For those who have fallen for their best friend. And are afraid to come out and just say it. Like me.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Love and Friendship Poems

To My Best Friend?
This is for the greatest person
that I have ever known.
Being away from you for so long
I am feeling so alone.
With you I am so happy
you keep my heart content.
But I had to be a volunteer -
so off to England I went.
That is where I found my heart
and how I feel for you.
I try so hard to deny this feeling
and I don't know what to do.
I said that I would never again
let someone take my heart.
And here I'm sitting wanting you
and hate that we're apart.
Everyday you are in my thoughts,
every night you're in my dreams.
I can't believe what's happening,
is this really what it seems?
I know you're only wanting
to be the best of friends,
but I am asking you sincerely
if it's your rule you'll bend.
To take a chance to know me
to let me share it all.
And maybe one day very soon
for me one day you'll fall.
Our friendship we now have
is something that I'd miss
but maybe once we let go
we will find eternal bliss.
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  • luluwa
    this poem is one my greatest poems ive ever read. thank you because i send it to my friend and they loved it very m much thank you very much!
  • cheryl
    hello shannbodan:))) i really love this poem:) i can hear your inner feelings through this poem. you are hopping that the girl that you like which is your best friend,would break her rule of just staying as best friends and instead cross the boundry and start off as a couple with you:)))
  • jude
    this poem is apt for my own situation.
  • maria
    omg this poem is the best it has my thoughts into it really deply
  • Draciolus
    Wow. describes my life these past few weeks perfectly. Very touching poem, and very well done.
  • chastanna
  • Rebecca
    I love this poem. it fits my life right now and is very uplifting and sweet
  • siya
    its very beautiful of expressing about the person u admire the most. keep on writing such beautiful poems.
  • Brady
    This poem was abosolutely ammazing. Really explains how i feel right now. This person must be a genius!
  • sarah
    fantastic poem, this happened 2 me when i was younger, she fell 4 me and i rejected it later 2 fall 4 her but it was 2 late. the love and lust was so strong but it was just 2 complicated. weve both moved on with our lives now and dont speak and circumstances would be 2 difficult to ever be with her again but i will never forget how much i loved her and most probably she will feel the same because i know how strong our love was towards the end. anyway enough of me rabbiting on great poem!
  • jeannine
    this poem really touched my heart! i looked and looked for a poem that best described what i was feeling and i was astonished to read yours. i loved it and i'm glad so many other did too! thank you!
  • suZaku
    -this pOem is rEaLLy grEat. it tuched my heArt and i fEeL mOre cOmfortable nOw c i aLsO experiEnced thOse things. gOod wOrk. its very nice. every wOrds of the pOem cOmes frOm within
  • steph
    i love this poem. its what im going through right now also. i feel in love with this guy the first time i layed eyes on him now were the bestest friends ever. we are really close. but his in cali we talk often but his to far away. and im trying to find the answer if i should tell him how i feel. this poem really makes me think . its a great poem.
  • Hinata
    I like this poem its like really sweet . my best friend and i love each other now thats probably why i like but anyway sweet poem :)
  • Mindy
    This is the best poem ever. I agree on the poem. I have a friend also i fell in love with and i couldn't figure out on how to tell him until now. Thank you so much
  • elboney
    I really like this poem because we all have best friends
  • be
    touchy. i can relate.
  • Gerry
    This is EXACTLY how I feel about my best friend, but I'm to nervous to tell her. I can really tell you have had these feelings!
  • Ruben
    When the first time i have read this poem, I was hit, I remember my bestfriend that I love most, but it's only a dream for I know that my love is forbidden because my bestfriend has now in other relationship. I love this poem so much, I love to read this repeatedly. Like it.
  • Sarah
    Woow, That was a really good discription about me and my best friend. Yet I didn't had to go to England to realise I feel more for him than just best friends. We gave indirect signs to each other, and after a while we talked about it. Now we're in between friendship and love, and I have to tell you that's a lot more difficult. :)
  • justine
    ooowww that poem is so sweet i cant explain how it touched me, i feel the same way about 1 of my friends but i guss thats all we'l ever be.
