I wrote this poem when I was going through a really bad patch in life. I thought that no one ever understood me and that I was totally different to everyone else. It's not a very long poem, but it's all my feelings in words.

This poem originally was published in Poems on Life - Teen Poems about Life

There is a part of me
That feels I am different from everyone else.
Something that I can't quite see,
Something that I can't quite feel,
Something so unreal.
But this 'thing' is always there,
This 'thing' with others, I will never share.
So I push it to the back of my mind,
All the thoughts of boys and clothes
And make-up, it is hiding behind.
Sometimes, when I have almost forgotten,
It comes back with such ferocity,
Angry and unforgiving.
I feel so lost and sad,
Whatever caused this feeling
Must have been so horrible and bad.
A lost memory or something else,
I'll never know,
Whatever it is,
I know for sure,
I can never let this feeling show.
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  • bob
    i loved it because the poem could be about me lol:0:)
  • kisskisssisters
    this is a very beautiful and straight from the heart type of poem.
  • mariah
    from a 1 to ten i would say absolutly a ten i felt exactly like this before and in fact its as though i can never get rid of that feeling so i guess i still feel that way
  • Alexis
    Seriously. I thought I was the only person in the world who ever felt like this. This poem felt like it was talking directly to me. I know exactly what its like. Thank you so much!
  • Brianna
    This poem was awesome.
  • No one speical
    this poem was really good. i know how you feel when you say nobody really understands you. i feel like that all the time and i dont really no why. but it was great.
  • Sabeeha
    This poem has so much meaning. it is so real. and true as if one can touch the words. It is beautiful
  • Hailey
    that was so real i really loved your poem it was great lol
  • Bianca
    I loved it so much it kind of relates to me.
  • joy
    i really like this poem. can explain why i like it so much, just know i have felt this way many times through out and in my life. 41 years on this planet and still learning. thank you for your time peace and harmony with and amongst all joy
  • Erica
    Amazing poem I can relate
  • tiffanie
    i love this poem and i can really relate and i'm sure any other teen out there can.
  • Andre'a
    I voted for this poem because, it really toched me in a place where I've been tring not to let everyone see but has it has definitetly been showing. This is part of growing uo but, it just feels like im the only 1 out there that feels this way pain and struggle. Thank You for this wonderful poem it has really opened up my heart to something new.
  • Lauren
    i cannot stop reading this poem for this is how i have felt my entire teenage career and i just never knew how to express it. its a beautiful poem
  • Courtney
    this is a beautiful poem that really reveals the background life of a teenage girl
  • destiny
    this poem is good cause when i read it i know exactly what your talking about and ur not alone
  • Jillian
    You talk about the truth. Everything u said was true
  • Jay
    I read this poem when I was looking for poems to put on my away message to express my "sad" mood, if you will. It really touched me, and it made me feel a lot better to know that I am not the only one who feels this way. I think this poem identifies greatly with many teens, and is in general, a great poem. =)
  • de
    i really do think your poem is cool and thanks for your time
  • maari
    wow breathtakin this is me. WOW
  • rachel
    holy crap! i totally feel like this poem could be about me! oh my goodness i love it love it love it
  • scott
    great job this poem is everybody although they don't know it, it is so keep on writing and will keep on reading
  • jordan
    i understand that feeling.
  • Jenn
    This sounds like a poem that I would write. It was really good. Please keep it up!
  • waleta
    I love this poem I write poetry just like this because no one seems to understand me
  • Cassie
    hey that was good you should write more.
  • Sheriesh
    I really liked this poem because any teenager can relate to it I mean even if many teens hide this from the world outside of them it still sits in their mind so thanks for posting the poem because you can really be a great inspiration.
  • jasmine
    that poem is me i feel the exact same way its touching keep writing
  • Amanda
    That is have I feel when my parents treat me like I nothing.
  • sherry
    Your poem reminds me of something I might have wrote quite along time ago. I'm a mother now and feel that sometimes my daughters feel the same way at times. And sometimes not all of the time its best not to know everything. Sometimes our minds block things for a reason. But I do know continue to express your feelings on paper or computer, it will give you peace.
