Have you ever felt really deep feelings for someone, and thought that you knew them; but then found out that they are a total different person than you thought they were?

This poem is about when you've been through a lot of stuff with someone, and suddenly they change. You thought that you knew the person that they were, but you really didn't.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Teenage Love Poems

Not There
I stare at you across the room
I see your warming face
I try to see the inside you hide
Your feelings I try to embrace

I realize as I look at you
As I just sit and stare
I can see you perfectly clear
But for some reason you're not there

I see your eyes, I see your face
But yet I can not see
Your loving inside that you had
I can't see your personality

I realize how much that you have changed
How you don't seem to care
I stare at you across the room
But yet you are not there

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  • rubez
    Gosh this poem iz one ov th best iv read it realy makes so much sens uv done a gr8888 job :)
  • nisha
    i loved it i feel the same way about my man sumtimes it was deep
  • christine
    hey youre poem xplainz mi bf exactly ae itz just how he iz
  • Christen
    I can relate.
  • Whitney
    Just wanted to take some time 2 say. im in AWE!This is a GREAT POEM!I LOVE IT!I vote for this with PLEASURE!
  • nikki
    i love this poem because o have went though it and i still see that someone and think that same thing. that is a really great poem.
  • Cristal
    Hey i really like this poem
  • leslie
    i like this poem because its what im going through and now this valentines day i cant be with the person i love whos name is alberto he made me think that he loved me but ended up hurting my poor little heart. he says to that girl he love sher to and that he wants to last along time with her but he told me the same thing. and it hurted me so much!1
  • Hil Bil
    I totally get this poem. It relates to my life so well. I absolutley loved this poem! Keep up the GREAT work!
  • Chantale
    this poem is one that speaks so many truths! I like it mainly because i can relate to it so much not only with intimate relationships but with certain friendships great job!
  • Nikki
    This poem is so true its exactly what happend to me its what caused me and my boyfreind to break up! It such a good poem!
  • Lauren
    This poem I can really relate to. It is good and very true.
  • Ashley
    I really enjoyed your poem it's like i feel the same way you do.
  • tabitha
    I love this poem it makes me remember the past i give this poem 10!
  • mariya
    i liked this poem it reminded me of my ex and how i feel now because how much he changed.
  • mitul
    nice . great hidden meaning . dam good ,,
  • Brittney
    I really enjoyed reading this poem. The author has alot of potential.
  • Mandy
    OMG I have the same problem! Ok me and my bf have been dating for a year now and it seems like he has changed! I don't know what to do!
  • Vanessa
    U know how 2 tell that 1 person how u feel and i know wat u r saying i have been there once and i dont ever want 2 go back 2 that same spot that i was in 3 nights ago so i guess i got let u know that u really have a talent in writing poems keep up and maybe someday u will become a famous poet who knows
  • Stacey
    Hey i lvoed this poem. I know exactly how this feels and its a sucky feeling. BUt yea just thought i woudld tell you you done a great job!
  • emma
    this poem is great it reminds me of a boy i used 2 go out with 4 7months and i broke with him cause he changed and i dedicated 2 him
  • Kay
    I lyked ya poem it waz good
  • Chinese
    i have been through the same thing i dont need to tell you but there was this one guy who i was dating then we broke up ann became bestfriends but now i hardley look at each other
  • myrvellisse
    I think this poem is one of alot of poems i read that is true to me. I've had this feeling so many times. When you see someone and you think the person you see is there but when they say something, see how they act, it's not them at all.
  • Sietske
    i just love youre poem. it reminds me so much of me and my best friend because he is different since a while. i see him jet he is not there.
  • shavon
    that was absolutely hot! 3 stars to you, very nice poem. I feel you!
  • brittany
    i loved this poem that is how i feel about my ex-boyfriend i loved it
  • Gloria
    I can really relate to this poem because i thought i knew someone to and now are relationship ended because of it and this poem is great!
  • angelina
    Oh my goodness. i loved this poem and can totally relate with it! love it XD!
  • Alicia
    It was a good poem and I did like one and I didn't anymore because they had change and I stop like him because he didn't care anymore
  • Hannah
    its very good. I like it
  • Cornelius
    This poem takes me way back to my first love, and my first heartbreak.
