This poem is my way of expressing my feelings of losing someone that I care very much about. I hope no one has to feel that hurt, but I also know it is a part of life. I care for this guy very much.

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems - Sad Love Poems

Falling In And Out Of Love
When I say I love you I do
But this with you will not do
I need someone I can lean on
Someone I can count on too

Yes you are there sometimes
For that I am grateful to you
But I need someone there full time
And that you can not do

You told me once you loved me
That I could believe in you
I was there when you needed someone
Where were you when I needed someone, too?

The time has come for me to let go
Never to expect you to care again
People may come and people may go
But my love will never end
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  • katrina
    i have to say that touched me i lost the one person i cared about most a week ago n i carnt stop thinking about him, but that poem has made me see that he might always be in my heart but he wont always be in my life n i need to accept that, as much as i dont wont to, thanks to the auther, its a great poem you sould be proud!
  • marlowe
    Excellent poem it really touched my heart
  • Fetish Kayle
    i love your poem it reminds me of somebody. the one i loved before. its nice.
  • candy
    im speechless
  • Shaneequa
    This poem let me now that it is okay to let go of something if it is not good for u
  • Pearlin
    well done!u make me feel like im the person . i feel so touched . thank you for ur wonderful work ! keep it up !all e best !
  • jocelyn
    i love this poem cuz its so true! doesnt love hurt sumtimes?!?
  • Michelle
    Dang! beautiful poem im serious that was wonderful best poem i have heard it was really heart touching and really sweet keep it up and take care ~Michelle~
  • jennie
    I love this poem its exactly how i feel !
  • tiffany
    i vote for this poem i was just thinking about my ex and this poem really touched my heart i felt like crying through space my face so red
  • kendra
    thats what i need to tell my ex-boy-friend. i love him but his always doing things. and think i should wait for him way he do wateva. thank you so much because you really help me.
  • Daye
    This poem really touched me. I just left a seven year relationship, from being engaged and having a beautiful baby girl with this man. just so many things have changed and i couldn't take it anymore. I feel this is gonna be the worst mistake ever. but I will do my best to care for my little girl and to keep my head up and be very strong.
  • barnes
    this poem really touched me. its really true to whats going on in my life. i can really connect to this poem. its also nice to no that other people are in some way going through the same thing as me xx
  • neejoo
    i vote for this poems, coz it's very touchy poem and i almost cried. because same thing happen for me.
  • samantha
    i like it very much
  • Cassie
    OMG i love this poem it made me think of my boyfriend
  • kellie
    i really loved ur poem. i am 28 years old and i am having a very hard time letting my x go. we have to kids under the age of 2 years and its hard being a single mom. good job on ur poem and good luck in life. kellie
  • Kayla
    omg i total understand the way you feel in this poem. its so good. i give it way way way over a 10. keep up the good work
  • abigail
    this poem explains to me why i need to get out of the relationship im in thank you for your accidental incouragement
  • Jade
    I loved your poem. It really hit home.
  • jessica
    From the moment I read this poem I really fealt like someone understood the weird feelings I get when Im not around that "special person" the doubts of moving on that come into my mind, this poem captured some of my thoughts thats why it is one of my favorites.
  • Lyndsey
    I really liked this poem i know how ur feeling and i can really relate to how ur feeling i'm going through a simular situation I know i'm always there for my man through thick and thin whether he's right or wrong i love him no matter what but what about when i need somebody to turn and talk to or to lean on or to be by my side when i really need someone hun, i gotta give it a 10
  • yasmine
    I love this poem it is touching because the same things happening to me over an over. I vote for this poem because it is touchy.
  • Ekta
    This poem written is simply beautiful! Just coz, it speaks abt the true situation! It happens with almost everybody and it has happened with me too. ! God Bless!
  • christine
    i think this poem was perfect. excellent
  • siera
    when i read this pome i almost cried its now i know im not the only one in the world that feels this way it is a very good pome and i enjoyed reading it to who ever wrote this pome i feel your pain
  • Barbara
    Sometimes things are better when they are right to the point. This poem really touched me.
