This poem describes the terrible sense of loss I felt when the man I loved walked out of my life. It takes you through a journey which describes how joy turned to pain and loss. This was the last time I wrote to him, before I finally had to accept that I should let go, it was a farewell.

This poem is dedicated to the memory of my sister, who never grew old enough to experience this kind of pain.

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems - Sad Love Poems

Crazy Holding On
Once there was a man who had an orange shirt.
Once there was a girl who went out dancing in a skirt.
Once there was a park they found they fed the frantic ducks.
Once there was a couple, happy, who couldn't believe their luck.

Once they went out dancing, and a candled dinner date.
Once early in the morning she surrendered to her fate.
Once he said "I love you" and she had to love him too.
Once they had a future, happy when one and one made two.

Now they are both lonely, now they live alone.
Now he has a cold and empty (tidy) hollow home.
Now she has a fountain, tears where once there was a heart.
Now he has decided that they really have to part.

Now that he has nothing, he feels he is complete.
Now that she can't dance again, her heart weighs down her feet.
Now he thinks about her, all the memories locked away.
Now he tries so hard to forget the happy laughing days.

Is she thinking of him still? Does she cry still, now and then?
Is she ever going to win back the man she loves again?
Is he glad it's over? Can he get on with his life?
Is he really so very certain she would have made a useless wife?

Given all the laughter, fun and sunny times they had.
Given all the heartache, lies and times he made her mad.
Given all the tears now, the loneliness and pain.
Given all the risks, would she do it all again?

Can he really say that he won't want her back one day?
Can he really like his life now better in this way?
Can he forget her face, the mess, the giggles and the love?
Can he find someone else to love him more than she could love?

If she really loved him, he said she'd let him go.
If he understood her feelings then he would know that it's not so.
If he were less stubborn, if she could care much less.
If they had never spoken there wouldn't be this sorry mess.

But time has taken prisoners, their lives are now entwined.
But even if they never meet again, the past is not left behind.
But can she start all over? Just forget him and move on?
But even if she can, will he be glad with what he's won?

Is that really what he wants, to never see her smiling face again?
Will it make him happy, will he live on without pain?
Will he be thinking of her, is he too proud to cry?
Will it wrench his heart in two if he sees her kiss another guy?

And can she forgive his faults, and accept him as he is.
She wants to have him back and say there's nothing to forgive.
He's told her that she's crazy, that he may never want her back.
She's told him that she loves him and though its a risk, she'll live with that.

