil's angel
    i loved it!
  • Shanyke
    This poems is Real Talk. The person who wrote this is real 2 think of this so i give u your props and just keep writing poetry.
  • Juliona
    I really liked this poem it really relates to me
  • becky
    the poem is well sweet and you are so right you should never say i love unless you mean it xx (*+*)xx(*+*)
  • ciara
    this is a very lovely poem which touched my heart because my heart has been broken recently.
  • judy
    omg. i cant beleive it!i wrote a poem just like this a week ago 2 my bf. he said he loved me and i did 2. i got scared bcuz wat if he werent true. i thought it was just me feelin like that and maybe it was crazzzzzy but thanx. now i realize thats normal 2 feel like that.
  • sattar
    this poem really shocked me cos it is really talking about love which means a lot to me. i want to say to a girl that i love her but sometimes they don't understand cos they think of the bad way of love this days as some guys do now but in my mind it's different i really need some one as true lover.
  • Brittany
    This poem is awesome.
  • Grashus
    this poem is really good it mad me cry because a dude did me like that once before and i didnt think i could ever trust another boy in my life but i did and he is so wonderful inside and out and i love him so much
  • Lute
    i really like this poem it really touches my heart. thanks for the kull poem!
  • Kila
    This poem is very truE! Love is not a word to play around with!
  • Cassie
    this is really true!
  • mandy
    thank you it so true
  • Kirsty
    This touched me. I've been there and know how hard it is. Great job.
  • Kianna
    This peom was good
  • Sweet-Zyrah
    That is so True. Oh my GOD, this poem is so ME. I can really relate to it. Whoever wrote this. YOU ROCK!
  • kelsey
    that was a really good poem i liked it alot and i know what you mean with the poem i am going through that now
  • Natasha
    This poem really ment a lot to me becuase i can really relate to the writer. i really injoyed raeding this poem.
  • nilanjana
    i loved your poem because now i know what to say to the person who proposed me recently.
  • chae
    I LOVE IT! ur super
  • punkmunkey
    i like the poem because i feel where he/she has written from deep down inside my heart
  • sarah
    i loved it sooooo much! the last sentence was definitly the best!
  • candida
    This poem touched me because i was in my 8th grade year in middle school (im now a junior) and i fell in "love" with someone. we dated up until the first couple of weeks of my sophmore year. we said we loved each other and we had future plans and everything. and he promised that he would always love me. and then that promise got broken and it tore my world apart and left me depressed for a very long time. this poem touched me because its the truth, "love" is a very strong word that should not be used unless you can honestly say without a doubt in your mind that you do love them, because it can hurt people.
  • Catie
    I really do like your poems. I told this to my frist boyfriend, for him not to say he loved me unless he ment it. He never said 'I love you' after that. Then we broke up. I told my second boyfriend that, he said it everyday after that. Then I told him it would just break my heart if he didn't mean it, he said it would break his heart if I didn't mean it either. We've been together for 4 years. I was 13 when I went out with the first guy, that only lasted for about 2 months. But they second guy I'm 17 now, and he still says he loves me everyday.
  • Shorty
    Hey this poem is so true i love it.
  • karen
    a guy can tell you they love you a million times but to a grl they mean nothing but just words. but if you say it to that special grl one day without them expecting them it could mean so much. you said it a million times and it means nothing. you say it once and it means so much cause it came from the heart.
  • cathy
    this poem is very nice and so true ppl who dont mean those three important words shouldnt say them
  • jaleesa
  • LaTonya
    I really like this poem it's very true guys should not tell us girls that they love use and they may not mean what they say so i say thank you miss lady for the truth i thats within the poem DON'T TELL ME YOU LOVE ME.
  • angel
    this poem really touched my heart. i just had to send it to someone. i give this poem a +
  • Doneshia
    this is how i feel about my curent boi friend i have had my heart broken and he knows this so i just want him to know not to tell me he loves me if he doesnt
  • Katie
    I love this poem! I've been hurt so many times that I completely feel and know what you're talking about. Well I'm gonna use this poem for my school project but I will be giving you credit. Thanks for the great poem!