  • tracy
    i thought that this poem was great. it kinda reminds me of how i feel to my babys father. i totally understand were it is coming from
  • Amanda
    I read this four days after I broke up with my boyfriend Jake. We have been going out for three years straight. I gave him everything, I dropped my pains to suppport him. When it came to a point I possibly could move on, he told me he didnt want to hear it. What a jerk. I love him, and even now it upsets me, thinking that I could be making a mistake. Yet, I realize now, how much of a jerk he was. Reading this poem is something that reminds me of the situation, thank you rose. May all of our wounds heal.
  • Hasmine
    It touch my heart, very deep inside that my soul telling it outloud, it tell what im going through, it helps to get out your emotion with this kind of expressing, hats-off to you,to the author.
  • crystal
  • amy
    this peom touched me. it made me think of my ex's which brought a glisten to my eye x
  • Lucy
    this poem was great to read. i can relate to this poem. its like whenever they need you, you'll always rock up and be there for him and when it comes to you. its a different story. it just hurts so much,when u put yourself into that situation. but thats all left behind me now. and tryin to move on without any burdens . i enjoyed reading your poem. and thnks for sharing your thoughts
  • Ricci
    I can totally relate to this. I am going through it right now and it hurts like crazy
  • sarah
    realli good poem i love it i broke up wit mi las bf an im now in love with my new 1 this poem is good uva got alot of class like me /!
  • Sarah
    Rose. it's a really good poem. i loved it and i can fully relate to it. it's been one of those days that hearing the truth, even though it may hurt, still helps. thnx *Sarah*
  • Shakita
    I loved the poem because it's so true i was at a point where this same thing was happening to me. Now i know!
  • Rebecca
    I love this poem. I only wish I had the courage to place mine on a site where everyone could read them. You are a brave and wonderfull writter. My best to you and keep up. You truely touch the souls of many people.
  • Anita
  • liz
    i just recently went thru exactly what u expressed. loved the words
  • angie
    i really relate to this poem. i am going through it right now. and it is hard, but at least i know my love was true and i gave him all i could.
  • nesha
    Dis poem was off da chain it make me think about my cuzin relationship and mindz well keep up da good work I holla.
  • Jessica
    i really do like that poem it is so good , but sad .
  • Kathy
    this poem was real nice. i could relate to it. and i would give it a rate of 10. it was really touching and you could relate to
  • Samantha
    This is a very nice poem and i think that even though this feeling is very painful to look back and say some things were good can make the pain go away. maybe for just a while'
  • nena
    this poem is really good,it really touched me ,usually when a person wants to brake up with someone its hard and you dont know what to say and this poem is the answer,its true.
  • sam
    it has a powerful meaning and the peom that person wrote happened to me thats why its so good and has a time to think of it a\a moment to stop and think of it !
  • Nicole
    Hey i really thought that was really sweet and that i was true when you fall in love and then out of love.
  • Sandy
    This is a poem that i can really relate too it was great
  • Genie
    Hey, Rose, that was a great poem. I wish I could of though tof those exact words! My boyfriend and I just brokeup and I still luv him. But b-4 we did, I wanted to tell him how I felt. I always had a feeling that I luved him more than he luved me, and I guess I was right. So thank you for this poem. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who feels this way!
  • Nila
    I think that our poem is very emontioal . I do agree about what you saying it happened to me. I understand that you love somebody but they ment love in same way you want them to love you. It a wonderful way tshow it and does happened to very poeple.
  • Paige
    The poem was great I love it!
  • Laura
    I love this poem . it so goes with me and my boyfriend. i love this poem 5 stars
  • Amy
    This is a GREAT Poem!
  • Beth
    This is a very cute poem. The same thing happend to me with my last boyfirend i had. it took me for ever to get over him. and i went through alot of crap going out with him he sai dhe loved me and all thsi but i dont know
  • dominique
    a really touching poems and reality who i have been expearience when you love someone with all your heart but when you needed him the most his not there his just a pretender. send me more when you have
  • Chelsee
    This was such a great poem! It is so true for me and my x-boyfriend. Just keep writing!