She wants him to live with patience, to give him time to heal.
The past is not yet over and it's left a scar so real.
We don't choose who we can love, and love doesn't really die.
You can find it in your heart again, I love you, so please try.
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  • Amy
    This poem says the things my heart is feeling but I couldn't find the words to say myself. Thank you.
  • michelle
    your the best at writing keep on they really mean a lot when they come from the heart hope ever thing works out for you been there .
  • amanda
    oh my god i totally felt the same way about one of my ex boyfriends he played me for a fool and i feel for it i hope you get thourgh it it was tough for me but you can pull thourgh it just belive some eles is waiting for you to come sweep them of there feet
  • john
    thank you
  • Victoria
    this is my love life's story written by someone else. :) it brought me to tears. i love this poem. 10!
  • Elka
    I love this poem. I am just going through a rough time and i can totally relate to that. I am so the girl in that poem. and the guy is is just like my ex. However, I feel like my feelings have been expressed. Thanks again. That was wonderful!
  • Arlene
    it made me cry a lot as i'm feeling the same thing as in your poem . i wished i could send it to him but i don't know if he'd care at all. thank you for sharing this . it really meant a lot to me.
  • rachel
    love it!just amazing
  • Daon
    this poem is truely beautiful. i loved it. it brought tears to my eyes.
  • Deepti
    How true.
  • Sierra
    BEST POEM EVER! I am crying my eyes out
  • Esther
    i really love this poem, it all makes sence. This is some real poem. I really do love it. CONGRATS!
  • Angelique
    i luved this poem it reminded me of some 1 i know
  • alexis
    o. m. g this is so real i love it alot more than a fat boi loves cake! ( 4realz) its really good it remindes me well actually makes me wonder if my ex the love of my life fells like thad can he really b happy ! i donno and i dont think so but who nos we werent willing to break up but i had to move we were together 4 8 months but i still talk to him and i really do love him still! well n-ways good job! keep on writting!
  • tracy
    this poem says everything I couldnt when he left, beautifully written straight from the heart. Thank you so much for sharing this. I hope things work out for you
  • Vicki
    You don't know how much this poems means to me. My husband and I just got a divorce about 2 months ago and this is word for word how I feel. It was a divorce that wasn't thought through. I would like to thank you for writing this poem. You said what I had in my mind but couldn't get it out.
  • casey
    Uh god. right before i read that, i told my best friend, who i am inlove with, that i hated him. and i feel horrible, but he is such a bad personl and i know i need to get out of it. so, even though it was horrible, i had to do it. so i read this poem, and it just made me feel sad. but thats good. and it helped me cry, and i needed a good cry. and this poem is beautiful, and realistic, and i thought some of the things you said. that was a good poem, thanks it just kind of helped a little bit.
  • chantal
    i love this poem its exactly what i needed to say thanks for your help and inspiration
  • lena
    i like this 1 its a real touching poem!
  • Fern
    well what can i say? i'm lost for words to describe the beauty of this peom, great poem!
  • naomi
    i have just read your poem and it's so emotional and heartfelt. i have been in a similar situation, it took a while for my heart to heal. i think it might still be broken. but i just wanted to say that your poem is amazing and it really touched me.
  • Idalia
    My favorite poem so far. This poet has alot of talent and very good expresionist.
  • Angel
    Wow. That was GREAT!
  • laura
    i love love love this poem. im in love at the moment and im so scared that this might happen to me. love is the greatest thing in the world but also can be one of the most painfuliest. this is definatly 10 out of 10.
  • aisling
    once i read the poem i started to cry. it really touched me. with recent events, its feels like you took the words right out of my mouth. *****5stars.
  • Ashley
    This poem is just so perfect. This is exactly what I'm going through and I can't find it in my heart to move on because truly I know he's holding on too. My life, set as a poem :(
  • lisa
    I really like ur poem. I think that deep down in our hearts. we will never let go. of that special someone
  • Krystle
    This should be number one!
  • Sam
    it really relates to my life. thanx
  • Jonelle
    I love your poem because I felt the same way in a relationship I had a long time ago. While I was reading it, it brought me back and I couldn't help but start to cry. I am thankful now that I have someone new and took all that pain away. I just wanted to say you did a GREAT job and that your not alone.
