Sometimes life is hard to bear, when a friend is not there.

This poem originally was published in Friendship Poems

Between The Miles
Because existence can become severe
in one day,
just sense me and I'll be there.
In the minds eye,
I'm not so far away.
If you hold out your hand,
in the whispers,
I'll become the zephyr.
and besiege you.
If your eye's upon the stars,
in the crystalline darkness,
I'll become the moon.
And the light shall guide you.
If you rest upon the ground,
in the warmth,
I'll become the grass.
And embrace you.
If you turn outside,
in the wetness,
I'll become the rain.
An upon your forehead, kiss you.
If you free the air,
in the light of day,
I'll become the sun.
And smile for you.

Between the miles-
if you need me.
If you need a friend.
Let me be the friend, I want to be.
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  • crystal
    the reason this poem touched me is cause my bff is moving to california and i will miss her so much i love her like a sister
  • anna
    this poem remined me off all my friends who are all a way from me who i can't talk to face to face so this poem is going out to them. a and i miss them real bad can't wait untell i see them agine.
  • sbpt
    one word. beautiful.
  • amy
    this poem has touched me so much it has touched my heart because i had to move away from a place that i grew up in. and i had so many good friends that i left behind and this one girl that was my friend, but later found out was my cousin, i had to leave her and this peoms just reminds me of her so much.
  • Christy
    my friend lives over a thousand miles away, your words brought tears to my eyes, this is how i feel about my friend and will send this to her. thank you for your wonderful words.
  • Mik
    your words somehow captured what im feeling for my friend. im going to send this to her!
  • Annie
  • barry
    lovely of my best friends lives 200 miles away so it was very reflective..well done
  • Natali
    Even though my hand didn't write the words, my heart spoke them for my one and only're to far away but our harts were never closer... to my 'moppie'
  • Jeffrey
    what a wonderful example of heartfelt friendship--I sent it to an old friend--beautiful!!!!
  • Dave
    Great poem Heather. I hope you will continue with this God given gift and share with us all your ability.
  • Emmy
    I couldn't have said it better myself than the words did in this poem. My best friend just moved away to college, and I sent it to her because it reminded me of her. It really touched me, and I know it will do the same for her.
  • Hong
    I think this poem is extremely beautiful and I have sent it to three of my best friends. They also enjoy it very much.
  • Longpast
    The voice speaks in this poem. The longing and offering of connection feels more personal.

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