  • sara
    that is a very spine chilling poem it is all about drama i love drama! it is awsome keep writing hun!
  • babyD
    i think that was the best poem i have ever read i was very moved when i read it
  • Steph
    i loved it i totaly understood it and felt the exact same way i love this site because of this poem. Thank you very much for creating such a understandible site :)
  • Senetra
    I love this poem because it relates to me and my ex!i still love him and he knows it and i jus sit and stare at him all the time and it is like he jus doesn't care!but anyways i give you mad props on this poem!
  • Mylee
    This one really touched me. It reminds me of how i hallucinate him where I last saw him before he had to leave. Long Story. But good work. I loved it.
  • lisa
    this poem, is really could i can relate to it alot.
  • amelia
    people change its a sad thing that happens in life but if you see no luv im sure ther is someone out there who cares more.
  • Hello
  • Brittney
    hey thank u for this poem i like it. yes i am doing the same thing. thank u
  • pamela
    i totally know how you felt then before you typed this poem. it's good to know that someone else has felt the things i have felt. i am still going through those kind of things now with some boys. (or boy)
  • Apples
    I'm well over my teens and i still go through this type of stuff all the time. Especially because I'm single and dating. Some People just don't realize how important it is to be yourself.
  • macaila
    i really like tha way you expressed ur feelings like that thas what i do but a lil different but is that about you and another guy well i guess hehe
  • audrey
    very touching and brings u to the past where you have felt this way.
  • Mayra
    I liked this poem alot I can relate to it. I'm happy to know I'm not the only one who deals with this kind of stuff. Keep up the good work!
  • Victoria
    hey this poem was great sometimes its hard to get how you feel into words but you did it wonderfully. keep writing your great!
  • Bubzarina
    This poem has really inspired me. I know EXACTLY how you feel. For someone I had been friends with since the day we meet, he had liked me secretly since that day. 2 years after the best friendship we started going out. Then he suddenly started avoiding me and one day broke it off. I was heart broken! I really thought I knew him and he once made me warm inside and now hes just so cold. I really miss our friendship but nothing has ever been the same since!
  • keisha
    i liked it and i showed me that me and my man arent so good together anymore because we have changed and not just him.
  • olga
    I like it very much and it has things that alot of people could really relate to. This is far of all a good poem to someone that is just not feeling you the way he should.
  • dominique
    i think it is a good poem and keep on writting
  • meghan
    its very touching but yet true
  • Yajaira
    I honestly feel this way. But it is so hard to say.
  • Kayla
    This poem is beautiful!
  • kayla
    omg i loved it, it was so awesome!
  • Jessica
    This poem is exactly what i feel right now. There is someone in my life that i want but can't have. thank you for your poem.
  • shawnee
    That was so great man Iam going through the same thing. i wish that he could understand but I guess thats how boys are. Keep up the good work!
  • ms.riddler
    i simply luv this poem. i really like thuis one guy and. long story short i feel the same way sometimes.
  • rebecca
    this is an awsome poem it really relates to a problem im having
  • Angela
    I have a relationship kind of related to this poem in the past. I tried to forget about him, but after reading this poem all those memories came back to me once more. At first I thought there was some chemistry between me and him, but as times went by, his feelings begain to change. He started to drift away. And so I just want to say that this poem of yours is really cool. keep it up. LOVE THIS POEM A LOT.
  • Brittany
    VVVeeeeeeerrrryy good poem!
  • lil
    this poems real turthful, and describe exactly how it feels to see someone to be so perfect and loving, then to know they'vehurt you, and done all the things they promised they wouldn't. It hurts to see that they don't care for you anymore, but at least you know now.
  • Britiany
    that poem really tuched me . i been though a lot in my life and that makes me feel like now there are other people that i can talk to about my probems .
  • Diana
    youe poem was amzing i loved it. man i know i you feel cause i haven't seen mine in 4 months. welll your poem was touching
  • Melisanda
    This poem is sooooooooooooo good. I loved it.
  • sara
    i love this site, im studying now about poems at school, and i was looking for this site, and when i found this, i can't let it go:P keep on !