  • Zoey
    I love this!it really touched my heart.
  • Niah
    This poem was beautiful. I'm going through something simiular now
  • mary
    look it was a great poem i have ever read in my life nice one thanks for the influence for me!
  • There
    Worth reading.
  • tilitha
    i like this poem cause its real
  • Nicole
    I love this poem so much! It reminds me of my ex boyfriend & it is one of the best I have found on the site!
  • kathleen
    it really touched my heart. may all of those brokenhearted people heal. God Bless!
  • nikki
    wow your poem is great. i absolutly love it and can not stop readind it. it moved me in a way i can't explain and i love it because it makes me think about it everyday but i just hate at times that i can't think of why. keep writting i would love to read more.
  • Ashley
    This poem is almost exactly how things are in my life right now
  • Felicia
    I thought this poem will touch a lot of people who just can't seem to get over their first love. For me, it was sincere and completely true. The guy was the one that did wrong but the girl loves him so much that she just over looks it. Which gives him a reason to leave. LOVE SUCKS!
  • aneth
    hi this poem touch me shared some tears. Im 30 years old, not married, and no kids,,sad thing about it Im in my 3rd relationship. trying to find mr right. when will love be real.
  • Robin
    this was really good. I read it and sent it straight to my ex that I still love so much, thank you for giving such a good poem
  • vicky
    Your poem is great i can relate your right love never dies my ex left me almost a year ago and i never stopped loving him and it still hurts so much do be with out him.
  • samantha
    I just would like to say that no other poem have I ever read that spoke so directly to me. I have just come out of a 12 year relationship. I ma still crazy in love with im but he betrayed me. this is beautiful and I am extremely tearful every time a reda it Thank you
  • vannah
    I really like this poem because I feel this same way about my boyfriend of 5 yrs and now this is how he act.
  • Antony
    U knw wt? yesterday 1 of my friend informed me dat "Shweta" my friend (who was My girl friend 4 above 4 years )is engaged and Im left alone for wt??? Life is so horrible I see her departing in front of me and therez nothing I can do. Last year it was this month dat I said her " Im d most luckiest Guy on earth ,I hv education,Excellent future,Very loving parents,caring friends AND ABOVE ALL U-MY LOVE" Bt u c therz nothing left now.
  • ashley
    ~This was a really good poem. I loved it. It made me cry because it was so real. ~ Sincerely, Ashley
  • krisi
    This poem is one of the best I have read. It goes along the lines of my ex-husband and I, the feelings the loss. I still love him and moving on is difficult.
  • Christina
    I really like this poem because it shows that I'm not the only one that feels this way about someone who I think is very special to me. I wish I could say the same about him but as of right now he don't feel the same right now.
  • kylie
    This poem is saying so much about me and my partner. we are about to part. This certainly bought a tear to my eye. Thankyou
  • Jennifer
    It's wonderful, thank you for this beautiful poem, it touched me in the way no poem ever did. Thx you
  • monica
    WOW! that is such a lovley poem ive never heard anything like it it made me almost cry it so beutiful wow i dont even no wat to say it so toucing wow!
  • kathy
    i really like this poem too because it also says and means what im going thru and i give it a 10!
  • mariel
    the best poem i have ever seen in my entire life.
  • mariel
    the best love poem i have ever read in my entire life i love this poem because it is so true sweet and deep.
  • Jolene
    I love it! I am going through something like this right now. Do I leave or do I stay and try to make it work? I have been asking myself that question for some time now, and can't seem to find the answer. Thank you for showing me that I am not the only one going through this. Thank you.
  • kuya
    This made reminded me so much about what i had done and have regretted so much in everything ive done. i really like this poem, much so because i can relate and i feel you, and at the same time it makes me feel so bad. i dont think ill be able to get over my losses for a while. But thanx for the poem, i really do like it!
  • gail
    o my gosh, this poem is so real for me, me and my husband are going through this very thing right now, i saw this poem and it really hit home. he read it also and said he was a very sad poem, i hoped he's just read it and realize really how much i really do love him and want to be with him. we shall see. thanks for writing such a true poem.
  • Jennifer
    WOW,this is the only poem that ever made me cry. I was looking for a poem for my bf who wants to be alone while hes in Iraq fighting the war. I needed a poem that would make him think about this before he leaves me,before its too late. I couldnt have said it better myself. thank you so much for your beautiful poem
