There is so much that two people in love share, and the feeling is beyond compare. If you share of yourself with your love, you will in return, get the blessings of closeness.

When you love someone and want to be in their life, it is a simple but all encompassing feeling.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Erotic Poems

To Put It Simply, I Want You
I want to be your companion
and walk hand in hand,
your strength enveloping mine.
Autumn leaves falling,
scuffing feet and laughter,
sharing nights, not finished by the dark.

I want to be your confidant
as you pen your deepest
thoughts, as your heartaches
bleed and finally break free.
Your dreams, I keep as if my own.
I want to smile as you smile
and giggle with you
at nothing at all.

I want to be your lover
and find the passions
that move you to action.
I want to be the softness
that induces you to trust.
I want to be the naughty
that makes you come back for more.
I want to please you.

I want to share your breakfast
and your dinner,
I want you in the shower
and in your bed and
with soft steps to bring you coffee
(I take mine black)
Your strong arms, the legs
that power your thrust,
your lips of pleasure,
these are the fuel of my desire

no it is no secret, my love,
and to put it very simply,
I want you.

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  • nikki
    very well done had me shakeing
  • Erika
    I like it because it expresses how I feel for my husband who just deployed to Iraq who I miss very much.
  • jenniffer
  • Ali
    Really like this poem because it speaks to me. I have felt like the narrator but could never put it down in words. Thank you!
  • nicole
    This is truly a great poem! It has everything its romantic, heart warming, funny and sexy rolled into one. PLEASE KEEP WRITING
  • jamie
    i love this poem. it just like me and my crush
  • tonya
    my feelings in a nutshell
    i thought that helped me alot i am in love with this girl in work donna she is amazing help me by sending me more poems i want her bad
  • Cliff
    Just got sent this poem by my Girlfriend, and was absolutely blown away by it! It sums us, and all our dreams so exactly. I was really touched and inspired. What a beautiful, thoughtful, touching, romantic and inspiring work of art. Thank you for sharing your wonderful poem.
  • roberto
    very clear, simple, but powerful
  • Andrea
    Love the poem! I wish I could find love like that.
  • Joanna
    What a stunning piece of writing!
  • Alexandru
    Touching, Moving, GREAT! Already sent it to my love! :)
  • catherine
    one of the sexiest and yet simply poems of desire you have my vote - it certainly says it all from lover to another
  • Mellisa
    This poem touched my heart as it is exactly how I feel about my partner . right down to the coffee!
  • Fran
    Can't believe I found in your poem the exact words to describe how I feel about the man who's reawakened the passion in me.
  • ada
    I feel compelled to write my erotic poems too this is great.
    this poem had alot of passion and love it is a feeling that i so much feel for my fiance.
  • bobbi
    Loved it thank you for sharing
  • sandra
    I loved youre poem very much. You need to continue to write wounderful poetry like this.
  • Natka
    I loved it very very much.
  • kim
    i love your peom it reminds me of my ex, boyfriend i want him back but i'm to scared to get close to him so i just stay far away i do want him but i keep away i try at least
  • Kristin
    I recently found a love that i share many happy days with and ur poem really put my feelings for him into words that i could not. I have shared this poem with him and I thank you for your awesome work. I give this poem a perfect 10!
  • Lynn
    This is an awesome poem. Fits my love relationship perfectly.
  • geraldine
    that is what is up
  • Sonia
    i think i would give this a 10 cause i love peotry and i wright it myself
  • Gloria
    One word, AWESOME.
  • Jacqueline
    Very sweet and beautifully put
  • Lucy
    Of course i like this poem
  • susan
    This poem is the bomb. It truely expresses the heart's feelings
  • Bianka
    This poem is simply beautiful,it sums up the way I feel about one of my friends who is soon to be my boyfriend!
