This poem I wrote when I found myself falling in love with this man that was so beautiful and sweet to me when I was with him, but could never love me beyond his bed.

I misinterpreted his emotions and let my heart melt into his thoughts and saw that it meant nothing. He made love to me and then walked away with no emotion, time after time, and still I continued breaking my own heart, in the process of trying to keep his interest and keeping hope that he could love me. I finally had to realize no matter what I did he was using me and would never love me like I did him. I let his mind-games control my life and found myself living in too much of a fantasy that I created in my mind and I finally awoke when he said "I'll always love you as a friend."

Those words broke my heart and finally I had to let go.

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems - Sad Love Poems

Making Love To A Friend
You were always so perfect to me,
so soft and gentle,
cherishing you instantly,
without a second glance,
I never distrusted those eyes,
that lied to me continuously,
I promised you I'd always try,
but slowly you were losing me.

I would always have given you anything,
just to keep your interest,
stopping my heart from remembering,
all the pain you caused,
I never pulled away from that kiss,
that held a painful hint of truth,
Maybe you'd be too hard to miss,
so I said I was still in love with you.

I wanted more than just the infatuation,
that you found in me.
You said love was only a distraction,
that you really didn't need,
so I cried myself to sleep,
knowing the times we shared must end.
You couldn't let emotion run deep,
you said you made love to me, as a friend.

But eventually, my love,
friendships fade, too,
and I can't make love and walk away,
pretending I don't love you.
Never once did I push you away,
but everything comes to end,
so all that's left to say,
is goodbye,

I loved loving you, my friend.
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  • genie
    I am really touched by the poem. I never thought that we are of the same situation. I was in-love with a friend whom I gave everything I can but only treated me like I am nothing for him. He was good to me in the sense that I am just a friend, ignoring me like he doesn't care at all after getting what he wants. Now, I could not move on yet with my life. I don't want revenge, but I am still hoping we could be friends till I forget him.
  • veronica
    this pome i would have to say stated off sad,but in the end strong. the person who wrote this pome was strong let go somebody who didn't love him. it's hard to let go someone you love.
  • rinesha
    nice one. keep it up.
  • An
    Hey ya'll u should vote this one because this is a real peom that what everbody go's through so is not the only one
  • Rosie
    thank you. iv been through just this my bf doesnt love me like i love him he just uses me, i was too blind to see it until my best friend pointed it out. the thought that he uses me never even crossed my mind. i dont want to turn him into the enemy because he used to be my besst friend. i had my self think it was something i was doing wrong, and it was; i am such a coward to think that i cant take one more heart break. i feel so lonely without a boyfriend, someone to fall back on when i am depressed. you create the illision that they are all you have, and they hurt you again. thank you
  • daphney
  • carmen
    i have been in this situation exactly. i know the hurt. the loving someone who deosnt love you in the same way, they only loved you when they wanted something, and ut hurts when you realise the truth yet you still love them. just not their poisonous words.
  • TINA
    I really liked your poem it was cool. it was touching and understanding! :]
  • Leila
    What a heartbreakingly beautiful poem. I am deeply touched by it. Unrequited love is incredibly painful.
  • Jade
    Deep! It's crazy what guys can say and do! How they can do this im not sure. . . It's so hard to get over the feeling is so painful, full of confusion and hurt i'm sure it's a feeling you won't forget! But Dont frown you never know whos fallin in lobe with your smile! : )! Stay Strong!
  • sonia
    This poem really touched me. I'm in the exact situation at the moment and it hurts knowing that the person will never love you the same way you do. although as the days pass you give yourself lost hope that they someday will knowing they won't!
  • Angel
    Very beautiful poem which so many people can relate to including myself! Though I rather be happy for the short moments that we are together than say goodbye.
  • liz
    I really liked this poem it reminded me of me this happend to me too i thought he loved me but no all he wanted is to"make love" i was so stupid i fell for it and i'm only 15 I'm still in pain and i used to cry to sleep but I realized i got to let go i can;t change what he doenst feel for me
  • Jade
    I really loved this poem only because it hits so close to home for i was going through the same thing. and know exactly how it feels: to love someone that only want you for sex and on top of everything is a good friend in my case a friend of 8 years!
  • crystal
    this poem really touched my heart. i actually cry evey time i read it. things in life is crazy, but for a second when you think you found that perfect someone life actually stands still. but the only hard part about it is when that person cant love you back this poem rules!
  • Felicia
    i absolutely loved this poem i know exactly how it is to feel that way
  • tracey
    i really loved this poem. I just ended a relationship and that is exactly how i feel. We were dating, but the interset never left the bed. He wouldn't want to hang out and go out he wanted to stay in and "make love" But slowly as time rolled on, i began to realize that and realize i was worth so much more than that. WE broke up 10 days ago and he's already with another girl. So i guess me loving him just wasn't enough, because i wasn't getting love in return. I loved your poem.
    that is about the same way i feel
  • cynthia
    this is a poem of something that once happened to me. is is so real
  • Carly
    really enjoyed this poem can't stop reading it again and again! thank you! x
  • Kaitlyn
    i really like ur peom i see how u feel about this peom i am going threw it my self and it not easy as it seem to be
  • whitley
    i liked it alot
  • bri
    that was really good thts wat u call a real poem all true stuff
  • brandi
    this is an amazing poem i am 15 years old and i have never had a love in my life yet but i can say that this poem of all poems seemed really true and i encourgage you to keep writing
  • Heather
    The poem reminded me of the man I love who hurt me by making me believe he loved me as much as I love him.
