We can't always be with the one we love, yet sometimes if you close your eyes, you can feel them nearby by remembering the things you did together. Close your eyes today and remember. Make the passion come alive that you once shared with the love of your life. For in our memories...love always survives.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems

Close Your Eyes
I can't be with you today
but if you close your eyes and think;
I'll be beside you in the kitchen
wearing your shirt - standing by the sink.

I'll be with you in the bedroom
waiting quietly on your bed;
Just close your eyes and think of me,
relive those memories in your head.

I'll stand by you in the bathroom,
an unlikely place to meet;
I'll smile at you so playfully
as I let you brush my teeth.

I'll be your light in the darkness,
shining steady through and through;
You only have to watch it glow
to know I think of you.

I'll be the music that you listen to,
I'll be there in every song:
I'll laugh with you and sing with you,
and comfort you when your day's gone wrong.

I'll be the wind that ruffles your hair,
I'll be that warm embrace;
I'll be the hand on your shoulder,
I'll be the tender touch on your face.

I'll be the clock gently ticking,
reminding you of the times;
We've shut the rest of the world outside
we're in our own world - yours and mine.

I'll be the moon as it dances
on the water cold and still;
For I have loved you always
and I know I always will.

Though you may not see me physically
as you live your life today;
Just close your eyes and think of me
I will not be far away.
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  • gloria
    My life in a nut shell: Not being with "My Soulmate" in the flesh but only deep in my heart soul and mind.
  • Brittany
    This poem touched my heart because it reminds me of people that I never get to see and it reminds me how much I miss them
  • shaina
    ii fEll iN lOvE wiitH tHiis pOeM, mY boYfriiEnD LiiveS iin West Virgina and ii LivE iin oHio. sOoo iit'S hArd for uS tOoo sEe EacHotHeR. hE aSkeD mE tOoo mArry hiM aFteR hE rEad thiiS
  • Claire
    I loved this simple poem. My hubby and I have had a difficult year and when we are not together I know how much he misses me. This was the perfect poem to send him, thankyou! Claire
  • julie
    thankyou very much for your lovely poem it is good to read some that are that touching when your down and out so thankyou keep writing
  • Maria
    i love this poem it means so much to me it has touched me in such a special way. It has described and express my inner feelings towards the one i love.
  • Surangani
    I greatly appreciate your poem. It is superb. I sent it to my loving husband thank you
  • Michael
    This poem means very much too me, and reminds me very much of the relationship I have with the girl I wish to marry
  • Hanna
    This poem was a very sweet poem and it meant a lot to me.
  • Victoria
    It's how I want my husband to think A beautiful poem
  • kerstin
    lovely poem, this really describe the a true loving relationship
  • sARA
  • Emily
    Beautifully written, it reminds me of my dearest love. I can't be with him, but I know when he closes his eyes, I can be there in his arms. Amazing. Thank you, you express the need to be with someone so poetic and perfect. :*)
  • princess
    Great Poem! It reflects perfectly my own situation,since I can't be with my lover every moment
  • gloria
    thank you!!!CLOSE YOUR EYES,touched my heart...
  • Steve
    I have a special friend in Ireland. I know how much this will mean to her when I send it. It definatally touched me deeply !!!
  • Riki
    Although the woman I met in ICQ and I had our civil wedding two weeks ago, we are not able to be together forever yet. That will only be in June. You probably can understand why your beautiful poem is so special for both of us.
  • Jennifer
    You could tell that she felt very deeply about the person she was reaching out to. I've never knew that there was someone out there that could express, not only their feelings, but help someone else recognize how they feel also.!!!!!
  • Alicia
    I really enjoyed your poem.It describes me and my boyfriend.I hope you don't mind if I send him a copy!!
  • tamara
    this poem is beatiful it really meant alot to me
  • Krickitt
    Beautifully delightful and true.Describes my very secret to being with my love.Thanks.Definatly recommended!
  • Jamie
    The poem was beautiful. I am not with the man I love right now and I really miss him. The poem is true though all you have to do is think about the one you love and some of the pain will go away. I am also using this poem for an assignment in english.
  • Sandi
    I could relate to the poem. It was just great.
  • Connie
    I love this poen. I just cant get over it.
  • Carmela
    I enjoy all of your poetry. I hope you will keep on writing.
  • kenya
    my husband is away and i know that he would love to heear the words of devetion and you have put it into a lovely poem.
  • ash
    da bomb!
  • Princess
    Wonderful piece. Its something I can, or perhaps, a lot of people can relate to...
  • Delicia
  • bobbi
    Loved the poem. It captured the exact way i feel when i am away from my boyfriend. We are finally going to be together after being apart for some time but not before i send him this poem to let him know i love him and soon we won't have to just think about it anymore
  • kassie
    like it
    it was a beautiful poem
  • Terry
    Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.... It brought a tear to my eye! My fiance' and I are 1000 miles apart and this poem just brought me closer to her...thank you Judy
  • harvey
    "its a very lovely poem,its one of the best!".
  • Chris
    I don't know who this poem was written for but I felt very intimate and beautiful. Whoever you love is one lucky guy. I loved it.
  • jess
    You took the words right from my heart
  • Elena
    When I read this poem it literally made me cry. I am away at college and it 100% expresses how I feel.
  • Vanessa
    I thought this poem was so nice I almost cried when i read it.
  • Casey
    I loved your poem!! It was so true to life!! I feel the same because my husband is in the Marine Corp and I dont get much time with him.. Its nice to know that I am not alone!!
  • rusty
    this poem reminded me so much of the one i love
  • Candy
    I loved this poem because it remind me that while my boyfriend was gone at boot camp for the Army that he is still very much in my mind
  • Kitty
    each year for the past 4 years i have been going off to a university in NC. Unfortunately my fiance lives in MD and about 7 hours away from where i am 70% of the year. Its tough but love prevails as this poem mentions.
  • natalie
    This poem said a lot for me when i was at a loss for words, it's a beautiful poem and is very well written. The artist did a very good job.
  • Jessica
    This poem was awesome!
  • Deb
    This was a perfect poem for a most diffcult times in my life
  • Portia
    Beautiful, makes you really sit and think about loved ones
  • Jill
    I really like this one too. It brings me all the memories that we've shared and will share in the future. And it makes me think of my fiance and I smile.
  • Alyssa
    I fell in love with this poem because it reminds me of a time that I shared with someone once. It touched me and I want to thank the author for writing it!
  • Stephanie
    It was great thank you
  • Mary
    This was THE poem I needed. It said all I felt and all he needed to know.
  • Lennart
    Struck me as a brilliant way of discribing love on a diance.
  • Leah
    I adored this poem. Thanks so much for letting me have a chance to read it. I may use this for my husband some day.
  • gordon
    at the moment my wife & daughter are in England on holidays and it discribes the way i feel perfectly .
  • Tina
    absolutely brilliant, amazing!
  • edgar
    this poem its just what i do when my love is far from me so that i know she`s here with me
  • Leah
    This poem says exactly what I think and feel when I can't be with the one I love. Thank you for expressing it so well.
  • Lu
    I just loved this poem...so true for so many people... beautifully written thank you
  • Anne
    lovely writing. wonderful detail.
  • carrie
    I only wish I were this talented to express my thoughts and emotions with simple, yet, very powerful words.
  • John
    I loved it,made me smile....gonna go look and see if she has any more like it
  • michael

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