  • irene
    i really liked this poem it's something i would like to do to my man
  • Paola
    hey i give ur poem and 9 i like it and i could really relate to it cuz im in thatz position right now with a boy
  • charlene
    Your poem is true to the heart when you want someone. This is an excellent way of letting that special person you want them.
  • tracey
    i really enjoyed this poem, it describes the situation that i am in right now. i have been dating this guy for about a month and honestly he's all i want. we aren't boyfriend and girlfriend but thats ok for now. lol
  • joshua
    i would give this a 10/10 because its nearlly every word i say to my gf and it reminded me of her straight away so i loved that poem well done j xxx
  • JoAnna
    Loved this poem. You can feel the love and closeness the author wants to share with their beloved. Also loved the hint of eroticism and passsion. AWESOME!
  • natasha
    i love itt, i got chills reading it, i reallllllly like it alot, its over all good!
  • larae
    i dont know about everyone else but i like it
  • june
    The poem was telling the truth about two people and it was like it was wrote about my and boyfriend. very good
  • Michael
    that was one of the if not the most beautiful poems on love i have ever come across
  • timica
    All I can say is I LOVED this poem
  • Samantha
    very good. I loved it.
  • normie
    it touched my heart
  • Cindy (CAT)
    I received this poem from the love of my life today. It says our feelings for each other EXACTLY. I love it!
  • Amanda
    i give it a 10 cuz it is unique nd she is baring her soul nd i think it is amazing
  • Mari
    this poem is beautiful i can definatley relate to it. Love it, totally deep.
  • felicia
    nice . is wat i wana recite to my hubby =)
  • Cielo
    i like this poem. i sent this to my boyfriend coz i want him to know what i want about him. it expresses my real feelings towards him.
  • rachel
    this was a poem that fit my life almost exactly down to the last bit it was the words that i've been lookin for to describe the way i feel. good job.
  • elida
    This is a great poem. I had to print it and give it to my man. We were a little upset with each other, but i think this poem will make him feel much better.
  • yvonne
    i think it's a good poem
  • jess
    an amazing poem, about the simple desire love can make one feel. i loved it.
  • jaz
    I love the honesty in the poem. i simply love it
  • Noreen
    I liked it very much! Any attempt to describe my pleasure would be mere feeble words. Great, I love it!
  • cheyney
    it was na awesome poem it made me feel like i miss someone very special in my heart actually i am a poet to i write love poems all the time and other poems but yeah i loved your poem
  • yesenia
    i think this poem touch me because is what iam going through rigth know in life so i think its great.
  • grandmasster
    i cannot search deep and far enough for the words to explain the artsitry displayed in this poem. so, i will say only one thing,i'll give one word,just 1: STUNNING!
  • MARK
  • ian
    I really enjoyed this poem. i just got off th ephone with my girlfriend. we were talking about the things we want and dont want from eachother. this is a great poem for what we both want.
  • Tj
    i found this poem googlin and whatnot. im not a big poet fan, but i liked this. i have a smile now.
  • Shawn
    Love it!
  • Comfort
    to put is simply, this is brilliant and i love the way the expression isbeing made.
  • Ron
    My lady and i are both seniors. We have been seeing each other for a year now. I am sending her this poem as it is so very beautiful. It is one of the most beautiful poems i have ever read
  • Ron
    My lady and i are both seniors. We have been seeing each other for a year now. I am sending her this poem as it is so very beautiful. It is one of the most beautiful poems i have ever read
  • Lindsey
    I really enjoyed your poem if i was to rate it on a 1 to 10 as 10 being the best that's what i'd rate it it is a really meaningful poem you have done a great job.
  • crystal
    i just love this
  • Linda
    i met this guy , this wanderful man on the internet and this poem says it all , i want to tell him this so bad but i wait dont want to scare him away so i will read this poem daily. thank you for writeing it. linda
  • Ashley
    i love your poem it reminds me of the times that my boyfriend and i spent together im trying so hard to get hime back now we had been together since we were 12 and now we are 17 and we broke up because of somthing stupid. Well out of 1-10 i give this poem a 10! good job keep up the great work.
