What can you do when a stranger enters and happiness is threatened?

We all need that special angel... Angels come in all sizes, colors, and forms. Dedicated to my Angel of a friend...Daniela. And the memory of Micki...

This poem originally was published in Friendship Poems

Send My Friend An Angel
Please send my friend an angel.
Send her one of mine;
A loving and caring one,
The best that you can find.

Please send my friend an angel,
And trust her with its care;
Someone or something for her to love,
And to always be there.

Please send my friend an angel,
One to help her fill her days;
With hope, love, and laughter,
And the warmth of sunshine rays.

Please send my friend an angel -
You know she gave me one of mine.
Please send her down an angel;
A true friend's hard to find.
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  • Maleny
  • Jeffrey
  • Jordyn
    i was wondering if i can write your poem down in my book cause i love it and all your poems
  • Brittany
    it mad me feel like I need to do something for my Best friend. It was touching.
  • Justin
    This is the a great no a awesome no not that ether a perfect poem. It has the right words for the right poem to give to a friend. This poem is perfect. Ther is nothing rong with it. Thank you for righting this perfect poem!
  • anna margarita
    Excellent!keep up the good work.
  • Andrea
    I think this is a great poem it kind of describes me aswell keep up the good work
  • louie
    very nice poems and i can feel that she love her friend so much to be guided by an angel
  • Teresa
    Your poem touch my heart. It is so true! Keep writing, you sure have talent.
  • Kristabell
    Wow! I love this poem. it really captures a persons eye. Keep writing!
  • Paul
    The most true feelings are always expressed best in poetry. This one has everything :-)
  • Cindy
  • Maxie
    This was such a sad and tearful poem. It made me wanna cry. I would want to send my best friend an angel to take good care of her before i move away. She needs one too to help her in life and to let her be a happy person.
  • Gin
    Congratulations on a beautiful poem its is truly wonderful. I love all your poems. Keep your creative juices flowing.
  • Kert
    i love this poem coz i have a friend like an angel. She's always there to comfort me. I know that she comes form the Lord to help me. And that's you kat!
  • nellie
    I love this poem so much. I have a best friend that wonders if she has an angel because she says she suffers to much. I like this to send to her, to let her know I am giving her one of mine. Keep up the good work and hope to read more of what you have to write.
  • Greys
    The best that I can give a friend is your poem. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
  • Bridgette
    This is one of the best poems I have read in a long time. It expresses the love you have for a friend in the most spiritual way!
  • Classy
    Corky, I searched and sesarched for the words to comfort a friend who has been an angel to me. Your words were perfect. Thank you! {{{Angel Hugs}}}
  • Miracle
    This was the most beautiful poem i have ever heard in my life. To show you care for some one that much to ask God to send that person an angel really shows how much this person means to you and how much you truly care. This poem is truly remarkable, and i thank you for sharing it with me.
  • Sonny
    It's a nice poem and I like the idea of sending an angel to a friend.
  • ibk
    a very good poem. it's one of the best i've ever read.
  • Alisha
    This is a wonderful poem!!! We loved it!!!
  • Kelly
    Great poem.....
  • Rain
    I love to read poems and your's was great! It really fits how I feel about my best friend! I sent it to her! Keep up the good work!
  • kalona
    I love this poem it's so so so cute I LoVED iT!!!!=D
  • Beth
    I think that was the most beautiful poem I've ever read. I wish I could write poetry like that. Keep on writing.
  • Shaolin
    This poem is the bomb!!!!
  • Kassie
    I enjoyed the poem that you wrote. It has true meaning...
  • sharon
    that was so sweet. to feel like that you must have a best friend just like mine. ;)
  • Angie
    This is a wonderful, peaceful poem.
  • Cayle
    well, I just like the poem and I hope that is really true who ever did this one word for you FANTASTIC
  • dixie
    Absolutely Beautiful

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