  • brittany
    that poem was great cause thats how i have felt for 5 years
  • Grace
    that was such a gd poem god its makin me cry probly cuz ive bin through heart brake 4 a guy and i hav neva herd him again. it hurts at 1st but itll go i hope. i hav no frends left bcuz i luvd him. u shud keep on writin ur really gd.
  • Vianne
    This is such a beutiful poem and I can directly relate to it. Brought a tear to my eye because it is so true.
  • Dee
    Hi,I was just reading your poem and I have to tell you that you have skills. Tell you the truth I'm going through the same thing right at this time and it's amazing because it's me all the way.
  • Gianne
    This is a very nice poem. One of the best that I have ever read. The uncertainties and feelings can very well show. Thank you for sharing it . so that all of us would know.
  • Eddie
    I couldn't stop myself crying when I read that. My g/f left me even though I know she still has feelings for me and this poem brought me to tears so quickly. It's true that you don't choose who you fall in love with, but I keep hearing that time heals. I think all that time does is make you better at hiding your feelings. How do you find and love another when you still cry for the one that left you?
  • Megan
    This poem sums up what I am feeling right now. My boyfriend and I recently broke up after being together for 3& 1/2 years. It started talking to some other girl behind my back and started having feelings for her.
  • Erica
    i love this poem. it reminds me of me and my ex. this is exacualty what is going on with me and my ex. but we dont really know what we want.
  • alex
    hiya this poem brought tears 2 my eyes and it is amazing hw much i understand this poem even though am only 15. U r talented keep it up xxx
  • Crystal
    This is poem very touching. It reminded me of my first love and the man that i love now. It was hard to love again after what my first love did to me. It took time but i open my heart back up again. Because now i know that we don't choose who we want to love, and love doesn't really die. You can find it in your heart again to love, so please try. Don't give up knowing that there is someone out there for you like i almost did.
  • Jenni
    that was a very seriouse poem cheers to the writer "u go girl "
  • Brittany (708)
    i think that you should keep writeing cuz you are good. i liek how you put it into a little story. never give up hold your head high!
  • Robin
    I love this poem it is just like me and my boyfriend im only 16 but i know i love him i love him with all of my heart. i really do but i have done some things i should have never done and so has he but he will not let it go I LOVE HIM and i love your poem im going to show him this and i hope now he will know how much i love and care about him THANK YOU! bye
  • Nicole
    I love this poem! It is a great writing and I can really relate to it. Even if you can't, just take a minute to think of how true this is & how it can relate to so many lives. I give it a 10 out of 10!
  • Shawnah
    After a year and half- he's gone today and I find myself asking these same questions.
  • Hel
    I LOOOOOOOOOOOVED it! it was so good!
  • kelly
    Wow! I just wanted to say I enjoyed your poem. You captured perfectly the way I have been feeling. I am glad to know that I am not alone in this world. Thank you for your inspiration
  • Mandy
    I loved the poem. It's exactly how I have felt for the past 10 months. I did send this poem to the love of my life and he loved it but still has not come back. I try to keep my faith but it's been so long and just now I hear he has feelings for someone else. Is it possible for him to still come back or do they ever come back after such a long time. We were together 3 yrs. non stop and I am still waiting cuz it's what my heart wants even though my mind tells me somehting else. He said I am the love of his life and hes mine so why can't we be together? I just want to know if they ever come back, if there's hope or am I being foolish. I will never forget this poem. It always makes me cry so thank you Mandy for writing what I feel.
  • Haytham
    its saying my story.
  • shawnee
    This is the best pome that i have read so far. So please keep writting cause noe i know Iam not the only one that feels this way. You are a great pome writer so keep up the good work!
  • Gbel
    I love this poem. It fits so right with the ex relationship I have. I love him so much but he has moved on .
  • yen
    two thumbs up. the poem was geat! i exactly know how you feel.
  • Heather
    Your poem hit home to me. I have just resently lost my boyfriend and first love. The words of you poem asked the questions that I wish that I could have answered and expresses how I feel about him still. I sent it to him and thanks to your poem we are talking again.
