Written and Dedicated to Sandi V - As beautiful as a butterfly.....

This poem originally was published in Friendship Poems

On The Wings of A Butterfly
Your friendship is special
Like the flowers that bloom,
Or when a butterfly emerges
From within its cocoon...

You remind me of that butterfly,
Loving and free,
Bright and colorful,
For the world to see...

We will share sunshine and rainbows;
Sometimes, the rain and the snow;
We'll stand together through it,
While the cold winds blow...

When the time is right,
We won't stop to ask "Why?"
Our friendship will take flight
On the wings of a butterfly...
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    i thought this poem is really great and i hope there are more poems out there that are warm and caring like this one.
  • elizabeth
    this is so beautifull and touching! everypart of this reminded me of my bestfriend and i. we truelly go through it all together and will all be there! i love this
  • Sweet
    When we were little (4 sisters) my mother gave us each a butterfly pin. And this reminded me of her. Thank you!
  • shoma
    simply beautiful,the best ever. this poem turned my BELIEF that 'friendship lasts forever' into a KNOWLEDGE,A TRUTH. My favourite favourite poem.
  • Charli
    Thank you so much for this wonderfully beautiful poem! I was looking for just the right poem to include with a gift of a butterflys wing to a friend. Our friendship is "taking flight" into romance and this poem was absolutely perfect to include with the special gift. My praise to Corky Ferguson! and thanks again!
  • Jennifer
    this is such a beautiful poem
  • goria
    this poem is very simplistic, yet powerful in its message, an true in its meanings--i loved it.
  • Shauna
  • laura
    great poem it really means a lot to me and it most likely will to many more people
  • Carlos
    Dis poem is 1 oF Da bEst Poem eVER WrItEn in MaN KinD hIStOrY(gOt So Far).
  • Frank
  • Brad
    This poem is perfect for telling a good friend that they matter. That your friendship is something important that will weather the Storms of life and become somtheing beutiful.
  • sonny
    Friendship is like a butterfly..hold it too tight it will be ruined but hold it too loose it will fly away like a butterfly. I like this poem!
  • Kathleen
    I love this poem's use of comparison to a butterfly. It symolizes that friendship does take to the skies...
  • Britt
    I think that this poem says so much about friendship and seeing the whole person and being able to rely on the person when you feel like you can't do it alone!!! I think it's wonderful!!!
  • Loretta
    Beautiful Poem

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