  • mel
    biig yOorself uhp On thiis pOem- ii felt daht ii cOuld really relate tO iht .
  • daisy
    """"""""i love this poem it shows how much she tries to hide that feeling that she doesnt want to feel from my point i think she is scared to change """"!
  • Chelsea
    OMG! This poem is so much like my best friend! I'm the only one she talks to and she tells me EVERYTHING! I love her dearly but she can relate so much to this poem. You did a really good job. Keep it up. Peace
  • Victoria
    hey i really loved this poem. i don't know it touched me in an aspect of my life i can't describe. i feel the exact same way. you easily fall into the crowd, forget about your worries and then you soon face them and it is overwhelming. i loved it!
  • Rosa
    I found this poem strongly reflected a part of me, and felt at the very least, that I should let the author know how I appreciate that she took what I felt and put it into written form. I loved it very much.
  • Alma
    I really like this poem because is something most teenagers face.
  • mande
    i love this poem from the day i saw it here. this poem has chnge my life from ok to good.
  • Kristian
    This poem has touched me sooo much that it had made me get teary eyed. I want you to know that you have changed a part of my life. Thank you.
  • kendall
    i don't even know how to start, to know that someone else thinks these same thoughts makes me sad, but also, in a way, helps me. eventhough i do not know you, you've touched me in a way i can't explain. thank you so much.
  • Brittany
    I believe that this poem relates to my life right now because I just went through a phase of trying to figure out who I really am on the inside and out. I really like the poem, because I felt a sense of relief to know that someone else is going through the same thing that I am going through. Your poem is exactly what I needed to read today. Thank You.
  • Allie
    i think this is really good
  • jasmin
    i really liked your story,and i think you should write more. this story really touched me.
  • myrhh
    this poem is so real and moving, it opens people up and brings them to reality about there true feelings. you have caught the feeling everyone has and tries to ignor, the only thing to rid the pain is by talking to someone who cares, they won't think your crazy, and the only one to replace the empty pain is almighty God, . i know from expirience
  • chrissy
    i reely liked dis. was reely scaary it put my hole life in thoose lil words. i kant grasp the feelings n sence of lossness i feel i loved it great job keep it up u NEEVER know who u touch or how URE words affect some1 else thts goin threw the SAME thing! *dead 4/eva chrissy*.
  • Ruth
    I really enjoyed this poem. Its a small part of what people hold back, how everyone deals with problems and feels that no one know about.
  • Kristen
    I loved this poem! I could really relate to it.
  • Danielle
    This poem is so touching. I love it. I often feel this way. Just last night I started crying and I had no reason
  • demi
    that poem just reminds me of my life for some reason
  • nickey
    wow, dats deep. i really liked it as u can see. dis reminds me of a life i have always had, dese feelings i av 2 ide, which mae me mad. it makes me mad cuz` i cn`t show how feel, i alws hav 2 preten,evrytins fake not real.
  • lilly
    your poem really speaks to me. I feel like that like everyday. Your poem is great keep on writing
  • janelle
    i loved how touching it is it has alot of feeling and sensitivity and heartfelt words
  • Chelly
    I really enjoyed this poem!
  • Blair
    Bonjour! My name is Blair. I really liked your poem. It touched me so much!My life seems like yours by the poem you wrote. Sometimes I wonder "Why Me". I really enjoyed your poem. Princess you really touched me!Thats from my "heart" and may you forever be Blessed!
  • Alice
    Being a teenager myself I find this poem intriging as it expresses my emotions in a way I never would have been able to. As an artist myself I can appreciate it in all forms be it photograpy, oil, prose or poetry. This is it and if someone should disagree then they've never felt this darkmood that seems to be unexplainable. Yet, you've done it. BRAVO.
  • Kristy
    I understand exactly what this poem is saying b/c i feel the same way all the time. its a great poem and easily understood by someone like me.
  • Selina
    This poem inspired me. Can I use it on a web page?{Myspace}
  • Cristina
    i think this poem is great. I feel the same way. Its a really good poem
  • Lynda
    to princess_belle, that poem really touched me i feel like tht all the time i guess where not so diffrent except you can can write poetry and i can't and im in year 11.
