This poem is what I have learned through many years of not having friends and believing it was due to the way I looked. I have learned that looks are not everything in life.

This poem originally was published in Poems on Life - Poems on Society

Life's Choices
Life is full of choices
Make sure you pick the right one
Don't listen to the voices
Hear only yours and you have won

Many people will tell you
You need to change your looks
Don't take to heart their view
Fabulous bods are found only in books

There is only one voice
That you should listen to
It will help make the right choice
That is perfect just for you

Your looks are your own
Someone will always love you
You will never be alone
Look in the mirror and you'll see who
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  • Johanna
    I love this poem. its so touching
  • emily
    this poem really did say something to me and im pleased i've come across it i would also like to say to all poets out there don't limit yourself to rhyming because this can damage creativity and spoil brilliance take a leap of faith and don't limit your work because some of the most beautiful poems ever written didn't rhyme and they are inspirational, moving, amazing pieces and i would love to more young teens like myself (im 14) writing how they feel and expressing themselves in s healthy way thankyou Emily
  • anonymous
    that is really sweet. if we were all the same all looked perfect, it wouldent be right. this poem to me is saying in between the lines that there is no perfect. we are all suppost to be differant. i need to email this to my friends.
  • esteban
    it really touched me but i will like to know if this poem is famous. and if a language arts teacher would know about this poem before you told her
  • Jenifer
    I loved this poem. Even though alot of people who know me may not believe that i can relate to this i surely can. Even though people don't make fun of me for my looks, in fact they praise my looks, i still feel like i'm not good enough in everyone's eyes. This poem helped me realize that my looks should be acceptable only in my eye's, that's the only oppinion that matters. Great poem!
  • Ingrid
    i think it was really good coz it is true and alot of people feel the same way. i think that if it had a more steady beat it would be perfect. but i still reacon you did a good job good job
  • Courtney
    I Really liked this poem because eerything in it is true. I always thoght that people didn't like me because I ws ugly but thatsnot even how it is. Anyway I reallyliked this poem. Keep Writing!
  • Dr. Diana L.
    Rose tells what happens to so many people and how the strenth to BE someone comes from within. I admire you, Rose! And see your poem as a work of art. You are beautiful
  • J
    This is a terrifik poem! I don't feel this way, but I do not agree with how society pressures young people to look certain ways: what ever happened to originality? Are they trying to make us into clones?
  • Bridget
    Your poem is awesome! Excellent job :-) Thanks so much for the self-esteem and advice you expressed/gave to me through your poetry.
  • Charlotte
    that poem was great, keep it up
  • aysha
    that was such a lovely poem!keep it up.waiting to read more of your poems..
  • Tysemba

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