  • charlene
    i really enjoy this poem because it is very beautiful in its own way, i also think this poem is very good 4 the holiday that is coming up and it will help people express their feelings in ways they never thought they could say!it is a VERY good poem!
  • marie
    I really liked the poem. It hit right on home. VERY BEATIFUL
  • bel
    great poem simple yet emotional
  • Felicia
    I can most certainly relate. It was very good.
  • Tina
    Just the words I want to say to my new love on our 5 month annivesary. Thank you.
  • Candy
    Another great poem to send my new love. thank you. it is so beautiful
  • Cassie
    WoW!that was so wonderful how you put your feelings into powerful words,its crazy,good crazy!
  • Ann
    My boyfriend is in the Navy and you poem describes my feelings perfectly as I wait for him.
  • Lesley
    This poem says it all and I've just sent it to my new found soulmate who has completely captured my heart and soul. Thank You
  • heather
    i love that pome they did a great work cause that pome remind me of my bestfriend and my other bestfriend and how my friend my bestfriend melissa feels about my other bestfriend victor and he just dont know as much as me and my boyfriend brad know it!
  • Louis
    Beautiful poem. I shall use this one time and time again as I make love with my women. This can not fail to melt the most hardest hearts of women. Very lovely.
    wow that was the most beauiful poem i have ever read in my life. i really enjoyed it thanks
  • Rob
    Great poem
  • Lottie
    I love it It made me cryI lost my lover and To put it simply, I want him I give it a 10 out of a 1-10 count
  • brunilda
    Made me melt. I loved it.
  • Kim
    I like this poem because it's this boy that I am really in love with, but it seems as if he don't understand the love I have for him, it seems as if he scared to be in a relationship with me or maybe he's scared of commitment. But I really wish he would notice me, becaise he's every quality I want in a man, I love him for him.
  • Wendy
    I sent this to my lover and my daughter so she could send it on to hers . Thankyou so much for putting in to words how we both feel.
  • prizzy
    i think this is a beautiful,inspiring poem. it is also beautifully written.
  • Lisa
    I just want to say that I loved your poem. So much that I sent it to my Sweetheart who is out of town. Out of all the poems that I read, this one really helped me express just how I was feeling. Thanks for the help! Good luck and keep writing.
  • Cynthia
    THIS is the poem I chose to send to my guy. it spoke volumes, I especially loved the line about trust. amazing. I take my coffee with cream.
  • Miss
    excellent! Complete expression of feeling. Thank you for the chance to enjoy and share it with those we love and have no words to tell them how big and special is our love.
  • rita
    Brilliant says it all
  • Lakeisha
    This poem is so sweet, and is perfect for a man and his woman. It really describes how love should be and how each person should feel about there lover.
  • ank
    this poem touches my heart. It is just what I want. I want you(you=my love)
  • Cass
    its a great poem.
  • baby
    this is a beautiful poem! you must really want him cuz the way you write it makes me want him to!j/p
  • kristi
    It was great!
  • Fortunate
  • Lil Ladie
    It was cool!
  • christine
    It was so true in my life. it hit home with me.
  • Laura
    I liked the fact that it was generic. This poem could be given to a man from a woman or vice versa. It is also a poem that targets feelings that everyone has had at one time in their life. After 2 hours of looking for the perfect poem to give a man that I have recently started dating, this is the one that is perfect to give him - not too mushy, or suggestive, and also doesn't mention love, but a hope of it.
  • Eve
    This poem is perfect! It truly reflects my emotions and feelings toward my special one, and I didn't know just how to say it, but you did, and for your insightfulness I thank you!
  • Angela
    This poem was given to me by the man I love. It moved me to tears,it so described how we felt about each other. And still do.
  • Cindy
    comments? i dunno. i just like this poem a lot. dunno why. maybe it's what i want.
