This poem reflects my views on friendship. I was once with a bunch of very dear friends at a camp known as the Illinois Teenage Institute (ITI).When it was time for us all to leave each other, one of the guys said to remember that if we needed each other all we had to do was look at the stars. Since I moved to college, I have understood and appreciated the concept much more. I was down in the dumps one night and walking when this poem came to mind, so I wrote it and sent it to my friends. I would now like to share it with everyone in this world who realizes the importance of friendship.

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Up In The Sky
When you are down
And you want to get high,
Just take a good look
Up in the sky.

What you will see
Are the stars above,
And all you need
Is to proclaim your love.

Who you will find
And see so clear,
Are friends in mind
You want to hold near.

Whenever you need them
Just look up high,
Call their name
And see them fly.

Every friend you meet
Owns a star
And you can see them
No matter how far.

Whenever you are down
And want to get high,
Just take a good look
Up in the sky.
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  • orter
    that was a good poem i like that i think that was one of my best that must of cane from your heart!yeat that was very doog!
  • Adrian
    This poem has inspired me to write poems to other good friends of mine.
  • Rebecca
    So wonderful :)the words are finely webbed and u've given a nice poem. thks 4 writting such gud poems which reminds me my friends abroad. Keep goin' n am looking forward some gud stuff of poems from you. God Bless You :)
  • ashley
    that was a great poem, amanda! I hope you keep it up.
  • Erin
    That's really awesome. :) Hey, now that you're in college, have you ever thought about staffing ITI?
  • florine
    This is a really great poem Amanda you have done a wonderful job.
  • Jen
    Great poem
  • rajdeep
    it,s touched my soul.i,ve send it to many friends of mine who were with me during my school days.more friends of mine will receive it in the coming days..
  • Najuma
    When I read this peom, I was dumbfounded. It was soooo nice, no no no; it was terrific. I LOVE IT VERY MUCH!
  • Tom
    What a better way to put it, great poem.
  • Christina
    I think Up In The Sky is a nice poem and was wondering if you had more poems.
  • Joyce
    this is a really good poem good job amanda
  • Joyce
    it was really good
  • Jessica
    simple and touching.. thank you

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