  • cris
    i like your poem beacuse i feel the same way with the man i just lost.
  • Alissa
    Hey! That poems was great! My boyfriend and I just broke up and I was so in love with him and neither one of us know quite what to think right now. I may send your poem to him. It's a perfect description of us and my hopes that we can find a way to work things out!
  • Jeannette
    This poem really touched my heart. I feel like it was written for me and my husband. When we met, he was wearing an orange shirt, and I was out dancing with my friends. We spent a romantic night at the park. We feel in love and have been together for 18 years. Now he has broken my heart by letting me know that he has been having an affair for over 5 years, and wants to be with her. He stills seems like he loves me, and says he doesn't want me to feel this pain. I think he is confused, and I can only hope that when the confusion is gone, he will realize that no other woman will love and cherish him like I do. I love him with all my heart and am willing to forgive him if he will just let me back in. I realize in most women's eyes I am such a fool. But my love for this man is so deep that there will never be another, so all I can do is hold on to that love. I know I am "Crazy for Holding On".
  • gracie
    its an excellent poem
  • Nicol
    u say how u feel n i understand what ur expressing because i been threw the same . nice poem
  • crystal
    amazing. this is how i feel completely
  • Beenu
    5 on 5. It matches too well with my own life. My love left me for what he felt was a better future.
  • jazmin
    this is a very good poem. I think that this poem is one of the best that i have ever really read. this was a actually cool poem instead of saad lovey kind! well ummm . kool peom!
  • ilyk_jb
    hi, i like ur poem. it reminds me of someone. Godbless.
  • Brenda
    This has been a very touching poem. It is exactly how I feel. I vote this as being 100% great. I just loved this poem it was so touching.
  • jay
    one thing in there really came out to me. when you said that if you two had never spoken you would have never been in this mess. i really liked that because i was in a relationship with someone and I often thought if i had just sat some where else in class and had not said hello to the guy in front of me . good job very realistic.
  • Alyssa
    WOW!that was a GREAT poem. i loved it. i've never been in love but i still know how you feel, or felt. well keep up the writing and hang on.
  • Paige
    This poem so touched me, it made me cry. Me and my bf just broke up today, and this really reminded me of him. I want him back
  • venci
  • andrea
    this poem made me cry it brought back memories of my 1st boyfriend and kiss we got along really good i loved his mind but we messed up and now he wont talk to me :(
  • dana
    after reading this i thought you had walked in my shoes, i feel that very emspty space too that only they fill . i want so bad for my husband to see this wounderful poem you have touched my soul and spoke these words i could have never been that detailed in explaining my hurts and my lost. thank you for sharing thus with us . and good luck in presussing your love for he has no clue to how much love you can give. dana
  • Zach
    it was very. moving. its so sad. i like your poem a lot.
  • kristine
    its quite nice! that's all.
  • xandy
    hmmm. makes me feel bad. becoz it rily touched my heart. but all i can do now is read poems for the memories ive lost. tnx 4 this lovely poem. continue doin more,goodluck. ^_^
  • Jazmyn
    i once knew what it was like to feel loved, like i was worth something. your not alone out there girl, im with you too. i know i will never get over him, but i have to accept the fact that i cant have him either. never forget who you are, (As i have)
  • Beth
    i reallly loved it it was spectacular i just wish i could write as good as you it was like you was pouring your ture feelings out to us it was realy good
  • priya
    this is an amazing poem and descibes relationship n its difficulties too well
  • heather
    very touching for me right now. the hurt is still fresh and this poem defines that pain so well.
  • Paige
    your poem really touched me deep down inside and i hope you write some more poems like this 1 again because this 1 is so good. its great!
  • Melissa
    I thought your poem was great I am going threw the same thing with my ex finance and i thought that hit home
  • TSOE
    your poem touched me deeply. although i was never married to the man i lost. he was mine for the better part of 9 years. he left me only 2. 5 months ago-with the promise that he will always love me. i don't know if i should believe that, but it is hope. something more to hold onto. i would love to read more of your work if you have any:)
  • Jennifer
    That poem was awsome. I can so identify with it! Good job.
  • Danielle