  • Dez
    oh my goodness! i loved this poem! it describes the situation i am in rrright now! i have this guy who wants me when i'm there. he never makes an effort. its like he doesn't care. i don't know how i am going to let go. of something i don't even know. its so amazing when its there. when its not it could be anywhere. he says he wants me . and that he needs me. but theres one thing he doesn't see. i've moved on. and i'm living happy! just something i made up real quick! i am 14. and have been writing for years. every once in awhile i come along a Grreat poem. you're awesome! you will go far in life. -Destiny-
  • Katherine
    this poem has a lot of feeling to it and i relate to it so well. my boyfriend and i have had so many ups and downs and this explains everything. it is worth a lot more than i or anyone can rate!
  • Tammy
    This poem really touched me as I feel the very same way. I have been dating this man online now for just about a year. We used to spend hours upon hours talking online and sometimes on the phone. Lately, he just has not been there for me, he never picks up his phone and it's hurting me a lot. I wish he knew how much I truly love him!
  • sheyenne
    i thought this poem was very good but yet sad
  • Jeanette
    hey i really liked your poem it was good. and yeah i feel ya.
  • xiomara
    i loved this poem this is the best poem that i had ever read it really make me cry keep making poems ure good in writing poems
  • Sarah
    I am going through having to let go. This explains all of it.
  • Melinda
    i really enjoyed reading this poem. I can relate to how you feel because i feel in love with my ex boyfriend than he left to go to florida for a job but he still calls and tells me he loves me and misses me even though i know he is with other women. I have tried moving on and starting a new relationship witha great guy named Jason but it just didnt work because all i thought about was my ex. Keep writing poems like this because they are good.
  • dani
    even though you had so many feelings for this guy you knew you had to put yourself first and respect yourself your an awsome female rolemodel and you will give courage to all the people who read your poems. thank you.
  • amanda
    This poem was great. It really touched my heart and reminded me of a situation that i am dealing with now.
  • nino
    i luv your poem because the meaning really affected me so much co'z these actually what happened to me.
  • Jaimie
    I love this poem! I give it a 10!
  • roxy_15
  • Victor
    THis poem relates alot to what has happened to me and i give you props for writting such a great poem.
  • Monicka
    I really love your poem. Its true ,fallin in and out of love isnt easy.
  • heather
    thats how i feel once in a while when im with my boyfriend !
  • Bobbie Jo
    I love this poem it is how i feel. This one is a keeper. I am sure there is others like myself. Bobbie Jo
  • Lindsay
    I got chills when I read this. I am facing this now, words that I need to say to my boyfriend. I just dont have the courage. Great Poem!
  • sandy
    wow i really loved this poem. it reminded me of my ex boyfriend. i was always there for him. i waited on him and took him money in jail and all that and he was never there when i needed him so i broke up with him 2 months ago but i still love him more than ever.
  • Ashley
    i really related to this poem anf i thought it was great . please continue o write your great poetry
  • melanie
    your poems really touched my heart i really like your poems
  • josh
    i loved this poem it helped me with the hurt that i feel inside
  • broken
    related to this poem, touched me
  • marie
    this poem made me cry it just expresses how i feel with my boyfriend. Great job keep doing what u doing.
  • Chuang
    Sometimes people try too hard. What's given is not the other's want. What's recieved is not what's expected. Nothing is ever enough. Acceptance, together. Ignorance, lost forever.
  • rahid
    the poems were really inspiring for me! but . Alas! we don't understand its reality!
  • wendy
    i seriously liked ur poem i can really relate to it well thats what i think. well keep on writting interesting poems ok. bye & good luck w/ da voting!
  • Bianka
    this peom really touched me and its true thanks
  • amanda
    i love this poems because describes exactly what me and my boyfriend are going through.
  • arcelia
    this is so true and it's just like me and my ex. i love your poem. keep writing.