  • Heather
    im crying. did this really happen 2 u? it happend 2 meh. thx cuz i think dis poem kinda took away some of da pain he left meh with.
  • siti
    The poem kind of reminded me of my own situation and the words made me realised that no matter how hard it feels,i have to move on with my life instead of hanging onto something that can never be. No matter how much you may care for a person,you must always think of what's best for yourself! I've learned it the hard way!
  • Lizzy
    Hey this was a GREAT poem. i relate so much to this poem! Great work!
  • Sabrina
  • gracie
  • Baby Sarrelz
    um wow. me and my friend/ex boyfriend/first love had sex for my first time and yeah. its just yeah a great poem! nice job
  • Desarie
    i think your poem is great. very much hitting the heart. the same thing happend to me and the tears that filled my eyes while reading the begginning of the poem. streamed out while reading the end. i really love it and i encourage you to write more like them.
  • Crystal
    this poem reminds me of my ex boyfriend and i we were best friend until it was ruined by me falling in love with him don't make that mistake we're no longer friends he won't even talk to me anymore
  • Stephanie
    i love ur poem ^_^
  • Jac'Quana
    This is the most wonderful poem I ever read. I write poetry too and reading this was something I would have wrote. You are very talented. I really did love this poem, it almost made me cry. I was in that situation not too long ago.
  • jenny
    dam. dis is a real nice poem. dis is really tru. jus thought u showd kno. =). !.
  • Jackie
    I really like this peom it made me think of what i was going thought once in my live when i loved someone soo much but all he wanted was too make love and talk once awhile but then i found someone else and he was soo nice too me and treated me soo much better then this other guy and we have been together ever since that day
  • Shannon
    I been hurting and feeling a way I could not describe. This Poem says it 100% Thank you it touched my Heart
  • Ingrid
    This is an amazing poem that I think everyone can relate too.
  • vicki
    Very well written. It touched my soul.
  • arianna
    im sorry no one should have to go though that im truely sorry, but ur poem was amazing. wonderfully amazing. i write poems myself but i dont think i could write something with as much emotion as u did. i could feel the pain in every word.
  • Premini
    its incredible what pain can do. i am left speachless after reading your poem. when it comes unbearable the words just flow out,words so meaningfull, powerfull, painfull. when we find ourself in the same situation,the tears will roll off reading these kind a poems. Take care. xo
  • Laura
    Wonderful poem!
  • Andrey
    This poem really touched me,deep in my heart i still have to feel all this pain and all thees teribble feelings ! But i thank you for writing a poem on such a dificult topic of life ! I enjoyed reading it.
  • Deanna
    EXCELLENT! I related so much to this poems. I almost cried when reading it. I wish I had the guts to send it to my husband. Best poem I have read on here so far!
  • mary
    this wasd the greatest poem in the world and it ws really touchig and this person shoud write a lot more poems
  • Mija
    i cant believe it!yet when i was reading ur words under the poem i found myself in it!im in the same position as u were,and im doing the same as u were. hoping,dreaming that he would love me. but some time now im thinking of what if he wont?and that depreses me. i was so excited when i read ur words that i had to read ur poem right away and it is great!think u really have talent so go on with that!just i hope that u will have better things to write about :)
  • Ale
    yup amber i know excactly wut u talkin bout i been in dat situation.
  • jenny
    This same thing is happening to me. I just haven't let go yet. I'm in that transition stage and I really think this poem will help me to realize that all he want's is my body. not my love. So thank you for writing this poem and helping me to move on.
  • Terri
    this is very good
  • Zakiya
    If you have had your heart broken then this poem should bring out the strength in you. I loved it
  • Sara
    I read this poem and it made me cry. I was in a situation just like this for a period of 2.5 years. When I finally just said goodbye he couldn't understand. He believed I was simply mad at him. This poem expresses eveything that I felt.
  • me
    i went through the same thing. the only thing is is that he was my ex and he had a g/f at the time. i was still in love with him. but he just played head games with me. now he gets mad at me for not talking to him in school,but do you blame me?
  • Jennifer
    It is never easy to admit when our love goes unappreciated or unreturned. However, as much as it can hurt to give and not receive love back, it is so important to express our feelings of love to those we care for as often as we get the opportunity. You can never know when the moment you miss is the last chance you have.
  • salvador
    Tha is deep. I can relate to it. P. S. I almost cryed :(
  • Tiffany
    Amber- I vote for "Making Love To A Friend" because I felt that this poem was one of the best written poms that i my self had evre read! Keep up the good work Amber. Sincerly yours Miss Tiffany N Pegram
  • abigail
    oh my god this poem was awsome the best love poem ive ever heard WOW
  • Brittany
    I L. O. V. E this poem. This happen to me to. Keep up the good work.
  • ivy
    your poem speak my mind. its hard to love someone and not be loved back. perhaps ive gone too far that i forget bout myself.
  • Cheryl
    I really liked this poem. Its exactly how I feel. I'm glad it's not just me who feels like that.
