This poem is about a relationship dwindling - with only one party noticing, yet being able to do nothing.

The poem also explores reality by showing the reader you can only help someone so much; the other person must respond in some way for the bond to work. All too often, the relationship fades and you are left with one person heartbroken and the other totally unaware.

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems

The Lie
Woke up this morning
Trying hard to hide my melancholy
I joined you for breakfast
And we continued our lie

Every day it is similar
You are cheery
And so am I
Our terrible lie

Can you imagine a time
When we awoke and did not speak
Realizing our moods would cause tension
Tension caused by too little life?

I do wish sometimes
As I leave for work sullenly
Dreading the day already
Weeping far within

The lie, terrible and unending
Would cease to be
And I would know the real you
And you the real me

But, the lie drags on for now
For it is not written in the stars
And perhaps it will never be
I am my own companion

The dreaded truth
Gathered in a lifetime
Sentenced for an eternity
Realized too late

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  • Krystal
    I really relate to this poem because that is what I am living now with my relationship. I give my all and he only gives when he wants. I only ask for the truth from him but instead he continues to lie to me. I have known of the extra-cirricular activities for a long time now. But he will not admit that he does not love me like he use to. He keeps me here in neutral grounds where i dont know whether to go left or right. I want him to be honest and let me go if he does not care. I really love him but he is destroying my world. I cannot walk away because he has been my everything for most of the years we have been together. We have been thru it all nothing left out. I wish I knew what exactly to do. But I know there is another women in his life.
  • candy
    this poem tells my life story thanks everyone candy
  • RUBY
    This poem is so very true and has so much meaning. It's like two people living together and trying to live a fairy tale that will never come true. Living a lie is the saddest thing in the world but many people do it.
  • Hannah
    Hope ur poem gets good votes, and opens some eyes. I accept u for hwo u are, even though I dont know u, u dont have to lie to make me be there 4 u.
  • suz
    Thank you for putting my feelings into words. You do good work!
  • Rocio Velinov
    I believe it's sad. It's about a lie in a couple relationship and it has never been forgiven. Although it's not there any longer, it keeps draging throuth everyday of their lifes. It' sad, but beautiful at the same time.
  • tina
    I loved it. WOW, so sad yet so true. That is the story when love just fades away.
  • Mark J
    It touches me. It catches my attention. It hurts. I do not know why we have to lie. I do not know why they have to lie to us. But one thing I realized. I live, therefore I lie. Lie is not bad. But knowing what's lie ahead is bad. because it hurts. I would like to thank you for making this poem. I sent this poem to my ex-lover. I know this will strike him straight to his heart. Thanks
  • Joel
    After a 20 year marrage my life was like that the last 6 yrs of it, it's a horrable thing to be in. Your poem hit the nose exact. Thank you for the mem. "I'm forever an open book, not secrets" Joel the Wolf
  • gina
    I was crying blindly, searching the net for a voice i had loss. What a breath of life just as i felt mine slipping away.
  • kimmi
    i liked your poem cause it was true everyone lives a lie and noone ever admits how they really feel
  • riley
    This poem made me think of my own life and to take control of my life again. This poem was awesome! Great job!
  • travis
    it was good it showes how much a lie can hurt i readed it once but i rember it for life
  • victoria
    this was a great poem
  • Amie
    This poem mad me really upset but it was a really good poem. Keep writing.
  • karen
    i love this poem it really touched me
  • Dork
    This poem is sooooo touching, i wish the best for you peoples^_^
  • Vianna
    this poem was really good. i liked it alot. to me it sounds like 2 people who pretend there happy but really there just unhappy and emotional and can;t take the preassure anymore so they live a lie.
  • Mayra
    it hit me for my parents were lisving this lie, sadly it was me who had to waked them up and know dad hates me and mom loves me. at the end they are both happy. all in your poem is beautyful and truthfull
  • Rustam