  • chris
    this poem was. amazing. reading it also showed me that the person who wrote it was too amazing,i mean its every guy's wish to have a girl that can care about them full time,you dont get that alot were im from,but rating this poem from 1-10 id give you a perfect 11. keep it up and dont worry some day you'll meet that special someone
  • Amanda
    I give this poem an 8 because i can relate except weve chosen to try and get our love back not let go of him! :)
  • Nare
    This has really touched me. It happened to me, He left for no reason. I just love it
  • Britta
    I loved the poem it was great. it brought so many memories of my X. I still miss him but he wonders why we brok up.
  • kayla
    i loved your poem it really touch me i wish i counld write poem like you well keep it up great poem
  • daniel
  • jme
    i'm absolutely speechless. this poem is beautiful. it gets my emotions across wonderfully.
  • chloe
    thia is exactly like me nn my x he was my 1st true love n we were best friend b4 n i did everything for that boy wen he got started on i stood infrount so no1 could hurt him n id do it again. however 4 weeks ago i was assulted n he stood there n watched n then he txt his mates saying it ws funny but i dunno y i still love him :( xxxxxxxxxxxxxx thanks 4 u poem at least i no that i ent the only1 n ur poem has helped me sooo much (K)
  • Brandon
    I give this poem a 10 b/c it relates to me and someone else perfectly. I luv this poem
    I am six months pregnant and going through a make-up break up situtaion with the father. This poem is beutiful and brought me to tears. I sent it to him and told him good-bye. Thank you for posting your work.
    i really liked this poem it touched me in a very special way.
  • nena
    I love this poem, it goes with me and my boyfriend of three years and on. i give a 10.
  • SAM
  • casey
    I loved your poem it sounds just like me and my ex your are a great writer keep it up
  • Kara
    i really like this poem i can relate to in in some ways
  • Gaby
    This poem really touched me because that is how my relationship is and this is something I can relate to so much. Thanks for writting it
  • Cara
    Wow. I just read this 15 minutes after my fiance of 10 months left me. It hit me hard and the tears poured down cuz I felt it, i felt like that. I love this poem, its beautiful.
  • Annie
    I think that sometime in everyones life they will go through something like this, I know I have but its nice to see that your not the only one, even if you know your not its just nice to see that people are not afraid to say what's happening in their lives, it will better someone else most of the time anyway. great poem thanks.
  • Halie
    Hey this waas a great poem. Me and my boifriend juss broke up and I still lvoe him and it kills me cause he juss stands thurr and teases me. It's like he hangs his love over my head adn tries to make me jump for it and i can't jump high enough. I am gonna send this poem to him and if we get back together Thank You and if we don't Thank You becuz you gave me peace of Mind as the Lord Did
  • michelle
    your poem is perfect!it just says all of wich i can not say to my ex boyfriend so by sending this poem to him it worked out perfect!
  • zakeya
    I loved thi poem im going throgh this right now!
  • Brittnee
    i love ur poem. My ex was just like that. and he wonders why we broke up!
  • Nikevia
    That was good girl.
  • paola
    Iloved this poem it gave me alot of memory's of my ex-BF hector i loved him so much that after so much pain that he cused me i still love him and i alway's will.
  • Heather
    OH MY GOSH! your poem fits me so perfect. i no exactlly what you mean. you are a very good writer. keep it up. !1
  • Shantal
    Geez, my last relationship was like this. I was everything he needed and was there for him every single time. I was the only person he talked to. too bad when I needed to lean on him, I couldn't get the same support back. You're an awesome poet. Plain and simple!
    awsome poem!
  • laura
    Very nice!
  • Thalia
    I love your poem and it helps me to know what i need to know.
  • Erwin
    Dear Rose, Thank you very much. I guess my heart spoken what I really feel to the girl I love so much
  • YeSi
    Love it, so I wished i can speak to my boyfriend but he will never see me again :( Thats ok.
  • Yaned
    Your poem is very awesome
  • Charlita
    I think this is a great peom! It really showed me were i was in a bad relationship.