  • patrice
    i like this poem because when people say i love u they should me it
  • Gabby
    Omg when i first read this poem it touched me soo much because this is wat im going through with my boyfriend and now i sent that poem to him and he loves me this is the best poem i have eva read mwahz :) thank-you
  • nadia
  • Taylor
    i love this poem because i go though the same problem. i am 12 and my boyfriends say they love me but i never really know 4 sure. this poem is amazing
  • Clay Curry
    Man that's an awesome poem!
  • jennifer
    this poem rox!
  • adri
    i loved your poem. right now there is so many people that are out of the wood work coming and telling me that they have loved me since they have meet me. i know that they dont mean but everyone else says that they do. i know inside how it will huryt me if theyare saying it with fals intensions
  • bre
    this happend to me i just got out of a serious relationship and i was in love but there was no love given to me so our relationship was all bacicly a lie ~bre
  • steph
    i vote for you cause this is a great poem
  • Bubzarina
    This has just made me realize my worst fear. Its exactly how I feel, and now I am scared to love again. I shared this fear with my new boyfriend who hasnt had as much experience as me with love. But he had words of encouragment that Im greatful for his advice and we are now in a steady relationship and I fully trust himz!
  • Bri
    this poem was really good no great
  • Brittany (708)
    i relate to your poem cuz i feel the same way. dont say i love you unless you feel the same way. i really enjoyed reading thsi poem and dont stop writeing.
  • Jamie
    I think it is so true! The guy I was with a while back said He loved me and i was the percfect girl he could ever think of to spend his life with. THen he broke things off hte next day! It crushed me. i couldn't date for a long time after that cause i was scared all guys were like that!
  • Maggie
    I really love this poem. It expresses alot of what I feel about alot of things. I really dont get how people can allwayse throw the word around without meanong anything. Soon telling someone you love them wont have any meaning at all and we will have no way of expressing emotion. Keep Writing.
  • Tina
    dis z da best poem ever! it's so sweet n kind! n it really tells between a gf n a bf! :) :)
  • amilia
    this is a wonderful poem!I feel like saying this to all guyz that say I LOVE YOU and u know taht they dont mean it.
  • annette
    girl u really know how to write some love poems and keep on doing what u doing
  • Jackie
    I like this one noone should say they love you if they dont mean it. Even if its you boyfriend. Love is such a strong word.
  • Lola
    this was a great poem and it was touching
  • Chrissy
    that is so awsome because i have had several guys tell me they love me and it always ended up in a brokin heart.
  • michelle
    i normally don't vote because i like all the poems i read but damn!your poems are awesome!they explain a lot of things in just those words!GREAT JOB!
  • Britiny
    i like this poem alot it really is true i had a guy tell me he loved me but i knew he was just playing but guys shouldnt play like that niether should girls some people say that love is just a word it really dont mean nothing well it is just a word but it's a word that should be used when you really mean it for it to be used for just fun and games thats wrong you never know how much you might hurt the person your saying it to and somtimes it might come back on you with the only person being hurt is you. much props 2 ya
  • mahwish
    hey this poem is really a touching one i luv it well keep trying good work. babye tata. n good luck.
  • Jasmine
    This is a pretty good poem. On a scale of 1 to 10 it would get an 8
  • jaleisa
    its beautiful
  • erica
  • Kayla
    I love this poem this poem this poem explains a big part of me!
  • tell
    i loved it! i think that every guy should read this before geting into a new relationship b/c the three words may be said then to keep the girl but always hurt her in the long run. this is asome and so good. who ever wrote this realy understand the feelings of ppl, nd doesnt just use ppl.