  • kerry
    wow! very powerful and intense! it reminds me of a boy i went out with who was two years older than me and he changed while i was with him and i didn't know who he was any more! i like this poem it has a strong vibe to it.
  • laneshia
    i give this poems a thumbs up :-}
  • Heather
  • becki
    i luv ur poem!
  • Lisa
    I love this poem, it puts into words how I feel but someone and putting it in words is something I have not been able to do
  • Brittany
    i really like this poem because i can relate to it. i am going through the same things right now
  • Jocelyn
    this is such a nice poem
  • Virginia
    I love this poem alot because right now it is exactly how I feel towards a certain someone in my life, who I thought was more then he really is. When I realized this, I had my heart torn out but I could never seem to find the words to how I felt but in this poem, it's exactly it.
  • Heather
    This poem really touches the deepest part of my heart and it makes me think of loves that are lost in the wind but maybe just maybe they will be found in my heart. I am not shy these are real feelings my name is heather i live in ballinger tx and i am 16 almost 17 me and my dad have been seperated from eachother not to be aloud to see eachother again. your poems allow me to think of him so don't quit writing your a truthful writer.
  • Amanda
    i thought that was cute!
  • Bleeding
    Hey,I just read your poem,and all I could say was WOW,it's awesome,and I do agree with,I've been in the same condition before. And I DO believe that teen love is real not only an illusion. Keep on writing poems like this,they rock!
  • Karissa
    I guess you can say this poem just really hit the spot of how i was feeling about a person. I even took the time to email your poem to that person. But it still stuck in my mind hours later and still does everyday for i wrote it on my window as odd as that may seem. Thank you for sharing!
  • red
    This poem was 1 of my favorite. Great popem
  • Dee
    OMG i loved that poem. it really reminds me of the guy i really like! keep up the good work! :)
  • BEN
  • olivia
    it sounded like something i would write it was an awesome poem and whoever wrote that should be darn proud of themselves
  • Amber
    This is an amazing poem even though it's a shorter one. I see this a lot with my "crush" as others like to call him. (He does know that I like him) He has changed so much since the 7th grade, when I first started liking him, now here in our Junior year of high school. He cares to much about looking cool and he cares way to much about fitting in with the "cooler kids" I know he can be a better person, I've seen him do it, but yet he chooses to have a false personality. I can now look into his eyes and not see a true person.
  • lisa
    i really like your poem it is really true. my boyfriend right now hides something that is why i can relate. but youor poem is very good keep on writing
  • Emily
    I Love your poem it explainsalot of heartache that i have had in the past i look forward to reading more of your poems this was wonderful
  • Jess
    this reminds me of me and my (ex) best friend, he was always there for me and now its like he doesnt even care and when i thought he started to care we ended up goin out and after a while i couldnt keep goin out with him cuz it still seems like i dont even know him. I miss him!
  • Katie
    Wow. that was a truly touching poem. its exactly how i feel inside i just cant find the words to explain all of it the way you did. it makes me fell 10 times better knowing im not alone and theres someone else outt there that can relate to what im going through.
  • Bridget
    ur poem is amazing. it totally agress with the way i feel. keep up the good work!
  • tia
    It was good and I felt the poem
  • Kayla
    hey this is kayla. i loved ur poem. it explained me VERY good! keep writing more i love to read what u write later Kayla
  • emily
    this poem reminds me of me because i hide my emotions from people because i am afraid of gettin hurt
  • BaBy FaCe
    this poem really relates to me. u r a great poet. and that is a very good comment commin frm a poet herself. keep doin wut u do and u'll succeed. AIM HIGH!
  • Beth
    i loved your poem sooo much! it really shows how many ppl feel about love and the ones they love!
  • michael
    i liked your poem it was a lot like a poem i wrote it was very intresting and unusual
  • leigh-anne
    hey, i just read this and its really great i write a lot of poems myself but i think you are brill! xxxxxxxxx
  • Emily
    hey. da kid i was datin jus went to college and wen i talk to him on da phone. its like hes not der. and ur poem explained wat i was feeling. i jus hope he isnt like dat wen he gets bk
  • kyle
    this was a nice poem. thanks for shareing it with us.
