This poem is somewhat mysterious. It was about three years ago that I wrote this, yet it takes many different shapes and forms as I grow and experience more relationships. It can have so many personal meanings to the reader.

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems - Sad Love Poems

ocean waves
wash my soul
cleanse me of your smile

and the memory of
ten fingers
entwined forever
in a hopeless wish
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  • Cecilia
    Though i'm not a great expert, being only 13. i really love this poem, it really touched me how no other poem ever did. very well done!
  • Domonique
    it's straight
  • gielle
    really nice so poignant, moving feelings deep inside
  • latoyia
    i loved it
  • lormie
    I can feel the sadness and the hopelessness of the author. I see two lovers who can not be together holding hands walking along a shore. Looking at each other's eyes. and wanting nothing more, but the memories to both stay and go away.
  • Adrianna
    this poem touched me because my boyfriend that i love with all my heart and sout and who is my best friend for life got put to prison for a stupid reason and i pray and wish every single nite for him to get out and as da poem said its a hopeless wish
  • katie
    I love this poem. It reminds me of my first unconditional love. Only on his part it wasn't conditional. And I just want to forget it. And when it says "ten fingers intwined in a hopeless wish," it so made me cry
  • megan
    thie poem is really good i liked it so much !
  • m
    great poem! its so true! please keep on writing xoxo
  • yema
    very nice. all the poems especially sad poems touched meeeeeeeee
  • Brandi
    I think out of all of them, it is really true.
  • Liliana
    i thought this poem was really something that i can relate to, in general i mean.
  • Fish
    I was so incredibly touched by your wonderful poem. I will remember it for the rest of my life Thank u for blessing me You are how i sleep at night Thank You
  • Brittany
    I like this poem a lot. It was one of the best on read so far. Keep writing poems i think you will make a good poem writer one day!
  • Juanita
    This pome is great nice job
  • Raven
    i think that its small that is has more defiyion to it. love it
  • Mylee
    This is a short poem yet it means something and I like that. I mean I see all these poems using these old words like shall or shant or thee or something (not that there's anything wrong with that) but I like to see poetry like this- very simple yet meaningful. very beautiful.
  • Shaista
    this is the excellent poem to touch those hearts who really feel this poem.
  • Ansong
    greetings to you
  • xiomara
    love it one of the best sad love poems iv read
  • whitney
    i really like this poem it this great
  • Dana
    these few lines touch the heart deep in side. espcially if u read the lines carefully and understand the metaphorical expressions,
  • Christopher
    That was very sad. I enjoyed it immensley however.
  • Shawn
    It's a really good poem Jenawin. Short, simple and right to the heart. I also was searching to shed a tear at a sad poem, and yours did the job, because I know how you felt when you wrote this poem. Excellant poem. 10/10
  • Maags
    Excellent, heart felt, beautiful ! 10
  • pam
    Says all I cannot say
  • Laura
    this is a great poem expressing thousands of feelings comming from the heart. I like it alot!
  • christopher
    makes me feel the blurred memories of my painfull "muse". christine.
  • Kat
    I love this poem, even though its short, I think that it has a lot of meaning. I thought about this poem for a while and I love it. It's deep. nice.
  • alen
    i love this poem and it is an understabdable poem. and you can feel it
  • dora
    i really felt this poem. is was simple but yet so true and deep
  • Gely
    this poem is cool!
  • Jt
    couldnt be closer to the truth
  • Racheal
    hey i thought that this poem was good even though it was short. I love it so much!
  • amanda
    hey i loved this poem it was short but powerful i loved it
  • paul
    Titally awesome! Short but v. v. moving. Struck into the marrow of my bones.
  • Jennifer
    wonderful i have to move on about some old past and boy this really comforted me
  • Steve
    I lost a love such as you have penned. It did make me think of the loss and foolishness of love gone missed or could never be. Few words, beautiful expression of truth Steve
  • Syed
    Its great to read your lovely poem, and i personally requested for more great and lovely poems
  • Rebecca
    this is short, but so full of meaning. i just fell in love with it.
  • yeraldine