  • i love u boii
    this is a good poem its is really true cause it happens alot that someone falls in love with their best firend.
  • xXxrachaelxXx
    its a great explanation of the difference between best friend and boy friend
  • ida
  • judith
    I really like this poem. It's so great keep up the good work.
  • shante
  • tiffany
    i love this poem so much it touch me so much.
  • inpreet kaur
    this is a beauty filled poem i loved reading it keep up the good work
  • dinesh
    this is the best poem that totally resembles my present situation now i m sending this poem to my friend khushbu. my one sided love hope she will understand
  • Ashley
    I think this would make any ones friend really apreseat them.
  • Mikaela
    I love the poem 'coz it reminds me of my bestfriend whom I love so much!
  • fatima
    I thing this is relly good. It relly touch my heart.
  • cherrydel
    i really like this poem, very much. actually i felt the same way too and also, i fall in love with my friend. he did't know it. for 4 yrs we did't talk to each other EVEN IF WE ARE SCHool mate in highschool and it hurts me so bad. but until now i still love him. more power to you shannbodan, your great.
  • Mike
    It's very toughing i've had a few friends like this poem
  • Ahmed
    this poem is just a perfect match of my life, i really liked it because i always wanted to say these things to the one i love. nice piece of work, thanks.
  • Hailey
    This poem touched me because I can relate in so many ways to it and I've written many simular ones in the past. Being in love with you best friend is weird, I know from experience but it gets better when you tell them.
  • Jane
    Wow this poem really says it all what I'm going through at the moment, I've fallen in love with the person who tells me that we're bestfriends. It really touch my heart. Good job!
  • Ainsley
    That poem perfectly describes my feelings for a girl in my college i have some poetry i have writen so i might put that up on this site too
  • simon
    i'm voting for this as i was looking for a poem for my best mate and it best sums up what i feel about her
  • Nicole
    i loove this poem. reminds me of myself. and how i can't get my best friend out of my mind. the sad thing was he fell for me before. and now i'm too late. i wish i could go back in time and make things different.
  • nimmika
    nice one
  • lizzie
    some poems dont touch you as much as others, this one was from the heart. thank you author.
  • Joel
    It Was really good. Do you have any more poems, and if you do, please send me one.
  • Iveth
    i like this poem because it touch my heart
  • Imani
    I thought your poem was very good! i felt that i could relate! your chose of words were also good! i'm a poet as well but one thing i kno i need to work on is my use of words and to expand my vocabulary! your poem too did inspire me! I really enjoyed reading it! take care! and keep writing! sincerely, Imani
  • kelsey
    that realy touched my heart, i once fell for my best friend, but he had a gf so i knew i couldnt make a move. best wishes for the future, luv kelsey
  • James
    this is a great poem i really love it because it reminds me of the exact situation im in with the woman i love, who happends to be my best friend. and this almost made me cry great poem =]
  • ciao xie
    . its such a nyz work u kno. tnx for sharing tht poem for it reminds me about how i feels . u kno i'm scared bt i cnt deny it tht i'm alredy falling inlove wth my bestfriend. i'm not afraid tht he myt only hurt me. wht m afraid most is to loose wht we'v alredy started. iv loved our frndshp u kno en i dnt wnt tht to loose . hmmmmmmn. hMhwUaAwWhh. tenkxz!
  • stacie
  • tinkerbell
    wow! i loved dis poem. it reminded me of how i feel about sumone that doesnt exactly kno how i feel. this poem is a great way to kinda explain how i feel. thanx 4 making an easy way to tell sumone that i want to be more than just friends! Thanx alottttt!
  • brittney
    i think that this poem is beautiful my friend loved it i was trying to get this person to understand my true words of what good of a friend he is to me in it seemed as though words wasn't enough your poems made it easier to say
  • Lily
    Awesome poem. Touched my heart.
  • Natalie
    Im a Filipino, But i love your poem Write again!