  • Sheree
    I just want to start by saying thank you for this poem the passion in my marriage was gone but when I sent this poem to my husban he loved it and now the passions back THANK YOU
  • Gina
    I really like this poem. It reminds me of my husband and how we feel for each other. There is so much truth in this poem that it makes you feel very connected to the writer. No matter who you are at one point in your life you have felt the way the writer does in I want you. It's good to remember those feelings. Thank for writing such a touching poem.
  • Sophia
    I enjoy this poem, it speaks to my heart esspecially at this point where i am inlove with someone very special. Your poem says the things i will very much like to say to the one i love but because of shyness i am unable to say so.
  • Leticia
    i just would like to say that i love this poem.
  • Caroline
    I have read this poem two years ago. and its still the most beautiful poem.
  • Alicia
    this poem was a very nice poem. i dodn't really read poems but this one convinced me to read more poems.
  • John
    This was very, very good! This one said a lot of how I feel about my love.
  • Margaret
    This was an EXCELLENT poem. I really truly loved it.
  • sarah
    This was a wonderful poem, it said everything that I was feeling as though you had looked into my soul and taken the words straight from it. Thanks
  • Sabrina
    It is exactly what I would like to tell him, thank you for making it happen.
  • nina
    that's is the most beautiful poem.
  • Jane
    Beautiful and perfect! I sent it to my husband. Thank you!
  • Gloria
    I received this poem from my Love today. It really touched my heart.
  • samantha
    lovely poem i like it alot
  • Diana
    Magnificent. Bravo. The perfect poem as if this was made for me and the man I love. This was sent to TG who is in Iraq still
  • cannina
    you said what i have been wanting to say to a man i love with all my heart, but just couldn't find the words. thank you for the poem, i sent him a copy and we had a lovely night together. so thanks alot!
  • Tonya
    i like your poem very much
  • Rachel
    i loved the poem
  • Sam
    Very nicely put!
  • philip
    i like your poem i think it is cute
  • wen
    love the wedding poem and i want you poem keep up the good work all i need now is a mother poem
    i LOVE IT
  • kita
    gurl. this poem is tha best i've iver read. u have a gift! use it to ur ability! take care!
  • karen
    this is a wonderful poem. I sent it to a dear man. you knew just what to say. ty
  • T
    i really love this poem. in so little words it describes how u can feel for someone its great!:)
  • Donna
    I loved it! It is a very beautiful and moving poem.
  • Rahul
    love never ends and he said it
  • Melis
    This is a very pretty poem. I really enjoyed it.
  • Lissy
    This is great! I needed to express how I felt for my love! It seems I was using similar words the other day when I was telling him how I felt. It immediately drew out every feeling I have for him. Thank You!
  • Patty
    loved it very much
  • T
    this poem was cery sweet i enjoyed reading it so did my partner
  • Felicity
    I couldnt have found the words so well as you have put them. I hve sent them to my lover. thankyou thankyou
  • Trish
    I love this poem!
  • Carli
    POWERFUL! Yet so beautiful!
  • Irina
    It's a great and simple poem, very touching, it's a beautiful expression of feelings. I like it much.
  • Ditto
    Simly wonderful use of words about an emotion we may only have once in a life time. An excellent discription of how of how it feels to be in love.
  • Alex
    damnnnn, this poem is it. i love it!
  • Dionn
    The first poem I selected to read today and the one that sums up my thoughts perfectly. Thank you for putting what I think about always in such an eloquent way! No. 1 on my list!
  • Alicia
    youpoem was very beautiful keep it up
  • Misty
    This poem is great. I had shared it with my love one because i tell him this all of the time and i wanted him to see this in writing "Iloveit" worded it very beautiful with great passion.
  • LUZ
  • ayana
  • Liza
    I loved this poem and I hope you succeed in everything you do.
  • Bren
    I really like this poem it is very romantic,sweet and a very loving.
  • Glenn
    This poem is how I feel put into words. Thank you!
