This poem was conceived after a glimpse at my reflection, and after a tumultuous few months of my life. It seemed to be somewhat of a realization when I looked at myself and saw how much I had changed because of this man. It is a poem of desperation for the better parts of the past, and it is also a poem about trying to find the strength to know myself again.

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems - Sad Love Poems

For Sean
I caught a
glimpse of myself
as I opened my
car door

a face
I don't really
stared back at me

it looked eighty

bitter eyes
sharp lines in my

a girl raped of her
I suppose

you know it's been
millions of years
since I've talked to you

I feel like you

let me feel the snow again
before I had to
sever you
from my side

let me hold your hand
the simplest things that
haunt me

let me pretend that
I don't really know the

or better yet

let me
the girl
under my skin
took away
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  • Sam
    I love ur poem. i know how she feels.
  • amie
    wow this poem is so simple yet means so much, its so nice in a creepy type of way lol love amie xx
  • carly
    this is very good. my favorite part is at the end where it says, "or better yet let me remember the girl under my skin you took away. " i thought this was clever.
  • sean
    cool poem made my heart move its pretty sad .
  • Day
    This is so beautiful i know exactly how you felt when you wrote it
  • tara
    Wow! that brought a tear to my eye. it reminded me of what my ex took away from me. He made me feel like i was weak and that there was nothin to live for. Now i realize that i hate him for trying to change me!
  • vc
    good ppoems
  • Carmen
    i was going thru the poems according to my situation and suddenly i saw 'For Sean' so i took a look because my first love was sean. and i like the poem very much. thanks jenawin!
  • codie
    hey dont ever let no man bring you down and keep you head up
  • cami
    I really loved it also I feel you I wish they could feel what they do to us I'm releaved to know I'm not the only one out there you touched me!
  • memory
    great poem and keep writing
  • kayla
    I always read poems. Every time i git on the internet, i always read them but nothing like this one. I liked this one so much that i cryed becuz i felt the same cuz i had a friend that got raped and killed bye i thought a realy good friend to me but he used me to git to her and hurt her and now every day im liveing with it cuz i fill like its all my falt. sry if i talked to long but i never read such a meaningful poem like this. good job it touched me and made me cry GREAT JOB!
  • christy
    i loved this poem because it is like it relates to me in a past life or something and i dont even know why---genius
  • Saysha
    Very good and passionate great job
  • Gina
    Your verse about the simplest things, like holding his hand, expressed the thoughts haunting me right now. Keep writing. you have a talent.
  • Elizabeth
    that was wonderful and it really touched my heart i went through the same thing and god only know it hurts but keep praying and ask for help thank you elizabeth
  • d
  • Reina
    too sad, but too good
  • rosanna
    This poem was amazing. I have been flipping through hundreds and I stopped at this one. It is beautifully written, and as I am a writer myself, I can see that you meant every word. Well done
  • Alison
    I really enjoyed this poem. You are very talented, I hope to read more of your stuff in the future.
  • taylor
    i reely like this one
  • lisa
    very deep
  • Ashlea
    I think that in the catigory witch I found this poem it was the best one. I just thought I would let you know. mayB its because I can relate!
  • Emily
    They say misery loves company. I believe it! I came online tonite to see what poems I could find to console my broken heart. I was thinking of my first love: Sean. When I saw For Sean. my heart sunk. I read your beautiful poem, and felt ur words so deeply. Thank you.
  • Amber
    I feel this poem. Your style of writing is really unique. I read two of your other poems and they follow a similar format to this one. You are a good poet!
  • Chasity
    Hey! Great Job! I Loved your poem it reminded of my past relationship with the guy I once knew. I'm sitting here crying while reading it because it's so sad!
  • Raven
    Awww. So sad. and thw words re well picked and written ^-^
  • Telly
    This poem is simply AWESOMELY BEAUTIFUL. This poem really touched me as i read it as i can also relate to it. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.
  • Corina
    touching -- I loved it
  • gin
    says it all.
  • kim
    isn't it truth. if only we could get back what we lost or go back to who we were. helpful to know i'm not alone. thank you
  • Nathalie
    I feel you on this one. It's so deep and so true. I loved it!
  • kutty
  • stefani
    i really liked the poem alot. It reminds me of my past relationship with a guy. Good job
  • Thuy
    That is really awesome! After reading it, I can feel your pain mentally. It is soooo sad. Keep up the good work.
  • Katie
    Your writing in 1 word 3 syllables. OUTSTANDING! This is a beautiful poem as are all of jenawin's. I am a big fan. keep writing, I think you'll go far. :)
  • sarah
    amazing. just amazing. except in my experience it should be "For Andre" instead of "For Sean"
  • Teresa
    i love this poem. this is how i felt after me and my ex broke up. thanx for sharing your poem.
  • Ness
    I love this.
  • ap
    I am crying as I write this because you know exactly how I feel tonight. Thank YOu.
  • Monique
    Simply beautiful
  • Raquel
    I think that this is a really good poem, not like the tacky ones peole write about adn try and use deep and profound words which makes it sound even cheesier, I really can relate to this poem and I wanted to show my appreciation to the person who put into words the emotions that i feel everyday. I know how it is to remember the person you were before and maybe if the other person didn't errode you on purpose but it happened and now all you can do is recall the bitter memories of the person you used to be, the innocence the almost blissful ignorance. Well before I start into a whole story about my stupid history thank you and please keep on writing speaking from personal experience the best way to heal is to let it out. Thank you!
  • Mima
    I love everything jenawin has on this site. Brilliant
  • Liz
    I have felt the pain of these words like so many others. A great vivid picture, thank you.
  • Asha
    i'm in just aww right now i mean this poem is soo great hey Jenawin i hope u find that girl again because over one guy it's just not worth it gal
  • Jessica
    The reality in this poem gave me chills. I've been there before, and it brought back a wave of memories. I know what it's like...
  • Virginia
    The only poem that helped me to cry and find the release I was looking for. Don't ask me how or why, it just did.
  • michelle
    this poem is very true, and touching. Sometimes you can loose yourself in someone else, this lets you know you are not alone, and other people are struggling. But you will find yourself again, and hopefully it will make you a better person. VERY GOOD POEM!
  • Jenney
    This is such a beautiful and true poem. As I read this poem it brought tears ro my eyes and the chills began creeping up my spine. I can totally relate to this wonderous peice of art.
  • tonya
    i love the poem it reminds me of an relationship i was in.
  • Susie
    I got it...
  • John
    thank you again (for all four so far)
  • Kirsty
    I thought this was a very deep, emotional, touching poem, written with feeling from the heart
  • Roxanne
    Jenawin caresses the heart with her mournful yet spiritual epitaphs of love.

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