Poetry is about much more than rhymes and clever imagery. At the end of the day, poetry is always about people.

We read poetry with our eyes, listen to its beauty with our ears, and understand the words with our mind. But good poetry, the best poetry, must always be felt within the human heart. It must be experienced. The best poems use the magic of words only to illuminate a deep understanding of our humanity, to perhaps bring us to a time we once lived or take us to a time we've only dreamed of being.

Culled from ALL of our categories, the 100 poems below have touched lives, have encouraged friends and lovers to revisit or discover their hearts, have reminded people again and again and again of their intrinsic humanity. These 100 poems are about real people living real lives.

Let the countdown begin.

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    Love Poems - Teenage Love Poems: By definition, there can only be one "first" kiss. Right?
  • #49
    Sad Poems - Depression and Suicide Poems: Suicide is an escape, not an answer…
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    Doryan Hallicy
    Friendship Poems - Teen Poems about Friendship: Some friendships seem Eternal
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    Michael Anderson
    Love Poems - Erotic Poems: Insatiable is just a word. But words, in the hands of a poet like this, can take you into a reality of their own. Don't be surprised to find scratches on your back after reading this one…
  • #46
    Judy Burnette
    Dad Was 69 UP 23
    Sad Poems - Poems about Death: This is a beautiful poem about a woman, very simply, missing her father.
  • #45
    Crystal Holtz
    Sad Poems - Sad Love Poems: Maybe the worst pain of love are caused by the regrets.
  • #44
    Ashley Baron
    Friendship Poems - Teen Poems about Friendship: It's not always easy to understand why the people we care about don't seem to care about us.
  • #43
    Gina Marie
    Love Poems - Teenage Love Poems: Fear of rejection can lead to famous last words. "Maybe one day…"
  • #42
    Michael Mack
    Love Poems: Some of us do not have the ability to display emotions as easily as others. But does that make the feelings any less real?
  • #41
    Miss P.
    Sad Poems - Sad Love Poems: They say "life must go on," and during the day that's largely true. But when the sun sets, life again comes to a jarring halt.
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    Diane Blue
    Sad Poems - Sad Love Poems: People don't always feel the same way about us, as we feel about them.
  • #39
    Richard LeGault
    Love Poems - Teenage Love Poems: Doesn't the term "First Love" convey, almost by definition, that there will be a next?
  • #38
    Friendship Poems - Poems about Lost Friends: Saying goodbye to someone you once considered a friend isn't easy.
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    Love Poems: Togetherness is far more than just a word. Sometimes, it's a hope, a dream, and - maybe - a way of life.
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    Friendship Poems - Teen Poems about Friendship: The end of another school year changes many things.
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    Love Poems - Teenage Love Poems: Fears of rejection should never hold us back. But, sadly, they often do.
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    Anthony West
    Love Poems: Sometimes, the words we speak are not the words we want to say.
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    Anthony West
    Love Poems: Enumeration is a human foible, and a favorites pastime for those in love.
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    Michael Mack
    Poems on Life: Sometimes humanity shines brightest under inhumane conditions, as this truly wonderful poem demonstrates.
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    Love Poems: There is nothing better than a great kiss. Except maybe the memories that linger.
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    Bobby Lincoln
    Love Poems - Teenage Love Poems: There is perhaps no greater frustration than caring when you really don't want to care.
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    Love Poems - Teenage Love Poems: When love and friendship join hands, there can be no stronger bond.
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    Friendship Poems - Poems about Lost Friends: Friendship can last forever. Even when it doesn't.
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    Kit McCallum
    Friendship Poems: Sometimes, mere words are just not enough to express to a friend or loved one how we feel. Yet, try we must.
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    Jody Nichols
    Love Poems - Teenage Love Poems: Are those butterflies you feel in your stomach? Or love?