  • Star
    This a tight lil' poem
  • chasity
    i understand what you are sying my exdoyfriend us to tell me that he loved me but i found out that it was all a lie when he cheated on my with my best friend. so when my new boyfriend zack says he loves my i just say ok! because i don't know if i should belive him.
    wow, well that is some true. is reality.
  • Bridgette
  • Tiny
    i like this poem. but i think that 'Love' has alot of means. it is a stronge word and u have to make sure that the person who u say it to know wat u mean. i once said i love a boy. but i ment it as. he will always be in my heart and his a really close friend and that i will always love him, but i didnt mean it as. 'i love you lets get married. so when someone says they 'Love' dont straight away thing. he wont u. the fact that it means so many things is the reason why it is such a stronge word.
  • khou
    great poem=)
  • Julia
    Out of the many poems i have read on this site this one is truly the one for me and the one that touched me the best its exactly what just happened to me Thank You for writting this poem it will be with me for ever
  • Heather
    I love this poem because I can totally relate to it.
  • red
    I really agree with your poem. This is how I felt when I found out that my ex cheated on me with my best friend. Then he had the guts to tell me how he loves me and he wants to be with me. thank u know i know that may hurt
  • Candice
    this poem did touch me because i'm going to be in high school next year and me and my boyfriend have been together 4 like 2 years and he says he loves me but he doesn't show it good i'm always pissed at him thax candace
  • Brittany
    that is so true!1
  • Anthony
    This is one of the most goodest thing i have heard about women that i like.
  • Rhonda
    I love this poem too because I had told my ex use to be my boyfriend, that I love him all the time but I knew he didn't mean it. So I told him if he didn't mean it don't say it but now to this very day he tells me he meant it.
  • Altrus
    From a male perspective, this is, indeed, a touching poem, illustrating the damage that can be done with those three words.
  • cassie
    i loved it
  • ashley
    I never really vote either! but i started to date this guy in wendday and now its friday the 15 and i satrted dateing wendsaday the 6 and he is really sweet. he lives 2 hours away from me ad go backs home saturday and he says he will never leave me and that iam the one for him forever and i dont know if he is tellin the truth he said he fell in lvoe with me and iam afraid to move a step farther . he is goin back home tomorrow like what if he leaves me iam so scared i love him so much i will never live without him i hope he dont leave me!
  • Autumn
    i really love the poem like becuase there once was a boy that i liked and he told me that he loved me i thought he meant it but it turn out that he had another girlfriend and one day i was walking in school that is when he said and then said to me do you love me but i told him i had to think about it so i was going to tell him yes i walked over to the table and has i was walking i saw him kissing his girlfriend he just looked at me and i looked at him but he boke my heart so bad now i am over him but he likes me now.
  • sara
    this poem is great alot of ppl dont understand how 2 use the word love and mean it!
  • Tiffany
    This poem really touched me as it totally happened on me before. I had experience and when i read it, it was like every thing replayed all over in my mind. My sadness, his lies, my tears. But its all over now and i think this poem really dictates all girls' fears.
  • Danielle
    this is a great poem. I wrote this poem to my boyfriend because, he always says he loves me!
  • Danielle
    This was a great poem. It means alot to me!
  • mays
    Avery nice poem . it's a brief story .
  • amanda
    this is nice you tell it how it is that is what happend to me a guy tod me he loved me then all the sudden he didnt he ruind my way of living loving again
  • Jonathan
    This poem is very true and i intend to give it to the girl i love if she returns my affections.
  • michael
    that was a really good poem
  • Shakerria
    i love the poem it remains me on how i fell when my boyfriend tell me he loves me
  • Dolly
    i soooooo understand the words in this poem. and the message is really true. ive had someone tell me they loved me hten ogne back on it and it happend again 2 days ago andl ike it says in the poem, it really has made me scared to EVER hear those painful yet beautiful words evereverever again. well done!
  • Keara
    I love that poem. it is saying what every girl is thinking!
  • alexandra
    really be-utifull poem
  • nessa
    it was short but sweet. it was good and you made it so it did not drag on or say the same things over again.