  • Chelsea
    that was great it was the most perfect poem out of them all! i dont know who to give it to but soon i will find out!
  • Elizabeth
    This poem relates to me a lot because im the person who pushes the rule on being friends so i know what its like on the other side.
  • salaheddine
    this is great poem
  • carmen
    Awwwhhh! How sweet!this poem touched my heart!i love this poem, it's so beatiful!
  • shaniqua
    I like this peom cause i can feel where you coming from for real and i give your poem an 11
  • sarah
    your poem was fab i loved it to bits
  • Katie
    I understand. I have very intense feelings for my best friend. We've been friends for 10 years since we were 3. I love him and my heart yearns for him but he loves another.
  • Rossy
    This poem really touched me & opened up my eyes. Really since i as well in a similar situation we have been best friends for almost 3yrs now and my bond w/him has grown into more than just friendship but he would rather us stay friends but i think it would be better off that way. Cuz i think i would be more scared of losing his friendship more than anything in the world. Since he has alwayz been their for me through both the good & bad. So will be forever friends. Best friends i should say.
  • raukura
    i like your poem becausei have fallen 4 my friend
  • Elisha
    this is so true you never know how much you love some one until there are miles between you.
  • Robin
    I loved this poem. I have a best friend ever in the entire world, and I've only known him a month. And I love him so much more then a friend, but I could never tell him that. I think he likes me too, but im afraid of rejection. im afraid of our friendship being ruined. Maybe now I'll have the courge to say, "I love you T rever. "
  • deb
    i like this poem a lot i like readying poems that people write
  • Lisa
    i love this poem
  • kristina
    I like this poem because one time that happend to me and it touched my heart.
  • adaimis
    girl, you made me cry. that is just the way i feel 'bout the guy that calls himself my bestfreind
  • simone
    you are the best that was really touching so i send that to my friends and they loved it and i told them you wrote it
  • bridgette
    i love it
  • dekota
    this is a very good poem
  • Naomi
    I think your poem is really great. its nice and straightforward. i feel the same way, which is why I like it a lot. good job.
  • chelsey
    this is a cute poem i love it
  • Lindsay
    It is a true poem about friendship
  • Melissa
    the poem is amazing. it's exactly the situation im in
  • paula
    All i can say is that is awesome.
  • christian
    hey you know that poem was kool and stuff you guys did really good i am 13 and yeah i liked it. it was kool. well yeah i well maybe send that to one of my friends and stuff well bye. KOOL POEM AND I MEAN IT!
  • Sean
    Wow, that poem touched me in a special way. My best friend means the world to me and i wish she could see that, i hope one day we can all find what we are looking for. Sasha will be mine someday and hopefully you can say the same about your one and only.
  • Tiffany
    This poem touched me, because i am in the predicament. I have fallen in love for the first time. He is my best friend. We hang out all the time. We laugh together, watch movies together. We could do something, or nothing, and be having the time of our lives. I love him so much, but he was hurt pretty bad a year ago. He cant get past it. So, i may never have him. It hurts more than anything in this world. more power to you. for things working out.
  • nazihah
    this poem is very related to me
  • audrey
    wow. this poem expressed all of my feelings on paper. great job!
  • Rik
    very great poem it talks bout what i am experiencing in my life at this very moment very touching, heart warming and beautiful.
  • Monica
    I loved you poem. it touched me in a way i thought not possible. Kinda let a tear fall when i read it. 11 out of 10 =)
  • Jasmine
    this is a great poem i relate to it alot that is wat im goin through i love my best friend but he doesnt love me back the way i want him too and it hurts me soo bad that try to forget but i cant! but anyways it is a wonderful poem
  • naicool
    Very good I like it.
  • Mellissa
    UR poem means alotto me and i'mreally glad forthat and it made me think ofthe things i don't have Thanks Melissa
  • Megan
    I like you poem alot i can really relate to it. i have just resentlly moved and during my move i fell in love with my best friend. thanks for writing this wonderful poem.