  • marie
    gifts like this aren't in everyone keep inspiring people
  • Natasha
    ummmmm i think it means alot and u sounded very confused but i liked it and understood it but i think u wud have to goo thru it 2 understand it like me and u but if others dont understand it well WHO CARES!;)
  • danielle
    u must fell let down i no how u fell i have been through thing like bullying and i cant cpe with every day life but i supose i have to get on wiv lif
  • Brandi
    I really liked the poem, it's something any teen can understand. I think every teen goes feeling alone in some way and the poem really justified that.
  • kayla
    this poem i can realate to about my life and how im feeling right now
  • cassie
    i think your poem is really good. i wrote a poem like that. well i just wanted too let you know i like your poem Cassie
  • Jenna
    I really liked this poem. There have been times in my life where i felt exactly the same way and it's nice to know i'm not alone.
  • Mickey
    I loved it. The emotion is great, and it's rather truthful. I felt like I connected with the poem when I read it, and could relate to it about some aspects of my life. Job well done! Cheers, - Mickey P. s Please write more poetry in the future, you have great style.
  • dixie
    it was like u were talking about my life.
  • Josie
    Hey. Great poem. I can totally relate.
  • ashley
    this poem is amazing!
  • Amy
    I think that this poem is great because teens go through alot of differences and that makes this poem easy for teens to relate to so, princess I think you did a really good job! Keep up the good work.
  • Danielle
    I loved this poem. I love poems that people write about them selfes in stead of just making them up just about any thing. But I love reading poems about other peoples life.
  • katie
    great job!
  • stacey
    This is a realy good poem, i to have had bad stages in my life. im nearli 17 and things just dont seem to be getting better.
  • shereese
    wow last night i felt this way i love this poem i have wroten it down its exactly like me i never knew there were other people hu felt like this i know now im not the only 1 gud work :)
  • Amanda
    i can relate to this poem because i feel like i'm hiding sometimes too.
  • Jasmine
    Love your poem. You express yourself
  • evie
    it sums up how i'm feeling right now. i think its amazing.
  • Angela
    This poem says a lot. When I read this poem it makes me think of myself. People should look much deeper within themselfs when they read this poem.
  • shawna
    i love it u should keep writing!
  • Abbriyanna
    your poetry is lovely you express the way you feel and you also show great effort in your writing
  • Ariana
    This poem really got to me because I could understand what you were saying and how you feel because I have a thing too. I was molested and I have been hiding it forever no one must know. So know exactly how you feel.
  • K
    This was an interesting poem, your poems are alot like my friend's. the poem was good, well thought out,
  • Zak
    i've been there and it was hell i almost was gonna kill myself but i didnt because i had some one who loved me and still does this is a person that everyone has in their life and you just gotta find it and i know what you mean and feel.
  • MAYA
    it's so real! i l=o=v=e itt
  • ayana
    sorry 4 not sayin anything at first but this poem is amazin and sooo true
  • kelsi
    this poem is really good. it's hard to find the words. i also felt this way in a time in my life soo i really feel for you. this was a awsom poem
  • jeanette
    i like your poem very muck because its almost talking about mylife but a little different but i like the poem alot and you keep writing more poems i like this one
  • catlyn
    this was such a great poem beacause i feel the same way sumtimes im going throgh a hard week kids at school are mkaing fun of me and rite now one of my best friend hates me. and i dont no y
  • Tatiana
    this is a really good peom and other teens should read this.
  • Beatris
    i loved it 1-10 i'll give it a 9
  • Selma
    This poem explains exactly how I feel sometimes. and I don't know why it does or how, but this poem defines it with a tone that seems appropiate for the age.
  • angela
    i loved the poem reminds me how i feel different sometimes
  • Brandi
    I love this poem. I don't now why but it reminds me that i am not alone in the world. my parents re divorced and my dad has kicked m out of his house and it hurt me bad. thanx for this peom
  • Brandi
    i love the poem. it was really good.
  • Barbara
    I really like ur poem I really understand what ur talk about please write more I would love to read them
  • Kakalina
    when i read this poem it discribe that unknown feeling that makes me feel like a box, the outside is pretty but the inside holds something people will never know including my self.