  • Elsa
    I get what ur sayin, I went throught the same, my current boyfriend was my best friend too, so when he said the L word I panic for the same reason, lets just hope its for real, cuz it better be.
  • jenny
    I loved your poem it's great
  • Julie
    This is a very good pome. I know how it feels to have someone say thay love you than walk away. It is very hard to trust anyone agine. I have a boyfriend now that says he loves me but I'm not shur he dose.
  • Rose
    I love this poem. I have said that so many times to my boyfriend.
  • kyra
    i really like this poem. it reminds me of so many guys that i have dated.
  • Mel
    I enjoyed reading this poem because young people of our generation don't take "love" seriously at all. It really can't be thrown around well done!
  • mai
    that peom really touch me you knoe why because i have a friend or some one thats going through a relationship like that will just like how that it is and that most people are like that
  • Kia
    hi. i really like your poem because i'm going through the same thing . and its saying exactly how i'm feeling. good job!
  • jennifer
    This Poem is exactly what I wanted to say. Thank you for writting this and helping me say what I felt!
  • vonani
    Your work is so wonderful and it even encourages me on two main things in my life. First on my writting of poems and secondly on who to believe when it comes to relationship. I thank you. Voni ( south Africa)
  • Amanda
    My bf reacently told me he loved me then broke up with me. He's crushed me for life
  • Tess
    I have a best friend that i love truly and i care about very much he has a girlfriend and i have my eye on another guy also well one day he was over and he told me he loves me and this poem makes me think about if he means it or if he is just being nice
  • kendra
    I was onez told by a guy that he loved me but lied about everything he did tell me and it broke my hurt and i do have a lot of fear to love again.
  • Amanda
    i usually never vote but i love this poem! me and my ex are just "friends" if you know what that means and he always tells me he loves me but if he really did i wouldn't feel like i do now! keep it up
  • Alaina
    I think poem was really true ,cause guys can say that word to you and they don't mean it all pluse all it is to them is a satifaction. Over all it is a good poem.
  • valerie
    this poem about telling someone not to love them touches me because i truly believe noone should love unless they are in love. that noone should take love as a joke because love doesnt take you as a joke.
  • brandi
    oh my gosh that is a very special poem i think that everyone feels this at some point in there life.
  • jessica
    i really liked it it touched me and brought back alot of memories of my ex and i. i really want u to keep writting poems and express your feelings because that is the only way i can express my fellings. good job
  • Angel
    This poem was amazing to read, I almost started to cry, it made me think of the first time someone said "I love you" to me, and that promise was broken! Great work.
  • amber
    I loved this poem i'm going to give it to me boyfriend who is constantly telling me he loves me!
  • ellie
    i think this poem is really nice. people wouldnt say they loved you if they dint mean it. so i think the lads need to think about it first before going and saying it. and the girls should know better
  • katlyn
    nice one =)
  • liezel
  • jennifer
    i loved it
  • nikki
    hey i truely believe in that poem bc i have had a hard time with guys who have told me they loved me but then broke my heart when they found a new gurl just keep believing in what you write bc 1 day you will find a guy who wont just be tellin you that they love you just to get some
  • Michelle
    i really liked this poem. i wish i could print it out and give it to every guy in the world, just to tell them that an "i love you " is very important and you shouldn't take it for granted!
  • LIzzy
    Wow this poems is really good. And so true.
  • jay
    i love the poem "don't tell me you love me". it's really good. i wish i could have thought of it myself.
  • Rosie
    i love it. ive been through the same thing and i agree with you totally
  • Lalla
    What can I say, this poem was everyday of my life before I finally let go and found a new problem to deal with. However, that's not what I am here to say. I know exactly where you are coming from infact my experience as alot harder that he only said he loved me to get something in return. I am such a fool I can't believe I fell for that so many times.
