I wrote this after my boyfriend and I broke up after dating for more than a year. I just kept crying over how it ended so I wrote this one day and gave it to one of my friends who asked why I was crying. It went around the school, and finally my ex- boyfriend got it and he ended up asking me back. He gave it back to me and I decided to submit it so people know that you can change the course of fate with a few words.

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Why Am I Crying?
The grass is billowing by the steed.
The night is so very clear.
all I really, really need.
is to know that you are there.

The moon is shining brilliantly white.
the stars are twinkling everywhere.
so why am I crying on this beautiful night?
I am crying because you are not there.
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  • kristian
    i love this it fits me cuz my fiance just died in a car crash an he is not here to comfort me when i need him
  • Kerry
    That poem did really touch my heart and i know how you felt, as i am feeling it now. My boyfriend and i broke up and i loved him so very much but i am now with someone new but inside me i still feel empty and alone, like someting is missing and not going to come back. I cry alot just wishing that maybe we could give it another try, because ever since we parted i always feel down and miserable! but well done on a brilliant poem that hit me deep in my heart.
  • Caiti
    I really liked this poem because I, myself am having problems with my relationship and it all makes sense to me now. so thanks for writing this poem!
  • Sara
    Hey Ciara, I love your poem. It is very pretty, although I am just learning the poetry stuff!
  • Rachel
    My friend and I LOVE this poem. Her and I have a lot that is going on and when we read this it was like our life perfectly
  • Love
  • laporsha
    loved it sooooooooooo much!
  • toni
    this poem made me fell like i did when my boyfriend was gome
  • patrick
    i nearly cried when read his poem.
  • tiarra
    i was just crying then i decided to read poems then came across yours the thoughts i was feeling i had no reason why i was crying until i read this poem. its good that you wrote a poem that people can relte to thank you now i realize that i have strong fellings for this person
  • Ashia
    That is a really heart felt peom if you write like that you beter make "A's" in your english class
  • Your
    its cool
  • Noelle
    i have felt the same way before because my boyfriend and i had been going out for almost a year and then he broke-up with me. i then wrote a note telling how sad and depressed i was about our brake-up and he got a hold of the note and read it and then two days later her asked me back out again!
  • mandy
    i really like your poem
  • Heather
    I love this poem. It really inspired me. Keep up the good work babe.
  • chelsea
  • Darlene
    its a good poem
  • Cindy
    it short n simple but it wrote all u have in ur heart. i broke up with my bf of 3 years few months back. i tell myself not to cry anymore but i still do at night when i'm all alone in my room.
  • rachel
    this is a really r8 peom and is very deep. it is like a time wen i split up with my b/f and i did get him back in the end thanx for putting the feeling in to words!
  • Janaya
    When my old boy friend broke up with me after being with him for 2 years I cried for 2 months I don't know why but I did.
  • lems
    its good indeed. imargine few words but lots of meanig.so full of passion ,again in few places. i wish i had you....
  • kelham
    this poem is impeckable i feel this way about my dream girl she dosnt under stand my feelings deep down in my heart is for her
  • Natalia
    Very good Poem
  • Mia
    That poem made me feel of a time with my boyfriend
  • Megan
    Short and sweet!!!! This is a very excellent poem and very well said. I feel the same way after me and my boyfriend broke broke up but couldn't find the words to express my feelings. ~ Megan
  • Lesley
    I copletly understand what you were saying in this poem.. this summer i went to my fav place,, the beach....and sat alone on the beach,,, layed there looking up at the full moon and stars so overpowering and cried my eyes out because i love/loved this guy soo much and i knew we coulndt be together for personal reasons and he didnt believe me when i said i love you,, but i loved and still do love him more than anything.
  • Tabatha
    I really loved your poem. That is the way that I feel right now. Me and my boyfriend broke-up but, I still love him and want him back. I know what it's like to cry because you can't have them with you.
  • hevnNhell
    I was reading most of the poems here and I came across yours, dont know why but it almost made me cry. Very nice.
  • tori
    I really like this poem.Good job!
  • marcie
    i really liked ur poem it really fits what i feel most of the time. you are a great writer.

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