What is a love poem? Is it necessarily a poem about romantic love? About romance? Marriage and commitment? Or is a love poem something else entirely?

In a recent short story I wrote, a writer is told by a young critic that he doesn't understand love. "It's neither noble nor eternal, as you would have your audience believe," she says.

"Nobody understands love," the writer admits. "It seems to be Universal. Timeless. Yet, it's also very individual, filtered by our own lives and expectations. I don't understand love, and can't understand love, because it's a different thing for each of us."

These love poems are Universal. Timeless. And yet very much a different thing for each of us. We hope you enjoy them...

Let the countdown begin.

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    Love Poems - Cyber Romance Poems: We know that cyber romance is real. But can it ever transcend the boundaries within which it was created? Does it ever move into RL?
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    Love Poems: Another word for Love is Sharing. Even pain. And sometimes it's the pain we don't see that hurts the most.
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    Love Poems - Cyber Romance Poems: A new romance can make you wake with a morning smile - and rush to the computer…
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    Malcolm Coleman
    Love Poems - Cyber Romance Poems: Falling in love over the Internet can be tough for many. But perhaps it is toughest on those separated by more than just hundreds of miles, more than just commonly traveled distances.
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    Love Poems - Love and Friendship Poems: The path from friendship to love may sometimes take the shape of a song.
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    Geri Mooren
    Love Poems: Do you have a "special phrase," shared only with a special someone you love? Sometimes, it can have more meaning than you might think.
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    Love Poems - Love and Friendship Poems: One day, for no apparent reason, our eyes start seeing that special friend in a new, different, perhaps frightening way. And then…
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    Amanda D Besserer
    Love Poems - Erotic Poems: There is magic and fantasy to Love - and to being loved.
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    Tina K
    Love Poems - Love and Friendship Poems: If this section is about friendship turned to love, where do we put those poems about love turned to friendship? Or is there really a difference?
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    Love Poems - Cyber Romance Poems: Ever met someone and thought nothing of it? Then, later, realized they were much more than you thought?
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    Daniel James Burt
    Love Poems - Erotic Poems: This poem is an almost surrealistic view of nature and passion.
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    Love Poems - Erotic Poems: Oh, my! If this talented poetess were to have her way, the nights would be filled with sensual delight. And the days with utter exhaustion…
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    Love Poems: Love has a very sneaky way of find us when we least expect it.
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    Anthony West
    Love Poems: When love takes flight, wouldn't it be wonderful if our mundane bodies could, too?
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    Texas Rose
    Love Poems - Cyber Romance Poems: Returning to a cyber relationship, after that first real-world meeting, can be something of a shock.
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    Judy Burnette
    Love Poems: This beautiful poem is about being close to the one you love. Even when you can't be there.
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    Bionic Woman
    Love Poems - Erotic Poems: At times, our bodies will let our minds think of only one thing.
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    Missy Anderson
    Love Poems - Cyber Romance Poems: If love can happen on-line, so too can desertion.
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    Love Poems: Forever is a long time, but first we have to get past that frightening moment of asking.
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    Sir Shotgun
    Love Poems: This lovely poem captures a very common feeling in a very uncommon way - what we feel when we're missing the one we love.
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    Melissa Ann Berman
    Love Poems - Love and Friendship Poems: Whether from deception or mixed signals, friendship can easily turn to longing. And pain.
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    Love Poems: Love changes all things - but especially the way we see ourselves.
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    Kate J.
    Wet Was 58 UP 5
    Love Poems - Erotic Poems: Scientists tell us humanity arose from the waters. But they never explained it quite like this.
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    Sara Suvada
    Love Poems - Love and Friendship Poems: Sometimes friendship is less painful than love.
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    Aindréas Brennan
    Love Poems - Love and Friendship Poems: Sometimes friendship can softly turn to love - and no one has the courage to mention it.