  • megan
    this is such a kool poem awsome i love it you are soooooo good i wish my poems were as good as this
  • mia
    hi i just wanted to say that this poem out of all the ones that ive read really stod out to me. i could really relate to it. so just wanted to say thanks for writing it it feels good to know im not the only one who feels that way
  • Francesca
    This poem really touched my heartand I can relate to this poem cuz I've had people who I have been with say it and iI tell them please don't say it if you really don't mean it cuz it hurts
  • Rina
    i liked your poem good luck for the future ones
  • angie
    i really liked it, its a short poem but it means alot
  • Shirley
    wow what a poem! short, sweet and direct! excellent cause it's so true, I'm a writter myself and I like your style
  • Lakendrick
    i just wanted to say that i like your peom. i wrote it down and gave a copy to my girlfriend and she like it to. your peom really help. Thank you
  • jenna
    I like this poem. I believe that everything is says is how everyone feels about love.
  • Tek
    Oh Dear Lord, this is exactly the kind of poem I have been looking for. I am in kinda the same situation. I dont even know what I feel right now for him. I love him to death but I dont know if these new feelings are just a product of me being single for more then six months and Im looking for love anywhere. thank you thank you thank you
  • Lizzy
    I can relate to this poem my first "true love" only lied to me
  • Shawn
    It was cool
  • kiki
    i loved this poem because it was so short bubt it still means so much to me. i've been there
  • Stephanie
    this poem touched my heart alot specialy because i am goin through a situwation like that and i was very confused now i can understand what i need to do thanx to you the author!
  • Zakiya
    LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! This poem is deep and makes anyone who reads it think on a different way
  • heather
    this poem is so true. my ex who is kind of a friend with benifits does the same thing.
  • In
    this peoem is really nice and in one hand its true :) good job :)
  • Araceli
    hey, i just wantd to say that this is a great poem. I truly loved it, it was awesome! nice job
  • Tara
    It explains a lot and I love the meaning!
  • chris
    i lie this poem
  • Chris
    hi i think dis poem iz so good because its true wut it says. Don't use the word love if u don't really mean it because if u do say it and u don't mean it it can effect the rest of your life.
  • inez
    your poem is exacly what i am feeling right know u see i have this b/f sorry to say but he has a rep of cheating and he is allways telling me how much he loves me and i dont want him to say it enless it is true u know and some times i think does he really or what because i need to know if i can love him back and i worry if he is playing me and my home boys say he dont lov you hes just playing games so he could get closer so your poem related to me alot i thought it was great cuz it was so real so mad props to you and am gone!
  • Mitra
    That poem was really good. How old are you? I write poems too.
  • ramone
    this is the most true heart to heart kind of a poem this was perfect
  • BabyG
    i think that your poem was great it actually reminded me of some one i know. well good job love on writing that great poem!
  • shann
    hi. i just read your poem and i liked it. and it's true if there isn't real love then you shouldn't even dare to say it
  • Raque
    I just dont tell me you love me because it helped and my boyfriend in our hard time and as he read it he was not for share if he loved me or no and after he read a few days later he told me he loves me. Thank you
  • Tiara
    That was a good poem. I liked it very much.
  • liz
    i love your poem, keep writing, you have a talent
  • G
  • Andre
    I love this poem I can really relate to it. Especially in the situation I am currently in. Thanx a lot for being an inspiration.
  • Jessi
    I just wanted to say that this poem was so awesome. This situation has happened to me and it made me cry to see it in words. Your a great writer. Thanks
  • toya
    well the reason i like this poem because its real and have a real meaning to it and its true
  • babes
    gosh, i love ur poem. i can relate. it happend 2 me once. :(
  • Des
    This poem just grabbed me. I had a boyfriend for 9 months and he told me he loved me every day and then one day he told me that he never loved me he just said that cuz he thought that was what i wanted to hear.
  • Jeana
    I think that it was a good poem and I sent that poem to a guy that I have been seeing for 2 years I know I love him but I dont want him to say he loves me because Im afraid it wont be true but someday I want him to say he loves me.