  • mike
    nice poem
  • Maria
    Your poem is very touching. you have great talent hope you fullfill your dreams. and if you ever have a vote saying you need work don't give up just sit and try agian,but remember don't loose hope! GREAT JOB!
  • bill
    this poem is true and that how i feel for my best friend!
  • debbie
    I really do love this poem
  • april
    that poem touched my heart and i fall tears rolling down my face i really love that poem. it touched my heart like no other poem could do u done a really good job to touch my heart
  • kathleen
    thanks i love your poem keep up the good work!
  • Rosaly
    This poem was great from a scale from 1 to 10 ill give it 10 it was so good it remined me of myself and a guy
  • jaan
    This poem is something that i can relate to. It's funny how when you are friends with someone and all of a sudden you feel these feelings that you never felt before, and how you wonder if that friend feels the same as you feel. Great poem something that i believe people can relate to.
  • angelina
    this is a something felt by every girl at one stage. happens to me everytime i have a guy best friend. but i think it is a good thing to fall for a person who knows you well than someone who doesnt. thats why your husband or wife should be your best friend as well as your lover.
  • Janelle
    O--M--G! I can so relate to that poem. Except i didnt go to England i went to Tennessee! He was my best friend and then one day he comes and told me he loved me so i didnt know what to do. So i told him i couldnt get into it right now i had to much work to do! So now he wont speak to me! His mom wont let me talk to him.
  • lawal
    ot really touched,my heart,my soul and my body that i end up sending the message to myself. the author should keep it up
  • Christina
    I love your poem is very touching I'm having the same problem
  • eunice
    your poem is beauitful and touching that i had the same feeling about my best friend also thanks it helped me.
  • Tashia
    This poem touched be because this is how I feel about one of my best friends!
  • Lynsey
    That was perfect! I know exactly how it feels and that descibed what I want to say to him perfectly. Thank you!
  • Hani
    The poem is one of the most remarkable I have ever read. It took me from my bad condition of being lost, to a new world of hope. It took me from being frustrated to be an optimistic.
  • Elisa
    This was a great poem, I would recommend this to anybody who has a bestfriend.
  • Renee
    Wow. This is a really neat poem. I never knew it could touch someone so deaply. Continue with it.
  • amanda
    this poem was so awesome. it touched my heart so much because i am going through the same thing right now. good job
  • Fat
    This really states exactly how i am feeling, brought the feelings i have inside right out to the open, brought a tear to my eye! As the one i love is moving away!
  • eihs
    I really like your poem. I have a bestfriend,and I like him also but I can't tell him 'coz I'm afraid because,you know. we're best of friends. But I really like your poem.
  • erika
    i vote this pome on a scale from 1-10 a 100 it touched me sooo much it reminds me of me and my friend sooo much! and im only 15 take care and god bless ~Erika
  • Tarea
    I love this poem because I have these feeling for my best friend and he does not know. It was like you was reading my mind. Thank you
  • Megan
    i really love this poem bc it is just like me and my situation
  • Kathy
    WOW! I have a friend who we will call "matt" I want to be with him more than anything in the world. I told everyone I would not allow myself to love again after a five year relationship went wrong and left my heart scared, however, when I look into Matt's caring eyes I want tot love again. He just wants to be friends and I want so much more. This poem says it all. Thanks!
  • charvella
    this poem was very touching and heartfelt.
  • Mary Jane
    this poem has truely touch me, i like many other teens have fallen in love with my best friend and i wish with all my heart that he could give me a chance, but first i must gather up my courage and tell him what i am feeling for him
  • Tasha
    This poem just really touched me you know, its hott!
  • Pink
  • Carrie
    I am lucky to have found this pome so I could share it with one specail friend.
  • Ashley
    This poem made me really think about me and my boyfriend after we split apart for a while and I am still hoping he will come back for me.
  • Cynthia
    I really loved this poem because it is how i feel for one of my best friends. I hope your friend got this poem.
  • Charlene
    I really like this poem because it reminds me of all my firends: Nadine,Carrie,Chantel,Millissa, It also reminds me of my other friends that are in my old shcool.