    This poem is very simple yet it means a lot. All poetry should be simple but it should have a big understanding that no one can understand. All small things mean big things in the hearts. rateing: 10
  • anne
    It's surprisingly short but captures the heart. The second stanza leaves me hanging and encourages more memories to rush back to its reader.
  • megan
    This was a good poem
  • Jasmine
    this brought tears to my eyes thank you for sharing
  • Liz
    I thought it was very cute
  • Donna
    Loved the poem, wrote it in my journal. I can relate.
  • Dara
    I thought this poem was so touching.
  • Ashley
    this poem is short but interesting i liked it
  • frani
    Amazing. Easily my msn name as of now. Beautiful. So litle words, and yet so much meaning. It gives a whole new depth of letting go of what cannot be. Love it. Thanks.
  • EllyBelly
    This poem really touch me
  • joyce
    short and sweet :)
  • rachel
    this poem was beautiful and thats excatuly how i feel!
  • aimee
    wow, i was just surfing the web for sad poems and none of them touched me like this one did. very impressive.
  • Jasmine
    This poem is short but simple and very true. awwwwwwww
  • Rindy
    I love the poem and the way its expressed about a person. it has deep meaning if you really think about it.
  • Tiffany
    I really like this poem it reminds me of things
  • sharon
    this poem hit home for me. so short but so much meaning. its really good
  • Avinash
    simple words but very emotional message. It's an eccellent poem.
  • Kendra
    It's what poetry should be. Only a few words that mean more than a thousand. Simple enough to remind this stranger of something she's missing.
  • Rosanna
    great poem
  • mark
    I thought this poem was excellent
  • Caroline
    So so so good.
  • Christina
    This poem is so cute!
  • nur
    awwww. ur poem wuz simple. but truly and deeply honest. nice one! :)
  • Claire
    so brief yet so deep.
  • sherri
    i thanke it was the most tuching poem i have ever hard in my whole life
  • grettel
    this is so understandable,that is easy to understand,think about it because what it is telling you can not be shown
  • Ferhat
    this sounds as if a quarrell leaving a vision of a "leaving" hand on the poet's mind. I have always thought that after an embrace of a farewell your hands leave each other more than your bodies. I am really impressed. thanks for that share!
  • mary
    u'r feelings r so blue and sad like my feelings i like this poem so much
  • kendr
    the poem was great. I just wish my love will last with people i meet
  • denise
    I was moved by the simple truth of this poem. It is something everyone can relate to.
  • Parul
    It's really a very touching poem.and even when everything drifts away, how amazingly Hope lives on!
  • AKM
    i did not cry when my bf broke up with me. i did not cry when i felt so lonely. but i cried when i read this poem. it is amazing how much meaning so few word can have and from my relationship i learned how much effect they can have on your life
  • Cupid
    This is a poem that I want recomend to everyone who have a love or lost a love.
  • chika
  • Ellie
    I find that the shortest poems have the most depth and this poem ment a lot to me. It was quite romantic. It sets imaginations alive (it did to mine).
  • Nesha
    This poem was great I really enjoyed it. He used very few words but the words said a whole lot.
  • Aimz
    Deep, but so right (if that makes sense!)
  • Anne
    your poem is short. clear and nice. I love it. Please inform me if there will be any additional. Keep it up
  • KeIsHa
    omg! this is an awesome poem it mad me cry, I LOVE IT!
  • Pieter
    Best poem I read in a very long while!
  • Sam
    I love this poem 'cause it's short and simple, yet with a meaning so pure and understandable, deeper with that loss. It makes my eyes fill with tears. Well done!
  • ilona
    wow how true ..thanks
  • bricks
    it was very moving, but would have been more, had there been more.
  • Najia
    Youre poem means alot to me and i can completely relate to it.
  • Rhysportia
    though the poem was kind of short, it is enjoyable.
  • John
    one of those few poems that makes reading this site worthwhile. thank you
  • Ryan
    I really enjoyed reading this poem. Short but deep.
  • Leanna
    This is a very nice poem
  • Michael
    Beautiful poem, thanks
  • leanne
    although short has a real lot of meaning
  • Andi
    simple and seductive.
  • Alana
    I really felt this poem. In so few words it said and meant so much. Great poem.
  • mindy
    Very beautiful and very meaningful with its simplicity.

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