    Wow I have tears running down my face and I really love that poem. That is soo what I am going through with me and my ex-boyfriend. I don't care what others say even though he did me wrong I still love him to this day.
  • melissa
    I felt like this poem was written about what I'm going through right now, I was really touched by it.
  • Amanda
    that was very good poem.
  • Jennifer
    it really fits what I'm going through right now.
  • dana
    This poem really touched me. Brings back memories a while ago me and my boyfriend broke up but i didn't know who was to blaim cause we were both in the wrong and I'm so sad without him but he is to hard headed to tell me he still cares and If i run back to him he will think he can say and do to me what he wants. But I can't let him go I love him way so much
  • Shannon
    Your poem touched me so deeply, it was more then the truth. It's crazy to think that so many people have felt this way and go threw the same things each day. I have had a relationship just like this one and gone threw the same but in the end i would never try to replace it or erase it. It will be and he will be apart of me forever even if he knows it or not.
  • Tiffany
    i loved your poem especially with all im going through right now. BY reading your poem you made my day much better. Im going to keep tryin to get him back thanx for the incouragement! Your great
  • shiona
  • Tiffany
    This poem was very true in many ways. I am on a situation and asking myself all of these questions and then some. It's nice to know that some one out there actually understands what you feel. Thanks it was nice reading the poem
  • Mandy
    Because we share the same name, and its a great poem too.
  • sarah
    This is a wonderful poem.
  • Lacey
    I love ur poem so much it brought tears to my eyes reading it!
  • Bill
    *sigh* I read all these comments and they are from women. But let's not forget that guys go through the same thing. I'm hopelessly in love with my soulmate, and at one time, we knew we had a fantastic future together. But she says that she cannot give me what I want, and does not know if she ever can. So forget about her and never think about her again. If only emotions worked like a lightswitch. Thank you Mandy.
  • marcy
    thank you so much for expressing yours and my feelings in your words it was soooo true keep writting
  • Brittany
    I really love this poem I almost cried when I heard it how did you ever start writing poems you are so good at it well good luck. P. S. keep up the good work!
  • NiKi
    heyy, this soo described wut it was (is) lyk between me n my ex. i swear i has tears in my eyes now
  • stephanie
    This poem really hits it right on the dot for me. This poem really says how i feel at this point in my life. My husband has left me and told me to move on. But it is really hard to do that when i love him so much. And what him to come back and he just can't. So i thank you for a least knowing there is other people who feel the way i do and can write about it. Thank you.
  • jeffery
    this is a very good poem. and keep doing what you do. It will come in handy in the future
  • samantha
  • Jamie
    This poem is awesome. Its so moving, it had me in tears.
  • Becka
    I like it because it reminds me of the one and only guy I love. I hope this changes lifes like it hopefully will mine after I give it to the one I Love. ! Good Job!
  • megan
    this poem is exactly what has heppened between my "boyfriend" and i! he wants all this time apart while i wait and suffer and then he doesnt realize what he has lost! he thinks im obssesed and crazy yet im just in love! he doesnt mind if im happy or alive! and this poem explains it all! this poem made me cry because it states the truth and im so hapy that i found it to show my "boyfriend" .
  • Jody
    Very good poem. It describes exactly what going on between me and my ex-boyfriend. It hit my heart.
  • nadia
    This was a great peom! and GREAT potential on your part. i love and poetry myself. keep up the good work :)
  • aj
    very sweet good job!
  • Celeste
    Oh my god!This is just like what i'm going through!And when i read this,i broke out in tears. Because i know exactly what your talking about. This poem really speaks to me,thankz.
  • Claire
    i think this is one of the best poems here, truly . i can't describe how i felt when i read this. its really . really amazing. i cried again and again.
  • Hope
    Hey this is a sweet and cute poem very creative and beautiful!
  • Krystal
    I just wanted to tell you that you like took the words right out of my heart and soul. Words that I couldn't find to tell my ex boyfriend. I sent it too him so hopefully we can work it out. Thanks it was an awesome poem
  • Mallori
    Mandy, this poem is really speaking to me! I love it! It is EXACTLY what I am going through. I am a little poet myself, but nothing I write can come close to what I just read from you. This is great and I wish you the best of luck in your future relationships.
  • Kim