  • Stit
    I love this poet , it happen to me right nw, after i read this , it makes me to move on more . love it so much!
  • Lynda
    I felt the same way about my friend and he said he loved me too. I keep thinking of him all night and day but I can't. I tried to stop so many times but couldn't. He made love to me and now all he acts to me. is like a friend. Your poem is really good. it made me cry
  • Jennifer
    I enjoyed this poem very much. It captures the innocence before and the heartache after when you lose someone that things went too far with or not far enough and your heart is bleeding so much you go numb.
  • Deborah
    I read all the peoms that were on this site and this is the one poem that made me cry. I really love this poem and really felt how she felt.
  • pres
    i was surprised to read all the comments about this poem. i am in that exact situation right now, and it's just a relief that i'm not the only one going through it. this poem just touched me so deeply. i want out of this relationship and stop hurting myself but i just haven't found enough strength to do it. thank you so much for this poem.
  • Laura
    I've lived your poem. I loved someone who though my one and only lover, never loved me for my heart. Used and more lonely than i'd ever been I did what you did. I said goodbye. The only difference is the someone i loved was a woman. Love hurts no matter the gender, no matter the person, no matter the time. Needless to say your poem touched my soul. Thank you for sharing it.
  • Nong
    I love your poem as it can tell what I think in my mind. And I think it working with many people too. Hop
  • fame
    i was a little bit taken aback of this poem because we had a similar situation, the only difference is he was the one inlove with me and he was just a friend to me. i felt bad after reading it and ought to change our situation. too much things happened in this poem that nearly broke my heart but 'twas a good poem for me. i do hope the author had moved on. and happy right n0w.
  • Robin
    Very good.
  • lee
    When I read your introduction to the poem I couldnt believe that someone else has been through EXACTLY the same experience as me. The same thing happened to me for a year when I too realised that I had to let go. Your poem really touched me and made me realise that I am not alone. Thank you.
  • Molly
    I enjoyed this poem. My situation is different though. This person could easily be the love of my life. We spend almost all of our time together, we basically live together now though I have my own place. The only thing is that he is gay. So we love in every other way, compatible in every other way, close in every way, but physically we will never be. At least not that I forsee. But. I wouldn't give him up for the world. Friendship that is. Someday I'll find someone to love in all ways and move on. I loved the poem, best wishes.
  • dan
    i thought ur poem was really good as i can totally relate to im going through somthing at the moment and this poem has made me make som sence of wats going on i think its tym i said goodbye to my friend
  • Sean
    this poem really clicked with me, i can actully relate to this poem. it really touches your heart. well done amber! and thankyou
  • Amanda
    OMG! this poem so explains the situation i am in right now! i met this dude and we have been friends for a while and he never tried to make a move on me until him and his g/f broke up and i told him no because i didnt want to loose a good friendship. He swore to me that he wouldnt do it and that we would never quit being friends and maybe some day something more so i gave into the peer presure and now he hasnt called me and i havent called him. I put it that if a guy dosent call me i won't call him. but i still kinda have feelings for him so its really hard not to pick up the phone and make the same mistake all over again.
  • Aryssa
    I think this poem is great because it resembles me. Take away making love because i'm only 12 but fill it in with loving them and it's what i just went through with my boyfriend who i'm still in love with deeply.
  • nina
    i thought i was the only one to ever feel this way. yet you said all that i was never abe to say. i thank you
  • katherine
    this poem very touching. i love it!
  • justean
    hey who ever wrote this i really liked it. it was sad because i know how you fell. almost a year ago my boyfriend didnt want to be with me he thought everything was a game. then one day he really realized he wanted to be with me. so now were togrth happy. and i hope things work out for you.
    i love this pome it remind me of my fisrt love
  • Staci
    This poem was beautiful and painful in ways that I don't read about in many poems today. This is amazing. Keep up the good work!
  • LaJoya
    Dear Amber Iam in school right niw were i should e doing my work. but as u can see i was reading poems. anywayzs this poem was one of the est i have read in a while. i can reallllly relate to it is very intersting to me thanks write back LaJoya
  • asma
    Excellent poem. Though i didnt had this experience, i realized the pain by reading this poem. very good . expecting more
  • valerie
    i have the same problem. itis with a boy named josh im only 14 but im starting to understand that not everyones best guy/giirl friend will be the one for them but always remember these that no mater what to keep your head up and one day that some one will come along and sweep you off your feet my mom taught me to be strong and im passing this advice to you
  • Whitney
    this poem made me think back on all the screwed up relationships that had taken their tole on me and i like that! i don't know why but for some reason looking back and remembering how it felt so long ago brings a certain sense of security to my heart! i want to thank you for writing such a beasutiful heart felt poem, and allowing it to be shared with others!
  • amy
    this is likely to sound very soppy and sad but i can really relate to all aspects of this poem. i've been through pretty much everything that is described here. very pretty poem though :)
  • jamie
    it was a very sweet poem and i really liked it cause it kindove explains how i feel.
  • ronald
    this poem is very touching to me thank you for making this 1
  • Rhea
    This poem touched me because i too had a friend that after being with him, i just wanted him after that. Not only for the love but his personality, humour, and how good of a person he was, how real he was. but when i admitted to him how i felt he said we were only friends and no more then that. He broke my heart. And even after telling me how he felt i still ran back to him for everything. I still wanted him. Needed him. And after reading this i realized i cant keep trying to get him to love me. You cant force a pesron to love you. With that, i can only tell him goodbye.