  • Kim
    OMG! this is one of the best poems I've ever read. I have a sweetie but we dotn have a relationshop because he is my best friend but i was really inspired by your poem so i would like to tell you to keep it up thats awsome! :)
  • Carr
    I really loved this poem! It expresses all of the thoughts that one feels when they are in love.
  • kim
    WoW! this poem is soo great its just how i feel for my love! i love you anthony!
  • koons
    Just like the author- Ilove it. So perfect the desire.
  • Sweet
    This poem was great.
  • Aldo
    It´s plain and so simple. staright to the heart
  • moon
    i wish i had the guts to send this to the guy that i am secretly in love with! but i don't want to complicate a 13yr old friendship!?!
  • Tis I
    A true Hallmark here. I am always scouting out the cards to find just the right one. This is one of the best expressed parts of me.
  • Wu
    Wow! From Love to lust to love again. Sharing the simple things in life as precious moments in time is really what love is about. Great poem!
  • Autumn
    To put it very simply. That was one hell of a peom. Good job.
  • Ciara
    Wowwwwww, what a fabulous piece of work.
  • frank
    i felt like this poems was sent at me at the right time
  • Katie
    I think that this poem sums up love for everyone. I was very surprised to find how closley it related to me thoughts and feelings. It was a very beautiful poem and it touched me deeply.
  • Carli
    What amazes me is that there is someone, a complete stranger, somewhere in this world, who can put the feelings that I am feeling now into words and so beautifully!
  • Diana
    Absolutely beautiful. It made my heart smile.
  • Jerry
    I really like this poem it talks about what I just did with someone I didn't know. Thank you for this poem.
  • Larry
    Very Cool!
  • Chris
    Very Very nice work.
  • Tina
    Very nice!
  • Richard
    This is one of the best poems I have ever read. Keep up the good work.
  • oscar
    He said it all.
  • steven
    This is one of the most beautiful poems I have read. I have a new girl now, my lover, and I could not have expressed the message in your poem any better. You have a talent for writing poetry
  • mike
    very well written with lots of meaning
  • Lucy
    I have searched the web for the words to express my feelings for my love who lives so far from me - your words were the ones I sought. Thank you!
  • michael
    hey! great poetry. It's something I could send to my fiance!
  • rhonda
    this is said EVERYTHING i wanted to say to my lover.
  • Carol
    I loved this poem it expresses how i feel to a tea.Thank you for putting in words what i couldn't.
  • Claricia
    Really good! I just know he'll love it.
  • Lilly
    Beautiful, just beutiful, I was in tears.
  • Michelle
    Beautiful! I admire the beauty of the words in this poem, and appreciate you sharing it with everyone. I would encourage you to keep writing.
  • Pamela
    Very well put. but I drink tea, not coffee! ;)
  • DW
    Absolutely beautiful and sensual. It couldn't describe the beauty of love any better. The poem was so full of passion and love. It is truly outstanding! Please keep up the beautiful expression of words.
  • dee
  • Catheryn
  • leah
    a very touching poem
  • Phil
    I think your poem was sexy.
  • Crystal
    the poem was very sweet it reminded me of me and my lover and how much i really want him and love him i really enjoyed it
  • Annette
    What a piece of work!This is one of the best I have read in a long time!Keep up the beautiful work.
  • lurozon
    Very impressive poems, simple literature plays with minds and hearts.
  • nichole
    This poem is all about love and there is no other way or in no simplier word to let your love one know that you want him. This poem is the bom.
  • Paul
    Conveys just how i feel at the moment, good one. keep it up.
  • jimbo
    this poem is so amazing, i sent it to my ex girl friend and now we're closer and more in love than ever. thank you
  • ann
  • Ebb
  • helen
    i feel you girl and i give you pops for writting this poem for whomever you desire ! follow your dreams and keep writting!
  • Vandana
    This is simply has all the feelings and love that i want to show and tell my made my work easier of letting him know my love for him and i hope others also who are in love but cannot speak their heart out.