    This poem sums up my life right now. It hits every mark. It is so beautifully written. Thank You.
  • Danielle
    Mandy I read this and everything that you said has happened. My ex told me that if I loved him I would let him go. Thank you soo much for letting all of us as readers enjoy your poem.
  • Amanda
    This is very heartfelt - hang in there. I know exactly what you're feeling and time will help your pain.
  • S
    It's a really good poem. It described my situation exactly
  • jennifer
    I really loved this poem,infact it said everything about my personal life that i have just recently went through. it's really amazing that such a talent from the heart can touch us to the very core!
  • whit
    i love this poem it fits me and my ex perfect . i lmow he has to still care were were together 4 yrs . i still love him so much i want him so bad it hurts me to knoow what he's done and he doesn't care no longer but i still care for him and i aslways will because true love last forever.
  • Jacqu
    Great poem!
  • Denis
    This really touched a spot in my heart!
  • Amber
    This poem is so true. While I was reading it I began to cry, because the recent loss of my lover was just like this. just change some of the him's to her's or he's to she's and that will be it!
  • May
    Hey I know how you feel its been nine months since me and the love of my life went our seperate ways and when I finally try to move on he comes back. Its hard to forget about your love and just move on like nothing ever was there. Girl I feel ya.
  • Paula
    This poem is awesome, I am going through exactly what this poem is about. The man I love decided that he just does not feel that love for me in his heart, yet he comes back time and time again to keep me in his life, this poem helps me deal with what I have to do in this situation
  • lightskinn03
    this reminds me of what is going on in my life today. It made me cry.
  • Manda
    Very well written. The poem relates to me in such a direct way. I would have and still would take my ex back after all he has put me through, I still love and probably will for the rest of my life. We haven't been together for a very long time now but what you have written has made me feel that someone else out there has been in the identical boat. I will love him deeply forever.
  • Debor
    this poem is great! i 'm going through a situation like this. good luck
  • Dawna
    This really say's it all. excelent poem!
  • M
    This poen really are my exact sentiments for the moment.
  • Cat
    I like this poem very much it has touched my heart and left me weeping! I have just lost a loved one but this poem has made me feel better in some way!
  • Mia
    Wow Mandy. That really touched my recent pain. What bastards men can be.
  • Su
    OMG - I am going thru this right now. Great poem. i think I will send to him
  • Alie
    This poem is GREAT. It really helps me with a situation I am going through right now. Keep up the good work
  • Alexis
    I think this peom is breath-taking, I can relate to this 100%.
  • Lindsay
    although sad, this poem made me feel better, just knowing that someone else has loved like i still love. keep writing.
  • Angela
    This has hit my life on the head like everything that has happened in my realationship is in this poem..It is wonderful and I really do like your work
  • PJ
    This is by far one of the best poems that I have ever read, it touched my life, and my heart. It sucks that we cant have our way with love, couldnt agree with you more.
  • Tonia
    This is a great poem and I can identify
  • Jessica
    This poem really touched my heart..for i'm still in love with my ex-boyfriend..even though he doesn't noe..
  • Gina
    I just have to say, diddo. It's been 15 months since that one-in-a-lifetime love decided to leave, but it's been hard to just move on, although, I know I should. Your poem is word for word how I feel & the thoughts I think. I wish I could give this to him. Thanks for sharing your wonderful poem.
  • Penumbra
    Great poem that really expresses problems in perceptions and communications that are the problem in many relationships. I am sending this to my husband as a last-ditch effort; a plea for him to talk to me and go to counceling with me. Wish me and my broken heart luck!
  • Kirsti
    This poem goes beyond words. I can't describe how it makes me feel and I can't believe that someone else could write exactly what I've been thinking and feeling for the last 12 months. This is great, and I wish you luck with him. Hopefully oneday he'll wake up to what he's missing and he'll be back. In the meantime, all we can do is wait. Keep up the awesome work!
  • mary
    all i can say is OMG this describes the end of my marriage but i never had the words. its been six years now n when will it ever end? keep writing
  • honey
    I am sitting here with tears in my eyes..only this morning, my love and I parted. This poem tells exactly how I feel and how my heart aches for him. I didn't think anyone would understand how you can still love someone who does you wrong.but you do.