  • Kelsey
    Hey your poem was GREAT! It made me think about my x b/f! We wasn't datin i think he just wanted to make out with some one that someone had to be me. He still wants to be friends but i don't think i want to be. Not after the way he treated me. Keep writing GREAT poems that help you and others.
  • Linda
    This man is timm and i've been in love with him for 10 years. he keeps me with his i love you, i just can't be faithful. there is no getting over someone who gives you reason to breathe.
  • shawna
    i absolutely love this poem, i have been going through the exact same thing for a long time, so it really touches me
  • baby
    I love your poem,and it's true in so many ways and for soooo many poeple. well I think its a great poem!
  • B
  • tess
    this is amazing. i was told these words once before
  • Elio
    absolutly beautiful, shows the pain that lies underneath a broken heart with absolute elegance.
  • Krystal
    I have been in the same situation and i know how it feels. it just touched me emotionally and im glad other people go through the same things as me
  • Brie
    I love your poem. I have been in a relationship 4 years and I found out that he was playing me for 2 I could not let him go because i love him so much so it got to the point where i wanted to push him away so I lied and told him that I had found someone else and he just walked in my house today and started a fight want to know who the next guy is I told him not to worry about it just like he dident worry about use so he stole my cell phone and has been calling every number in it. WHAT I AM TRYING TO SAY IS THANK YOU FOR SAYING WHAT I FEEL AND CAN NOT PUT TO WORDS AS BEAUTFUL AS YOU DID THANK YOU AGAIN *BRIE*
  • Griselda
    i realy liked this poem because I have a friend that I realy love and althought we have done alot are friendship is not to same as it use to be.
  • tamara
    I too have been in the same boat and remember all too well the moment I had to let go. I understnad and I think this poem was good!
  • christina
    all day i've read poems and this poem stuck out like lighting and touched me very deeply. i have been there and done that.
  • Kayleigh
    This poem is awesome. It really tells about a persons soul and how she loved without being loved back the way she wanted. Its deep and tells a beautiful story of love and loss. You did a great job.
  • shikita
    you had the best poem ever on the scale 1-40 I give you 40.
  • bill
    wow your peom mean something to me. i was wondering if another has ever fell this way also. now i know and pain is hard to deal with but i allways think to myself that life will go on and things will be better. Someday
  • Michelle
    I recently became intimate with my best friend in the whole world. I know i'm falling in love with him, but he doesnt feel the same way. I'm scared and hurting, i dont know what to do or what to say. Its been 4 months since this started, and we are still doing it to this day. I dont wanna say anything, cuz i'm afraid of loosing him. I know theres something more between the 2 of us. He confuessed a while ago, but he has changed his mind. When i read this peom, it made me think on how i need to end this problem! Thankyou!
  • adrianna
    ive been in that situation before and i just love the way you put it into words and will help others relize that they are trying for somthing that would never go further than his bed.
  • mari
    i love this poem it is so true i have a best friend that i mean we were very close but one day it just he was staying at my house for a couple of day and we made love and my feelings got strong for him i loved more than just a friend but he told me that we could never be more then just friends
  • shannon
    ur poem inspired me it touched me deep down, i fink dat it was really gd
  • Janiece
    I LOVE THIS POEM! I just got out of something like that, and sometime its hard 2 sat bye to that person other that happen.
  • Patricia
    That poem was beyound perfect i mean it touched me it made me realized that i don't need a guy who is going to lie to me well it was great keep it up i hope to be reading more poems from you.
  • allison
    Dear Amber, I loved your poem and I vote for it because it is a very dramatic and very heart breaking poem. It was a very beautiful poem and I really enjoyed your poem.
  • sherry
    i also have a similar relationship with a man 10 yrs my junior. he is everything to me but he can just seem to walk away, not call but come back into my life at anytime we swore we would not get serious and involved with eachother, he held up his part of the bargain but me i fell in love. this is the man of my dreams i also fool myself everyday thinking he loves me too. i don't even care if i have been used he is everything to me, i want to meet someone just like him i look everywhere and no one i can find like my george. i have never been so hurt my heart truly hurts i can feel it and my tears never stop.
  • Bryan
  • jess
    i thought this poem was so wonderful it was so moving ang it reminds me of so much of my life and wat happened with me and my friend i belive you have a great talent for poetry and you should do something with it! love always jess age 16
  • Amber
    this poem reiminds me of a friend i once thought iloved!
  • Michael
    This poem is excellent and so very true. I really felt this poem and it was if you were in my mind. I'm in this situation right now and am experiencing the agony of just letting go. This poem is an inspiration to me and will help me to get over that hump. Thank you and keep up the excellent writing.
  • Eric
    Well written & heart-felt. Nicely done, Amber.
  • Ebony
    It was beautiful!
  • Whitney
    I absolutly love this poem. It touched me on a higher level. I am in a situation similar to the poem. Great job!
  • Teresa
    i loved your poem it reminded me of what happend to me in the past it is deep and it is a very beautiful poem.