  • Joel
    It is apparent to me that YOU are meant to be a are VERY talented. I, being an engineer, can crunch number but.God, would I love to be capable of writing as you can. TKS for sharing it with everyone.
  • Kathy
    I loved it.
  • Kelvin
    Hey great poem esp for a guy to express his love to his gal. I know because I'm going to express my feelings to her. Wish me luck :)
  • Joe
    I really enjoyed this poam inpitcuarly, Its just A great poam all around. Thanx for sharing it to us.
  • heather
    i think this poem was great isent it to my boyfriend good job i hope you win
  • Carrie
    Your poem is how I feel toward my lover! Thanks for your powerful words! Keep writing more love poems!
  • Linda
    This poem said exactly what I wanted to say to my love, but couldnt find the words.A great poem!
  • Bj
    The expression of true love between people covers the entire spectrum of desires. Like a rainbow, that expression is a palet of many colors.not just blue. This poem captures the simplest pleasure to the most intimate.the emotional to the physical. Yes, I sent it to my love as well! Thank you for sharing it.
  • Kim
    I really love this poem. This is exactly how I feel about a very special friend. I think I just may have to send him a copy. I couldn't say it any better than this!
  • charlene
    i loved it it said it all
  • Hey
    Really nice poem, great job!
  • Scott
    Simply awesome
  • Christian
    Your poem was tight. It was really good. I liked it a whole lot.
  • renate
    i received this poem from my lesbian lover and i was overwhelmed by the words. it hit me in my heart.
  • Saurabh
    a very beautiful poem. i culd identify with it very much
  • Kathy
    I love this poem, sooooooo much! I was looking for the "right" words today to send to the love of my life. He calls me his "softness", so these words were very meaningful for us in particular. This author said the words I couldn't think of by myself. Thank YOU, he will love them
  • Monique
    excellent poem i just sent it to my boyfriend
  • Pat
    it's just beautiful!
  • Caleb
    Wow, I was looking for that perfect poem to send my new found love in my life, and this one was so unbeleivably perfect I wish I wrote it myself. Great job it's amazing.
  • Schronda
    I loved this poem. If you really don't know what to say to someone you are feeling then all you have to do is give them a copy of this poem. It says it all!
  • rodney
    i've been looking for a poem that explains how i feel and this is it. i intend to propose using this poem. thankyou.
  • James
    I loved this poem, my only regret is that my girl didnt find it and send it to me because I would surely have melted me on the spot!
  • Carrie
    I enjoyed this poem because unfortunately me and my husband cannot be together right now but I always like to find poems to send to him that say how I feel. So thank you for your poem I know he will like it.
  • shady
    Well what can i say everyone has siad how great it is and i cant say it was'nt good because it was all ican say is that i love it and its what i feel about my girlfriend.
  • Larry
    a great poem. i sent it to my wife. men sometimes don't realize the depth of a woman's love for him and many times we ending hurting her.
  • laura
    This poem made me melt into my chair thinking of the one I love. Outstanding!
  • Faris
    WOW what can i say . v.v.v good
  • brenda
    the poem brings out many memories of life journey shard with another and shows how that love can stay strong
  • Kerry
    I was really moved by this poem, it sums up my love fot my fiance. I read it to her and it was just 'us'.. Lovely poem.
  • Karen
    No truer words have ever been said
  • CC
    very nice poem and i wish i could put my words so well..
  • Lanita
    I give my husband a poem every month on the day of the month we got married. This totally sums up how I feel. Thank You!
  • holly
    i loved it
  • Yvette
    I'm really feelin' yo poem. I love it. I write poems also. I've been writing everysince I was in the 7th grade. I have over 100 poems written by me.
  • MJ
    Wow!, Oh! WOW!
  • paul
    I'm glad there is a poem that gets straight to the point with no nature comparisons. A poem is nice when metaphors are used, but they also need to be kept simple. This poem is excellent enough to make me veote for it as I visit this site often without voting. great job iloveit.