  • Donna
    this describes exactly what i felt about a boy than all of sudden he changed . and i really loved the poem.
  • Donna
    i love the poem,its the best poem ever!IT HAS FEELINGS AND ITS JUST NICE!
  • Shalisha
    I really liked your poem. Although I have not fallen in love yet I understood it. It was a very good poem.
  • Ione
    I had an experience just like this one you want to be with them but for some reason you feel like you can just see right through them sometimes. I mean you see them in person wise but you never see them emotionally and spiritually cuz they have no heart. Your poem really reminded me how i felt when i was in the same situation with my ex-boyfriend at the time.
  • ana
    this is a good poem
  • Acacia
    SO TRUE!
  • Erica
    I just recently was in a relationship that was really great. Then on one day the guy totally changes and isnt the same at all. I really like your poet its very understandable!Good Job and Good Luck!
  • jessica
    ~I really liked your poem, it has a lot of emotion in it! It reminded me of my ex. But I wonder if you got hurt that way? Keep up the good work, don't stop writing!~
  • Joy
    i think thats a very nice poem. it deep
  • iraida
    i loved it. so real it hurt
  • Rebecca
    I love your poem! it totally explains me and my ex!~keep on writing what you fell and one day you'll get your way!~!~
  • Arielle
  • Silver Tears
    This poem really touched me and really reminded me of someone that i know and i think it's a really great poem
  • anon
  • Sum1
    very gud poem!
  • poemgirl
    i REALLY like your poem because it makes me think of a guy i know that is JUST like that. u r SOO good at writing poems you should keep it up you really bring the reader into the place like we r there. you have talent
  • Jesse
    yo. i was readin ya poem n had been lookin all ova da site for a poem taht meant somethin to me for a language class n as soon az i read dis i knew dis was da one. but i gave you credit for it! n e wayz thanks for helpin me w/ muh class n know dat dere's oda ppl out dere with da same feelings!
  • christina
    it was very touching.
  • jess
    hey that was a really good poem, it feels like i been in exactly the same place, thinking you know someone then findin out you dont know them at all! keep writing
  • maria
    I completely understand that. I was with a guy for 4 yrs. and one day. just one day it all changed. i used to see my reflection in his eyes. and i knew. he saw me. but one day it changed and i just didnt' see it anymore. it hurt. but i'm through it. it just wasn't the way life wanted i guess. GOOD poem though. i love it!
  • Heather
    I Can Relate To This Poem. I Have Been With My B/F For 3 Years And It Sounds Just Like Him. I Really Enjoyed This Poem
  • jessica
    This poem really reminded me of my ex boyfriend and how much i really wish i could be with him right now.
  • lauren
    I love it! I just talked to my ex. and was trying to find poems about it. and read this one. and i swear u wrote it about me! Thanks!
  • perly jane
    it's really great. it relates me a lot. hope you continue making poems wchich can relate people like me.
  • kris
    i really love your poem. i had a realtionship where my boyfriend was so sweet then he changed. thanks for writing this!
  • Jennie
    This poem really touched me as i can easily relate it! Thank you for letting me know im not the only onme feeling this!
  • Angela
    I can really relate to this poem. I had been with my bf for 1 1/2 years he is 15 and im 13 i hadnt realized how he was. I hope you continue writing poems cause you really have a great talent in poetry.
  • Mia
    When I read this poem I felt those little waves run through me and crash on my heart. It's a wonderful poem, please keep on writing.
  • Desiree
    This is a great poem because alot of people can relate to it me for instance
  • Brittany
    i love this poem
  • Lihau
    this poem is the kewlest.
  • Jessica
    Hey! I thought ur poem was like the greatest ever! i can REALLY relate to it man your a awesome poet!
  • Laura
    I can totally relate to your poem, in fact, i have written some quite similar to yours! thanks for sharing!
  • sarah
    i liked it a lot
  • joey
    This is a very great poem, I have felt this in my heart of someone I used to know that is now gone frojm my life.
  • loren
    I really like your pome and i can relate to how you feel. i feel the the same way about this guy ruben i used to know him but once we became fresmen at Rio Mesa High school hes canged.
  • ivett
    I loved this poem it remindes me so much of my own love life!