  • jazmen
    This poem waz good. and i think that who eva wrote it should keep dooinpoems like this . cuz there r ppl out there that they r touch-n- and i like it when ppl help otha ppl well im out holla @ yah gurl ~1~
  • nikki
    i loved you poem it reminded me of me and mybest friend he is the one i want to be with in the end so i just wanted to say that you did a great job and the poems was really good!
  • Kingsley
    This is the most inspirational and romantic poem i have ever come across,it is indeed a master piece.
  • Baby Gurl
    Well yeah i meeet this boy that comes from my best friends school so know they have meet againg and they are friends so know i fell in love woth him but this was a really great poem for me!
  • Emily
    This is a great poem very personell. We all have fallen in love with a friend at some stage.
  • jee alison
    well its really very gooooooooooooooood!11 and i like it very very very very much!
  • Tonya
    This is a really good poem. I have a friend that i like too, but i can't have him because hes already taken, but i like this poem anyway. Well u got my vote.
  • regina
    it was just what i was looking for
  • Robin
    This poem speeks truely. I love it
  • ashlie
    that poem was awesome. I love knowing that i am not the only teen in the world who is currently exploring that problem. I loved your poem and its hanging on my wall so yeah thankyou for the awesome poem.
  • Jessica
    hey dis happened 2 me i used to hella like ne best friend and he like me but he went out wwit my home gurl so i couldn't go out wit him! so now we cool
  • noemi
    you are eally good i loved your poem i'm just like you so your not the only one.
  • Amanda
    Your poem puts into words the feelings so many have day in and day out, the feelings they fear saying myself included. Thank you for saying them for those of us who are afraid to say them ourselves! :)
  • rachelle
    this poem was great i think u should wright more it mad me conect to it
  • Yesenia
    I really like this poem because i think of my best friend how past away.
  • Deb
    I love this poem, you have wrote it so well, and with so much meaning.
  • Jared
    This is a very good poem and I liked it alot. After awile I thought about it and gave it to my best friend. She liked it alot. She liked it so much she framed it, we all laughed and had fun. This poem inspired me to never hide what I want to say to my best friend. This poem wasn't a good poem it was a great poem. Thats why I gave you my vote!
  • Amanda
    Your poem is very sweet and it describes the way I feel about this guy who is my friend.
  • Amy
    WOW! I don't know where to start. It basically explains everything that is going on between me and how I feel about my best friend. Like my front has fallen. This poem really touched and made me open my eyes realizing how much I care for him and that I need to tell him how I really feel.
  • christine
    I really like this poem. i wish i could write something like this. Something that really comes from the heart and makes people see how you really feel. It was good so keep up the good work.
  • Jovita
    I love your poem. when i read it i thought about myself. and how i realized that i fell for my best friend.
  • Gina
    I love your poems it helps me to get my friends in a good mood and it helps me and my best friend to forgive and everything keep doing what you are doing
  • jessica
    Yo, I thinks that yo poem is really down to earth girl. Man that is what once happend to me i did not know whats to do but any-way much love and peac out
  • miranda
    this poem is very beutiful, i always think that poems come fom what you feel at heart, so the person who wrote this poem, i'd like to congratulate. LOVE CONCOURS ALL!
  • monica
    i think that this poem is pretty
  • Val
    fantastic poem, says everything I would love to say to my friend, only he is the one who goes away
  • Jasmine
    When i read that poem it described exactly how i feel about my best friend,and yeah you really should tell people how you feel,because we both liked each other so much and finally we moved to that level and I'm glad we did cause i feel happy all the time.
  • Jo
    This poem was the best I have very read out of them all. I have a best friend living in India I seen her in the summer hoildays I hope to see her next summer as well. She is dear friend to me but it's hard because I can't spend as much time with her as I really want to. But I know in are hearts we always well love and care for one anthor. So thanks for your poem it made me feel a little bit more glad that there is more people in this world who have probs as the same as me.