  • Zoila
    I love your poem and I know what you feel because I feel the same way
  • Kay~kay
    This poem made me cry! Its so messed up the fact that alot of people can be going thru the same hard time as me! I loved that poem! It was tight!
  • Tracey
    I love this poem! I just had someone accuse me of not being a True Friend, after always being there for him, putting up with him, and I didn't know how to respond. You gave me the words. Thank you
  • Daniell
    this poem is awsome! I love it it can really relate to me!
  • Geri
  • alhea
  • taarik
    love it
  • Terri
    Your words are exactly how I feel in my marriage!
  • Meeka
    I really like this poem and I can really relate to it. Thank you Rose for expressing how I feel.
  • Kitty
    I love this poem, its what I am feeling right at this minute, I love him so much but he is too far away and can never be with me.
  • Fred
    This poem was so AWESOME. It explains just how I feel.
  • ceecee
    I have been reading a lot of poems on this site and I can honestly say that this is the best poem I have heard in a very long time. It gets right to the point of the subject. She says what she has too say without dragging it along. I just broke up with my man and he treated me the way your poem went, and I didn't know what to say that would make him understand how I felt until I read this wonderful poem. To you I am very thankful. :)
  • deb
    the poem is perfect, i feel that way too. you know what they say, "there is someone out there for everyone". you don't look for love, love will find you.
  • Judy
  • Wind
    His last words dissapeared with the wind. I was never there for him. You speak like he speaks. You say what he said to me. My best wishes to your talent
  • iehl
    hi! i foeund this poem a great one! it really talks exactly what im feeling the time i loose my 'majal'. i love this poem!
  • latoy
    That poem is so beautiful. I can actually relate to what the autor is saying. It kinda brought tears to my eyes because it reminds me of a boy i was madly in love with(Reggie).
  • K.K.
    i really loved this poem! i just broke up with my boyfriend of 4 years and this is how i feel right now!
  • stephanie
    i really liked this poem.because i am in a situation like it only the guy is there for mein all but he is so annoying so i hope you keep on writting poems i really enjoyed this one.
  • Rashelle
    Wow, this poem is so deep. It explains everything I am currently feeling. Thank you for writing it.
  • girl
    it was the best poem i have ever read in my entire life. alicia keys song was on while i was reading it and i cried
  • Angel
    You just don't understand that the moment I was feeling so depressed, I read this poem and said "Whoa, isn't that the truth." You took the words right out of my heart!
  • Amy
    I love the way that this poem in all just sums everything up. You are an amazing writer and someday I would love to have a talent like you. I will forever remember this poem because honestly it reminds me of so many things and I can relate to you on every level of the poem that you are talking about!! It is a great poem!! I LOVE IT!!
  • tracey
    this was a GOOD POEM THANKS
  • Matt
    this is popem fits me because this girl who i thought cares for me leaves me behind..
  • Tiffany
    I really like your poems, it really touched home.
  • ridia
    This poem was great, it was everything i needed to say to my husband.
  • shalynn
    hi this poem describes my hurt perfect and i dont know what to do i am dyingy inside i am with someone but he is never there for me and i have fallen out of love with him and i dont know what to do
  • Jo
    I can totally relate to this! Thank you so much!
  • Stardust
    I love your poem it is so true.
  • Felicia
    This is off the hook!
  • Chelsea
    I love this poem
  • Lucky
    I couldn't believe your poem you literally took the words out of my life. I'm going through the exact same thing right now but I still haven't told him, maybe I'll send him your poem ( but maybe not).
  • Amanda
    This poem is perfect it describes the relationship i was in not that long ago
  • Karen
    I accidently found this site. Or was it an accident Thank you
  • Christine
    I'm in the process of splitting with my part-time lover and this peom touched a cord. Hope you are happy.
  • Haley
    This poem is amazing. I just got into a fight with my boyfriend tonight and reading this put tears in my eyes cause it said how I felt. It really is a wonderful poem.
  • ixa
    I love this poem. At this moment in my life this poem really hits home.

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