  • Kasia
    I loved this poem, I related so much to it. I recently just experienced so much pain from this guy named Rob who used me completely and now doesnt care. This poem made me realize that i can overcome my aching and pull myself back together, im better than him
  • Kayla
    Hey i really loved ur poem i kno wut u mena by it. i alomost fell that way bout this guy. i hope to read more of ur poems. i thought this one was GREAT!
  • cry
    i can't talk you maid me cry for fist time in 16 mth
  • Adie
    Hey i like this poem i can relate to that really well!
  • k8
    this poem is gr8! i can really relate to it! i couldn't figure out my ex bf and i neva really knew him! this is a really gr8 poem! thanku!
  • Krista
    wow i can REALLY relate to this. its almost enough to make me cry in my situation
  • teese
  • Vanes
    I really loved this poem! I know what you were feeling when you wrote this! Something similar to this just happened to me!. This poem made me feel better! Thanx!
  • queen
    I like this poem a lot it is a good poem
  • Donna
    I think your poem was great because a lot of people can relate i am one of the people!
  • l
    i Love Ur poem it iz soo Great. i have read it like 5 times. i started to cry. I lOve it~
  • paihs
    this poem is great. my relationship with him was all a lie.
  • sheli
    i love this poem me and my boyfriend are going through the same thing. i so support u on this subject and keep writeing you'r talent is awsome u go gurl!
  • jackie
    i LOVED this poem it reminds me of this guy i liked and still sorta do and i wish he was the guy i used to know
  • Lainy
    i absolutly LOVED your poem! it touched me so much, keep on writing, you're doing great! i'd love to hear other poems that you wrote, keep up the good work!
  • G
    REALLY NICE. it was like you took the words right out of my mouth.
  • colleen
    its one is the best poem that i think resembles me when i look for poems i look for ones that i can relate to and this one is just perfect
  • Liz
    This is a really sweet poem and I can totally relate to it!
    girl i dont know who you are or how old you are but your discriptions in this poem are magnifico
  • Jamie
    In my boyfriend i can't see his personality but i can see everything else.
  • Layna
    this poem was great My boyfriend and i are haveing the same problem he see's me but he never understands how hard it is for me to see him i dont know if im scared of being hurt or what but this poem discribes it perfect!
  • me
    woman, that poem really got me going. i just burst into tears and man woah. i just cant stop the running. my mascara has run run runned. you are the bomb the bomb that goes boom! and thats what you need to do honey just that man up and go BOOM!
  • Megan
    I really loved this poem, it realated to me in so many ways, i have jus gone through the exact feelings your goin through, and im finding it hard to let go, but reading this poem has helped me come to terms with it. Keep up the good work! xx
  • holly
    i really liked the poem. it sounds like something that has happened to me before but i got over it eventually. it was a really good and sweet poems and it sounds like it came from deep inside the heart
  • tiffany
    I really feel you on this poem. i think that you have done an wonderful job. you have touched peoples hearts through the expression of this poem, adn for that i thank you soo much. to make each day count- GOD BLESS
  • Angel
    this poem i think really describes me and i think you did a great job on this poem and you should continue doing these kind of poems because they are really great and i enjoyed it.
  • CiCi
    I really liked your poem it really got 2 me cuz it wuz just so out there and i really love it how people will write down there emotions in such a talented way and that u share tehm with the rest of us!
  • Kim
    I thought that this poem was so good. I treminds me of my ex-best friend. He was always there for me until tis one time when he met some gurl and from then on he had totally changed. I was crushed cause it was like I didn't even know him anymore! THIS POEM WAS SO GOOD!
  • Camil
    This is a wonderful poem which i can really realtae to Keep up the good job
  • Michelle
    I absolutly love this poem. My current boyfriend and I are in the same situation. We used to live together and then things got rocky, so he moved out, but we continued dating and he has changed so much. But now he is working on that and he proposed to me at Christamas, so I think we will be ok now. But keep up the good work, I write poems an have several publish, you can do it too cause I am only 18
  • janette
  • d
    this was a very nice pome i know how you feel
  • Ashley
    I liked the poem that you wrote it has really strong feelings.
