I wrote this poem in 3rd grade when my mind was simplistic and clear. The way things should be.

This poem originally was published in Poems on Life - Teen Poems about Life

Spring is the time that baseball starts,
It is in our minds, it is in our hearts,
The score is tied, 3 to 3,
It is the bottom of the 9th,
And it is up to me,
The coach gives the signal,
It is ok to swing,
I swing the bat and I hear a bing,
Oh gee, Oh no, it is a pop fly,
Way up in the sky,
I feel sick like I am going to die,
As I round second and almost to third,
The center fielder drops it because he is a nerd,
I slide home, look up,
"Safe" I hear the umpire say,
The Tigers have won the game today,
After the game the guys lift me up on their shoulders but I won't fall,

Because today I feel 10 feet tall!
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  • Mark
    This is he best poem i have ever read in my life!I have also been playing baseball for 3 straight years and i hope i go for 4! This poem has inspired me alot.
  • izzy
    I loved this poem so much as much as i love baseball. (and thats a lot).
  • gianna christine
    i think this poem is great i mean i play a whole bunch of softball and i think you have this feeling down to a science. great
  • Shayla
    HEy whats up. Your poem is very good! I play softball and i know how it feels I have got championship three times and 2nd oncE!
  • stephanie
    This is a really good poem! i play softball and i can really relate to this poem! sometimes its nerve wracking, but when you win, its the best feeling in the world.
  • Rick
    I love baseball. It is life to me. It is cool to read a poem about baseball. This poem was one of the best I have ever read.
  • kyleigh
    good poem. i play softball too. and i liked that poem alot. great job
  • michelle
    Its a really good poem it reminds me of my lil brother
  • Macy
    I play LOTS of baseball! I am a girl, and when I play baseball with my friend Tara, thats pratically what happens! On the 28th of February, Tara and I are going to recite this poem for school! I like this poem a lot!
  • cape
    this was a sweet poem better than those other amutures out there. it rocks
  • Bree
    I think that this poem is sooo cute and i love it!
  • jasmine
    cool poem. it's not everyday people write about softball or sumthing about baseball. realli realli coolz peom!
  • Randy
    I vote for this poem because i love baseball and its my life so this poem really touched me
  • Mandi
    I play baseball everyday and i can relate to this poem when i was younger in the third grade to but i wasn't that team,and my coach was my big sisters friend. that poem was very very very good i liked it . 1. that wasnT what i gave it i give it a . 100percent.
  • Jovanna
    I think it is a cute poem. I play softball too and I like the feeling of hitting a homerun and winning the game for the team. it is great
  • Dawn
    This is a great poem. If you have ever played baseball or softball it really makes those feelings come back. Keep up the good work!
  • Hope
    I know great work when I see it and this is remarkable. A breath of fresh air. Expressive. A miraculous look into the innocence of childhood and the inevitable plummet into reality. What a brilliant mind. What a brilliant mind.
  • Chris
    This is my favorite poem. It is really great.
  • Taz
    I play every sport known to man and this poem is soooo ture ! hahahahahahahahaha i like it!
  • MJ
    I am a softball player and this poem is like awsome and so true
  • Amanda
    That was a VERY cute poem. I enjoyed it! :)
  • Charlie
    I am a baseball player and love poems this is great
  • J-W
    it's a master piece! That are the only words a can say about this poem.
  • cameron
    good work!
  • Jennifer
    I'm a softball player so that is one reason why I like it, and I thought it was funny on the line he dropped the ball because he was a nerd.
  • angie
    This was very nice, I loved it

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