  • Nel
    I like your poem. I am in a similar position. I have a friend who I am totally in love with and the problem is I am dating someone now and I really like him and he likes me. My boyfriend also likes me I dont know what to do but I think I will figure it out. I love your poem
  • Bola
    This was really good i lked the poem very much and can relate to it very much thanx i'm gonna send it to him
  • anna
    your poems was very beautiful!
  • Tara
    Your poem was very beautiful. I have been going through almost the same situation, only it was my friend who moved away. For months I have tried to express my feelings in poetry but haven't been successful. You're words brought tears to my eyes. I hope that your situation as well as anyone elses that reads your work will work out for the better
  • A. E.
    This poem is me and my "specal friend" completely. He and I are the very best of friends, and now I have fallen completely and hopelessly in love with him. This truly espresses a lot of what is in my heart.
  • chris
    glad to know im not the only one who feels this way. great poem!
  • Susan
    I just wanted to say ihave been in love with the same boy scence 5th grade now i am in 12 and i enjoy reading poems and taking them to heart and all i love this poem and it is very touching i belive this in my heart and wish my best friend would realize this too!
  • kooki
    great poem! you could'nt of said it better.
  • Ashley
    OMG! This poem is EXCELLENT! I feel the exact same way about my best friend. We've known each other for a long time (7 years in October) and I've always felt like this but I've never been able to tell him because I thought that it would ruin our friendship. but even though we're only friends, I still love him with all of my heart. he's the best thing that ever happened to me. Great Job!
  • Monsy
    I was looking in the site for a poem to write to my best friend to let him know exactly how I feel towards him, and I came across this one. I feel in love with it. It describes exactly how I am feeling. thank you so much for writing beautiful poems, I hope there is more to come. Once again thank you.
  • krist
    this poem is perfect in so many ways, to my ex- willy, i love him so much.
  • alexa
    hey i think your poem is great i totally understand how you feel because i too fell for my best friend and all he wanted was to be my friend when i neede more
  • Chris
    This is the best poem i ever read in my life.
  • admir
  • sammy
    this is amazing. if there is ever a poem to explain the way i feel about my friend its this one the way i feel about jennifer can only be expressed in this poem.
  • Nevil
    Sensational poem and so true for the ones who really care for other a friend so true to the heart.
  • mark
    this is definitely beautiful i love to know that there are others going through what i am good luck to all of you
  • Ace
    This is one of the most inspiring peices of work I've seen sence my last love Edgar Allen Poe. you poem was so amazing it gave me hope because I'm going through the same thing with my best friend.
  • beka
  • Kelly
  • Bobby
    excellent poem. One of the best Friendship/love poems I have ever read
  • bulldog
    wow that was mad its amazing how you could put such an mad thing into so little words!
  • Lindsey
    Shannbodan, This is one of the greatest poems I have read. It brought tears to my eyes and I thought you should know. Keep up the ceative writing. With out people like you who have the knowledge to create something so touching, I don't know where I would be. Thanks a bunch!
  • Matthew
    Wow, i am simply amazed. I am in this same situation, and i didnt know how to put my feelings into words. Now i know, i am giving this peom to the girl tomorrow. I'll let you know what happens!! lol :) Thanks.
  • Sandi
    AWESOME! I loved it. The same thing happened to me, except my best friend fell in love with me instead of me falling in love with him. And now we don't even talk and we're like, not even friends let alone just friends..but I can so relate to your poem, and I loved it.
  • Milka
    excellent! I just wanted to tell everyone who is stuck in the same situation: GO FOR IT! There's no way you can hold your feelings back, it just hurts even more than showing them! Love always
  • Jessika
    I just want to say that if you are thinking about telling you best friend that you fell in love with them you should think about how much you really want it, and if you ready to take the consequences that come with it. I got hurt by telling my best friend that I fell in love with him and it was the biggest mistake I made in my whole life. When we are together, me and him both know that things will never be the same. I lkove him and miss the times we used to hve together
  • debbie
    I really like this poem. I understand whats it is saying and i really like what it says you are a good writer and keep up the good work. good luck
  • Nancy
    it rocks the best
  • LUCY
    when i read this poem i thought about this one guy i really likethis poem is realnice
  • Amy
    this is the best poem because it is exactly what my best friend did
  • Turtle
    I think you have done an axcellent job of telling the emotions that so many of us feel.
