This is the story of a woman bereft of love. She believes that she is no longer able to live the life of her dreams. Past hurt guards her heart, and she struggles to find the answer in the rain of her life.

As she mulls through it, she comes to realize that she must take the chance in order to find happiness.

This poem originally was published in Poems on Life

Into Every Life
She looks into air, herself falling rain
Dripping coldness past, memories old pain.

Drops fall, the puddling her damp water-life.
Spiraling a mirror, self-lonely strife.

A sigh, one frown, crying soft saddened tears.
Storms of remember - through bleak yesteryear.

Clouds a-whorl, dark sky sheltering fair heart.
But how can she joy, while taking no part?

Cov'ring cold soul, corona of defense.
Defying the stab of her fate's intents.

This is madness, she thinks in plaintive cry.
I'm here, on the cusp, of lay down and die.

What my destiny, but an empty-off dream?
A plaything with which gods and angels scheme.

Am I doomed then to live, time never-free?
Subsumed wholly 'neath life's scattered debris?

Is justice, outside this torrential doubt?
Perhaps more than sorrow, painful fall-out?

Is love, perhaps, just a sliver of sun?
Shining through mists, revealing Avalon?

Personal paradise, which I can own,
Evoking happiness, hither unknown?

She raises from streets of lonely no more.
Light slicing through darkness, hopes washed ashore.

Her withered gait now straightening with pride.
She glides like an angel 'cross future's tide.

Belief in life renewed, no, only found.
Footsteps echoing, a cadence of sound.

Caressing the ground, sing the beat of her heart.
Into the sun seeking love's brand new start.
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  • Derek
  • Mayra
    I will call this poem the construction of life. because it explains how a person reborns within one life-time from a decade or time of desperation to a one of maturity by simply using concrete and detailed words. love it. thank you christopher for the time you spend in this poem it enlighten many people's lifes including mine. May Guta
  • Paula
    This poem has touched my heart so much you have no idea. When I read this lovely poem I sat in my chair and cried because I can relate to this poem so much. You have a really good heart and a good way of touching others with your poetry.
  • me
    I like this poem a lot, I guess it relates to the feelings I, and everyone else somethimes exppirience. rock on!
  • angel
    GOOD one
  • yenoh
    i like the poem so much.
  • Nikki
    grrrrrreat poem and it REALLY touched me.
  • leo
    i really liked it P. S. can u plz send me some hints or sayings on life now
  • Angel
    This was beautiful. I LOVE it!
  • Mary
    Seems you have looked deep in my soul and wrote down what I feel. Best I have ever read.
  • kit
    out of a 10 i'll give it a 10. where did u learn to rite like dat? it was good. keep up the work. i myself am a poet but obviously not as good as you. GREAT!
  • Rosa
    I definitely loved this poem that I cried.
  • Chris
    I just want to say that it's amazing how people live such parallel lives. An author may think they are just writing an idea they had when, in reality, they are writing the exact story of someone's life. True poets either have a sixth sense or an amazing understanding of life. This poem touched me because I lost the love of my life. he was shot and killed four months ago. I wanted to die, if I had a gun I would have used it. Now I have found a new love. God took my love and sent me an angel to take care of me. I didn't believe God was even real until now.
  • crystal
    This is great i love it
  • denise
    wow! that was really beautiful. so true too. but i didnt feel her madness is all about the past. some of that madness relates to the present only, not the past. regardless, it was well written. thank you.
  • Lindy
    The most amazing writen poem I have ever seen!
  • Joe
    Pure tantra. Thanks for sharing.

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