  • veronica
    I Loooved this Poem it's soo true how a person can create a fantasy world in their head how they WISH the other person would feel about them. It's sad but true how some people can make love and not really FEEL love.
  • Tiffany
    It was real good, I loved it.
  • Emily
    I loved this poem it made so much sense and was so true. Well done i enjoyed it alot ive read alot of poems and this was my favourite
  • De'Andra
    I truely think this poem is pertaining to me in one of my previous situations. Especially with my ex-boyfriend see him in school everyday. And that is making me regret ever messing with him.
  • ashley
    I just wanted to say that the peom really touched a part in me that brought tears because it is so true when you love that one person that hurts you keep up the good work amber
  • jessica
    I really enjoyed this poem, i can really relate to it. sometimes we have to play and beat men at their own game, thats when they feel it the most
  • rosa
    i loved ur poem even if i can't relate to it . which is y it makes it even better couse it still thouched me. i felt anger towards the guy u wrote about n all men in general. but i admired u for still not putting him down in the end.
  • Ami
    What moved me is the fact that this poem has so elegantly summed up the last 4 years of my life. When you fall in love with your best friend and it is not reciprocated, one feels that they are suffering daily mortalities. The decision to endure one mortality and in fact to day goodbye takes courage and perhaps something else beyond the love you actually felt. I used to think that things would get better if I tried harder, this was a fundamental flaw within me, not him
  • amanda
    i loved your poem, im in that exact situation right now i just havent got the courage to let him go yet, its very hard but i know ive already lost him and he is still losin me.
  • Emma
    Aw, this poem really touched me. I've been in a realationship like this before and it did hurt, so thanks for sharing this with us. =)
  • hana
    I should say that was the most magnificient piece that i've ever recalled reading. In a way or another it somehow made me realize that i should make a full-stop to all my miseries that i'm having with this guy who i should say, made love to me as a friend. Thank You Amber. Thank You for giving me the courage to face the truth.
  • Paige
    Hey listen i really liked this poem. this poem is just wonderful. b/c i have relized for the last 4 months i have been making myself believe he still cares when he doesnt. thanx for the good writting GREAT JOB
  • Adrian
    This poem was very moving! I knew I could always read this when I feel the same way! It really does make me wonder, though, what is the point of view for the man? I guess it's just a mystery! But all in all this poem was AWESOME! :D
  • Katie
    This poem really touched me in a lot of different ways! It reminds me so much of me and my ex boyfriend. I want you to keep writing poems and maybe you can become famous someday in poetry! This poem reaches into peoples hearts and lets you say what you feel like saying! Thanks for opening your heart to write this poem! Keep it up!
  • addi
    i loved it, i am going through the same thing only i haven't found the strength or the courage to walk away
  • lynn
    Thank you for the poem. I believe that it touches alot of hearts that understand what it is like to give and not receive. This poem gives me courage not to look back.
  • Rikki
    This poem touched me. Im trying to get over this very thing, this very second. Every second of the day every once of energy I have goes towards trying to not cry, not to think of the one I love who told me that "We will always be friends". Thank you for making me realize Im not alone in this pain
  • Debbie
    I am in the same predicament. This poem is exactly how I have been feeling lately and I am surprised to find that someone actually wrote a poem on it. I love it!
  • keisha
    this poem explains the situation me and a friend of mine are in,
  • FoRgeTtful
    Loved to poem hun, i can really see where you are coming from and its a horrible thing to feel
    I absolutely love your poem! It said exactly what I was feeling- perfect 10
  • Bree
    this poem is really good! you write with such emotion i love it
  • nikki
    this poem touches me more than any other poem. I'm experiencing this poem presently and it started about 2 years ago. I don't know what to do. I don't know why I let it continue but it's a passion I have for him that I can't just forget about. He is my best friend too.
  • Sandra
    I totally understand where you are coming from. i have had a realationship with a "friend" for about 10years that i love, but he only wants to be a friend
  • ben
    this poem reached deep down and really touched me because i've just lost the love of my life but will never stop loving her. I LOVE YOU SUZI.
  • timm
    you have a gift. that i must say that poem was truely inspiring. i cant really describe i must say, best poem i have read ALL year.
  • Kimberly
    I loved tha poem, very deep and true
  • kel
    this poem is really good! ive just found out i was actally being used by a very close friend of mine, when i thought we had something special. your poem has help me relise im not the only person goin through this feeling! thx! keep up the good work!
  • emily
    i can definatly relate to this poem because I wa sin the same situation only the guy kept telling me he loved me when he really didn't care. But now that I look back on it letting him go was the best thing i could have ever done!
  • grace
    the content of the poem is really happening to me in real life. It's not me alone who suffers this so I am encouraged to move on and forget the incident.
  • Jeremy
    That poem kicked A$$. I dont' think you'll hear many guys say this but i have been there. cept she said she loved me when she really didn't. That poem struck a nerve that ran deep GREAT JOB!
  • nirma
    I had the same experience. So I like it very much. I felt like I have written the poem.
  • Cherene
    I can relate to this poem because I'm in the situation myself. I really think this poem is the best poem I've read ever since I've came to this site. I think This the writer should be congradulated for a great written poem. Cherene
  • sarah
    i really like this poem. it help me 2 know that it is not just loving, but you should know how 2 value a feeling when you enter a relationship. not only you show comfort and care,, eventhough you have it all you should know how 2 love and take seriously. every person encountered that kind. for me loving someone truly is the greatset achievement you did in your life.