  • annette
    i luv this peom..it describes exactly the way i feel for my ex!
  • Dominic
    I can relate to this poem and it is very good.
  • Nia
    that was a beautiful poem
  • Jessica
    Gosherz this is a great poem it made me cry cause i have been hurt so many times by both sex's and its just what i have gone through great poem...
  • Kelly
    This poem was touching it made me whole body tingle, great poem and a great writer,I only wish my stuff was as good
  • Nadine
    sooo touching. Im feeling the same right now. Im together with jim and he also changed a lot in the last couple of weeks and im just asking myself why? He told me that he needs a little space and after that everything will be fine,like it was before. i dont know. good bless to you
  • mandy
    This poem reminds me of Simon my exbf..and how I thought I really knew him but then he changed..and now I don't know if what I knew before is really what was there... I guess that's why I luved that poem so much.
  • Carlos
    Yeah, I know what it feels and it really hurts. I fear that this exact thing is happening between my girlfriend and I.
  • Lauren
    Wow! I think this popem is brillient! It sounds just like me with a boy called Jez! Hes lovely but he can be a right muppet sometimes! Cheers for your poem
  • jesica
    your poem is the best poem i have read in a long time i can relate to it and it has helped me.
  • Danielle
    very touching. reminds me of how me and my ex were great friends and started dating then after web roke up he acts as though he doesn't even care or is concerned for me it definitley hurts!
  • Debs
    I can see where you are coming from when you wrote this poem, Shoebowl. I can also relate this to my life, but about a close friend whom i care heaps about, rather than a boyfriend. Thankyou for having the guts to show us a window to your heart.
  • Kiki
    This poem reminded me of what was going on in my life right now. I liked this guy but in the end he turned out to be a totally different person then the guy I started liking in the beginning. This poem is really well written and reminds me of what reality is.
  • Nyanje
    This is one of the best poems i have ever read and i really relate to it> Keep up da good work
  • bonita
    This is exactly how I feel about my 'old' best friend. It's like all these feelings I have were put into these words. This is the only poem that has touched my heart because I relate so well to it!
  • Lacey
    I know how u feel.. I just broke up with my boyfriend.. and It hurts that u did'nt even know the person u were with.. but u just have to stand tall. things will get better.
  • Becky
    I know what this poem is saying. I just had an incident happen with my ex, and this poem describes it perfectly.
  • Patricia
    Thsi poem really said alot to me because I had a friend that I was true friends with and something happened between us,and that's when I knew that we would never be the same
  • moi
    this poems exactly how i feel for my first love, it's funny how people change isn't it.
  • Mel
    I'm with a guy named Justin, whom I've been with for over a year and a half. We are going through tough times right now and I think we're about to break up. I read your poem today and it best describes how I was feeling right now.
  • amie
    i think that your poem NOT THERE was really good and meaningfull
  • Durrell
    u did a really good job with this poem. i enjoyed reading it.
  • Amber
    this is very good! i like it alot and its very true
  • Lennie
    I love your poem.it is really inspireing. I also write poems, And as a published poet I would like to tell you your poem is real food.
  • meghan
    This poem describes the people I meet perfectly and mabey even myself It was so awsome to read a peoem that I can atually relate to.
  • Justin
    I though it was the best poem i ever read before in my life. It is how i feel about a girl i know. The person who read it is a great writer.
  • guy
  • kim
    this poem is really good i love it
    I really like this poem. You ask why? This is a true and life taking poem. You never can see the inside of your love one, till they let you in. When they do your not so sure you want to be in,now
  • jerry
    i know exactly what this poem is saying, i just broke up w/ my first love after a year and a half and now that we're done, she's just not the same. liked it a lot.
  • Jenny
    THIS IS SOOOOOOOOO TOUCHING. this is exactly how i am feeling at the present moment. i cried as im reading it.
  • Jezebel
  • Laura
    I absolutely love this poem! It's perfect! It's beautiful! It's grrreat! :)
  • Jaime
    This is so very true about lots of teen relationships. People change a lot during these times.
  • Stephanie
    This poem so completely described how I have been feeling about an ex boyfriend who recently moved back.it was awesome!
  • anthony
    wow. awesome stuff bro

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