  • Jeanette
    i am going through a bad divorce and this poem said everything that i needed to hear, it is my whole relationship. you have a tremendous gift, use it,
  • Rebecca
    I met the mst amazing guy at the shore this summer.....and it was the best 2 days of my entire life....but I'm home now and he lives in another state....we stay in touch but it hurts so bad because i miss him SO much.....when i read these 2 lines of your poem it made me feel better because i always have our memories to think back on: But time has taken prisoners, their lives are now entwined. But even if they never meet again, the past is not left behind.
  • Tiffany
    This poem is amazing, it speaks right to your heart and describes me and the guy I'm still in love with so well.
  • Blue
    I REALLY luved this poem. I swear it is one of the best I have ever read and I have read alot of poems. Maybe cuz I could really relate to it. But I was crying my eyez out cuz it is so true to me. Keep writing.
  • Cody
    Wow, how could someone not want your love in their life? They are missing something very special!
  • Lisa
    i love your poem, says it all, about how i'm feeling right now, since my husband walked out 3 months ago. just wish he could read this and work things out together.
  • Kindra
    This is incerdible! The best!
  • Chelsea
    i was totally wowed by this poem it expresses in words everything im feeling write now! keep it up Mandy YOU AWESOME
  • nicole
    i love this poem it made me cry i know exactly how you feel. for my ex boyfriend is some what very stubburned and most of the time thiinks of himself.and i love him more than anything else he means so much to me and this poem is exactly how my feelings are towards him. it is great keep the good stuff up
  • Lisa
    Mandy, I do believe that you have written a beautiful poem that truly moved me and actually brought up feelings that I have hinden deep within.Thank you!
  • Saicora
    I have to agree with other readers, this poem is exactly what I am going through with my husband right now, in where he wants to leave and I don't want him to go. I'm a poet myself, published multiple times and even I could not write something this beautiful. I applaud you, from poet to poet. This could not have been written any better.
  • horsegirl02
    this poem is awesome! it really touched me! I love it!
  • Skitz
    WOW! that was awesome! you did an excellent job! great rhyming, it was great, it was long, it made you understand! KUDOS TO YOU MANDY! (by the way, the name mandy rocks!)
  • Natalie
    OH MY GOSH! That is the best poem I have ever read! I know how you feel, because my boyfriend, was hurting and he said thanks to me he no longer does, then he broke up with me. He was my best friend and we broke up before and we got back together, then he broke up with me again, and I told him I'll always love him because true love never dies and this poem says that. The last couple of lines are the best! Great work!
  • tavia
    this was a very good poem. this is how i feel about my ex.
  • Jody
    i loved that poem more than any one i have ever realy touched me and i understand that was amazing... Well Done!!
  • Tina
    very touching and true
  • Natalie
    That was such a great poem!
  • kathryn
    This poem made me think of my husband who I still love but try hard not to, and he loves me. But yes, we are prisoners, prisoners of the damage done. And both of us have lost the love of our lives. Thank you for this poem. I copied it to my journal.
  • Chelsey
    I'm sorry about your sister, love is a reason in itself to live. Maybe she is loving someone where she is now. I am sorry about your loss too...but it's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. You found more happiness during that short while when you were in love that some ppl. will spend their whole loves looking for.
  • Holly
    I cried and cried and cried!! Mandy has written what my heart has felt.
  • Danielle
  • Kim
    This poem is awesome. IT so reflects what is going on in my relationship right now it is unbelieveable.
  • MaryAnn
    This Poem really hit home with me.excellent!
  • Katrina
    your words moved me.perhaps if I too had not loved so completely, I would have looked at this as just another poem..thank you for expressing my feelings with your beautiful words.maybe one day.
  • Amber
    I loved this poem!! It described everything I'm feeling perfectly!!
  • Genie
    ur poem really touched my heart.. i was exactly in the same position as the girl in ur poem.. the pain was really unbearable,i admire u for being able to express those feelings so well.i really love it..
  • amanda
    your poem is very touching i am young yet i have lived through many sad moments I completely understand how u feel thanks for posting your poem

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