  • becci
    the way you explained this poem and the poem itself is fantastic. Its exactly to each single word what i am feeling and experiencing and has given me new hope, thankyou x x x
  • Yvette
    This poem deeply touched on my last relationship. My boyfriend and I started out as friends and then he wanted to take it farther. Well, I agreed not knowing he was going to break my heart in the end. Yet, I still love him. I'm more mad at myself for giving in way too soon.
  • Jasmine
    This is a very good poem. Anymore?
  • Hillary
    this poem is so true. it happened to me, i just dont think that im strong enough to let go.
  • MARI
  • lilsade
  • maria
    this poem was really good i am going through the same thing but i don't know what to tell him
  • Marianne
    How beautiful your poem but how sad. Say's just how I feel right now after my relationship has ended.
  • sierra
    oh my god your poem is so true and down to earth i have been in this situation but could not find a way to express these feelings my friend was looking for a poem for class and came across yours the title struck me instantly and i just had to read it if at all possible please send more of your work
  • Marcy
    I think this is one of the best poems I have ever read in my whole life. It hit me right where I nedded it to I have been looking for a poem like this and these words are exactaly what I needed to hear and say and you did it for me. Thank you so much!
  • bambi
    this was an awesome poem. i was in the middle of a relationship that was just like the poem and it gave me the strength to let go and find someone new and better that would be there for me.
  • Ms. Nette
    On a scale from 1 to 10 I give your poem a 10 because I feel where you are coming from. I know it's hard to look at him like you used to and it's even harder to hold a converstion with him. When I was reading your poem all I did is shook my head because I feel what you are talking about. I can relate with you. Just keep up the good work and keep your head up.
  • Samantha
    I really loved the poem because that is exactly how I feel about a friend right now. It's hard to have feelings for someone and they don't feel the same way.
  • shandee
  • Ira
    It is so real these days,but it so beautyfull.
  • Monique
    I think this poem is really good. It has related to me a lot and who ever wrote this i know what you're going through
  • dana
    I really liked your poem cause it's so true I've been there when you love them but all they want is to love sex with you. Don't let your self be used there is some one some where that will love you for you.
  • Tina
    i loved the poem my sister wrote it good job amber
  • Kristen
  • Monique
    this peom really touched me and i feel you. this expressed exactly how i feel.
  • Chung_Ruji
  • dayshea
    i thought your poem was really good and i coold really feel where you were coming from. p. s keep up the good writing.
  • chantelle
    this poem is so awesome. i fell in love with my best guy friend and now we are together. keep your hopes up and youll get him
  • Monica
    This Poem touched me becuase after a 4 yr friendship. My best friend and i decided to take it a step further we had a serious relationship for 2 yrs and then we got married we have 2 beautiful children together and now after 11 yrs we have went our seperate ways but he will always be my best friend that I made true love to.
  • Kristi
    Your poem was really good! I just had to print it out and hang it up. Keep up your good poems. :)
  • Nicole
    I completely understand how you feel, especially when you had a previous relationship w/ that person. I didn't fall in love w/ the guy that used me, I fell in love w/ the guy that loved me.
  • Ray
    A poem straight from the heart, beautiful in it's honesty. I can feel everything she writes here.
  • Maria
  • veronica
    i like it. it was good. it made me remember when i went out with my guy friend. and all that happen between us and are friendship.
  • Courtney
    Your poem was wonderous. I think alot of people can relate to that. I just hope you entire yourself to keep writing.
  • summer
    That was a really good poem. I understand how u feel cuz i am kinda in that situation ,but its hard for me to stop talkin to my friend cuz i really like him we have been friends for four years but i really havent asked him how he feels.
  • yentel
    i can really really relate with your poem . at first u think it just being friends with benifets and its all cool. but now i kno its not kool. once i fell for him i couldnt get up. i had so much emotions and feelings for him. and he left me just like that . so ladies i advice if u ever get in a situation like that try ur hardest not to fall. i tried my best but he tore me apart in so many wayz ;) but in the end he ended up tearing my heart apart . =(
  • laina
    i think this poem is ammasing itis all about what is happening to me right now
  • VeronicA
    I thought the poem was really good!I really liked it! :)
  • Kenny
    Wow, I don't know what to say, this was just a very powerful and great poem. I'd have to say yours is the best on this site.
  • annie
    BRAVO! I was going to send this poem to my ex. nice work
  • vanessa
  • Danielle
    Been there, done that-Sooooo true.
  • Charlotte
    This poem is truly beautiful. The same thing is happening to me at the moment and thanks to your poem, I've decided to put an end to it right now. You dont know how much you've helped me.
  • Sylvia
    This is such a good poem, it goes perfectly with my life i can relate to it a lot. I'm gonna always remember this poem, oh my god i wanna cry!
  • Katie
    that was very heart touching!
  • lala
    i love this poem well the same thing happen to meyeah and i am olny 14 yeah
  • Stephanie
    Man this poem is so good! I can relate to the way you feel and what this guy did to you. Just keep your head up and forget that guy. I know it's easier said than done, but just try!
