Throughout my depression, I thought I could never love. That is, until a woman showed me the great things of the world and she touched my heart in a way I could never describe. And I fell in love for the first time.

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First Time Love
For the first time in my dismal life
I feel love flow in my heart
the same heart once thought cold and lifeless
fills with glorious joy and happiness
because of a woman
whose spirit is full of passion
her eyes that shine like sapphire stars
filled with warmth and beauty
a smile that brings happiness to my sad existence
I have never known love until now
because of the way she touched my heart
took hold of my depressed soul
and showed me the beauty of life's wonders
everything that I thought impossible
all seems to be within my grasp
I see everything in a new light
because of something I thought unworthy to feel
to feel love's tender kiss
and I bask in its beauty so
because of the feelings of a woman
whom I would love now and 'til
my heart beats its final note to life's great song
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  • stephanie
    this poem is great! i loved it. every word just made me remember my feelings wow. great job!
  • soneca
    that a pretty poem that you write
  • Warren
    This poem touched me in a way and sent me shockwaves of different emotions. it was well written and it showed how some people feel with their first time love. I was feeling happiness, sadness and joy. This is the poem that I love alot. Keep up the Great work Loney Shadow!
  • Donnette
    The words are so touching so much passion of pure love.
  • Victoria
    It was such a sweet,romantic,descriptive poem. It truly expressed True Love. It showed great emotion. Bravo!
  • riya
    very very cute poem real, ireally love it
  • Josh
    The poem was interesting
  • Lindsey
    This poem is rally cool. l8r
  • deandra
    nice poem
  • D
    Very nice descriptions.
  • Judith
    This poem touched my hart. I cried as I read it, it speaks of my life and the love I have finally found. Thank you so very much.
  • Brittany
    Aww. This is a great poem! Its really sweet! :)
  • Stacy
    This poem was really great. It has touch me in a way that is unexplainable. It really explains how a person feels when they first fall in love, and puts it into words when they don't understand.
  • katie
  • Cindy
    this poem made me feel much more better and more alive. i thankyou for coming uop with this wonderful porem. love, Cindy lozano
  • Ariana
    I thought this poem was so pretty. I loved it so much. I really like your poems!
  • joanna
  • Cherrilyn
    The poem really touches my soul my friend let me borrow the copy. When i read it at home I can't stop thinking how impressive the poem was. And it really reminds me of the love i ever felt with the one i love hope to read more of the authors poem.
  • thembinkosi
    This poem is a bomb, it touches my heart badly
  • Christina
    That poem was very nice see I need help I Have a friend who is far away and I won't see him till aug,05 I don't know how to tell him that I love him
  • Stacey
    this is a good one
  • crystal
    wow, its crazy how all the words that i am thinking about my true love are all in one poem!. thank you!
  • Nichoel
    This poem reminded me so much of me and the man I am in love with. He and I was hurt in every way possible. We had a rough life that him or I would never thought we would find love or feel love for that matter! We met and fell in love with each other. Thank you for your poem it was simply beautiful!
  • irene
    My boyfriend just sent this to me. It touched my soul. This poem says exactly how we both feel about each other. I'm so happy to have found a man who likes to share his feelings.
  • Debi
    This poem reminded me so much of the man that I am in love with. He was hurt in every way possible until there was us.
  • Ben
    I've been married for 63 beautiful years to my childhood friend.
  • reyna
  • mike
    Who cant fail to be moved?Life can seem cruel,indifferent,arbitrary until you meet someone you can send such a poem to,as I have. The best has truth in it. Wonderfull poem.
  • wassime
    it moved me and it is betiful
  • Nick
    The poem is great. It has showed me ahole new thing!
  • Dawn
    I thought your poem was simply beautiful! I too had a rough life that I never thought I would find love or feel love for that matter! I met and fell in love with my husband 14 1/2 years ago and with him he has shown me what love is. Together we have buit a beautiful family of three children. Thank you for your poem it was beautiful.
  • M
    Simply great!
  • John
    it moved me and got me the pefect Girl. Thanks
  • haidy
    i just love the poems
  • Bill
    My deepest feelings expressed beautifully!
  • Brittiany
    I enjoed reading this poem it was very good. Very well written
  • Victor
    This poem is beutiful it reminds me of my girlfriend who is my first and only love
  • Chelsea
    im used to writing my own poems so i can relate to them nore but this one i felt totally touched, even though it is about a girl i just fell warm knowing that everyone feels like this about love.
  • Tara
    this poem is very beautiful..its a very good job done on it.
  • Ty
    This poem is everything that I have ever wanted to say. It's one of my favorites.
  • Kyle
    your poem was great i sent it to my girlfriend cause i feel the same way and wouldnt know where to go in life without her
  • Mindy
    So true and well expressed.
  • John
    this poem is one of the best I have raed, it moved me
  • desire
    i love all your poems so keep writing them we all enjoy reading them to each other.

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