  • trouble
    that poem is exacly how i feel the same give u props
  • Aria
    I loved this poem. It described how I feel a lot of the time. Like I'm a differnt person who will never be fully understood, even by myself. god's luck on other poems. I cant wait to read them!
  • kayla
    this is a very good poem your talented but this thing you talk about this feeling in a way it is helping you. do you see how? it helps you write really good poems good job love kayla
  • shannondawn
    i reallly enjoyed you poem. i thought it was really good. you are a good poem writer unlike me
  • Carmen
    Poetry is the only thing that keeps me sane. I feel your poem. I can really relate. That was really from your heart, I like it.
  • samantha
    what i liked about your poem is that it a big secret that is undescribable. it gives it a touch, because it isn't referring to one specific thing it could be anything.
  • casey
    hi i just wanted to say that i know how you feel. I am going through the same thing things worse. but i also wanted wish you good luck i hope that every thing works out for you.
  • andre
    i enjoied your poem and understad ho you felt when you wrote it keep up the good writting would like to hear more of your work
  • Alexandra
    10 out of 10 . Wonerful. Not everyone can show thier emotions in a poem but this one really does.
  • shalonda
    the poem was good it still had a great meaning to it
  • mercedes
    this poem is really good i like this one
  • Akin
    princess_belle, that was a nice piece. Keep the work up. I was touched.
  • Whitney
    I understand how it feels to feel like your different,& everyone else is better than you. And to feel like you have to hide who you really are. This was a good poem.
  • Hayley
    i completely relate to ur poem exept for the make up bit but apart from that i really like ur poem it has meaning behind it
  • jazmine
    well i also feel that diffrent from everyone else & sometimes i fel like im the only one out there cause sometimes peont even know that i exist. & i do try to forget everything but when im aout to forget everything comes back into my head.
  • shanequa
    i love this poem this id like me this is what is going on in my life i am skinny which makes me differnt from everyone else well love ur poem
  • lucy
    this was ace ! ! ime new lol
  • Mercedes
    i liked it
  • Dalia
    i really liked your poem, it really touched me
  • shelly
    i liked this poem alot because it related to me in so many way i didnt know it was possible well just keep making this awsome poems
  • Alex
    hi, my name is alex and when i read this poem the only thing i thought of was my life and it desribe me so well. that is why i really like it. even though it was sad so am i.
  • Ashleigh
    I think this poem is reallly goood!Congrats to you with that one for putting your feeling out there.
  • trace
    i thought many people can relate to this poem, thats why it was so good
  • lyric
    I feel the exact same way this poem really hit home
  • Kristen
    I really like b/c it really shows a side of a person and that is why I like this poem!
  • Randy
    wow, this poem was really good.
  • loren
    i must agree i have felt that way before but my way was a bit more different. In my case it wa like everyone just keeped on telling me how i should change and that i has a big problem. They even but me on meds. I liked your poem. always loren
  • Briana
    Your Poem Is Very Truthful And Touching. Especially In My Case. I Am Ever So Thankful For You Writing It.
  • jessica
    your poem made me sit back and just have a moment of silence to think about life! Me being an eleven year old poet, it really touched me!
  • Olivia
    I really liked this poem because I actually went through the same thing. and the way you wrote it, you just put out every feeling and made it rhyme and . i dont know but i loved it. --- Olivia
  • jenea
    hey i really liked you poem its wierd cuz i feel the same exact way! Isnt it crazy that most teens have this same crazy feeling or "thing".
  • Heather
    This poem expressed how alot of people feel, including me. When I'm around my boyfriend and his friends, I feel like I don't belong, but at the same time and I can't express how I feel, so I must keep it hidden.
  • shauna
    i know how you feel with this poem keep it up
  • Marium
    I love it it is the way I feel about life . I give it a 10+. Keep it up. :)
  • Amber
    Wow what a great poem! i totally understand what you are saying because there are times i also feel this way. once again this poem is great and touching!
  • Amy
    wow! there is not much you can say to that but wow! i have a passion for great poetry and that was the real thing! awesome job ,it truly came from your heart! keep on writing from your heart! Amy
  • Lois
    I thought like was really wonderful.
  • Brian
    This was an outstanding poem. I know exactly how you feel. When i read that, i felt that it greatly described how i felt.
