Sometimes people become what they least expected they would. Sometimes they do things they never expected they would. The realization of this is overwhelming.

This is my description of when I realized I had been taken over by bulemia

This poem originally was published in Poems on Life - Poems on Society

I stand in front of the mirror
And wipe the fog away
My vision is still hazy
From ridding myself this way

My hair is all in tangles
My eyes are filled with tears
I wipe the warm tears away
As if trying to rid myself of my fears

I'm ashamed of what I have done
But it hurts me even more
I can't make myself stop doing it
Even though I know what's in store

It has taken over my mind
It is eating away at my soul
My throat burns with anger
While my stomach growls even more

I am still looking in the mirror
Yet I don't know who I see
All that I know
Is this sad sight couldn't be me

I grip the edge of the counter
So tightly that my knuckles turn white
I want to scream out in anger
At this ugly sight

It's your fault I hiss
That I do this to myself
If only you didn't look this way
I would be in better health

I cover the image in the mirror
With the palm of my hand
And notice a cut on my finger
That I never knew I had

I grab my hand in anger
Or is it more like fright
I'm just so shocked
To see this sight

I laugh and then I cry
Then crumble to the floor
Suddenly aware of my problem
Like I never was before

How did this happen to me?
How did I become a statistic?
I thought that I was strong,
I thought I was better than that

My head throbs in anger
My throat burns with pain
My finger loses a drop of blood
And Nothing is what I have gained
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  • F
    Very touching; nice imagery about a very real problem. I will share this with others who have a similar problem.
  • pauline
    This poem is a reflection of how so many people live their lives, not knowing who they really are deep down. I loved it!
  • nina
    i loved it you took the words right out of my mouth
  • Tomika
    This poem absolutely touched my soul! Its is comforting to know that I do not struggle with this illness alone. I printed this and have it in my bathroom and on my refrigerator to remind me of how awful I feel when I do this to myself and hopefully prevent me from doing it again. It is so easy to forget how alwful and worhtless it makes you feel, and you have given me a constant reminder to break the cycle. Thanks
  • Mark
    Superb poem. Invokes all kinds of images and memories. Keep up the good work.
  • jadly
    i like you peom. it reminds me of tons of my friends. lots of teenagers do that kinda of stuff and we don't even realize they do. how you described it in your peoms is how my friends described it to me
  • Viv
    This poem made me cry. To feel someones raw anguish is a painful and beautiful thing
  • jenny
    i have been there and i have learned that i dont do nething ppl who read your poem should relize that if it isnt already to late for that
  • josie
    you've got real talent girl, that is beautiful
  • kristi
    i really enjoyed this poem. it was so powerful. i understand how hard it is to go through this. i used to be bulemic and i know how hard it must be. stay strong!
  • Nikki
    Having lived with eating disorders for years(including bulimia), I can totally relate. Good poem.
  • kelsey
    i was at a point in my life back in november wen i finally realized i had a drinking problem. your poem expressed everything that i was feeling at that point of time. your poem was excelent
  • Dan
    Awesome. Just awesome.
  • E
    people go through stuff like that all the time. its a very reality based poem
  • Ann
    I think your poem was excellent ! You show a great talent because you have an insight from within yourself giving you an edge on most poets. One must feel intense about the person, place or thing they are writing about. I give you a score of 100%. I am very impressed. It was a joy to read your poem. Thank you for sharing such a work of art.
  • Hanna
    This poem really touched my heart. I think that others with this problem should read it to realize themselves that they are hurting themselves
  • Karen
    I completely understand. I am in recovery right now and I have been able to relate to this poem too many times. Thankyou for letting people know what pain Bulemia causes.
  • joyce
    dear ghegi25 your poem was really deep, I truly liked it!
  • liza
    I really like this poem cuz our society has to do alot with our actions, fears,and atittude towards things. I think that as we see skinny models we just wanna be like them and without knowing it start changing in different ways.
  • David
    I can relate with this poem deeply.Very good

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