  • Aric
    I liked it and I feel sorry for the guy
  • Kasey
    This poem was spectacular! I'm sure everyone can relate to it one way or another. This has to get two thumbs up!
  • Laura
    Awsome poem I LOVED IT!
  • megan
    i think thats what i going though but i hope not anyway your poem was the best
  • DeeDee
    It's truly inspirational. Your words are so powerful and they really cut my heart like a knife . You just help me end a relationship that I was afraid to end. THANKS TO YOU , I CAN!
  • chantel
    i really loved this poem an i could relate to it in a way. this is good poetry and keep up the good work
  • Lou
    omg i have totally just been thru tht. I was with this guy but we neva went out. its bin so hard to get over him and i am still trying. One week he loved me the next week he was gone. Is that love!? cause if it is i don't ever wana go thru it again. thanx 4 ur poem it was brill x x x
  • Nicole
    This was a good poem, although I am in a great relationship now I have also been in a few like yours. You have a way with words I could only pray to gain.
  • Epifania
    thank you for writing this poem. I was going through the same thing but once i read this i realized that i had to let him go.
  • marianne
    one of the best poems i have seen in a long time.
  • karen
    I give this poem a grade A+. Its what am feeling at this moment in my life.
  • Annie
    very impressive. I loved it. it was as if I was being used and heart brokened. I felt the pain through the expressions of the lonely words. Thank you
  • Janice
    Loved the poem and hope that the pain does go away, it hurts I know. Keep on writing and express youself, it helps. Keep up the good work
  • Em
    What a poem so deeply eloquent and true that sadly, I can relate to.
  • Taylor
    This was a great poem. I'm going through the exact same thing. This poem really touched me. Keep up the great work!
  • Mark
    I had a friend in High school with the author's name. I hope it's not her. I had a crush on her, and I let her get away. Now it's been a few years since I've seen her, and I can't find her. If this is the Amber I used to know, I'm sorry about what happened. Beautiful poem.
  • Kyeasha
    OMG girl. i can relate to this poem. this feels like what im goin through right now. i applaud u on ur beautiful interpretation of this situation
  • A
    Timeless emotions revealed, incredible flow, intense realizations, you nailed it.
  • milli
    this poem gives me the courage to move on, i am going through this at this point. great poem took the words out of my mouth
  • Wendy
    had the same experience and can relate with the intensity of what the author is going through.
  • Kristina
    WOW! Best poem I have ever read! It was almost like I wrote it myself - it is totally what I am going through! Thank you and great job!
  • Des
    I admire you for writing this poem. It captures all the things i feel and could not put into words on a piece of paper. I am in the same sit. and know i need to say good bye. this poem has made a big difference.
  • Jenny
    Thank You so much for this poem, it is my life as it is now, as i write this, the tears have started to flow and i have to let go , have to say goodbye
  • Snow
    This is a poem about my life! This is really deep. I loved it.
  • viole
    All I can say is wow, I love your poem, it's sound so much like it's talking about me. Thank you for sharing such a great poem.
  • Nina
    In the beginning of my similar relationship, there was two things that were 1)don't tell any one and 2)don't let imotions get involved. Well emotions ran through me and i broke both of my promises. But he don't know how I feel and seeing him with other girls breaks my heart because I want to be with him
  • Gina
    This is an great poem. I went through the same thing. It is wonderful to see someone that can put so much emotion into a poem.
  • cryst
    good poems i like this one it discribes my relationship
  • Lacey
    i really love this poem because i can relate exactly. i started dating this guy that my friend hooked me up with and afetr two months he told me he only thought of me as a good friend
  • shaun
    well i like all love poetry but this poem is describing the life i'm in right now i love my best friend but i don't know how to tell him but by this poem now i have some confidence.
  • deann
    Your poem was very sad and very true to girls in life these days.
  • Sonia
    As I read this poem it strucked me, I give it two thumbs up!
  • sad
    yeah realli a good poem. makes the emotion flow without control.
  • briittany
    i love this poem. i am going through the same situation right now, and her poem really inspired me to move on.
  • elizabeth
    I really enjoyed reading this poem is kind of what Im going tru now.Well keep up the good work!
  • Dawna
    This poem was very heartfelt and one I could identify with. I went through the same thing and you seemed to pull those words right out of my heart. That time was something I let go, but a time I will never forget. A really wonderful poem!
  • kenneth
    i can relate. it was hot
  • Ruthie
  • noelle
    I really loved this poem. I could easily relate. It brought tears to my eyes because It's so true. :)
  • Francois
    Beautifully written. When someone tells you they are falling in love with you. It touches your heart and you feel that you are their only one. When they find something out about you that they don't like. It changes everything. Because then they put thier guard back up. Then they say "Let's just be friends". That can tear a person apart, because they believed in something or someone that never wanted to really love them to begin with.
    hey girl , how did you get in my head. you just read my life out loud to the world. thats CraZy . I LOVE THIS POEM!
  • Stacey
    Wow..that's all I can say about this poem. It completely relates to a "relationship" that I was once involved with. I'm so glad someone else can relate to me.
  • erica
    This poem made me cry. It describes my relationship exactly.
  • Lizette
  • Angela
    Amber, I know exactly how you feel, I recently lost my fiancee in a car accident 3 weeks ago and I feel like dying. I used to ask God why he didn't take me with my fiancee but I just found out that I'm pregnant and now I know the reason why.