  • Kagome
    Iloved it. Iwanted to vote for it because in a way it described me.
  • Elizabeth
    I feel that way sometimes. This is a poem that touches people. I can't explain it. Overall I think this is a great poem.
  • April
    i love this poem this is how i feel sometimes and hid it too. good job!
  • chantal
    i want to thank you for your splendid poem i liked it . this is how i feel all the time inside of me. i can't believe someone else think the same thing!i don't know too who and what i'm. And i really happy to know that i'm not alone to feel this =) thanks !
  • Ariana
    i really liked this poem. i'm to going through a patch in my life. every since my mom passed away about 4 years ago, i have been very suicidal and stuff like that. thank you very much for writting a poem that relates to me. love Ariana
  • natalie
    i thought that poem waspretty good
  • jessica
    i really likike your poem
  • amy
    i know exactly what you went through. you always have to cover it up with something else
  • angel
    that pome really hit home i'm 18 and still feel like that a lot of the time keep up the good work
  • Quadeisha
    I as a teen understand what this poet is talking about. I have and I'm still going through that situation. I think that the poem was very orignal and true, I love it.
  • melissa
    I really loved your poem! It explains most of what I feel like. Expect for the part where you didn't know why you felt that way. I know what happened to me to make me feel this way. I'm not totally sure of what I'm feeling all of the time, but I always try to cover it up once my friends come around. And right now, it's nearing the day when it happened, and I'm even more depressed than usual and am having a hard time keeping it under control. So, like, as soon as my friends walk away, I'm totally depressed, and sometimes angry when people talk to me when I'm like that. and the worst part, is that I was a total jerk to the guy i like one day when i was feeling really down, so now i probably have even less of a chance of ever going out with him. :(
  • Jannah
    nice!describes my life too!
  • Robert
    you ain't the only one who feels different and alone from others. i think that there r alot of ppl that feels the same way including myself
  • Leean
    This poem is good although she feels left out but there is always someone there who cares.
  • maria
    it sounds like i am living the same life as your peoem has described. it is nice to know that there is someone in this world who has the same feeling about their life and what has happened.
  • amanda
    i loved ur poem because i know how u feel i feel the same way you do
  • Marisol
    I want to say that this poem in someway made me feel as if I was reading my mind. I believe that poetry like this can only be felt with your mind and soul. Good luck.
  • ashley
    i thought this was really good
  • chancheta
    i love this poem
  • samantha
    well i'm new on her so i just read ur poem. it was really pretty. keep up the good work.
  • Kodi
    This is something every teenager these days feels like. or atleast i do. separated from other people because your different sucks. and this is just a good poem explaining how we all feel
  • Angel
    Maybe you should let this feeling show so people will really know how you feel inside.
  • rachel
    I love this poem it describes exactly how i feel like something happend to me as a child that i cant remember cuz when i was a little girl i can remember thinking to myself why was i born is there any point for me to be alive?? and i still feel that way sometimes i dont know why but it scares me and its good to know that someone else is feeling the same thing
  • janta
    this poem really touch me, and no 1 shouldnt feel diffence
  • tabitha
    I like the poem u wrote it really touch me because I am going through that same thing si keep up the good and keep making poems.
  • Amy
    it is what my friend is going through
  • Briana
    This poem says everything that I have felt and continue to feel as i go through my everyday motions of the life that I wish I no longer had. But since im stuck whit it i try to deal with it the best i can. This poem sounded like many of the poems that i have written and that is also why i liked it so much.
  • sophie
    This is the best poem i've ever read it touched the heart of many and also myself. I have many things that i hide from others some things i even hide from myself. My life is like a major burden on me and i only being 13 don't really know how to deal with it but at the moment all i need is a sholder to cry on, some one who is going through the same thing, some one who understands.
  • danisha
    i love this poem it exsplane every thing about how i fill difforent i rate this poem a 5
  • Casey
    This poem is really really good!
  • revathy
    this poem truely describes me. this is the best poem i have evr read.
  • Aubrey
    This poem is awesome! it shows the feeling that i feel all the time and it shows that no one is alone.