  • Kiha
    i really can relate to this!!! thankx
  • Elizabeth
    sounds just like me and my lover
  • Robyn
    I like the poem.. it really takes me back to this special person that i am with...
  • Star
    Very Very Nice.
    Says a lot!
  • Loving
    this is a great poem!
  • Jayna
    This poems was really nice. This is the way I feel for my current fiancee.
  • John
    What a wonderful poem.
  • Greg
    I really loved this poem and I think my soon to be fiance will love it too when she reads it. I wish I could get more of this good love poetry sent to me through my e-mail.
  • Delores
    I love your poem it is so beautiful
  • Judy
    This poem is well put and suits my needs well
  • Kayla
    it is how i am feeling for my lover, and it spoke volumes more than i ever could,,
  • Tamar0777
    Absolutely lovely poem-I just had to copy it to send to my Boyfriend
  • Judith
    I've sent the poem to my husband .... I love him and this may help him to understand.
  • Loralee
    Simply...It was the BEST...
  • Agnes
    Very nice poem i enloyed reading it
  • RL
    This is a very powerful piece.... It really touches the emotions so many of us feel. Amazing!
  • Scott
    - I absolutely LOVED this poem. It so eloquently put into words all of the feelings that I have longed to express toward my love. I envy you for your ability to write such beautiful poetry, and I admire you for your kindness in sharing it with the world.
  • becky
    this poem it very beautiful and i love it
  • nicki
    very good, makes your heart miss a beat
  • Kristel
    Great job!!!!!!!
  • Moni
    The flow of the poem is smooth from start to finish.
  • Janelle
    Great Poem. THat is EXACTLY how I feel about my Fiance!
  • Deb
    very nice poem...I forewarded it to my lover.
  • Douglas
    This one is passion. Pointe Finale.
  • venise
    Simply Fantastic. It's not superficial or written in the heavenly fashion that most poems I have read are written in. It's realistic & express the real feelings of someone in love.
  • conni
    HI, there .... I enjoyed this poem thanks ~~~ Conni~~
  • j
    great poem !!!!!
  • Johnna
    Speaks for it's self.
  • Lindsay
    That was great!
  • Tiffani
    I loved it. Expresses my feelings at this momnet.
  • Tracy
    I can relate to this poem. I am in love with a man that is truly the love of my life. All I can think about is what it's going to be like to be his wwife and how much I desire him. Thank you for reminding me.
  • Arun
    Telling the things in the heart of romantic. Simply Great!
  • toni
    this poem touched me.It had a hint of fantasy yet it was so much reality, I love poetry that helps you dream yet keeps reality not to far away!
  • kindhearted
    This poem was very moving I enjoyed reading it alot?
  • Linda
    I loved this poem, I loved the wording so much!!
  • Diane
    I love this poem!
  • oviston
    This is a wonderful poem.
  • Persephone
  • Bill
    I wish that I could think these thoughts-and have the guts to say them to the one I love,I wish..... thanks
  • mickey
    i really liked the poem it hits feelings right on...
  • JAE
  • colleen
    i love the poem. it says exactly the way i feel towards the opposite sex. i can only describe feelings through drawing and you expressed mine through word thank you
  • tammi
    that oem was incredible. it was if they were reading my very thoughts. brilliant!
  • Sarah
    I love to read poems. I try to write my own but they never turn out right. I think it is cool how you guys can just grab a pen and start writing your feelins so good. Keep up the good work.
  • Destiny
    I really enjoyed reading this poem. It reminded me of my feelings for the one that I love.
  • Sam
    This poem sums up so many feelings that are quite true to a new relationship. I love it.
  • cindy
    its a reslly good poem it reminds me of how i met my husband
  • John
    Such simple beautiful words and expressions. I read this poem over and over and am still so moved by it. Thank you for your sharing and for loving.

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