This poem describes how we all tend to hide our true self from the outside world in order to be accepted. We are never sure what we want to share and what we want to hide. But as we accept it we become more comfortable with ourselves and with other people. We constantly run from our weaknesses hoping that they will soon go away. But I have faced mine and realize I am anything but perfect in this world of savages.

This poem originally was published in Poems on Life - Teen Poems about Life

I See Me
When I look into these eyes
I find things no one else ever catches a glimpse at

I see this fear of judgment
that makes her cower at confrontation

I see this hopelessness for the future
that make her choices her burden alone

I see this desperate need for companionship to make her strong
in the savage world of humans

I see this courage
caged in her thoughts of inferiority

I see these thoughts of abandonment
that make her cling to anything

I see this devotion to her beliefs
that makes her fear death

And I hate that the person I always see is me.
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  • dpka
    this poem is jus soo well written and described and like many others it also gave me the realisation dat im not the only one who feels this way. my emotions put into words, i can totally relate to it. REALLY NICE!
  • Lucy
    I loved this poem because it describes me perfectly. Thankyou for writing down what I never could. :)
  • ericah
    wow wow wow! i loved the poem, amazing, keep writing!
  • annaelle
    Hey! I loved your poem! Keep it up! bye annaelle
  • Copper
    I am not going to start spouting all about how the poem is ME all over or anything, I noticed a lot of people don't bother to tell the author anything but go on about how talented they themselves are and how THEY can totally relate to the poem, like the author can't. I just wanted to tell you that your poem is excellent, well written, well structured, fantastically worded, and most importantly, it expresses your feelings. Well done, and I hope expressing yourself through poetry and my vote will help you see a better you.
  • Koula
    Your poem had alot of meaning, and it just made me think of myself.
  • Nikki
    Just reading this poem reminds me of my self and I also feel like I'm not the only one feeling the same way when I'm reminded of myself.
  • Kaybe
    Wow. Thankyou for helping me see that im not alone.
  • Marium
    I Loved It . It Is great. I is really what teens r. :) 10+
  • rachel
    i think this poem is very true and very touching. I give this three stars.
  • Elly
    Thankyou for your poem. I'm going through a bad patch right now and it means alot to me to know that I'm not the only person who feels like this.
  • Paul
    fantastic. it hits how we teenagers feel- I please keep writing. you insparated me in my English class
  • Stephanie
    was an excellent poem, i can totally relate to it. :)good work
  • Jen
    I loved your poem. It reminds me a lot of myself and I have a hard time expressing my feelings. This poem described me perfectly. I think it was VERY well written.
  • Dana
    This poem has alot of truth to it and it is exactly how I feel. You are a wonderful poet. Keep writing
  • vanessa
    I think this poem was great. Everyone goes through a stage in which you see the world differently and writing is the best way of showing how you feel. Jay wrote a poem of how she sees herself and I think that's great. VR/04
  • Hollie-marie
    This poem describes everything I feel inside! You are very talented! Dream Big!
  • Amina
    that is good poem it reminds me of me
  • jenna
    your poem really touched me i just wanted to let you know
  • jackie
    I liked your poem very much. We are our worst judge.
  • Dayline
    I honestly feel that this poem is very sad. Although well writen. Thank you for sharing this poem with me.
  • Jamie
    kool poem. so true. keep writing. i loved it.
  • holly
    this poem is really good, i understand the feelings in it.
  • Lauren
    Your poem is quite heart felt and I enjoyed it very much! Kepp writing what you feel and don't give up. I'm a poet myself!
  • Jean
    I really enjoyed this poem. It is SO true.
  • Dee
    Man. you seen right through me, glad im not alone
  • Angie
    I hope this is not true about you and it is only a persona speaking out. I know people feel this way and it is a terrible feeling, it makes you feel sick, I know this 'cos I feel like this. Be happy and care free, it isn't easy (trust me, I know).
  • Adam
    Truely amazing poem, very very well written.
  • Roxy
    Your Poem is great. Thank You! Please Keep Writing.
  • Steph
    I really loved this poem. I think it describes the way a lot of people feel - including myself.
  • Alisa
    Very true poem. It is very good.
  • Kelsey
    That is an AWESOME poem! UR very talented! Keep writing!
  • Whit
    omg, thats the best poem i've ever read in my entire life i think.thank you so much for writing it
  • MiCkEy
    thank you...
  • Melissa
    I think this peom is absolutly bueatiful. Ialso think that it is so true. And that it was bueatifully written.
  • yvette
    what you say is very true because I'm a teen and I see myself in that poem too
  • Ashley
    i really liked your poem it really does explain life as a teen
  • veronika
    it was really good and inspiroring
  • Amy
    You just described how I feel waking up every single morning. I think this poem is just absolutely wonderful. Great work!

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