  • Sasha
    this poem really describes how i'm feeling. it touched me
  • Claudia
    this poem has all the things about me. its exactly what i feel. Its like they made a poem about my life.
  • kat
    hey! your poem is so good! I am living a hard period of my life right now and i am feeling this emotion that i don't know why i have it. Your poem matches well with what i feel like. GOOD JOB! sincerly, Katryn qu├ębec,canada 13 years old
  • alexis
    well i really liked your poem because i wrote one just like it i hide behind thing to and also hold back . every poem i wrote was about my life. your poem is a keeper well i just want to say good job.
  • ashley
    I loved your poem, I perfectly understood waht you were saying. You put into words what I cant explain. You have a gift, keep on writing!
  • baccy
    i would like to say thank you for letting me know that others feel this way it has brought ease knowing that i am not the only one feeling this way
  • Aurora
  • Phylicia
    That was so deep, yet true. It was really good, great!
  • jessica
    this really relates to me i love it! i pute it on my wall!
  • sarah
    your poem was real good it made me think alot about what i went through with the person who gave me up for adoption when i was two days old thanks sarah
  • Mari
    This is real good. This is wha I went through at one point of my life.
  • Nickey
    hi, i luv tis peom. i really relate to it. ti kind of sounds like me.
  • billie
    i think this poem was very nice and real and people can relate
  • frieda
    i really like your poem its everything i feel when im around others i feel as though if they see the real me theyll think im nuts but im really not im just different anyways living a lie sucks but its the only way ill survive each day until i find someone who is much more like me which is i out of a 100 percent chance well great poem i wish you the best on any others that you do keep up the good work!ill be waiting for your new ones
  • chelsea
    that is great.
  • sharae
    This poem is similiar to what i feel sometimes. n i think most people feel n don show it
  • Cherry
    hey i really like your poem , i relate to what you are saying . oh and its long enough ~:)~
  • Rachel
  • Tatyana
    I loved this poem it shows exactly what I'm feeling always having 2 cover up something with other things.
  • Bethany
    That is how i feel all the time. i alway hide from everything. i have this feeling deep in my heart and in the back of my mind. i always forget it then sum how sum where it always comes back and this ANGER is bad. dont kno how to explain it but it always is there no matter how hard i try to forget it. its still there
  • Suzie
    i loved trhis poem. this is exactly how i feel. keep up the good work.
  • Dina
    this so sounds like my friend! she's always hiding something from all of us. she thinks guys dont like her for her looks but we tell her its whats on the inside that counts!
  • laura
    i think ur peom was every nice u sound like a typical teen going through stuff and u feel like u have no one to turn to i think i understand u i rate ur peom a 5
  • Peola
    Oh my Lord, I can not believe someone else thinks the same thing I do, yet spoke it so much more eloquently. Your poem is so perfect for my life, thank you for sharing it.
  • stephanie
    i am not one of the prettiest girls or most popular girl in school and in class right now we are doing poems and i chose mine on life. i am very touched by your poem and the feelings it shares! there are some good ideas it has given me and i hope im not the only one it may have affected!
  • Elizabeth
    i liked the poem. i always feel like i have 2 hide so no1 really knows who i am or how i am. i don't even know who or how i am nemore.
  • Jamie
    I loved the poem. It describes how I feel sometimes exactly. Great job.
  • Brandi
    this is such a good poem. describes me to the absolute fullest. thanks a bunch. i really encourage u to keep writing.
  • skye
    wow, you guys are realy good! I love poetry and i feel as though poetry is my passion and it helps me with my music. some of you poets should make them into songs.
  • Tiffany
    I can really relate to this poem, so thanks for writing it.
  • Kristabell
    I know exactly how you feel. I used to have that feeling all the time. i thought i was the only one. It is good to know that I am not, though. I was always happy on the outside, helping others with a smile, but they never noticed i was down. Then, there was this one person, who I confided in, and made it all come out. I still do not know to this day what was gettin me down.
  • kim
    this is one great poem. one of the best that i have read yet
  • Jaden
    This poem was great. I havc kind of the same problem just not so bad. I feel sorry 4 the people who have this problem
  • amanda
    Hi, I read the poem and I understand exactly whaqt your saying,i feel as if nobody hears me or sees me
  • cristina
  • kevin
    This poem is very expressive because it describes alot of peoples' feelings, you sound brilliant enough to overcome the bad feelings that hold you back from enjoying life.