  • fallo
    i really love your poem. i had to go through the same situation but it was with my father. Keep up the good work
  • Annie
    i loved this poem. it reminds me so much of my ex boyfriend! it made me cry!
  • armenda
    i loved your poem it really touched it reminded me of something i felt and it makes you want to cry because it hurts to get your heart broked im 15 and have been in love once and it really hurts so whoever made the sayig love hurts knows what they are talking about and so do you!
  • Aya
    It was really nice!
  • Travis
    your words could notbe more true. in today's world people say i alove you at teh drop of a hat, they do not realize the power those three little words have on the ones we love. Say it sparingly and never say it unless you mean it
  • Rose
    wonderful peom.just wish everyone in this world understandz the meaning and seriousness of "Love".
  • whitney
    this is a really good poem it reminds me of me and my boyfriend wesley so much it makes me cry.
  • ontreon
    it was good
  • Dana
    one word: realistic
  • Victoria
    Hey, your poem was neat i really liked it,keep up the good work!
  • Ashley
    I like the meaning
  • nicknick2005
    I love this poem. It is the poem everyone should live by. This is the Best.
  • Justin
    I had this explained to me and it broke my heart.
  • Amber
    Hey! That poem is really good and is so realistic! Good Job!
  • Dustin
    Wow what an interesting excellent poem. Im just 16 but wow that is soooooo true. Amazing work!
  • Brittany
    i Like that poem alot because it is true . I get tried of people telling me they love me and they really dont. I am so glad to heard that someone feels the same way.
  • Jerad
    I'm sorry that this poem reminded you of me Heather because believe it or not I truely did fall in love with you. Good poem though.
  • Amanda
    You're poem is great!I totally agree with you. Love is such a strong word that can have a great affect on people and it should never be casually thrown around! Thanx for sharing your poem with everyone.
  • Jessica
    I really love this poem because this boy that i will always love because he was my first tells me he loves me but i know he dosent really mean it so i dont know why he even says it
  • blue
    your poem is GREAT
  • Dan
    I really liked your poem, but I was disappointed to read in the comments that everyone assumes that it is always guys who say it and don't mean it. I know I meant it when I told my current girlfriend, but when she later said that she loved me she didn't seem sincere to me. So I sent her a copy of this poem, asking her to be honest. I was right, but she liked me a whole lot and didn't want to lose me. I know now that when she says it to me, she'll mean it. So thankyou to the author, whtever your name is.
  • Amber
    the meaning of this poem is really dont say i love you unless you know it is true. great poem!
  • JOSH
    this poem remindes about many of mt first girlfriend who used me like ay toy..But now i found a true love at last!
  • Nikki
    I have to admit, This poem was really great. I needed to hear this poem. Just recently I went through some bad things with a guy I was talking to and I still am hurting from it and I can rwally relate to your poem. I'm glad things worked out for you.
  • Yaoxochitl
    Peolple don't know how powerful three words can be.If you don't use them correctly it could cause endless pain, and i think words like "i love you" shouldn't be use just because.
  • trenity
  • heather
    this is a good poem., it reminds me of a guy i just broke up with and he said he loved me but i know he didn't mean it. good luck with all your poems:)
  • polly
    I really liked your poem because it relates a lot to me and my boyfriend. He was in a 5 year relationship with this girl and he told me he loved me first at 1st i felt like i was a rebound for his ex but then i found he really did love me later of but at first he didn't. he was just used to saying it and he thought that if he didn't then i wouldn't be with him anymore. but it put me though a lot of hardship cuz my heart was confused.your poem really touched my heart thank you.
  • amanda
    I absolutely love this poem!
  • Benjamin
    great poem
  • Alex
    I really loved this poem it was just great
  • Fallen
    This is one of the best poems I've ever read. It tells of pain that can be caused by a false pretense and the damage that can be caused.
  • Nickie
    Hey, I loved the poem, it was great.

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