  • diamond
    Excellent poem just went through something like this with someone that gave me the impression they wanted to be more than friends but that wasn't the case.
  • Helen
    What a wonderful wonderful poem describes every bit of what i am i'm sure many other people are going through right now. it's moved me and i will never forget it's words
  • Snowbear
    Thought I'd never see poetry written for my situation. Sorry to see there have many more like me. Hurts even more when this happens and you're married. Wonderful poem.
  • Janette
    i love your poet.. i see my self in it!
  • Taste
    The poem brought tears to my eyes. It conveys everything I need to say to that certain someone. I know that I have to say "goodbye" for my own peace of mind, but could never find the right words. Thank you for writing them for me.
  • kiona
    this is an excellent poem! it's VERY realistic and the kind of poem that everyone can relate to. I KNOW I CAN!
  • Mork
    What a Great Poem. So sad but so true at the same time. I wish I could write things down like this, Thanks for sharing it with us.
  • pritesh
    I.. it was great!
  • Rachel
    i was only 13 and i had a really good guy friend. as we started to talk more i began to like him more than a friend. when he found out i liked him, he started to like me, i think only because he knew i liked him. i got over my head and started thinking about things like maybe we would go out and i would just imagine us together. i felt like i had fallen in love with him at the age of 13. but i was wrong. he just broke my heart and told me that he only liked me as a friend.
  • Babygddss
    I think that this was a beautiful poem. It had so much meaning, that I instantly fell in love with the words.
  • nadia
    i love your poem. reading it had return me to my past. it's like as if i'm the one writting it.. what u went thru' is what i went thru' too. and it still hurt me as bad as it had before....
  • Jennifer
    This poem is great! Its verry touching... its just like what happend to me
  • kirsty
    this is great poem!
  • Amy
    Amazing.. said it all
  • Chantelle
    I had an affair with a guy, which I too misinterpreted. I was sure of myself and the way we felt about each other and then he too said ... You are just my friend! My whole world crumbled and I followed him like a dog ... tail between the legs ... UNTIL NOW - Your poem has given me another insight, a kind of hope! Thank you!
  • Missy
    I htought that this was a poem just for me! I had the something like this happen to me.
  • Rochelle
    I can't stop crying. I feel now I'm not the only one who's been their. I let someone befriend me. He was my best friend and all he wanted was his own pleasure. I feel stupid and sad. Thank you for expressing what I can't and making me feel not so alone.
  • Carrie
    This is exactly how i feel about my x bf now.
  • jammie
    Im 17 and I think that these days a lot of teens go through that with a guy friend
  • Jen
    I was looking for something to help me express my feelings without hurting my ex. We have had a hard time completely letting go and now I am moving in with someone new and i realize that he doesn't love me anymore and that the end is near. Hurts, uh?
  • cammy
    great poem and i can relate almost perfectly
  • LUCY
    Tis poem is real nice when iu read it i remembered a guy i had been with i cant say he never cared but how could i be shure he did .
  • Tamara
    That was so. I don't know what to say. All I know is that my boyfriend broke up with me 3 days ago because of his doubts for me loving him..I think this could be his poem.It hurts me but it makes me happy to know that he didn't do it just to hurt me..
  • Keesha
    I really loved this poem. It touched my heart tremendously. I have to say goodbye also!
  • Shannon
    wow this describes exactly my situation with this guy its such a great poem
  • Tikia
    This poem touches my heart although I have never been through this type of pain.But it was beautifully written and honest and full of intense emotion. The writter should continue to write for the sake of writing as a positive influence.
  • christie
    This poem was so good. I could understand it because of the things that I'm going through now.
  • wendy
    wow i can not beleave that it is so much like a relashonthip i was in with a friend and now we hadly ever tark to each other now but when we do it is just as if we know each other to say hello to and that is it so i am very grat full for the fact thay u have shered your fealling with us all thank you very much
  • Jennifer
    i loved this poem! it was soo nice to hear someone who wrote about something i feel. I too have been used and this poem gave me a stronger feeling inside.
  • Susan
    It was a goo poem. My ex boyfriend was the same way
  • tyra
    it was great, I relate
  • Peter
  • Amber
    This poem really spoke to me. It kinda scared me because it described my boyfriend and his ex's relationship, the way she described it to me. The wierdest thing about this poem is my boyfriends last name is White and my first name is Amber.
  • Tamara
    I just cried when I read this. It's too perfect...
  • tina
    very very nice
  • Kimberley
    WOW!!! I have chills...i was looking for a poem that kinda describes me and a guy that i recently have been dating...but i came across this one and it reminds me soooo much of me and another guy...who happens to be best friends with the new guy... i was blown away by this poem!!
  • sara
  • suprita
    excellent poem
  • Evelyn
    This poem was really emotional.
  • Teresa
    I found the poem to be very touching.
  • Cindy
    Been in the same situation. awesome writing.
  • D.M
    Nice poem!
  • Stephanie
    I thought your poem was wonderful. Been there, and done that.
  • R.
    Such a sad beauty to this poem.
  • heather
    i really like your poem, it touched me because i used to have a friend in your situation. i really envy your poem.!

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