  • Shannyn
    Wow. There are times when I get so down and I feel that even the closet people to me, don't understand. And when I read this poem it hit home. Now I realize everyone feels different inside. Thanks.
  • Tee
    def like me, by reading dis poem i found out that there is someome just like me who feel de same way but hides it all away never leting anyone 2 know 'n' always being happy in front of everyone but inside u're down
  • keikei
    oh man i truely understand
  • Candi
    this poem is truely whats going on in most teenagers mind, i know its whats going on in mine. you say exactly what i feel.
  • jennifer
    This is poem is really really good! I feel exactly like this everday! It's so cool how someone could write something and (me too) feel just like it!
  • rajina
    hi i also feel the same like u do i'm frm nepal in our community it's very conservative n it's really hard to pour our feelin to any1
  • maura
    this poem def describes one of the most hardset points in my life i am glad some people have felt like i have and i am happy ot hear the poem that you have wrote thank you so much you dont even know how much this poem has helped!
  • yaz
    your poem was moving and true. its good to see my feelings written down and to know that i'm not the only one, thank you for showing that people can share their feelings and for showing that we're not alone in feeling like this.
  • Angie
    I want to thank you very much for writing this poem. Unfortunately I suffer from depression and I feel exactly the way the persona in the poem does. I am glad to know that I am not alone and that others feel the same as me. Thank You very much, I Luv You, and You are a BRILLIANT person - never give up!
  • shannon
    this poem is one that i can relate to. a very talented poet well done:)
  • Court
    this poem is great! i know just how you feel! i could not have said it any better!
  • Danny
    after reading your poem all that i think that i can say is well done you have wrote a very powerfull poem and even though it is on the net it has some very personall meanings. well done
  • zpenn
    it was remarkable and interesting. it makes your mind wonderoff and think about life. this poem is really a winner.
  • shelz
    real good poem, i fully understand every word of it. its like ezactly how i feel and it all relates to wats going on in my head. ta
  • tata
    great poem. I totally understand!
  • Kati
    I really understand the feeling she is dealing with. I've been dealing with it the past few months. It feels good to know Im not the only one that feels this way. Very nice.
  • Brit
    I think that your poem "Difference" is a really strong and understanding poem. I also feel that a lot of teenagers can relate to your poem.
  • Alisa
    It was very beautifully writen adn I could feel the pain in the poem.
  • mystery
    Thank you to this auther for writing this i didn't think anyone felt the same as me because i suffer from depression something that will be with me for the rest of my life and i know that but this poem has helped me i thank you so much
  • mini_cow
    I can really relate to this poem. It makes me feel all warmth inside with the comfort that someone feels the same way that I do.
  • Carina
    This poem was great! It simply expresses how I really feel inside. I thought no one understands me in certain area and only I know it myself. This was a fantastic poem. Great work!
  • Peter
    I love poetry that describe life and its tribulation. This poem convey just that aspect of it all.
  • Becca
    Hey that was a really great poem. I enjoyed reading it! It kind of reminds me of my self. Good Job
  • annett
    i luv ure poem! i printed it out and i aM gonna show it 2 all my friends. i feel the way u do in the poem about being diff. than u 4writing such a wondefull inspierring poem
  • Leslie
    WONDERFUL POEM!!! All the things i wish i could say in a poem about how i feel about myself!
  • Christina
    I totally relate to this poem. It is powerful and it moves me.. its great.
  • Megan
    This poem is amazing. It really shows in words how a teenager feels. Because we all tend to put our feelings behind other things that aren't important. That 'thing' will always be with us though..we just choose not to show it..This poem is great.
  • love_54
    very nice poem
  • sadness
    i like this poem because it expresses the way i sometimes feel, well, thanks
  • Dustin
    This is a great poem I like how the writer brings out here feeling but yet she holds alot in side
  • southeren_Dixie
    How in the world she could manage to capture all my feelings and strife I'll never know. I think this is a really good poem to help a person relize that they are not alone in the world.

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