    It had been a year since emptyness and total darkness descended into my life. Read the poem and it really say the true feelings that i had when I discovered the lie and it made me lie just to make her happy. She thought I didn't know what's going on, but the truth hurts and it still hurts. To the suthor of this poem. I love it.
  • solomon
    it is an emotional poem,it makes 1 think of the lie we live with everyday & it was the most beautiful thing ever read & not everything is as always as it seems in life. THANK U.
  • Tiffany
    I really believe this is the best poem I've ever read. It has so much meaning to it. Wikket did a wonderful job writing it.
  • litia
    i wanna vote for this poem because what the poem potery is sometimes we would like to make it up to someone inorder to be feel accpted by the person or avoid disapointmenton others inorder to accept them but in reality you dont.
  • daylu
    this is a good poem i really enjoy reading it please send me one.
  • rebekah
    this poem is really good it reminds me of a relationship that i just got out of because of all the lies he had told me and i couldnt take it no more. i really liked your poem
  • Heathet
    this pome is so cool i wish i could write as good as you.
  • Kelsey
    This is a really really good poem! I really liked it and ti touched me!
  • Just
    Your poem is very deep and heartfelt. I was or am in this type of situation right now. I honestly do not care anymore about what we had that was special. Everyone makes mistakes and some are just ALOT better at stomping on someone's heart,even if they aren't even totally aware of the other's real feelings,such as mine. My situation is very personal so I won't get into it with the world but all I can say is that people should make TOTALLY sure someone is feeling how they think they are,BEFORE they tear their head off and treat them bad AND hurt them because they may need them someday and then what?Their left with the memories of what was actually a solid friendship,gone wrong. Gone so wrong.
  • Pam
    I loved your poem because it was so real and true to how I feel. Thanks for sharing it with everyone.
  • Anastasia
    I, really liked this poem because it comes close to home in one of my past relationships.
  • Meeta
    I read this poem. It touched me and only shows that as a human beings we are divided on the basics of race,nation etc but the feelings are same. Emotions are same and the thougts are same on our minds when we are especially betrayed by the person whom we love very much.
  • Zoe
    your poem reminds me of everything i watch my dad go through. I am 16 years old and in the past year my dad has confided in me about his relationship with my mum, or lack of should i say. i cant help him, i only wish i could but they are adults now. thankyou for letting me see the things he cannot say. xx
  • Jaicee
    I love this poem. Infact I'm going thorough something like this. Reading this, I get a good prospect of my relationship from the outside looking in
  • toni
    When havent I felt like this poem . in the last few yrs of my marriage i have felt so much of what you have written . thanks for the words to put to the feelings GREAT JOB
  • Jen
    This was a beautiful poem, Wikket. I understand what you're saying, and it has to be hard. It's these experiences though, that help you realize who you are and allow you to become stronger. Keep the faith. God bless you.
  • laquanta
    i like this poem it tells mostly about the truth and i loved it
  • Jin
    wow this peom is beautiful, it really touched me. it made me cry.
  • cheri
    your poem touched my heart,thats what i have been feeling my whole married life ,enough said
  • Ashley
    This was a really true adn touching poem and I really liked it
  • meg
    your poem summed up what i've been enduring for the past year, and i couldn't find the words to describe this cloud of emotions. so thank you.
  • yany
    I have to live with a lie every day of my life just like you said in your poem.
  • larry
    beautiful poem
  • p.p.
    this is one of the most real and sad truths of life that the author has captured so well with her words.
  • Rachel
    Extremly moving and very thought provoking. I don't think it needs to be in the sad poems though, it fits better in poems of LIFE!
  • Clara
    This poem reflects every aspect of my life. The relationship between me and this poem is so surreal. It realy touch my heart.
  • Robin
    This poem expresses how every couple feels at some point in their relationship. It's nice to know that there are others that go through these same types of trials and tribulations. Wikket you rock!
  • Robin
    Very moving
  • Alethea
    a very, very touching poem. one that each of us can relate to.
  • mj
    I understand your pain. I live with it.

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