Wish you could hold that special someone that's on your mind? Well, this poem describes the feeling.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Teenage Love Poems

I sit here day and night
Wishing with all my might
That one day you will see
How much you mean to me

You're like an angel sent from above
And I want you to trust me with your love
I don't see you everyday
But you're in my heart anyway

You're gentle, kind, and sweet
And I'm praying the next day we meet
You'll fall in love with me
And then you'll finally see
What I've been feeling all this time
Wishing you were mine.
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  • unique
    this poem is so true to me and it applys to my life very much and it really touched my heart
  • chez
    this song is just me all over help i need help with my lover i love him but dose he love me
  • Abyan
    This peom really touched me thats how i felt about a person i loved once, and it discreabs every thing about it, like how you said "What i've been feeling all this time wishing you were mine".
  • Dannielle
    this poems is awsome. its exactly how i feal . ur poems has really touched me. thank u
  • Jessica
    I absolutely adore this poem! Not only is the cadence ultra mellifluous, but it is also short and sweet, conveying a powerful message in just the right number of words. I think the primary reason why I especially enjoyed reading this poem is that the emotion expressed really appeals to me. I know exactly what it feels like to love someone for a long period of time (5+yrs!) and not be able to tell him! What's funny is that my love interest hints at this mutual feeling too! I'll be sure to have him read it if we get together some day! I looooove this poem!
  • Jase
    I know the feeling, being on the outside looking in. Now, I'm finally with the girl of my dreams. And now, after 4 months, she told me she liked me first. Anywayz, great job, keep up the good work!
  • Roanna
    This poem touched m heart, I feel it must have reached out to so many people. It's truly amazing.
  • Kortney
    This is the exact way i feel for my best friend Aaron but i am to scard to tell him. Great poem.
  • marc
    I can relate, I have had feelings for women in the past and wished we could develope a realationship.
  • Traptnside
    Hey I loved this poem so much it is so much of like the situation that im in with this guy right now! I enjoyed reading your poem! Thanx
  • Brianne
    I think that is a awesome poem, it fits the way i feel about a special person in my life, and i didnt know how to say how i felt till i read that poem. I emailed it to him telling him this is how i felt and i am waiting on a response. I think that there is talent here. keep writing
  • Stanley
    This really rocks, rocking rock and rolling rock
  • kristi
    I love this poem a lot!
  • marni
    I really like the poem!
  • Daniella
    oh my gosh. this is exactly how i feel about the guy i like. wow. keep writing,,ur realy good. and now i know that im not the only one who feels like this
  • Kami
    This is a peom that really hits home for me. I'm so inlove with this guy and have been for 5 years. We are having our first date fri and I hope he feels the same as I have felt for so long.
  • Jess
    I understand how you feel. i have this friend and he knows that i like him but i dont think he really knows how i feel about him. I love him so much and the only thing i want is to be loved in return by him. hes the perfect person for me i wish that he was mine but theres another problem he moved to a different town i still get to see him just not as much as i would like to and my biggest fear is that he will become close to somebody there. good luck with your relationship!
  • Holly
    This poem is so awesome. it makes me feel the same way a/b this dude named Jeremy who i've been in love w/ for almost 3 years. but he won't go out w/ me b/c he goes to a different high school!
  • Alex
    I really like this poem. It fits how I feel about a girl I go to school with. She means more than anything to me, but, we may never be together.
  • kaiesha
    I like this poem, good job.
  • Rich
    I can truely symathize with both Hawk and the poem, I love someone to death, I would do or give anything for her, but when I told her, she said she hoped we could still be freinds, so yeah, I can REALLY sympathize. Besides, The poem is REALLY good.
  • Alan
    I love this poem, it helped me get into the relationship I'm in now. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK!
  • Jessica
    I loved this poem. I e-mailed it to a guy that I have been in love with for a really long time, an He now knows how I feel about him. An I found that he feels the same way! Thank You so much.
  • Hawk
    I relate to this poem. I love this girl alot. But she dosn't love me in return.we are such good friends, but I love her more then that and she can't seem to understand. I'm always wishing that oneday she will love me too.
  • Sarah
    I could relate to this alot keep it up!
  • chris
    i love this poem!
  • robert
    I was looking for a poem i want for my girlfriend then i saw your it was perfect so now i'm voting for wishing
  • dana
    we need more poems like this around
  • Eric
    Thank you. Never before was I able to express the feelings I have for the one I love. I e-mailed this to her and we have started what I hope will be a lifetime of memories.
  • lissy
    this is a mad poem you have a real talent
  • Megan
    This poem is what I've been trying to make him see, and yet he is so oblivious that all I can do is wait until maybe he cares enough to feel the same way.
  • Donna
    I was looking for a poem that expressed how I really felt for this one guy and this poem was everything I was looking for.
  • nichole
    I thought this poem was so perfect. It explained exactly what I am going through right now. Keep up the good work.
  • Roanna
    This poem really got to me because it seems to describe the way I feel about this one guy. I think this was an exellent poem.loads and loads of talent!!!!!!!!!
  • Jenny
    I really loved this poem...It is so beautiful...
  • Jonathan
    I would like to thank Jules for this poem because it helped me say to this girl I like what I couldn't say in my own words.
  • Desirae
    I love this poem.I can really relate to it.......
  • rachelle
    Ilove this poem because i feel the exact way the person in the poem does about someone, the words are not complex but the poem doesnt need complex words because its meaningfull without them.
  • Claudia
    I think the poem is great I understand the way you feel.I feel the same about some guy. But thats all i ever do wish.

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