  • tabi
    I really liked this poem i thought is was kinda emotional
  • Jelissa
    Hey! Shannbodan I liked your poem alot. It was a very good poem. It made me want to cry. I have two best friends. Their names are my mom, Marissa and Delmy. They have always been their for me in good and bad and their really good firends. THEIR MY THREE BEST FRIENDS IN THIS WORLD! REMEBER TO SMILE!
  • Lisa
    This poem is absolutely beautiful.
  • Romeo
    I think this poem touches to heart in a big way! Very well written and it conveys the true emotions of the author. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!
  • lawrence
    OMG that was a great can tell it comes from the heart....
  • Dorianne
    It is very good. When I read it, it touched me. I think to understand the poet becouse one day I wanted to write the same words but courage went away and I am happy that the poet courage did not go away
  • Emillee
    I loved this poem, it was very beutiful!
  • Nillani
    i really like this poem, good work you have don 'sannbodan' hope you will keep writing like this!
  • Trees
    I really liked your poem, it reminded me of what I went through. I fell in love with my best friend too - but I told him how I felt. We've been together for 3 years now, and he's no longer my best friend, he's my soulmate. Hope all goes well for you. :)
  • jack
    i think this poem is very deep and means alot to this person,and the person im giving it to it will hopefully mean alot to her.
  • She
    Wow !I've been searching for the perfect poem.this one really hit the spot! What an inspiration to let my true feelings out! Thanx Heaps!
  • Gayle
    I really liked this poem alot! It was like I could feel everything that you were feeling! When life gets to confusing it's poems like these that help me through it!
  • Kookiyana
    I could relate to this poem because after moving to Hawaii is when I noticed my best friend was the guy I've been looking for all this time.
  • Lori
    Evolving a friendship to a wonderful relationship of Love is hard to express when you don't know how the other will feel. You expressed alot of feelings very eloquently in this poem. Kudos to you!
  • Corrinna
    I know exactly how you feel, but when you know the feelings will not be returned it makes it to be alot harder
  • tim
    work of art, it speeks so clearly the words that are never spoken but are always the same words that linger on forever to the people who have not spoken them, i know many who can relate including myself, only i have relayed them to a friend and nothing happened, but my thoughts still linger on.
  • Kristen
    This poem is so touching. I can relate to the author of this poem. I feel the way the author feels towards one friend. This poem describes exactly how I've felt for him. This is a wonderful poem.
  • Jermey
    I really like this poem,cause in a the same thing happened to me. please send me a e-mail. thnaks, jermey
  • Cait
    I luv this poem because I am in luv with my best friend and we kno everything about each other altho i wish we were more than friends i cherish our friendship alot n i htink about him 24 7!!!!
  • Lesley
    Very good poem and wrote the best way, straight from the heart. If not straight from the heart it is even better because it is very true to life. Just the way I like to write my own. Hopefully you will be able to read my own soon when I enter them on the board
  • Alexandra
    I loved this poem!!!!
  • alaena
    this poem is very simular to mine and i really think this was a reall good poem
  • linda
    I really liked this poem it is just how I feel and I think the poet is sincer and Devoted.I give this poem a ten.
  • Amina
    hye! this poem truly deserves an applause! it really touched me. this poem has very strong feelings for a person this author likes! just like mine! its nicley written! this poem is really an amazing touching poem!
  • uma
  • sunni
    i have alot of friends and told them about this poem and they absolutly love it.
  • EZRA
    I really loved the poem. Iam in the same exact situation with my best friend. She's away at college and I just can't wait to see her again. The only thing is, is that I've fallen in love with her and don't know how to tell her. Anyway great poem!
  • michelle
    this is a wonderfully written poem and it states exactly how i feel about my friend scott.
  • john
    it was very good
  • Fred
    I really like this poem.

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